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On SNL, Gal Gadot goes on Bumble date with O.J. Simpson

Commentary: Wonder Woman can surely do better, you might think. Well, a little later she gets to kiss Kate McKinnon.

Take awesome VR tours with Apple Map's Flyover feature

You now have a very good reason to use Apple Maps in iOS 11.

'Justice League' trailer pits heroes in an explosive battle

The "Justice League" trailer is here, and provides a first look at Superman... sort of.

Form API

An API for filling out PDF forms.

Sonos One speaker answers to Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri for $200

The wireless whole-home audio speaker company has a new speaker that can work with all the major digital voice assistants, with Amazon's Alexa available now and Google and Siri coming in 2018.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi tickets go on sale this Monday

Get your wallets ready. Disney has announced that tickets for The Last Jedi will go on sale tomorrow, following the release of a new trailer during Monday Night Football.

Microsoft's Edge Browser Comes to iOS and Android

Microsoft today announced that it is bringing Microsoft Edge, its own web browser found on Windows devices, to iOS and Android. Microsoft says that Windows users have long requested their “browser experience to move” to their phones which is why it is bringing Edge to iOS and Android.

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Facebook Security Chief Alex Stamos Hits Back at Media Coverage of Its Algorithms

Alex Stamos, Facebook’s chief security officer, defended his employer against “coverage of our recent issues driven by stereotypes of our employees and attacks against fantasy, strawman tech cos.” in a lengthy tweetstorm on Saturday.

Your iPhone X or iPhone 8 won't charge fast unless you buy this for it - Video | ZDNet

There's no shortage of accessories for the iPhone, but this one is a must-have for anyone who owns an iPhone 8 or iPhone X.

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Google Pixel Buds hands-on: I'm glad they're not fully wireless

Elon Musk: Google's AI camera doesn't even pretend to be innocent

Commentary: Google's controversial AI-based Clips camera doesn't seem to impress Tesla's CEO.

What to play this weekend: Forza, Stardew Valley and Layton

A Hat in Time (Windows) -- Remember Nintendo 64 classics like Banjo-Kazooie, Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64? That's what A Hat in Time wants to be. This Kickstarter darling has been in the works for two and a half years, and it's finally out. On PC, at least.

TLC officially unveiled its new touchscreen phone, the BlackBerry Motion

Today at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai, TCL officially unveiled its all-touchscreen phone, BlackBerry Motion.

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You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

Video: 10 questions to expect in your next cybersecurity job interview

Cybersecurity jobs are in hot demand, and employers are looking for versatile problem-solvers. TechRepublic's Alison DeNisco shares ten top tips that will help you ace your infosec interview.

Video: Data analytics are dramatically changing how smart cities are innovating

At Smart Cities Week in Washington, DC, Harvard professor Stephen Goldsmith talks about how to apply technologies in an outdated government system. Open data is the key to a smart city.

ISS commander shares video of gorgeous 'lightning dance'

Video from International Space Station commander Randy Bresnik shows skies lighting up like paparazzi flashbulbs over the California coast.

Prevent vacuum hose clogs with an item you typically throw away

Now, if your vacuum is the kind that relies on the hose to produce suction for the foot, this tip isn't very practical because you would need to constantly take the net on and off of the hose.

Airbnb will offer business travelers spots at WeWork locations

The pilot program will take place in New York City, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Sydney, and London, according to the report. Airbnb corporate users who book a room in one of those cities will be able to reserve a spot at the closest WeWork location to their rental.

Apple Watch software update promises to fix cellular bugs

The Verge and The Wall Street Journal first discovered the connection problems (I didn't encounter them as I wore the watch over the last few weeks). Apple confirmed to CNET that the Apple Watch avoids the connection problem by dropping off the public Wi-Fi spot and handing off to LTE, versus being able to connect to that Wi-Fi. But it looks like this update won't address text message quirks : the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE won't send or receive SMS messages when the paired iPhone isn't on and connected to a network.

