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Boston Dynamics' SpotMini robot dog looked right at us, and it was downright creepy

Cool or terrifying or both?

iPhone X’s Face ID supposedly got hacked. We have questions

A Vietnamese security software company says it tricked Face ID, which Apple touts as more secure than Touch ID.

Boston Dynamics’ latest robot dog is slightly less terrifying

Meet SpotMini, now in more kid-friendly yellow

A 'Hitman' series is coming to Hulu from the creator of 'John Wick'

'Hitman' is getting another shot in Hollywood as Hulu is ordering a series from the architect of 'John Wick.'

Bose uses Indiegogo to test wireless earbuds for sleep

The new headphones are called 'sleepbuds,' of course.

Confused deer gets caught in NSFW act with a lawn ornament

It's too funny to unsee.

A better blockchain: Bitcoin for nothing and transactions for free? | ZDNet

Imagine a blockchain-like protocol that promises to remove what is seen as the two biggest deficiencies in blockchain: inefficient mining and soaring transaction fees. IOTA is working on a fix.

Oracle and cloud: Success demands a customer-centric culture | ZDNet

Three top enterprise software industry analysts explain Oracle's plans and strategy. Learn what it means for Oracle customers and to your company.

'Thor: Ragnarok' Hela headdress created via 3D printer

'Thor: Ragnarok' Hela headdress 3D-printed, not made in Hell

That Amazing “SNL” Dolphin Sketch Is Based On A True Story

The dolphin sketch borrows its premise from the life of Margaret Howe, a volunteer naturalist who worked with NASA in an effort to teach dolphins to speak.

SNL’s Fair & Devastating Assessment Of Democrats, Post-Election

This weekend, “Saturday Night Live” briefly moved off of Trump-smackdown mode to cut the DNC down to size. It was a welcome change—and a needed wake up call.

Facebook launches collaborative Stories for Groups and Events

Facebook is combining its Snapchat Stories clone with features Snapchat can't match in a bid to boost usage. Starting today, users of Facebook Groups and..

This is why you never, ever cross the street behind a bus

That was close.

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Amazon just bought the rights to a Lord of the Rings adaptation

Amazon managed to get its hands on the fantasy holy grail today, buying the rights to adapt J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” into a multi-season series for for Amazon’s Prime streaming service.

Apparently, It's Time to Think About Next Year's iPhones Already

Let me tell you something about the 2018 crop of iPhones: Apple’s gonna sell a bazillion of them! Why am I talking about next year’s iPhones, when most people haven’t had the opportunity to set eyes on the flashy $1000 iPhone X that just came out? Because KGI Securities is already looking ahead to next year’s lineup. OK, so you want to talk 2018 iPhones? Let’s talk 2018 iPhones.

Missouri AG Announces Antitrust Investigation Into Google

The announcement comes two months after Yelp, which has long battled to keep Google from taking over the business of consumer reviews of small businesses, sent a letter complaining about Google to regulators, members of Congress and state attorneys general. Yelp said in the letter that Google has been violating commitments it made after the U.S. Federal Trade Commission closed an investigation into the search engine’s practices in 2013.

US supercomputers, you're in China's shadow now

The steady increase in computing power on the Top500 list of supercomputers tailed off in recent years. This chart shows the performance of all 500 machines as the orange points, the single fastest as the brown triangles and the 500th on the list as the yellow squares. Today's slowest machine has the performance of the fastest one in 2008.

Amazon rumored prepping free ad-supported version of Prime Video

Raising a potential threat to Apple's TV plans, people wanting to watch Amazon's movies and TV shows may soon be able to stream without paying for a Prime subscription, which normally costs $99 per year. Amazon is currently in negotiations with networks, movie studios, and other media outfits about programming, which would be free but ad-supported , according to AdAge sources. To date Amazon has largely avoided inserting ads into Prime Video, the main exception being this season's NFL games. The company could share both audience data and ad revenue, and link content payments to the number of hours spent watching, according to anonymous executives. "Amazon is talking about giving content creators their own channels, and sharing ad revenue in exchange for a set number of hours of content each week," one of the executives elaborated. Amazon is reportedly interested in the back catalogs of studios, and improving its libraries in children's programming as well as genres like "lifestyle," travel, and cooking. Apple is rumored to be preparing a handful of original TV shows for 2019 , including a reboot of Steven Spielberg's "Amazing Stories" and a morning show drama starring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston.

