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'Star Wars' characters are teaching kids to code has teamed with Lucasfilm for its latest 'Hour of Code' tutorials.

Donald Trump suggests Starbucks boycott over red holiday cups

Donald Trump said consumers should consider a Starbucks boycott over the coffee company's decision to leave Christmas symbols off its seasonal cups.

Transparent season 2 teaser released, new premiere date and guest star announced

Amazon Studios has released a new teaser for Transparent Season 2. The Pfefferman family will return when the show premieres on December 11.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is mounting a comeback on Kickstarter

If you ever saw the oddball, B-movie send-up series Mystery Science Theater 3000, odds are you loved the oddball, B-movie send-up series Mystery Science Theater 3000 — and thanks to Kickstarter...

Ted Cruz for President

Courageous Conservatives -- Reigniting the Promise of America.

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Where Does Technological Innovation Come From?

The “myth” I was challenging in my article is that basic science is the source of all innovation. I do not argue in the article, or anywhere else, that basic science does not matter, that it plays no part in innovation, or that it should be defunded. I have spent nearly my whole career cataloging and celebrating the achievements of basic science, mainly in genetics and evolutionary biology. I would like to see more money spent on it, and not just by government, because I think it is the richest fruit of our civilization—worth doing for its own sake, not just because it might help advance technological innovation. I think science is probably less well funded than it could be because it is often trapped in a mind-set that only government will fund it and that it must therefore make a utilitarian appeal rather than an inspirational one.

LinkedIn promises to send only the messages you'd want to read

ATC's algorithms learn from observing your actions, particularly how you interact with the website. For instance, if you visit it frequently, you'll get even fewer alerts, because the platform assumes you've already seen what you needed to see. It also gives the website a way to learn which method of communication you prefer and which types of content you'd like to receive regularly. Finally, it'll help LinkedIn enforce daily and monthly notification limits, which could prevent you from tossing its emails (unopened, even) straight to the Trash folder. It's unclear if the company has already started using the platform, but the moment it does, there's supposed to be "an immediate improvement to both the quantity and quality of communications you receive."

Who moved my schedule?

Project schedules are subject to change all the time. When you think that you have it clearly defined and communicated, something unexpected happens and before you know it, you are making changes. It is not that changing schedules is necessarily your idea or desire to do, it is more often a consequence of movements that occurred outside your control. Program managers are typically responsible for the overall timeline. What are some of the habits that you practice daily to stay comfortable with that responsibility?

iPad Pro vs. iPad Air 2 vs. iPad mini 4: Which iPad should you buy?

The biggest differentiator between the devices is their screen size with the iPad mini models measuring 7.9-inches, the iPad Airs coming in at 9.7-inches and the iPad Pro breaking the mold with a 12.9-inch display. As we have mentioned in the past, the iPad mini is great for stashing in your bag and using it on the go, while the iPad Air is for media consumption, drawing and editing media files. This trend is even more true with the iPad Pro, which excels at editing and media playback due to its large screen. Drawing and editing is easier, but it comes with a cost and that is portability. The iPad Pro is big enough that you just can’t drop it into any bag and go. Unless you have a dedicated bag or case solution, the iPad Pro is more an at-home or at-work device.

Facebook director sells nearly half his stake

The sales represent about 45% of what had been Andreessen’s personal holdings in Facebook. According to the most recent filing, late Monday, Andreessen still owned 757,311 Class A Facebook shares. He also has claim to 379,429 Class B supervoting shares.

Nvidia launches Jetson TX1 GPU module to handle AI on drones and robots

Nvidia today announced a new module called the Jetson TX1 that fits in your hand but can bring GPU-powered intelligence to development boards, drones, robotics, and other devices.

Best Buy Black Friday Deals: Up to $200 off on Macs and up to $100 off on Apple Watch

With Black Friday approaching fast, big retailers in the U.S. are have started sharing the deals that they will be offering on the day. Best Buy is one such retailer that has unveiled a list of deals that it will be offering on Apple products on November 26-27.

T-Mobile will offer the iPad Pro through JUMP! On Demand for $34 per month beginning November 18

On November 11, the Magenta Carrier officially announced that it would be offering the iPad Pro through its JUMP! On Demand program, which means owners can put down a certain amount of money up front, and then pay installments towards the full retail price of the bigger iPad. In this case, T-Mobile is looking for $199.99 up front, and then $34 per month after that.

What the Missouri Protests Say About Where the Media is Now

Among other things, this incident became a flash point about the extent of First Amendment protections. And it also sparked discussion about the validity of demands by black activists and others at a number of universities for what some have called “safe spaces”—that is, a space without intrusive or divisive elements like the media.