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Google's Project Loon gets OK to use balloons to revive Puerto Rico cell service

The Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2017

Unless portability is at the top of your priority list, sound quality is paramount. Plenty of speakers don't offer much in the way of features, but produce top-notch audio. Big bass isn't for everyone, but unless your speaker is downright tiny, it should be able to reproduce low frequencies accurately without distorting at high volumes. Clarity is more important than sheer power, and a balanced, clean sound should be your goal when shopping for a speaker. If you want a sound system that can drive a whole party instead of just fill a small room, keep the size of the speaker in mind; generally, the bigger a speaker is, the louder it can get while still sounding good.

Saying goodbye to the proto-social network of AOL Instant Messenger

Looking back years later, though, it's funny to think how AOL almost certainly didn't intend for Instant Messenger to be used the way me and my friends used it. As the name implies, the program was created as a way for users to send short, "instant" text messages to each other. That was useful, of course, but it was the secondary features—the Away Messages and profiles—that let AIM evolve into much more for a group of early 2000s college kids learning to use an always-on Internet connection for the first time.

Incipio case roundup : Affordable, stylish protection for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 | ZDNet

The Galaxy Note 8 is arguably the best smartphone available today with a price starting at $930. For $35 or less, you can protect your Note 8 while also giving it a bit more style.

KGI: Android vendor inquiries for camera-based 3D sensing tech up 3X since iPhone X unveil

KGI: Android vendor inquiries for camera-based 3D sensing tech nearly tripled since Apple unveiled Face ID

When it comes to trade-ins, iPhones are a safe bet

The bottom line There are lots of reasons to buy the Pixel 2 or the latest Samsung or LG devices. But if value is what's most important to you, and you're truly on the fence when it comes to the operating system, go with the iPhone. The iPhone 8 will cost you $50 more at retail than the Pixel 2, but it will likely hold its value much better, which will give you a bigger chunk of change to put toward a new phone in a couple of years.

6 tips for tech leaders considering relocation

Before you accept an offer, ask the new company to bring you out a second time to meet your staff, your peers in the organization, and also to give you and your family a little time to tour the area you will move to. If you are a manager they really want onboard, the company will do this. Before I relocated to a new management job, I spent one day at the target company meeting with persons who would be my peers and staff. I spent a second and third day touring the area and looking at real estate to get a better sense of the community. I never came across a company that wasn't willing to afford me this extra trip before I accepted an offer. They also invited my family. Everyone wanted to make sure that the new arrangement would be a good fit.

How to Fix iOS 10 - iOS 10.3.3 Battery Life Problems

You’re probably aware that using Wi-Fi drains iPhone’s battery, but perhaps you didn’t know that one of the most intensive processes that iPhone’s Wi-Fi chip has to do is search for available network. So if this happens in regular intervals, it’s going to have a noticeable impact on your battery. To disable this feature, launch the Settings app, tap on Wi-Fi, and tap on the On/Off toggle for Ask to Join Networks to disable it. Please note that by disabling this feature, your iPhone will join known Wi-Fi networks automatically, but you will have to manually select a network if no known networks are available. Note: It is disabled by default.

How to work smarter with ssh

Last but not least, if you've enabled ssh-key authentication, you can make use of the ssh-add and ssh-agent commands, which allow you to add your ssh keys and then start an agent instance, such that you do not need to keep entering your ssh key passwords. Once you're done with the session, you can exit out of the session and the next time you attempt to log in with ssh, you'll have to have the password. Just remember to exit the ssh-agent session to be safe.

Video: Atlanta's IoT.ATL initiative focuses on smart city tech

Atlanta has teamed with companies including Accenture, AT&T, GE and The Weather Company to launch IoT.ATL, an initiative to attract IoT companies and talent to make the city even smarter.

