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Pluto may have two ice volcanoes near its south pole

Pluto may have two ice volcanoes that spew water ice, nitrogen, ammonia, and methane onto the dwarf planet's surface, NASA announced today. The potential volcanoes were spied near Pluto's south...

FF7's Cloud is coming to Super Smash Bros. Yes, THAT Cloud

In a game where Pikachu and Solid Snake can toss each other out of an arena and not feel that odd, Nintendo has managed to mix and match its character line

Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro comes to OS X

Microsoft has launched Hyperlapse Pro — its app for creating smooth stabilized time lapses from your handheld camera's video clips — for OS X at $49.99.

IoT Location Sensing Picture Frame

"Text me when you're heading home." We've all heard it, and we've all forgotten to do it. Sometimes, even when we do remember to text, the unexpected happens. We get stuck in traffic, get caught up talking to a co-worker while trying to leave the office, or suddenly remember that we should stop to get that one thing we really need at the store. These events can be hard to communicate, and frustrating for family members who are trying to time their activities around your arrival at home. To make communication easier, I've created the IoT Location Sensing Picture Frame. The concept is simple. Each family member has a photo of themselves in the picture frame. Each photo has a corresponding strip of lights that is controlled by an app that runs in the background of the designated family member's smart phone (yes...each family member having a smart phone is ...

Bowie unveils creepy new promo for his latest video, ahead of new LP

Watch the trailer for David Bowie's short film Blackstar which is associated with his upcoming record.

Microwave Energy Detector & Wireless Energy Harvesting

DescriptionThis article describes how to build a wireless harvesting device that will capture stray 2.5GHz energy from a microwave oven and convert it into a useable voltage that will light up a red light emitting diode (LED). Hobbyists can modify the antenna with longer wires and try to pick up other signals such as AM/FM radio, mobile phone signals and other wireless energy. The LED's light will be visible when the module picks up 1 milliwatt-10 milliwatts of microwave power. Usually the most power leaks out of the door seam of a microwave oven. What you need:1 RFD102A (RF-DC Converter) module1 ¼ watt leaded resistor (any value) or two wires that are 1 1/8 inches long (28.6mm)1 Kingbright Surface mount red LED (part number: APT1608EC)Fine tipped soldering iron Solder paste or Fine Solder

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'Everest VR' will take gamers up a CGI mountain next year

PornHub reports a 10% traffic drop the day ‘Fallout 4’ came out

‘Fallout 4,’ is easily one of the biggest releases of the year, and if 12 million copies shipped doesn’t show you the scale of the game, maybe a 10 percent drop in traffic at the world’s most popular porn site will.

The best smartphone you can buy

There’s no denying that smartphones are the most important gadgets in our lives. They are our portable portals for communication, information, entertainment, navigation, gaming, photography, and so much more. Even calling these things “phones” doesn’t really do them justice — they are really miniaturized supercomputers in our pockets. Nearly every other piece of technology we use connects to or interacts with the smartphone in some way.

The Boy Who Became a World War II Veteran at 13 Years Old

At 5-foot-2 and just 125 pounds, Graham dressed in an older brother’s clothes and fedora and practiced “talking deep.” What worried him most was not that an enlistment officer would spot the forged signature. It was the dentist who would peer into the mouths of potential recruits. “I knew he’d know how young I was by my teeth,” Graham recalled. He lined up behind a couple of guys he knew who were already 14 or 15, and “when the dentist kept saying I was 12, I said I was 17.”  At last, Graham played his ace, telling the dentist that he knew for a fact that the boys in front of him weren’t 17 yet, and the dentist had let them through. “Finally,” Graham recalled, “he said he didn’t have time to mess with me and he let me go.” Graham maintained that the Navy knew he and the others on line that day were underage, “but we were losing the war then, so they took six of us.”

Jack Yufe dies at 82; he was raised Jewish, his identical twin as a Nazi

In early 1979, Yufe’s then-wife, Ona, showed him a magazine article about the “Jim Twins,” a pair of long-separated Ohio twins who were each named Jim by their respective adoptive parents. Like Yufe and his brother, Jim Springer and Jim Lewis found each other as adults and were astounded by the parallels in their lives, including similar jobs in law enforcement and ex-wives with the same first name.

