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New "Castle Rock" trailer gives clues to Stephen King character cameos

See why "Castle Rock" is the center of all things sinister in the new Hulu trailer for Stephen King's upcoming TV series.

Watch the first trailer for The X-Files’ 11th season

‘Kill him, before he kills us all’

Watch SpaceX launch its first of two Falcon 9 rockets this week

Liftoff is scheduled for 8:37AM ET

Microsoft mixed reality guru Alex Kipman believes communication will be VR’s killer app

When Microsoft announced its Windows Mixed Reality platform last week, it talked about how the combination of virtual reality and augmented reality (which Microsoft calls mixed reality) would create a new era in computing.

RED’s new $80,000 8K camera is probably a very good camera

$10,000 per K is basically a bargain, right?

Hands-on with the $159 Google Pixel Buds

Google's Pixel Buds are a $159 pair of wireless earbuds that bring Assistant and real-time translation features right into your ears. They're not quite like..

Watch SpaceX launch its Iridium-3 Falcon 9 mission live right here

SpaceX is launching a Falcon 9 rocket at 5:37 AM PDT (8:37 AM EDT) and you can watch the launch stream live above. The launch is for client Iridium, and will..

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'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' trailer blasts onto screens

Just before the game began, the Star Wars official Twitter account released a new poster for the film. Bearded Luke dominates, with Rey (with a bad cut on her arm) and an unmasked Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) both clutching their lightsabers. The late Carrie Fisher, who played General Leia Organa, is also shown, along with Finn (John Boyega), Poe (Oscar Isaac), Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) and other main characters.

This is not a drill: Microsoft admits Windows Phone is dead for real

It’s a shame because Windows Phone’s user interface was interesting. Most of the operating system featured a black background with a focus on text instead of icons. The home screen wasn’t just a boring grid of icons and widgets, it featured tiles with previews of your apps. Microsoft tried something different with Windows Phone, but it wasn’t enough.

Google uncovers Russia-backed ads on YouTube and Gmail

The presence of fake news stories on social media, and charges of Russian meddling, cast a shadow over the 2016 presidential election in the US. A year later, tech companies and government officials are still trying to figure out the full extent of the issues.

Microsoft admits the Windows Mobile platform is dead

In a series of tweets, the company’s vice president of operating systems admitted that there will be no new features or hardware for Windows 10 Mobile in the future. He blamed the decision on a lack of support from third-party app developers.

Apple Seeds tvOS 11.1 Beta 2 to Developers

Apple today officially seeded the second developer beta of tvOS 11.1. The new software is available for registered developers, and can be downloaded onto the set-top box via a profile that is installed via Xcode. From there, developers should be able to test out the pre-release software ahead of its public launch.

Older iPhone slowing down? Tests show it's all in your mind

Our benchmarking data shows that, rather than intentionally degrading the performance of older models, Apple actually does a good job of supporting its older devices with regular updates that maintain a consistent level of performance across iOS versions...That said, there are some factors that might affect people's perception of performance after updating an older device with a newer version of iOS. An update might add new features that use more resources or require more processing power. New apps developed for the latest models might not run as smoothly on older devices. Conversely, apps designed for an earlier version of iOS might not take full advantage of optimizations in the latest version.

The mini $80 Super Nintendo has already been hacked to play hundreds of games

As you can see above in the console's menu screen, games can be added to the console's library — "Super Mario World" and "F-Zero" are two of the 21 games included on the console out of the box, but the games to their left are all additions. Games like "Zombies Ate My Neighbors" are beloved, yet they're sadly missing from the Super NES Classic Edition.

SNES Classic Hacked, Hundreds of Games Now Playable

Matthew is PCMag's UK-based editor and news reporter. Prior to joining the team, he spent 14 years writing and editing content on our sister site and has covered most areas of technology, but is especially passionate about games tech. Alongside PCMag, he's a freelance video game designer. Matthew holds a BSc degree in Computer Science from Birmingham University and a Masters in Computer Games Development from Abertay University. More »

Apple quietly releases iTunes 12.6.3 with iOS App Store for people who still want it

As reported by 9to5Mac , this version of iTunes is intended to be for enterprises that may still need the app function. iTunes 12.6.3 can be downloaded by anyone, but once it’s installed, users will no longer be prompted to update to future versions. Those who have already updated to iTunes 12.7 can still install 12.6.3 , but it should be noted that Apple isn’t providing technical support for this version, only for 12.7.