Bill Gates just bought 25,000 acres in Arizona to build a new 'smart city'

Roughly 3,800 of the 24,800 acres will be devoted to office, commercial, and retail space, according to Belmont Partners, while 470 acres will be set aside for public schools. The new community will feature 80,000 residences, giving it a population of about 182,000, comparable to that of Tempe, Arizona.

Qualcomm rejects $105B takeover bid from Broadcom

Spurning what would have been the largest tech acquisition of all time, Qualcomm board says the bid undervalues the mobile phone chip maker.

Amazon to Produce ‘Lord of the Rings’ TV Series With New Plots

The move underscores Amazon’s deepening commitment to video. The company offers thousands of movie and TV shows online for customers of its $99-a-year Prime service. It has produced original programs such as “Transparent” and “The Man in the High Castle,” but has yet to score a mainstream hit along the lines of shows such as AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”

Facebook merges Messenger Day with its core Stories feature

Now, when you post something on your Facebook Story, it will also appear on Messenger and vice versa, and the fusion is simply called “Stories.” The company has four variations of Stories on its different networks: Instagram, WhatsApp , Facebook and Messenger Day.

Yale Professors Race Google and IBM to the First Quantum Computer

Three giants of the tech world — Google, IBM, and Intel — are using a method pioneered by Mr. Schoelkopf, a Yale University professor, and a handful of other physicists as they race to build a machine that could significantly accelerate everything from drug discovery to artificial intelligence. So does a Silicon Valley start-up called Rigetti Computing. And though it has remained under the radar until now, those four quantum projects have another notable competitor: Robert Schoelkopf.

Here are the top 3 benefits and barriers to AI adoption

More businesses are embracing artificial intelligence, according to IDC and DataRobot. Here's what you should know in order to stick with the pack.


Lyft is offering incentives for new drivers in Toronto, including a 25 percent driver bonus on all rides for the first three months for certain qualified drivers, and bonus credits of C$200 ($157) for referring friends to drive for Lyft.

Apple issues third developer betas of iOS 11.2, macOS 10.13.2, watchOS 4.2, tvOS 11.2

Apple issues third developer betas of iOS 11.2, macOS 10.13.2, watchOS 4.2, tvOS 11.2

Macworld on Twitter

iPhone 2018 rumors: A 6.5-inch OLED iPhone is one of three possible new models

Report: 69% of executives say AI won't kill jobs

These early adopters are already seeing economic benefits from their use of AI and cognitive technologies, the report found: 83% of respondents reported moderate to substantial monetary returns. Those who claimed to have seen the greatest benefits said that cognitive should be used for transformative change rather than incremental improvements. But a majority of respondents said they feel more comfortable starting with "low hanging fruit" AI projects, or waiting a few more years for the technologies to mature more.

Steve Jurvetson is out at his own venture capital firm after allegations of sexual harassment

Jurvetson is the highest-profile venture capitalist to be forced from his job amid an industrywide evaluation of how Silicon Valley treats women. Jurvetson sits on the board of two of tech’s flashiest companies, SpaceX and Tesla, and the news has already stripped him of those posts, at least temporarily.

Qualcomm Rejects Broadcom's $105 Billion Offer

On Monday, Qualcomm's board of directors unanimously turned down the offer, citing the chip maker's leading position in mobile tech and future growth prospects. "No company is better positioned in mobile, IoT, automotive, edge computing and networking within the semiconductor industry," Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf said in a statement .