The Color of Debt: How Collection Suits Squeeze Black Neighborhoods

Most of MSD’s customers are white, but the suits were largely filed against residents of black communities like Jennings. ProPublica examined MSD’s court judgments against residents of lower- and middle-income neighborhoods and found that MSD obtained judgments in the mostly black neighborhoods at a rate about four times higher than in the mostly white ones.

The 116 photos NASA picked to explain our world to aliens

But NASA knew that after the planetary tour was complete, the Voyagers would remain on a trajectory toward interstellar space, having gained enough velocity from Jupiter's gravity to eventually escape the grasp of the sun. Since they will orbit the Milky Way for the foreseeable future, the Voyagers should carry a message from their maker, NASA scientists decided.

Mossberg: The iPad Pro can’t replace your laptop totally, even for a tablet lover

I’m not a graphics guy. I’m bad at drawing, photo touchups, and even taking notes in freehand on a screen. But even I am blown away by the Apple Pencil. Coupled with the large, highly sensitive iPad Pro screen, it’s an excellent stylus. In my tests, it had no discernible latency and drew on the screen like your favorite pen on paper. It easily sensed pressure and darkened or thickened lines, and it even could be held almost parallel to the screen, like a real pencil, for creating shading with the side of the point.

The 7 Counterintuitive Social Media Mistakes You May be Making

The funny thing about some of the mistakes I looked at for this post is that the advice to avoid them is counterintuitive—sometimes even controversial. As we’ve seen before, though,  counterintuitive advice  is sometimes the best kind.

Six Strange Things That Have Been Happening in Financial Markets

Abate argues that much of this has to do with new regulation that requires banks to hold more capital against all their assets, regardless of their riskiness. The so-called supplementary leverage ratio makes it more expensive for banks to facilitate repo trades, placing more emphasis on quality of the counterparty and leading to ructions in rates. That is especially true at the end of financial quarters , when banks are encouraged to limit their leverage and "window dress" their balance sheets ahead of scrutiny from regulators and investors.

To infinity: How Pixar brought computers to the movies - CNET

From CNET Magazine: "Toy Story," the first full-length computer-animated movie, turns 20 this month. Behind Woody and Buzz are a bunch of computer graphics geeks who, with help from Steve Jobs, changed movies forever.

YouTube launches much-hyped Music app

Of course, most of these features are contingent on actually signing up for the YouTube Red service, which runs you $9.99 per month. Non-subscribers will not know the pleasures of ad-free, offline or audio-only play, but will still get full access to the library YouTube is offering.

What are the real merits of material design?

is a Google’s conceptual design philosophy that outlines how apps should look and work on mobile devices. It breaks down everything — such as animation, style, layout — and gives guidance on patterns, components and usability.  According to Google: “We challenged ourselves to create a visual language for our users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science. This is material design.”

Laser-wielding physicists seize control of atoms' behavior

Physicists have wondered in recent years if they could control how atoms interact using light. Now they know that they can, by demonstrating games of quantum billiards with unusual new rules.

You can pay someone $10 to end your relationship for you

I’m sure we’ve all been there: restless and torn at being in an unhappy relationship, but you just can’t seem to face ending it. Or perhaps, you care so little about the person that you can’t actually even be bothered to break up with them yourself? Or maybe you want a shot at staying friends and think someone else delivering the news will help somehow.

How Satellite Data And Artificial Intelligence Could Help Us Understand Poverty Better

Governments and development organizations currently measure poverty levels by conducting door-to-door surveys. The new partnership will test the use of AI to supplement these surveys and increase the accuracy of poverty data. Orbital said its AI software will analyze satellite images to see if characteristics such as building height and rooftop material can effectively indicate wealth.

Paris Attacks Kill Dozens

The best thing Hollande can do now is announce that he is stepping down and call for new elections so that the people of France can choose someone to lead them through this terrible crisis whom they can actually trust. Hollande's approval ratings have long been in the low 20-percent range and after this, ten months after the Charlie massacre, the French security services clearly have no handle on this problem. Meanwhile, thousands if not tens of thousands of Muslims are pouring into Europe every day, encouraged by the Chancellor of Germany. In a few days "leaders" from around the world will be gathering in Paris to discuss... global warming. Is it any wonder the terrorists are winning?

Reg Saddler on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

What Do People Love to Share on Social Media?

This infographic does a great job of summarizing what people love to share on social media, as well as WHO is doing all the sharing! Use these insights to inform and inspire your own social media content strategy!