​Edge in name only: Android and iOS Edge web browser | ZDNet

WebKit began life as an Apple fork of KDE' s open-source KHTML and KDE JavaScript (KJS) engines in 2001. The project went open source in 2005 and subsequently became popular with other web browsers. Today, only Safari, and browsers based on Safari such as Edge for iPhone, use it.

'Russian agents' reportedly spent tens of thousands on Google ads during the 2016 election

The total ad spend by "Russian agents" identified was reportedly less than $100,000, and it's unclear whether some came from "legitimate Russian accounts." It's not clear how many ads there were or how many times they were clicked on.

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This painting is actually a Raspberry Pi-powered digital frame designed to scare you

Sony back in the robotics game with new version of Aibo | ZDNet

Others thought it was more of a clever implementation of existing technology than a groundbreaking new effort. The original Aibo contained 18 motors, along with a relatively sophisticated processor, off-the-shelf sensors, and some clever programming, though it wasn't considered that much more complex than some of the robots built out of Lego's Mindstorm robotic development kit, which were sold for about 10 percent the price of Aibo.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi tickets are available now

Tickets are going fast, so if you’re planning on seeing the next installment of the Skywalker saga on opening night, you might want to move quickly.

A bot that tweets any time devs swear on GitHub | Hacker News

I'm sorry, in what way is the word "fuck" creating a hostile environment? It depends on context. Compare this commit message: "Get the fucking login button working" "Fuck painbody, they don't know how to wire up a login button" I write a lot of commit messages with "offensive" language, but it's not directed at anybody and it's just to blow off steam. How are stay-at-home parents supposed to feel welcome in this community? Release the death grip on their pearls and realize that people swear and that there's no way a "bad word", on its own, can hurt you. Unless someone is directing harsh language at you, you have no reason to be offended by the word "fuck". Good god, it's just a word. reply

PureVPN Logs Helped FBI Net Alleged Cyberstalker - TorrentFreak

A Massachusetts man was arrested late last week on suspicion of conducting a cyberstalking campaign against a female former roommate, her friends, and family. Court documents reveal that logs, obtained by the FBI from privacy service PureVPN, helped the prosecution. Until now, PureVPN had always maintained it carried no logs - almost.

Zuckerberg taps VR to detail relief efforts in Puerto Rico

"We use artificial intelligence to build what we call 'population maps' so you can look at satellite imagery of an area and get a sense of where it is that people actually live and the density of different places and where's there's infrastructure going to in those places," Zuckerberg said. "That's going to help the Red Cross figure out where people are who need help."

​Goodbye AOL Instant Messenger | ZDNet

The first mass-market instant message success story, AIM, is coming to a close. For all its popularity, AOL never really gave it a chance to make money.

Unintended Consequences of Sexual Harassment Scandals

It has not happened in every workplace, of course, and depends in part on company culture and employees’ trust in human resources to appropriately deal with harassment. In interviews with people across industries, many said interacting with members of the opposite sex was a nonissue. People were warier in jobs that emphasized appearance, as with certain restaurants or TV networks; in male-dominated industries like finance; and in jobs that involve stark power imbalances, like doctors or investors.

Project Loon Will Float LTE to Puerto Rico

Some of the biggest names in technology have offered their help in rebuilding Puerto Rico’s infrastructure. The newest name on the list? The X division of Alphabet, who want to help fill the huge communications gap using Project Loon, their high-altitude balloon network. It looks like X is going to get their wish, as they have just been granted license from the FCC to deploy LTE cell coverage to both Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands .

MLB Fines Diamondbacks Coach Prieto for Wearing Apple Watch During Game

Arizona Diamondbacks coach Ariel Prieto has been fined by the Major League Baseball for wearing an Apple Watch in the dugout during the Wednesday night game against Colorado Rockies. The MLB rule bans the players and coach from wearing or using any electronic device.

SpaceX Has Successful Launch As It Ramps Up Operational Tempo

LOMPOC, Calif.—Space Exploration Technologies Corp. blasted 10 commercial satellites into orbit Monday, completing the first of a pair of consecutive launches slated from opposite coasts in roughly two days.