The Best All-in-One Computers of 2017

As far as storage, look for a hard drive of at least 1TB capacity if you're going to store any video on your PC. Videos tend to clog up hard drives faster than just about any other type of file. If you're a heavy download fan, then by all means grab a 2TB drive. The only issue is that a traditional spinning hard drive is relatively slow booting and loading apps. If you'd rather have a system that's more a speed demon than a file storage unit, look for an AIO that uses a solid-state drive (SSD) as the boot drive. If you keep all your files on a central network-attached storage (NAS) device or stored on in the cloud, just about any SSD or hard drive larger than 128GB will be sufficient for most users. That's enough for the operating system and a handful of frequently used programs. You can have the best of both worlds with an all-in-one PC that boots from a SSD but has an additional spinning hard drive for storage. Look for a 128GB boot drive and at least 1TB of hard drive storage if you're a power user. You'll need more storage (2TB to 4TB) if you plan on keeping your entire video, music, and photo collection on your AIO.

Want to improve security at the edge? Follow these 3 best practices

Businesses are going to have a lot of data coming in from different sensors, and a majority of it will not be valuable. You're going to see more intelligence at the edge, said Eastwood, that will help determine what data will be useful, and how to apply that data. "You're really focusing on the right data, and not just all of the data," he said. "It's putting a bit more focus on what matters, and how to apply a security model to that."

The Best Smart Home Security Systems of 2017

All of the systems here feature a mobile app that let you use your smartphone as your command center to arm and disarm it, create rules, add and delete components, and receive push notifications when alarms are triggered. Most apps also allow you to do things like view live and recorded video, lock and unlock doors, change thermostat settings, and silence alarms. Some apps will even use your phone's location services to automatically arm and disarm the system according to your physical location. The more expensive systems usually come with a wall-mounted panel that acts as a communications hub, with a touch-screen display that allows you to do everything the app does, as well as communicate with a professional monitoring service when an alarm is triggered.

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9 Tips for Better Facebook Video Ads  #SocialMedia #VideoMarketing

How to Get a Cheap or Free Flu Shot, With or Without Insurance

It’s officially flu-shot time, with flu season hurtling toward us. The flu shot’s important both for your own health and the health of people around you, so if you’re dragging your feet, for the inconvenience or the price, we’ve got you covered with the cheapest and easiest ways to get vaccinated, with or without insurance, plus some bonuses for extra enticement.

I Wore Google's Smart Jacket of the Mediocre Future

There is certainly potential here. To Google I say, keep iterating. As it stands, this smart jacket feels more like an exceptionally cool R&D project than a product you should spend your money on. That thrilling tingle I felt when my music changed at the touch of my cuff signals its promise, but in its current form, it’s too expensive, doesn’t perform enough functions to really make your life that much easier, and is a battery drain on your phone. I’m not writing off the future for smart jackets, but for now it’s nothing but a stylish gimmick .

Video: Is your company's IT budget in line with the latest business tech spending trends?

Security, hardware, and the cloud dominated this year's IT budget spending. Tech Pro Research Managing Editor Bill Detwiler shares the top business technology trends from our 2018 IT Budget Report.

Why Would You Ever Poach an Egg When You Could Soft-Boil It?

There are lots of tricks to making poached eggs. Add vinegar to the water, swirl the water into a vortex, slip the egg gently into the water from a mug, plop the egg into the water so its momentum holds it together. Boil the water, simmer the water, once the egg is in turn the heat off altogether. Well, here’s my number one poached egg tip: Don’t.

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I have an archaeology degree and I am pretty sure it's a metacarpal

7 Do's (and 7 Don'ts) you need to know before throwing a Halloween party

7 Do's (and 7 Don'ts) you need to know before throwing a Halloween party

Facebook 'like' designer puts parental controls on own iPhone

Commentary: As Apple's Jony Ive claims constant use of your iPhone is "misuse," Jonathan Rosenstein tries desperately not to download apps.

