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This chatbot will tackle scammers by wasting their time

The bot can take on multiple personas and imitate real human tendencies.

How “Lady Bird” Captures The Seismic Shift Of Post-9/11 America

Actress and writer Greta Gerwig makes her directorial debut with “Lady Bird,” a quiet, but poignant, teen drama set just one year after September 11.

First 'space nation' set to blast off from Earth

Asgardia will soon claim its independence ... from the pull of Earth's gravity.

A Florida school is turning kids’ backpacks into bulletproof shields

With Congress unable to agree on any concrete steps to combat mass shootings in the United States, one Florida school is offering parents a tool that could make students a bit safer in the event of gunfire: a $120 bullet-resistant backpack insert. Alex Cejas, a father at Florida Christian School, runs Applied Fiber Concepts, a … <a href="" class="more-link">Continue reading “A Florida school is turning kids’ backpacks into bulletproof shields”</a>

How Corning’s Crash Project For Steve Jobs Helped Define The iPhone

If the iPhone had shipped with its original plastic screen rather than Gorilla Glass, the whole experience would have been less magical.

Samsung’s Epic Trolling, The North Face Imagination: Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Google asks more about its phone, Cost Plus World Market goes full llama, and Amazon gives its boxes some life.

Discord makes it easier to jump into your friends' games

The chat app is working to become a full-fledged social network.

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The iPhone X might have a little green problem

Apple's working out the kinks in the early days of the iPhone X (the company will issue a software patch to fix the device's cold weather struggles), which will more than likely be just fine in the end. It just sucks if you went through the hassle of getting your hands on the phone on launch day and paid over $1,000 for a phone, only to get the green line of death within a week.

Apple working on fix to iPhone X's cold weather retreat

"We are aware of instances where the iPhone X screen will become temporarily unresponsive to touch after a rapid change to a cold environment. After several seconds the screen will become fully responsive again," Apple said in a statement. "This will be addressed in an upcoming software update."

We made a Beyoncé-only version of Eminem's 'Walk On Water' so you don't have to

We made a Beyoncé-only version of Eminem's 'Walk On Water' so you don't have to

Black Friday 2017 laptops deals to watch

This premium pen-enabled 13.3-inch two-in-one is $400 off its regular price for Black Friday at Best Buy. At less than 3 pounds and with very good battery life, this is a solid bet for frequent travelers or students. This is available now, but on Black Friday, you can get it with an 8th-gen Intel Core i7 processor for just $50 more .

Update: We Will Replace Your Logitech Harmony Links - Blog PROD

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Video: How gaming pushes business technology innovation

To solve complex SaaS, cybersecurity, and monetization challenges cloud-based enterprise companies should turn to game developers for inspiration, says Crowfall co-founder J. Todd Coleman.

Cybersecurity predictions for 2018: it's going to be "a lot more of the same"

As we look ahead to cybersecurity in 2018, "it's going to be a lot more of the same," Ford said. Social media will continue to be leveraged as a way to hack, and any point of contact in the system will become a point of vulnerability. Ford also predicted a rise in more business email compromise. Companies need to be smart in how they're going to defend against threats, he said.

Nintendo reportedly plans to ramp up Switch production in 2018

The report claims that Nintendo is planning to make 25 million to 30 million more units of its successful Switch console over the next fiscal year. Further, Nintendo may plan for even more if this year's holiday sales are strong, according to the WSJ 's sources. We've reached out to Nintendo for confirmation and any more details and will update this post when we hear back.

Sex toy company admits to recording users' remote sex sessions, calls it a 'minor bug'

I have some news: the Internet of Things is a mess. A hacked refrigerator sounds slightly scary, but a vibrator-controlling app that records all your sex sounds and stores them on your phone without your knowledge? That's way worse.

Popular teen app sells for reported $800M

Music video social app has been sold to a Chinese company that makes a news aggregation app, for almost a billion dollars.

Apple releases iOS 11.1.1, fixing pesky Siri and autocorrect bugs

To download iOS 11.1.1, you can go to Settings > General > Software Update on your device, and begin the download. You can also connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a computer running iTunes, and then carry out the update—however, this method is slower and takes up significantly more space.

Equifax breach gives IT $87.5 million reminders to apply critical security patches

Equifax reported the cost days after its former CEO testified before the Senate saying he doesn't know who attacked them.

The First Reactions to Justice League Have Surfaced, and They're All Over the Place

We finally have some clues to help answer one of humanity’s most pressing questions: Is Zack Snyder’s Justice League good? The film, which opens next week, has begun to screen for press, and though reviews won’t be up until next week, social media reactions are out there now.