How to take advantage of the Dynamic Lock feature in Windows 10

The Creators Update brought a host of new features to the Windows 10 operating system. While a lot of these features are noteworthy and are touted everywhere you look, other features are less well known and remain in the shadows. Such is the case with the Dynamic Lock feature, which is designed to improve security by automatically locking your computer when you forget to do so manually. To accomplish this feat, the Dynamic Lock feature uses a Bluetooth connection to monitor the proximity between your PC and your phone. Once your phone moves out of the range of the Bluetooth Piconet , Dynamic Lock will automatically lock your computer.

Apple's Cook visits Normandy war cemetery, iPhone X supplier ahead of meeting Macron

Apple head Tim Cook on Monday shared publicity photos from a pair of stops on his tour of France, including a visit with iPhone X supplier Eldim, and a trip to the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, where over 9,300 U.S. soldiers who fought in World War II are buried.

Waymo is launching a campaign to teach people about self-driving cars

There's little word in promotional material as to what distinguishes this campaign from a large-scale advertising campaign for Waymo's fleet, or whether the "education" provided will be more insightful than a sales pitch. But if self-driving cars are truly safer and more accessible to the public, then perhaps all news is good news.

Russians in Silicon Valley Can’t Shake Hacking’s Shadow

With news of the hacking and influence campaigns escalating all year , the Russian immigrant community of Silicon Valley, which numbers in the tens of thousands, is in a strange new position. Some Russian venture capitalists said start-ups were more wary about taking their funding, while several Russian-born engineers said they were being treated differently socially and in their companies. Lawyers also said some tech firms were installing tighter security measures restricting what data foreign-born coders can see.

A cartoon Mark Zuckerberg toured hurricane-struck Puerto Rico in virtual reality

After discussing Facebook’s contributions to Puerto Rico relief efforts, Zuckerberg and Franklin then transported themselves to the Moon and later to Zuckerberg’s living room, to see his dog. The stream also dropped out at one point and they had to start over again.

Project Loon gets federal clearance to provide cell service to Puerto Rico

"We need to take innovative approaches to help restore connectivity on the island. Project Loon is one such approach," Chairman Ajit Pai said in a statement. "It could help provide the people of Puerto Rico with access to cellular service to connect with loved ones and access life-saving information."

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore says Windows 10 Mobile features and hardware are no longer a focus

The real issue here is Groove and stuff. Microsoft is moving out of consumer space. And even if they had any hardware up their sleeves, it's got lesser and lesser consumer services. If people are forced to switch platforms, they will switch services too. Who on earth needs Edge on iOS now really? A browser you can't even set s default. Moving out of consumer mobile is the biggest mistake Microsoft can do. And apparently it just does. And I'm really sad, because I simply dislike both iOS and Android. And I'm left to stick with the least bad now. And all right. They will focus on Edge for iOS and Android. With WebKit? Pfff. What for? Does it mean they will throw Edge for desktop in the trash as well? And if not, why not? It's simply nonsense strategy to keep it from now on then. And with Hololense also not getting a lift, Microsoft will become an XBox company, and that's it. And Microsoft complaining about third parties is simply a joke. They were not able to get their own **** out of beta reliability themselves. I'm a bit pissed now at Nadella, but my Lumia 950 is simply still awesome.

GitLab raises $20M Series C round led by GV

GitLab , a collaboration and DevOps platform for developers that’s currently in use by more than 100,000 organizations, today announced that it has raised a $20 million Series C round led by GV (the fund you may still remember under its former name of Google Ventures). This brings GitLab’s total funding to date to just over $45.5 million .

The iPhone 8's best feature is one that most people will never get to use | ZDNet

The battery has always been the iPhone's biggest weakness. Partly that's down to Apple wanting to make the iPhone as thin as possible, but given that our smartphones are something that we have with us 24/7/365, and how much we use it for work and entertainment, I don't think that battery life could be raised to a point where it wouldn't be a problem.