Video: Using big data and predictive analytics to optimize traffic in a smart city

Cities such as Las Vegas use Waycare's predictive analytics platform. The platform uses AI and deep learning to help cities optimize their traffic systems through big data.

A look at how some kids in the UK are using mobile devices and how it affects their behavior

A look at how some kids in the UK are using mobile devices and how it shapes their study habits, social interactions, and pursuit of entertainment

Everything new you can do with Google Home

You can already say “good morning” to the Google Home to get info on traffic, the weather, and the latest news. But Google is planning to amp this feature up quite a bit. It’ll let Home owners build “routines” around the “good morning” command, as well as a new “good night” command. So soon, you’ll be able to set the Home up to trigger a bunch of smart home devices when it hears those phrases — “good night,” for example, could tell the Home to arm your alarm system and turn out your lights.

Didn't get a good view of Google's new phones?

To remedy this, we gathered a bunch of photos taken by CNET Senior Photographer James Martin. Hopefully these pictures will give you a better idea of what the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL actually look like as well as some subtle differences between them.

'Game of Thrones' may not return to HBO until 2019

"[The episodes are] definitely going to be bigger and what I hear is, longer," Cunningham told TV Guide. "We're filming right up until the summer. When you think about it, up until last season we'd have six months to do ten episodes, so we're [doing] way more than that for six episodes. So that obviously will translate into longer episodes."

How to add two-factor authentication to your WordPress site

If you opt for the Google Authenticator option, select it, choose the platform you'll be using (Android, iOS, or BlackBerry/Windows), and then, when prompted, scan the QR code with the Google Authenticator app on your device. To do this, open the Authenticator app, tap the + button, and then scan the code. You will be immediately prompted from the miniOrange plugin on your WordPress site to enter a six-digit code, which you'll get in the Google Authenticator app on your mobile device. Enter that code and then click Verify and Save.

'The Walking Dead' will finally cross over with 'Fear'

"There are two Walking Dead shows, I'm not gonna name them... There is one character that is going to go from one show, that I will not name... and appear in the other show, which I will not name," series creator Robert Kirkman revealed at the show's New York Comic Con panel. "So what does that mean, because these timelines, how does that work? Are we going to see an interesting backstory of a Walking Dead character showing up in Fear the Walking Dead, or are we going to see a Fear the Walking Dead character show up in The Walking Dead, and see a future version of a character? What's gonna happen? Is it going to be something completely different than that? Who knows?"

Inside Juicero’s Demise, From Prized Startup to Fire Sale

It wasn’t for a lack of trying. Over the summer, the board had discussed a generous injection of capital from existing investors. But it was too late, say about a half-dozen insiders including executives, investors and former employees. Weeks later, the board determined the company’s operations, which required shipping refrigerated pouches of fresh fruits and vegetables, were too expensive for the startup. Juicero said it was seeking a buyer and would reimburse consumers for the price of the device. “As we enter this new chapter, we also want to express the deepest gratitude to our employees who have poured their hearts and souls into developing, launching and growing Juicero over the past 3 years,” the company said in a statement.

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How to Maximize Your iPhone Battery Life With iOS 11

iPhone batteries are one of those things that no matter how long they last, it isn’t going to be long enough. There’s even an entire industry built on selling backup batteries for our smartphones and tablets to keep them going once the battery runs out.

On encryption, the UK sets a collision course with Europe | ZDNet

But the law only applies to companies operating out of the UK, and it's very unclear what effect it will have on the big tech companies based in the US, like Apple or WhatsApp, which use end-to-end encryption to protect the messages sent by their customers.

Take a look at 29 of the new emoji Apple is about to put on your iPhone

This is just a partial look, we’ll be able to see the “hundreds of new emoji” when Apple seeds a beta of iOS 11.1 to developers and public beta users next week. These include new options like “Woman with Headscarf,” “Bearded Person,” and “Sandwich.”

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