Star Trek: Discovery May Have Just Revealed Captain Lorca's Real Plan - IGN

We've known for a while now that the Mirror Universe -- that is, the "evil" alternate reality that has been popping up in Star Trek ever since The Original Series put a goatee on Leonard Nimoy -- would figure into Season 1 of Discovery in some way. Trek legend Jonathan Frakes, who directed an upcoming episode of the show, spilled the beans at a convention this fall, and then series co-creator and executive-producer Alex Kurtzman confirmed as much. We also saw a literal mirror image of Stamets take on a life of its own a few episode back, and last night's segment also had Lorca and Stamets speculating about how the spore drive has opened up the door to exploring alternate universes. Indeed, it's specifically stated that with each jump Lorca has been collecting the data that would allow for such travel. And yet, it seems as though he's been doing so without Stamets' knowing about it. Why would he hide such a thing from his science officers?

Apple supplier hints at next-gen HomePod with Face ID

Before the first-generation HomePod can even make its way into the wild, rumors are already cropping up about a future update to the premium speaker, as the president of supplier Inventec made comments about future smart speakers with facial recognition capabilities. While the comments by Inventec President David Ho were not specifically about Apple, they did fuel speculation that his comments could be regarding a future update to the HomePod with Face ID technology. The speculation was highlighted by Nikkei . "We see trends that engineers are designing smart speakers that will not only come with voice recognition but also incorporate features such as facial and image recognition," Ho said. "Such AI-related features are set to make people's lives more convenient and to make the product easier to use." If a HomePod with Face ID is in fact in the works, it's unlikely to arrive anytime soon. Apple hasn't even released the first hardware yet —it's scheduled to arrive in December. The HomePod hardware was unveiled at Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

Bill Gates puts up $100M to fight Alzheimer's

The progress of the disease cannot be slowed with current treatments, which at best can only ease the symptoms. Gates says he hopes that drugs to help Alzheimer's sufferers will be developed within 10 years, but said "it's possible that won't be achieved."

Five Technologies That Will Rock Your World

With help from machine learning, Replika offers a smartphone “chatbot” that acts as a kind of personal confidante, chatting with you in moments when no one else is around. But the hope is that these techniques will improve to where they serve you in so many other ways. What if Alexa was truly conversational, if you could have a back and forth dialogue? Right now, it is about basic questions and commands. Today, it “recognizes” words very very well. But truly “understanding” complex English sentences is beyond machines at this point. What if machines could carry on a dialogue like Hal in 2001?

China's swings to third-quarter profit, lifting shares

BEIJING (Reuters) - China’s second biggest e-commerce company,, reported an unexpected profit in the third quarter, though it lost about 100 merchants to fierce competition in the run-up to this month’s Singles’ Day shopping extravaganza.

Solar Companies Are Scrambling to Find a Critical Raw Material - Slashdot

I bet Silicor really regrets not building their new Iceland plant (they backed out because the price of polysilicon just couldn't support it). They had a really cool technology; I wouldn't support the building of an old-fashioned silicon producer near me (we have a couple in the country; they're pretty terrible), but I supported them. Basically it's based around aluminum alloying; they dissolve impure silicon in aluminum, then cool it (settling it out as flakes, which they skim), then etching away residual aluminum from the flakes with hydrochloric acid. It's then re-melted one more time to separate out any residual aluminum. In addition to the silicon, the process byproducts are silicon-rich aluminum alloys (which are worth more than the original aluminum) and polyaluminum chloride (used in water treatment).

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

The bulk of that increase can be attributed to China and India, whose emissions look set to increase by 3.5 and 2 percent respectively this year. 

Google Assistant can now broadcast messages through your Google Home devices

You can use Assistant on your smartphone to send messages to all Assistant-enabled speakers within your home, and with certain commands, like announcing it’s time for dinner, the Assistant will ring a dinner bell on every speaker. You don’t even have to be home to broadcast; the feature will work from anywhere with a cell connection, which is a nice touch.