Snapchat has launched a $0.99 store that lets you keep your Lenses forever

Following the introduction of Lenses a few months back , the store lets you choose from more than 30 paid options every day and each will cost 99 cents. There are still be free lenses available each day too though – it’s not a bait-and-switch.

Apple’s App Store Gets A Smarter Search Engine

A number of mobile app developers and industry observers recently noticed a significant change in the way the Apple App Store’s search algorithms are returning results. Developers say that, following a series of shifts that took place beginning on November 3, app search results now appear to be more intelligent and far more relevant – especially among the top results – than in previous months.

500px Launches Its Photo Sharing And Licensing Platform In China

500px , the photography platform where users post and share, as well as buy and sell photos, has become the latest Western technology company to enter China. The Toronto-based startup launched a localized version of its service in China —  — this week, following an initial trial period.

A startup is growing faux shrimp meat in the lab using algae

"I like to use the analogy of kneading bread. If you knead bread too long it becomes really firm and if you don't knead it long enough, it can be too soft. So the way we mix it and align the protein gels gives it its texture," said the startup's CEO, Jennifer Kaehms. When Kaehms and Dominique Barnes from the University of California San Diego co-founded the company, they originally wanted to grow shark fins in the lab to put a stop to the practice of shark finning. While they eventually decided to start with shrimps, they're still eyeing shark fins, along with scallops and tuna, as future projects.

Outpouring of support for Paris attack victims floods social media

In the wake of coordinated terror attacks that left at least 120 dead in Paris late Friday and early Saturday, people across the globe took to social media to express support for the victims of the carnage.

'Halo 5' pushed Xbox One sales past the PS4 in October

No matter how you feel about the single-player experience for Halo 5: Guardians , its place as the Xbox family's standard-bearer is secure. NPD data reveals that its release last month not only topped software sales charts in the US, but also drove Xbox One to a victory over the rival PlayStation 4. There aren't any exact numbers attached, but in a statement Microsoft said Xbox One sales were up 81 percent over the same month last year. In case you didn't already know, the expensive but oh-so-good Elite Controller sold through its supply at most retailers, also providing a lift. The only question now is if the victory will turn into a streak, as Xbox features the new Tomb Raider this week to go with an early launch of Star Wars: Battlefront on EA Access. In other NPD news, the Yoshi's Wooly World on Wii U came in at number 8 in game sales for the month, beating out Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection , Ro ck Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live .

Cheats and Secrets - Fallout 4 Wiki Guide - IGN

This section details the Cheats and Secrets and Console Commands that can be found in Fallout 4, including infinite stat boosts, items, and caps. See also Fallout 4 Easter Eggs. Let us know about any secrets you find! It's all part of our complete guide and Walkthrough! Looking for Console Command Cheats? Take a look at our full list and instructions on how to use them! Infinite Stats and Duplication on Consoles Want to up your Character Creation? Head to your house in Sanctuary with Dogmeat as your companion. This cheat works on consoles, and we've tested it successfully on PS4 and Xbox One. Under furniture near Shawn's bed is You're Special, a helpful Book that grants readers a +1 increase in any stat. Pick up the book, collect the instant stat boost, and then drop it. Order Dogmeat to pick it up, then grab it yourself just before he does. The timing on this is VERY want to snatch the book the split second before he leans down. Keep him fully in your field of view and set him a little away from the book so you can watch him approach. If timed correctly, he'll drop the book and you'll still have a copy in your inventory.

Microsoft's Project Astoria and Android app emulation not happening anytime soon

Its a catch-22 though. Yes having developers actually make apps specifically for Windows is the ideal, but why bother if nobody has a Windows Phone? And why would you get a WP if it lacks apps you need? Even the lack of one or two apps can have a huge impact on the platform if those apps are ones a lot of people use (I'm thinking particularly Periscope, Snapchat and YikYak here but I'm sure there are others). Whether or not you personally use them is irrelevant - objectively, it matters that they aren't there because thy are such major services. If something else comes along in the future that eclipses them, there's no guarantee that will be available for WP either if its market share doesnt improve. Astoria at least promised to fill the app-gap in the short term, thereby eliminating the biggest problem WP has right not, but even that isnt going to happen any more.