Reg Saddler on Twitter

#Twitter 's 280-Character Limit Is Forcing Users to Be Creative All Over Again (Kinda)  #SocialMedia

No more Uber, Hertz, or even car owners: How Amazon and Apple will take us all for a ride | ZDNet

While an Apple ride-share service would be fantastic, it is probably a bit further away than we would like. The driverless stuff is very close to being fully baked in terms of enabling technology, but the legislation needed to legalize something like that on a federal -- let alone city by city -- basis could easily take five years before the US would even allow fully driverless cars on the road.

Instagram tests letting you follow hashtags instead of people

Can’t get enough #content on Instagram? Is following individual people just not enough to fill the social media void in your heart? Fret no more, for Instagram appears to be testing the ability to allow you to follow hashtags instead of humans, as spotted by @Social_pip .

Phishing attacks, not breaches, represent the biggest security risk for Google users

This week, Google announced plans to increase security protections for 67 million accounts after studying hijackers in black markets.

Square Eclipses Twitter as Market Value Tops $15 Billion

Twitter shares have lost about a quarter of their value over the past two years, as the company has struggled to prove it can succeed as an independent business. It has been battling the perception that it’s a niche media platform, despite its emergence as U.S. President Donald Trump ’s favorite communications tool. The company’s monthly active users, the most important metric for Wall Street’s valuation of Twitter, has had anemic growth over the past several quarters. 

Aleksandar Bradic on Twitter

Not on Twitter? Sign up, tune into the things you care about, and get updates as they happen.

Alibaba Singles' Day Sales Hit $8.6 Billion in First Hour

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. kicked off its annual Singles’ Day shopping bonanza, logging $8.6 billion in sales within the first hour.

Louis CK’s I Love You, Daddy is no longer being released

The New York Times report yesterday detailed the stories of five women who said CK asked if he could masturbate in front of them, or just did so, either on the phone or in person, without their consent. A number of the women were younger and less established comedians who were allegedly approached by CK in a professional setting. The dates of the allegations range from the late ‘90s to 2005.

Paradise Papers Expose Canadian Scalper's Multimillion-Dollar StubHub Scheme - Slashdot

When Adele fans went online to buy tickets to the pop superstar's world tour last year, they had no idea what exactly they were up against. An army of tech-savvy resellers that included a little-known Canadian superscalper named Julien Lavallee managed to vacuum up thousands of tickets in a matter of minutes in one of the quickest tour sellouts in history. The many fans who were shut out would have to pay scalpers like Lavallee a steep premium if they still wanted to see their favorite singer. An investigation by CBC/Radio-Canada and the Toronto Star, based in part on documents found in the Paradise Papers, rips the lid off Lavallee's multimillion-dollar operation based out of Quebec and reveals how ticket website StubHub not only enables but rewards industrial-scale scalpers who gouge fans around the world . Lavallee's name appears over and over in the records, alongside the names of his wife, his father and other friends and family. The records show them somehow buying tickets from different locations around the world at the same time, placing orders from cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, London and Montreal.

Reg Saddler on Twitter

You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

Facebook adds crisis donate button to help disaster victims

The company introduced the Crisis Response Center a couple of months ago to provide useful information for victims – as well as help their friends and family check in on them. The donate button is the latest step towards providing relief for victims.

Macworld on Twitter

iPhone X display may become unresponsive in very cold weather—Apple promises a fix

‘Harmless’ Radioactive Cloud Drifts Over Europe Following Mysterious Nuclear Accident

The cloud of radiation that swept through Europe in recent weeks originated at a nuclear facility in either Russia or Kazakhstan, according to a report put out France’s nuclear safety institute. The levels of radiation were never dangerous—at least for Europeans living outside of the immediate area affected—but the exact cause of the incident is still unknown.

7 things we hope to see in the new Star Wars saga

So the jury's still out on the porgs, but inserting kid-appealing characters into Star Wars can work just fine. The Ewoks weren't that bad, and BB-8 is hard to resist. But Jar Jar Binks? Meesa says: Let us never speak of him again. C-3PO and R2-D2 were the original kid-fodder characters, but they never condescended or felt like they'd been Cousin Oliver-shoehorned into the plot. More like them, please.

Aborting a Launch of NASA’S Orion Capsule Sounds Absolutely Horrifying

NASA is currently developing a space capsule, called Orion, that will eventually carry a crew of four astronauts to Low Earth Orbit and beyond. Should something go catastrophically wrong during launch, an abort system will work to save the lives of the astronauts—but whoa, would they ever be in for a hell of a ride.