WIRED on Twitter

Microsoft has pulled off something pretty impressive with the Xbox One X. Our review:

The Secret Correspondence Between Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks

Though Trump Jr. mostly ignored the frequent messages from WikiLeaks, he at times appears to have acted on its requests. When WikiLeaks first reached out to Trump Jr. about, for instance, Trump Jr. followed up on his promise to “ask around.” According to a source familiar with the congressional investigations into Russian interference with the 2016 campaign, who requested anonymity because the investigation is ongoing, on the same day that Trump Jr. received the first message from WikiLeaks, he emailed other senior officials with the Trump campaign, including Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, Brad Parscale, and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, telling them WikiLeaks had made contact. Kushner then forwarded the email to campaign communications staffer Hope Hicks. At no point during the 10-month correspondence does Trump Jr. rebuff WikiLeaks, which had published stolen documents and was already observed to be releasing information that benefited Russian interests.

iPhone X suffers first-generation teething troubles | ZDNet

It really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that a device such as the iPhone X suffered some teething troubles. Not only is it a highly ambitious device, but ramping up production to meet deadlines and cater for demand brings with it the sort of atmosphere that adds to these problems. It's the modern-day equivalent of the " Friday afternoon car ," which was the poorer-than-average car that was made by workers who were more focused on the approaching weekend than making a decent product.

Top 10 Productivity Features for the iPad in iOS 11

iOS 11 has OS-wide drag and drop and while it’s similar to the one on macOS, it is customized for touch screens and is actually quite modern. You can drag and drop inside apps and between apps. It works for basically everything – text, images, links, media, files and so on.

A schizophrenia drug is the first pill with a digital sensor and tracking system to be approved by the FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said on Monday that it had approved Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co Ltd's Abilify MyCite, the first drug with a digital ingestion tracking system to be approved in the United States.

Next Generation Telescope Selects First Proposals From Scientific Community

There’ve been some incredible images of the James Webb Space Telescope, the next generation telescope and successor to the Hubble. But we’re not really here to look at images of telescopes. We’re here to learn some dope space stuff.

Netflix's 'Punisher' isn't about the Punisher, in a good way

Along the way, the show doesn't flinch from showing the viciousness -- and the cost -- of Castle's trademark savagery. Instead of the stylish action in "Daredevil" or the demented black humour often found in the Punisher comic, the violence in the TV series is stripped down and bloody. For example, one fight that begins as a balletic John Wick-esque rampage breaks down into a brutally intimate hand-to-hand struggle that shakes you with the force of every blow. Another gunfight is filmed like a first-person shooter video game, as an indictment of men in suits who control wars from their laptops.

9 home security systems you can install yourself

The $550 SmartThings ADT Home Security Starter Kit includes a 7-inch SmartThings panel, two door/window sensors and one motion detector. Its optional $200 expansion kit comes with a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide detector and a water leak sensor. Unlike the other DIY systems on this list, SmartThings' system comes with contract-free professional monitoring from ADT. It starts at $15 per month and goes up to $35 per month for full monitoring of both "life safety" and "home security" products.

Latest iOS 11.2 beta clarifies that Control Center doesn't fully disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

A somewhat controversial change in iOS 11 will come with a little more clarity in the forthcoming iOS 11.2 update, with the latest beta adding a prompt informing users that turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth via Control Center doesn't fully disable them.

Can Scientists Figure Out Where Colliding Black Holes Come From?

When distant black holes ( or neutron stars ) collide, there’s a lot scientists can tell from the way they send gravitational waves rippling through space. That includes their masses, their distance, or how their spins line up with one another. But one question they’re still trying to figure out is, well, where are they?

Video: How AI is being used to help legal pros better negotiate their contracts

Jack Borland, sales operations manager for Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory, spoke with TechRepublic about how artificial intelligence frees law professionals up to focus on high-value data.

How to create a bootable USB installer drive for macOS

I'll be demonstrating this on a 2017 MacBook Pro with High Sierra. You will need an internet connect and a flash drive with a minimum of 5GB of space. I highly recommend at least a 12GB flash drive that will be used solely for this purpose. You don't want to create your installer drive and accidentally erase the installer files while working with a spreadsheet or presentation. So grab a fresh drive and get ready. Don't forget, if this is a standard USB flash drive you'll need an adapter for the USB C ports on the laptop. I've used this inexpensive solution without fail.

Why a Star Wars game is making Reddit really mad

"The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes," the EA rep wrote on Reddit. "As for cost, we selected initial values based upon data from the Open Beta and other adjustments made to milestone rewards before launch. Among other things, we're looking at average per-player credit earn rates on a daily basis, and we'll be making constant adjustments to ensure that players have challenges that are compelling, rewarding, and of course attainable via gameplay. We appreciate the candid feedback, and the passion the community has put forth around the current topics here on Reddit, our forums and across numerous social media outlets. Our team will continue to make changes and monitor community feedback and update everyone as soon and as often as we can."