Gwyneth Paltrow On Her "Un-Goop" Moments

Paltrow was on stage with Gersh and Couric to discuss Goop , the lifestyle and e-commerce website Paltrow founded in 2008 as a weekly newsletter. The site features clothing, housewares, personal care products, and lifestyle recommendations hand-selected by Paltrow and her Los Angeles-based editorial team (who happen to work in a barn situated on her Brentwood property). Over the years, Goop has evolved into a multi-platform business, and this summer raised $10 million in Series A funding led by New Enterprise Associates.

PewResearch Internet on Twitter

Only four Android apps have been installed between 1 billion and 5 billion times.

Third party Instagram app removed from app stores for stealing passwords

If you fell prey to the allure of InstaAgent, a third-party Instagram app that promises to track who viewed your Instagram account, you might want to change your Instagram password.

Online Education Company Udacity Is Tech’s Latest Unicorn

Udacity says it currently has 11,000 paying students. While just over 10,000 of students may seem small, the market opportunity, especially outside of the U.S., is promising. According to market research firm Global Industry Analysts, sales in the online education market will reach $107 billion this year. In a sign of the potential, LinkedIn acquired online education company Lynda for $1.5 billion earlier this year.

Bezos Overtakes Slim as World's Fourth-Richest on Amazon Rally

The 51-year-old founder of the world’s largest online retailer passed the Mexican telecommunications tycoon Tuesday after Amazon rose $4.19 by the close of trading in New York. Bezos commands a fortune of $58.2 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Slim, who was the world’s richest person as recently as May 2013, is now ranked fifth with $57.2 billion. He’s lost $15.4 billion in 2015, more than any other billionaire on the index.

Can retail robots make brick and mortar shops competitive again? | ZDNet

IT solutions, bolstered by scanner guns and armies of bright-vested minimum wage employees, have been the solution to date, and that goes some of the way toward explaining why brick and mortar stores have taken a beating in the first full flowering of internet retail. The work of auditing shelves, crucial though it is, tends to be repetitive, boring, and never-ending, ingredients that make employees performing those tasks error prone.

Uber And Lyft Offer Homeless Vets Free Rides To Job Interviews

While Lyft has not designated a set number of free rides, a spokesperson from the company told The Huffington Post, "We're donating thousands of rides and are proud to join the White House's effort to help serve our nation's veterans. Accessing transportation shouldn't stand in the way of a veteran reentering the workforce."

Reddit introduces suspensions to punish spammers and trolls

The previous shadowban system was designed with the primary intention of making spam bots useless: when a user account was spotted flooding the site with fake or promotional links, it was shadowbanned so everything on the site would seem normal from its perspective, but its posts wouldn’t be displayed to other users. As a result, spam rings wouldn’t attempt more complex methods of getting their content onto the site.

You can now preorder the consumer version of the Samsung Gear VR

The consumer version of Samsung's Gear VR is now available to  preorder from Best Buy for $99.99. The retailer is the first to offer the virtual reality headset, which is powered by Samsung's latest smartphones and was developed in collaboration with Oculus. The Gear VR also has a release date of November 20th, according to Best Buy, and comes bundled with a 16GB microSD card preloaded with "3D movie trailers and 360-degree videos." Netflix, Hulu, Twitch, and Vimeo can also be  streamed on the Gear VR , with support for TiVo said to be in the works as of September this year.


A: Because we added the bedtime mode without really finishing the UI to customize it! So if you don’t like that, or if you prefer the classic/Windows sunrise/sunset, just change the wake time setting to “Dawn” until we make a better UI. “Bedtime mode” overall is supposed to look like a candle while you’re sleeping so you can use your device in the middle of the night, if you have to.

New study finds that iPhones are actually more vulnerable than Android phones

, about 40% of all iOS apps were found to have potentially catastrophic vulnerabilities for system stability and data protection, compared to 36% of Android’s apps. While the gap is obviously small, it begins to erode away the idea that Apple’s enclosed ecosystem is safer than Google’s open one.

16 New York startups you need to check out

The Next Web Conference USA takes place in New York, so our Boost program wouldn’t be complete without some of the city’s hottest early-stage companies. Our team has interviewed hundreds of innovative tech start-ups to select the best of the best.

Watch Alanis Morissette Sing An Updated "Ironic" for the Internet Age

“It’s free office cake on the first day of your diet / It’s like they announce a new iPhone the day after you buy it,” they sing. “It’s a Snapchat that you wish you had saved / A funny Tweet that nobody faves.” Delightfully, Morissette even makes fun of the fact that “Ironic” contains almost no ironies, as my frustrated 7th grade English teacher kept trying to teach us.

Sorkin's Steve Jobs was pulled from more than 2,000 theaters because no one went to see it

Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs was just pulled from 2,072 movie theaters, giving it the unfortunate distinction of being the movie dropped from the most theaters this week,  according to Cult of Mac . The film, which we thought  was pretty okay , has been a flop since its wide release at the end of last month when it earned just $7.3 million during  its opening weekend .