Benchling - Software Engineer

We are building the software layer that powers all biological research. Our customers are solving humanity’s most pressing challenges, such as disease, renewable energy, clean water, and hunger. Benchling enables them to collaborate and move more efficiently. Research today means disparate tools, manual data entry, and lots of paper. We provide a streamlined system for designing and running experiments, analyzing data, and sharing results. Scientists are able to work much faster while organizations can capture and tap into their vast institutional knowledge. We're looking for software engineers to join our small, extremely talented team.

Parisians launch PorteOuverte hashtag for those stranded in Paris

Twitter is in a unique position to unite strangers in a crisis. In the last decade, social media has begun to play a larger role during catastrophes. People have taken to using a variety of digital networks to post videos of protests, shootings, and other disasters, as well as to coordinate safety plans with people on the ground.

Google quietly launches beta version of Chrome for iOS

If you’ve ever wanted to go a bit more bleeding edge with Google products on iOS, now you can. The company has released a beta version of Chrome for iOS through Apple’s TestFlight platform.

Google Play Books gets a comic reading mode on mobile

Google has updated its Play Books app with a new landscape reading mode for comics and an improved storefront to showcase them.

Twitter was built for the Onion’s brand of satire

“It’s a challenge for all content creators, really,” he said. “Premium content — content that takes a lot of care, and energy, and talented people to create — you need to find a way to finance it. For us, it’s always been through advertising. Yet, the Onion also has this anti-establishment side to it. So it’s always been this delicate balance of how you become great at getting advertising to support what you want to do. But also staying true to what we do. We’ve done a really smart job with our sponsored content; we make sure advertisers are ‘part’ of a joke, and we make sure we’re making fun with the brand in front of our audience.”

Review: Satechi's USB-C 3-in-1 Combo for MacBook is the hub you're looking for

For many users, this USB-C hub will be just fine. It gives you most of what you may be missing from a MacBook Pro, and is light and durable enough for travel. I’m not crazy about the fact there’s no passthrough charging, or that the USB-C end doesn’t have a protective shield, but those aren’t deal breakers. The tradeoffs are far outweighed by three USB ports and two SD card slots; more than adequate, even if I do need extra dongles.

Samsung S6 calls open to man-in-the-middle base station snooping

PacSec Modern Samsung devices including the S6, S6 Edge and Note 4 can have phone calls intercepted using malicious base stations, according to initial research findings from two researchers.

Highly Valued Startup Zenefits Runs Into Turbulence

Human-resources startup Zenefits Inc. is falling short of its aggressive revenue targets and has started to curb expenses, making it the latest highly valued venture-backed company struggling to meet investor expectations.

Planetary Resources aims to mine asteroids – and possibly save humanity

“It is the way by which humanity will expand off this planet and be able to do that sustainably and permanently,” he says, before going on to mention that extracting water would allow us to use the hydrogen and water as a way to effectively “refuel” on other planets or asteroids, rather than having to build a new rocket, as has been the case for the past 50 years.

Pocket moves into Twitter territory with a public feed of your recommended reading

Pocket, the service for saving articles and videos to view later, is starting to look a bit more like a social network. The company is now testing a way for you to share your favorite items to a public profile, which others can follow to see your picks in a feed of recommended items. Your saved items are still private by default, but you can now choose to broadcast favorite pieces with your followers. The public beta, which is rolling out today on  Android and iOS , illustrates how Pocket is evolving from a simple "DVR for the web" to a crowdsourced engine for finding the best stuff on the internet.

Review: TarDisk doubles your MacBook's storage and never looks back

That’s why you’re asked to back your system up ahead of installation. When you un-pair TarDisk, you’re asked to start the system over from a backup. If you’ve got newer files you want to keep — those written to TarDisk, especially — writing them to a separate, external drive before removing TarDisk is your best bet. At least then you could ask your computer to find them in a new spot.

There's a Hidden Connection Between Pi and Quantum Mechanics

But when he set about solving the problem himself, he noticed something odd about the error bars. It was around 15% for a hydrogen atom’s lowest energy state (the ground state), 10% for the first excited state (which occurs when the atom gets an infusion of energy that bumps the electron up to the next energy level), and then kept getting smaller with each successive higher energy level. That’s the opposite of what this particular technique is supposed to produce: the best approximations are usually at the ground state.