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Former MI5 spy: We must fight for digital privacy

How New York Can Use Self-Driving Cars To Improve Mobility, Not Clog Traffic

As autonomous vehicles have gone from a glimmer in some distant future to a very real feature of our existence, it’s undeniable that not too far from now AVs will be as commonplace as their human-piloted counterparts–and eventually overtake them. This means cities stand at a crossroads: They can either let AVs slowly and chaotically take over their cities, as regular cars did 100 years ago. Or they can make a concrete plan, using the technological features of AVs to reshape transit in a city, eliminating parking and street space used for private cars, and increasing space for pedestrians and bikes–while making all travel more equitable.

Meet the 30 biotech leaders under 40 who are searching for breakthrough treatments and shaping the future of medicine

Now, through her work at Jackson Labs, a nonprofit biomedical research institution, she's able to combine the two concepts to develop treatments that use engineered microbes to treat diseases. For example, say you had a skin condition (Oh's work is focused on the skin microbiome), instead of treating it with a cream, you could just introduce a microbe to the environment that would live on your skin with all the other microbes you already have. If it sensed that your skin was acting up, it could secrete a chemical that would counteract it. The potential for engineered microbes is broad, Oh said, ranging from autoimmune disorders, to cancer, to bacterial infections.

Microsoft looks at whether Russians bought U.S. ads on search engine

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp ( MSFT.O ) said on Monday it was looking into whether Russians bought U.S. election ads on its Bing search engine or on other Microsoft-owned products and platforms, after rival Google said it had discovered such ads on its products.

The 5 major roadblocks to smart city infrastructure

"You get better ideas when you've got a broad group of stakeholders, and diversity helps you get better buy-in because when people help plan, even if they end up with the same plan you had in mind, they've now bought in emotionally, and then you hear about objections and problems early. We had a number of instances back in the days of the Smart Grid, when utilities just imposed this top-down. The first time a person would hear about it was a [person knocking on the door], and, you know, 'We'll be by next Tuesday to swap out your meter. By the way, your rates are going to go up by $100 a year.' And they got huge pushback. We don't want to have that kind of situation," Berst said.

McDonald's 'Rick and Morty' Szechuan sauce coming back

"We're bringing more -- a lot more -- so that any fan who's willing to do whatever it takes for Szechuan sauce will only have to ask for it at a nearby McDonald's," the tweet states. No date was given, but the tweet did say the sauce would return "this winter."

79% of Americans believe it should be illegal for AI to pose as human

Should AI chatbots be able to pose as humans? Nearly 80% of Americans said no, and advocate for a new "Blade Runner rule" that makes it illegal for AI applications such as social media bots, chatbots, and virtual assistants to conceal their identity and pose as human customer service agents, according to a new survey from SYZYGY.

DC's Next Big Flash Story Pits the First Wally West Against Barry Allen

Although Williamson teased that the storyline will provide a “definitive” answer to who’s the better Flash—as much as one can in the ever-evolving, ever-fluctuating world of comic book continuity—it seems like the event will also shine a spotlight on Wally’s place in this universe, one that’s not even known he’s been missing for the better part of a decade and is still getting used to him being around. With a Flash and a Kid Flash in action, what space is there for the old Wally West?

HP's VR backpack computer starts shipping this week

You see, the $500 backpack portion was slated to ship on October 13th but is listed as out of stock as of this writing. If you're one of the first to buy the PC at this point, you'll have to either hook up your VR headset the old-fashioned way or (gasp) make do with staring at a conventional screen. It's far from a hardship -- if you can swing a $2,500 PC, a $500 backpack and a VR headset , you can probably afford to wait. Still, it suggests that HP wasn't quite ready to handle demand.

10 things in tech you need to know today

Microsoft's biggest fans are getting worried that the company doesn't care about them any more.

Get a First Look at Long-Lost Doctor Who Story 'Shada' in Its New Animated Form

We’re all waiting for the new Last Jedi trailer to drop tonight, but here’s something fun and unexpected to admire as well. It’s the first teaser for the animated version of “Shada,” the legendary Douglas Adams-penned Doctor Who serial that never made it to the screen, thanks to a BBC strike in the late 1970s.

The Best and Most Epic Cosplay From New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con 2017 may not have had as many spoilers and reveals as its San Diego counterpart, but it was bursting with epic cosplay, including Pickle Ricks, Itachi Uchida fighting Wonder Woman, and a giant oceanic gown. Check out io9's video montage of the best and brightest from this year’s event.