Facebook Is Blocking an Upstart Rival—But It’s Complicated

Tsu is a new social network that promises to pay its users for posting content to its site. But if want to share your Tsu profile with your Facebook friends, too bad. Facebook is blocking all mentions of “,” the company’s web address. You can’t share a post to a Facebook feed, leave an Instagram comment or send a Facebook Messenger message containing the URL. Tsu’s CEO claims Facebook went so far as to retroactively remove any mention of the site from its archives.

Tumblr gets instant messaging on Android, iOS, and the Web

Not everyone will have access to chat immediately. The company said it’s rolling it out slowly across Android, iOS, and the Web. In order to get chat, you’ll need someone who has access to the feature to start chatting with you. For more information, check out Tumblr’s support page .

iPad Pro is already available to pick up in some Apple Stores

Apple’s new iPad Pro today went on sale for the first time , and those who order the device from the Apple Online Store can expect to receive it by the end of the week (providing shipping dates don’t slip). But you don’t have to wait, because some Apple Stores have stock available to pickup today!

American Horror Story is renewed for a sixth season

It should come as no surprise that American Horror Story , the highest-rated series in FX's history, is being renewed for (at least) a sixth season, which will debut in in 2016. According to  The Hollywood Reporter , co-creator Ryan Murphy has approached Lady Gaga, the current star of AHS: Hotel , about potentially returning. No word, however, on Jessica Lange, who has appeared in every season except this current one.

The Snooper’s Charter would devastate computer security research in the UK

Let’s look at that in a world where the Snooper's Charter has become law. I find the backdoor and tell a colleague. She doesn’t answer my e-mail, but I get a knock at the door—turns out that GCHQ was behind the attack. I am now banned forever from mentioning to anyone what I found—or that I found anything. The backdoor is later exploited by the bad guys and my client is hit. Why didn’t you find it, they ask? I can only shrug. Soon, my consultancy is in disarray. If I’m sued for incompetence, I cannot defend myself. I can write no papers, warn no people.

Loyal robot dog waits for you to walk through the door

CHiP rolled around on the floor with a whirring sound on its peculiar looking wheels. The wheels give it flexibility to move in any direction -- it charged forward and quickly slid to the side with a quick tap on an iPad app. Mid-demo, as a child snuck up close to the black and white mechanical dog, it sprawled its legs and waited as the child pet its head. While I wasn't particularly excited at the sight of big, bright blue eyes flashing back at me, it didn't seem to matter to the child who continued to interact with the robot for a few seconds while it stayed still.

Apple releases another update for iWork for Mac and iOS

The updates are all available in the App Store in the Updates section. For details on what’s in the updates, see the release notes below.

ARM is bringing some much needed security to the Internet of Things

TrustZone is in all of ARM's Cortex-A class processors, and at ARM's TechCon conference in Silicon Valley Tuesday, the company announced it will come to new versions of its smaller Cortex-M chips as well, in the form of the new ARMv8M architecture. ARM also announced a new interconnect specification, AMBA 5 AHB5, which lets the TrustZone area communicate securely with the rest of a chip package.

Udacity now has 1,000 graduates and is valued at $1 billion

Udacity now has 1,000 graduates and is valued at $1 billion

Roaches Wearing Tiny Backpacks Could One Day Rescue Disaster Survivors

When Hugh Herr was seventeen, he got trapped in a blizzard while ice-climbing the formidable Huntington Ravine on Mount Washington. He lost both his legs to frostbite and gangrene. But only 12 months later, Herr was climbing at the same level as before the accident—and with homemade prosthetics, his skills continued to improve. “I started to climb walls that no one had ever climbed before,” explains Herr. “Some of my colleagues actually threatened to cut their own legs off to achieve the same ‘unfair advantage as me.’”

You’re the Worst Is the Realest Cartoon on TV

On a last-season episode of  You’re the Worst , music publicist Gretchen casually confessed to her boyfriend, Jimmy, that “I think women are intimidated by me because I have mean cartoon eyebrows.” She could be talking about some viewers’ resistance to the show (formerly of FX, now of FXX, possibly eventually of FXXXVR) itself. She’s not wrong; as played by the wonderful Aya Cash, Gretchen is a heartbreaking figure, but she’s also, frequently, incredibly mean. She has great eyebrows, but exactly one close friend. Yet, her self-assessment also captures what is—quite wrongly—the biggest knock against the show.

Virtual pop star Hatsune Miku will tour North America in 2016

Technically, the event bills itself as an Expo, but every stop on the tour is a concert venue. A VIP ticket buys you a solid seat at the show, early entry, a collectible Expo badge and exclusive VIP merchandise for the virtual idol's biggest fans. Need a reason to care about an artificially created pop star? How about an excuse to see a holographic concert performance without the creepy " dead celebrity " undertones?