NSA discloses most zero-day flaws it finds, but won't say if it uses them first | ZDNet

Claims by the National Security Agency that it discloses the vast majority of previously unknown security vulnerabilities it discovers has been met with skepticism, because the agency won't say if it uses them first.

Watch yet another Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, if you like that sort of thing

I confess: I haven’t seen a Star Wars movie made more recently than 1983. I know, I know… get the disbelief out of your system now.

‘Nasty’ Bug In MetroPCS Site Left Personal Data of Subscribers Open to Hackers

It would have been better to program it to try with every valid number with a valid American area code. According to Bellovin’s calculations, that could’ve taken a bit over 2 days. Bellovin cautioned that his calculations were based on the key assumption that the MetroPCS website wouldn’t block an IP address sending it continuous requests, or without severely limiting the number of requests. Another way would be to figure out all MetroPCS’ numbers, but even though telephone carriers used to have a certain range of numbers assigned to them, that’s not so easy to figure out anymore because of customers’ ability to port numbers from one carrier to another.

Beats Music is shutting down on November 30

Beats Music is shuttering its standalone music app on November 30 to make way for Apple’s own streaming service.

Adblock Plus was in NYC last week waving the olive branch at advertisers

The real question now is whether or not publishers, especially small ones, can find ways of dealing with the increasing popularity of mobile ad blockers. Some might engage more with platforms like Facebook or Twitter as a way to get their ads out. Others might deliver marketing messages only through their own apps. After all, studies show that the vast majority of mobile users’ time is spent in apps, not in a browser, and so far no ad blocking product has shown up to block in-app ads.

Store cards are driving loyalty at big brands and hitting mobile wallets next

In a new report from BI Intelligence , we size the private-label card market, explain how a private-label system is integrated, map out how a private-label credit-card transaction works, illustrate private-label's impact at two major retailers, and show data that suggests these cards could be a major driver of mobile-wallet adoption.

FilmOn Loses Against TV Broadcasters in DC

"FilmOn.TV is disappointed with the D.C. court's ruling finding its partner FilmOn X is not entitled to a compulsory copyright license," says the company in a statement. "The real losers are the citizens, for whom free access to the airways that belong to them is once again restrained by a judge's incorrect statutory interpretation favoring big business over technological advancement. The public's right to employ technology to access free-to-air television was at the center of the California court's ruling issued earlier this year. In that case, the Judge Wu applied the plain language of the Copyright Act, finding that FilmOn X may obtain a compulsory license. In light of the conflicting rulings, this may be an issue that is ultimately resolved by the Supreme Court."

PlayStation Vue comes to Amazon's Fire TV before PS TV

It also hasn’t arrived on Android devices yet. Sony says it will bring Chromecast support to Vue soon, for what that’s worth.

48 — A place for software developers to hangout and talk about programming

i will share with devmag members easy and hard way is the same time to be a Front-end devloper ! 1 - First Thing you need to learn the very basics of web development , learn about the internet (what is it ? how it work ? ...etc) , learn about DNS

The Pope wants you to put away your goddamn iPhone during dinner

The Catholic church leader often takes a surprisingly liberal position on topics, but one modern thing he cannot stand is your habit of texting-and-dining. He called on the congregation to shut down tech devices that prevent them from spending quality time with their families at the dinner table, the Catholic News Agency reported .

13 Examples of Timeless Video Game Graphics - IGN

However, as we look back on the past 40 years of gaming, we wanted to take a moment and reflect on games where the visuals have remained timeless, even in the wake of constantly-growing technology. Here are 13 examples of games that were gorgeous when they came out, and haven’t aged a bit since.

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61 First Alert launches the Onelink smoke, carbon monoxide detector with HomeKit support
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65 Apple hit with second class action lawsuit over Wi-Fi Assist data overages
66 Google launches Chrome beta for iOS through TestFlight, adds 3D Touch support
67 First Apple Store 'feature bay' accessory collection focuses on iPhone photography
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70 Japan guns for the moon with proposed 2019 lunar landing
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81 Reports of Robots Stealing 50% of Jobs in the US and UK Are Totally Alarmist
82 Apple posts gift guide recommending the iPad Pro, Apple TV 4, iPhone 6s, and more
83 Use Oracle's database? Watch out for this Dec. 1 deadline
84 Stretch Your Power, Not Your Wallet with This Long, Apple-Certified Charging Cable
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