Folded horn passive phone speaker Video Description

<p>Well, I was excited to see that you made some sort of horn design for a mobile, but disappointed that you didn't employ true horn design principles in your project. From your approach, this design could be modified for any phone with presumably little performance difference. </p><p>You see, the principle of the horn is to match the high acoustic impedance of the transducer to the low acoustic impedance of the room. This is done through a proposed flare rate - a theoretical rate at which a chosen wavefront at a given frequency, expands. </p><p>That principle is what makes horns more efficient. </p><p>Still, calculations aside, your design does show some efficiencies somewhere- because it is louder. So, it is nice to see a project posted from someone who is inquisitive and industrious.</p><p>Thanks!</p>

Videos for 10/8/2015