7 tips and tricks to get the most out of Line

The app isn't quite as full-featured in other regions, but it's so fun and easy to use, it's easy to see why its popularity is growing. Whether you're new to Line or just want to get the most out of the experience, here are some great ways to make Line work even better for you.

The Internet Lives in a Huge Hotel in Manhattan

Get past all that, though, and the Internet is pretty boring: miles and miles of cables linking row after row of servers cooled by enormous HVAC systems. It’s tough to wrap your head around the idea that something so small as a fiber optic cable can move so much data so quickly. “It’s so massive but the individual cables themselves are no the thicker than your phone charger. In that sense, without appreciating the context of the space it can be kind of visually anticlimactic,” Garritano says.

Fidelity Writes Down Value of Snapchat Holding by 25%

Snapchat Inc.’s valuation was cut by a quarter by one of its biggest backers, the latest evidence that private technology companies are losing some of their luster.

Mac ransomware is nothing to worry about—for now

Hackers could try to buy a developer’s certificate from Apple, which costs $99, to digitally sign the ransomware so Gatekeeper wouldn’t stop it. But Wardle said Apple usually quickly revokes certificates that end up in the wrong hands.

Breaking Bad props take their place in history at the Smithsonian

Additionally, the two Tyvek suits and gas masks that Cranston and Aaron Paul, who played his sometimes reluctant sidekick Jesse Pinkman, were also donated to the showbiz artifacts section of the museum. The Smithsonian tweeted that 10 items in total from the show would be part of the display, but did not confirm what the other items might be. They did, however, verify that “roof pizza” would not be one of them. For obvious health reasons, of course.

Google's new 'About me' tool quickly shows what personal data you're sharing

Google gets a lot of stick for its data collection practices, and that’s little surprise really. I love many of Google’s products, but that doesn’t stop me being concerned about just how precise a picture the company holds on me from all the data I’ve willingly handed over.

This week's Xbox One update deletes dashboard Kinect gestures

When the New Xbox One Experience hits consoles on November 12th, it will remove Kinect gestures from the dashboard entirely, platform head Mike Ybarra confirmed to Windows Central . The update is poised to be massive , overhauling most of the Xbox One interface in part to work better with Windows 10 . Kinect isn't mentioned at all on the Xbox One update page , though voice controls get one shoutout. "With gestures, the reality was the usage was very, very low," Ybarra told the site. "So for now, we've cut that from the New Xbox One Experience."

Box releases its file-sharing app for Windows 10

Box, a cloud file-syncing and sharing software company, today announced that its app for Windows 10 is now available for anyone to use.

Hands-on with the iPad Pro (pictures) - CNET

The iPad Pro wants to replace your laptop. With a giant screen, optional keyboard attachment and a powerful processor, it should be able to do everything a computer can do. But it's still an iPad at its core.

With CodinGame, Learning To Code Becomes A Game

But CodinGame is going all in on the gaming aspect as a differentiating factor with its competitors. According to co-founder and CMO Aude Barral, mixing games with coding works because these two tasks are somewhat similar. “When people code, they like the fact that they have a challenge to solve,” she said. In other words, coding itself is already a game, so making a visual representation of your code that looks like a game made sense.

How to Stream Fox Business' Republican Debate Tonight, No Cable Required

The Republican presidential candidates are having yet another debate tonight, this time on the Fox Business Network. Thankfully, they’re making the debate available to as many people as possible.

Fiverr raises $60M to help lure freelancers online — and removes $5 minimum charge

“We started Fiverr to prove that you can bring the world of freelance creative services online and make buying gigs as easy as purchasing a flat-screen TV online,” said Micha Kaufman, Fiverr’s CEO. “Today, we see more freelancers shifting their business online, which grabs the attention of investors, and they’re driving the overall size of the marketplace to dizzying new heights. With the gig economy workforce expected to hit 43 percent of the total workforce by 2020, we’re bullish about the economic opportunities we’ll create in the near future for our community.”

J.J. Abrams is making a spy video game with the 'Infinity Blade' team

is a leading global media company that informs, inspires and entertains the digital generation. Mashable is redefining storytelling by documenting and shaping the digital revolution in a new voice, new formats and cutting-edge technologies to a uniquely dedicated audience of 45 million monthly unique visitors and 25 million social followers.

Mars moon Phobos is doomed to fall apart from stress - CNET

Phobos hangs out just 3,700 miles (6,000 kilometers) above the surface of the Red Planet, which means it snuggles up closer to its planetary buddy than any other moon-planet combo in the solar system. For comparison, our moon is around 238,900 miles (about 384,500 kilometers) away from Earth. NASA likens the visible grooves on Phobos to "stretch marks" from tidal forces deforming the moon.

Android users can now easily install Firefox OS, but there's a good chance you'll hate it

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