The A to Z of low-light photography

Whether you want to learn how to take photos of the night sky, find out how to paint with light or just want to know the right camera settings for night photography, these essential tips will give you a solid foundation and get you ready to start tackling a number of popular low-light and night photography techniques.

5 Essential Security Tips for iPhone and iPad

Find My iPhone/iPad is a great app baked into iOS that lets you locate or lock your lost device from a web browser using your Apple ID. It also lets you enable Lost Mode, which displays a customizable message and allows any user to call a specified number to get in touch with you. Plus, you’ll email updates when your device’s location changes. Here’s how you can set it up.

IBM outlines 50 qubit quantum computing prototype | ZDNet

Quantum computing is promising, but further development is needed. The catch is it's difficult to make qubits uniform and stable because they need extreme cooling. Intel is taking a practical approach to quantum computing and emphasizing packaging and materials. IBM is doing something similar with an emphasis on cloud delivery.

Edge, core, and cloud: Where all the workloads go | ZDNet

The race to the edge, part 4: Where we are introduced to chunks of data centers bolted onto the walls of control sheds at a wind farm, and we study the problem of how all those turbines are collected into one cloud.

Y'all, NYC has a real-life 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'

According to USA Today , the menu includes breakfast specials such as coffee with a decadent croissant, buttermilk waffles, a smoked salmon bagel, avocado on toast, and truffled eggs - which all start at $29. Lunch, which includes an appetizer and a main course meal, starts at $39.

Watch a Paramotorist Catch a Paper Airplane While Flying 2,000 Feet in the Air

The ease with which Gott takes the skies, navigates his local surroundings, and lands again makes you wonder if we should just give paramotors to every commuter, instead of spending millions of dollars trying to make flying cars happen. The only downside I can see would be thousands of paper airplanes slowly gliding down into our towns and cities.

Disney will take on Netflix for 'substantially' less

"I can say that our plan on the Disney side is to price this substantially below where Netflix is. That is in part reflective of the fact that it will have substantially less volume. It'll have a lot of high quality because of the brands and the franchises that will be on it that we've talked about. But it'll simply launch with less volume, and the price will reflect that."

Edward James Olmos Considers His One Scene in Coco a Career Highlight

“That’s why I’m so grateful—six years ago, you didn’t know we’d be, politically, the shape that we’re in, nobody did,” Olmos said. “Nobody knew that Mexicans were gonna be treated like they’ve been treated over the last year. Nobody. The last two years have been very difficult for us, and it’s hard not to come about and have an attitude. But you try to stay strong, knowing that the pendulum swung one way, it’s gonna swing back. And when it does, it will have a different reaction. It will have another sense of who we are and the changes. This placed us in a very strong position for the future. People are going to say ‘Thank you’ to the Mexican culture for introducing them to a value they did not know anything about.”

US House Science Committee just had a rational hearing about climate

House Science Committee hearings on climate change are many things to many people. For members of the committee, they are typically soapbox pageants, with long, blustery declarations punctuated by leading questions to witnesses who have been invited because they will give a desired answer. For well-known contrarians who reject most of the conclusions of climate science, they are a platform to wax martyrish about why the entire field doesn't believe them. And for scientists (and humble journalists) who know the topic, they are primarily generators of head-to-desk contact and almost hazardously vigorous eye-rolling.

What the New Live-Action Star Wars Show Should Learn From Star Wars Rebels

The problem with that, among other things, is this show is not animated. It’s live-action and that creates huge logistical issues. Lots of things Rebels could do with different connections and places might not be possible for this show. It won’t be able to tell stories of characters whose actors have aged or passed away, for example. Rebels did episodes on Princess Leia, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, and Lando Calrissian. That’s probably not in the cards here. Plus you have to think there will be some level of repetition to the setting of the show, which will likely have familiar bases and places which can be built as practical sets and reused over and over again, season to season. Even the biggest live-action TV shows, with budgets that rival major movies, cut down costs by telling stories that occur at the same place. Then again, with Star Wars , throw a green screen around the set and you can be almost anywhere. Its live-action incarnations are fluid like animation in that way... if they’re within the budget, of course.

Bitcoin Jesus Praises New Coin After $7 Million Wager Falls Through

The man known as Bitcoin Jesus feels like a winner even though he wasn’t able to collect $7 million from a wager with other cryptocurrency evangelists over the success of a now canceled offshoot of bitcoin.

Newegg Tips Black Friday Gaming, PC Deals

The retailer said it's planning to offer more than 5,000 deals between Nov. 20 and 30, making this its biggest Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale yet. To peep all the deals for yourself, check out Newegg's Black Friday eFlyer .