Decoding OtterBox and LifeProof cases for iPhone X | ZDNet

If you look at the two leading brands of protective enclosure for Apple's flagship smartphone, it's easy to be confused by all the models. Here's the distilled version to help you choose the right case.

Amazon Prime Video may soon have a free tier with ads

It's a significant move, as Amazon also seems eager to use the free tier to extend its content library far beyond what its studios currently provide. The report claims that Amazon wants to "dive into back catalogs of TV and movie studios" in order to provide more content for children, along with shows focused on cooking, travel and other activities.

Trump’s Twitter Barrage

President Donald Trump’s 11-day trip across Asia has not stopped him from communicating with his millions of Twitter followers. On his Nov. 7 stop in South Korea, Trump sent out 51 tweets. At his current pace, his tweet tally will reach 723 by the end of the month, nearly 250 more than any other month this year.

Tesla Is a ‘Hotbed for Racist Behavior,’ Worker Claims in Suit

Tesla Inc. ’s production floor is a "hotbed for racist behavior," an African-American employee claimed in a lawsuit in which he alleged black workers at the electric carmaker suffer severe and pervasive harassment.

Oracle Shows Tech Middle Age Can Be Beautiful

Oracle's growing sales of cloud computing don't guarantee the company relevance for the next 40 years. As it and other companies transition from selling upfront software contracts to pay-as-you-go cloud technology, revenue can nose-dive for a while, and the shift pinches profits. Some people in the technology industry are skeptical about whether what is sold as cloud software is truly being used by the customers.   

Developer tools: The hottest new tech and biggest flops

The current winners and losers in the programming world have been revealed by Stack Overflow, in its analysis of which technologies have seen the "most dramatic" increase and decrease in developer interest in any single year since the site was launched in 2008. The analysis has sizeable data to back it up, with Stack Overflow looking at visits to topics by its community of more than 50 million developers.

Report: Artificial intelligence is creating jobs, generating economic gains | ZDNet

"There is a concern that 'the rise of the machines' will replace human workers, but we should look at how people and machines can work in collaboration as co-bots," Deloitte CEO Cathy Engelbert said in a statement. "The ability to leverage new technologies to retool our workforce will ultimately lead to new opportunities to build high value skills for our workers."

Reuters Tech News on Twitter

Japan’s SoftBank Group says no final agreement over investment in Uber. @SamNusseyRTRS reports:  $UBER

HPE's Blockchain as a Service offers faster deployments and 'massive scalability'

The Mission Critical DLT solution was developed in partnership with R3, and is offered on HPE Integrity NonStop platforms. "This combination enables customers to execute distributed-ledger workloads in environments that demand 100 percent fault tolerance at mission critical levels and ensures massive scalability to grow with the business as well as SQL integration with legacy systems," according to the release.

Study Uses Apple Watch and Neural Network to Detect Hypertension and Sleep Apnea

The Apple Watch has been the subject of many studies which have measured the accuracy of its heart rate scanner and overall just how useful the smartwatch can be in some life-threatening scenarios. Now, a new study done by the University of California San Francisco and a company called Cardiogram indicates that the Apple Watch can detect hypertension and sleep apnea.

10 days with the iPhone X: My joy of smartphones restored | ZDNet

I've used hundreds of handheld devices over the past 20 years and a select few have brought me sheer joy. The iPhone X arrived on November 3 and it has me as excited as I was 10 years ago when the first iPhone launched.

Get an Xbox One S for $189 on Black Friday

Beginning Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 23), you'll be able to snag an Xbox One S starting at just $189, its lowest price ever, Xbox Live's "Major Nelson," Larry Hryb announced Monday. The bundle deal includes a 500GB console and Xbox Wireless Controller, a free game of your choice, plus a one-month Xbox Game Pass trial and a 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial. The deal will be available through Cyber Monday (Nov. 27) via the Microsoft Store and participating retailers, including Target .

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