Tell Us Your Chicago Hacks

It might seem unfair that Chicago is always compared to New York and Los Angeles, the only two larger cities in the U.S. But it’s a compliment: It beats L.A. in transit, and beats NYC in none of its waterways being a Superfund site. Of course, the snow hits hard, crime is high, and sometimes the river’s green.

Deal sites predict Black Friday 2017 discounts on laptops, iPads, MacBooks | ZDNet

If you want a MacBook instead, you obviously know going in that you'll be paying way more than for a Windows equivalent, but this is one of the few times during the year you'll see decent discounts on Apple's computers. Of course, those deals won't come from Apple itself, as the notoriously stingy company has only given store gift cards with Black Friday purchases for the last couple of years. But stores like Best Buy and online retailers like MacMall will usually slice dollars off MacBooks, with $200 discounts off the cheapest MacBook (in this case the $999 13.3-inch MacBook Air) typically dangled to buyers.

If a scientific conspiracy theory is funny, that doesn’t mean it’s a joke

There are hundreds of memes making fun of flat Earth by feigning a devout belief in it, and a lot of them are pretty entertaining. Know Your Meme even counts “Flat Earth” as a genre of meme, and provides a helpful timeline of its spread, mainly across Reddit. Know Your Meme editor Matt Schimkowitz told me there’s a rhythm to the growth of theories like flat Earth. They’ll show up on 4chan and Reddit and believers will start out as the subject of ridicule. Their belief will become a joke that’s repeated faux-sincerely and increasingly emphatically by people who consider everything they say to be “ironic.” That’s where memes come in, and in this case they represent a style of mockery that looks an awful lot like agreement. “From there it can kind of spiral,” he says. “It can attract people who are looking to believe in these kinds of things, looking for things to confirm what they believe — like the government’s out to get them, scientists are lying to us, that sort of deal. What starts as an ironic thing eventually reaches people who are willing to go along with it. From there you have sort of full-blown conspiracy theories.

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Rant: Slack’s drag-and-drop bug has been driving me crazy for 6 months

Weinstein Co board ousts Harvey Weinstein after harassment allegations

(Reuters) - The Weinstein Co has fired co-Chairman Harvey Weinstein, effective immediately, following reports of sexual harassment allegations against the executive, who was one of Hollywood’s biggest power brokers, the film production company said on Sunday.

Why the Middle East could be the first region in the world to adopt 5G

"With rising mobile broadband adoption, growing subscriber numbers and increasing smartphone use, mobile is having an incredible impact across this diverse region, ushering in an era of innovative tech startups and new mobile services, as well as helping to connect the unconnected," Mats Granryd, director general of GSMA, said in a press release. "At the same time, we urge operators to continue investment in 4G networks to ensure future growth and encourage governments to set policies that promote technological, social and economic progress to create a society where all citizens can benefit from mobile technology."

Exclusive: Meet The Designer Who Could Reshape Uber

Gough credits his background as an architect for attracting him to the challenges Uber is facing today. “When I was an architect, I mostly focused on urban design, and there are half a dozen key things that shape cities. One of them is transportation, and another is economy,” says Gough. “Uber is making radical changes to [both]. So over time, they’re going to reshape cities. Cities are going to become more efficient. And I think that it’s actually going to be more comfortable and beautiful. That’s a really abstract notion and we could talk about it for hours, but just this idea that there’s a physical world, and it’s being manipulated by tech in positive ways, is just super, super enticing to me.”

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70 Tim Cook meets with President Macron amid tech taxes talk
71 NASA's Odyssey Takes Its First Picture of Martian Moon Phobos After 16 Years
72 iPhone X shown off IRL in video
73 YouTube bans videos on modifying guns after Vegas shooting
74 Spooky space shots show creepy side of the cosmos (pictures)
75 Hulu orders four new e-sports series
76 How Russia Harvested American Rage to Reshape U.S. Politics
77 Uber suspends UberPop in Norway
78 Russian Agents Used Google to Interfere in Election: Report
79 Weinstein Company Joins Ranks of Firms With Bosses Who Misbehave
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81 GitLab raises $20 million to grow its DevOps software business
82 Halloween costume ideas for couples who are about to break up
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