Dunkin' Donuts combined holiday cookies and doughnuts so that you don't have to choose

But while this is good news for your sugar-cookie baking grandma, this is bad news for anyone trying to sell you on literally any other dessert. Still, Dunkin' Donuts has discovered a loophole: holiday cookie doughnuts.

Eminem and Beyoncé's surprising new collaboration brought out the jokes on Twitter

Regardless of how you feel about Eminem, you have to admit—the Queen shined bright on this one. Her vocals are the first thing you hear and for a lot of people out there, it should have been the only one. Here are some of the funniest reactions to the unexpected collaboration.

Amazon's long-legged teddy bear is not only odd, but will probably creep you out

Amazon's long-legged teddy bear is not only odd, but will probably creep you out

'Zombie fungus' controls ants like little insect puppets

New study that uses 3D visualization and deep learning shows that "zombie ant fungus" controls the insect's muscles, not the brain.

Thank You, Hackers

Equifax Inc. won’t be breaking free from the fallout surrounding its massive data breach anytime soon. The credit-rating firm was forced to spend extra money in the third quarter on security and lawyers after September’s cyber attack that gave hackers access to data on more than 145 million Americans. Selling, general and administrative expenses jumped to $312 million, a record 34 percent increase from the prior year. Costs tied to the hack are expected to be $60 million to $75 million in the fourth quarter, Chief Financial Officer John Gamble said Friday on the company’s earnings call.

50 Companies to Watch in 2018

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. - Anand Srinivasan; Alaska Air Group George Ferguson; AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. - Geetha Ranganathan; AT&T Inc. - John Butler; BASF SE - Jason Miner; Plc - Shan Liu; Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. – Brandon Barnes, Vincent G. Piazza; China Merchants Bank - Francis Chan; Cosco Shipping Holdings Co.– Rahul Kapoor; CSX Corp. - Lee Klaskow; Cypress Semiconductor Corp. - Woo Jin Ho; Dangote Cement Plc - Sonia Baldeira; Danone SA - Duncan Fox; Discovery Communications Inc. - Joshua Yatskowitz, Paul Sweeney; Dong Energy A/S - Elchin Mammadov; DowDuPont Inc. - Jason Miner; DSV A/S - Talon Custer; Engie SA - Elchin Mammadov; Eni SpA - Philipp Chladek; Experian - and mention Transunion - Nathan Dean; Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - Jonathan Adams, Ben Elliott; Ford Motor Co. - Joel Levington; Gap Inc. - Poonam Goyal; Great Wall Motor Co. - Steve Man; Hertz Corp. - Joel Levington; INC Research Holdings Inc. - Justin Bowers; Intu Properties Plc– Susan Munden; Jacobs - Sonia Baldeira; Kraft Heinz Co. - Kenneth Shea; Lundin Petroleum AB - Will Hares; MercadoLibre Inc.

GE cutting staff ahead of new CEO's Monday overhaul: sources

NEW YORK (Reuters) - General Electric Co ( GE.N ) is laying off sales staff and other employees in its software division, according to people familiar with the matter, ahead of new Chief Executive John Flannery’s expected announcement on Monday of a plan to slash costs and jettison units in an effort to improve the company’s profits.

Americans are almost four times more worried about getting hacked than murdered

The top concern is having personal and financial information hacked, which has 67% of those who were surveyed worried. The top "conventional" crime is having your car broken into or stolen, which concerns 38% of those who were surveyed. Meanwhile, few are apparently concerned about being assaulted or killed at a place of work at 6%.

'Dance with flARmingos' in a mixed reality mating ritual

"From a technology perspective, we needed to create a common virtual space that all these devices look into. So, the iPad and the HoloLens are, in a sense, views on a virtual space that we're creating. I think that's a really interesting way to start thinking about augmented reality in a space. Every device in that space should be able to look at the augmented version of that space. Instead of we all just have our own augmented realities in our phones, or in our headsets, we're all looking at a shared augmented reality." There is no seamless way to make that happen. HoloLens was announced in January 2015 but is still largely inaccessible to the public. Meanwhile, Apple's ARKit isn't even a year old. As Purdy puts it, "The whole AR/VR landscape is very new still, and these platforms, even on their own, are very green."

Here’s the monkey-themed Vietnam hotel where Trump and Putin are hanging out

While Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are crossing paths at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Da Nang, Vietnam, they probably won’t have much time for monkey business. Or at least not the political kind of monkey business. The primate sort is another matter: The APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting–which Trump and Putin are both attending–is taking place at a tastefully monkey-themed five-star hotel called InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort .

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72 Alibaba raked in $12 billion in two hours during the shopping holiday it helped create (BABA)
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