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Cards Against Humanity buys piece of the U.S. border so Trump can't build his wall

"The government is being run by a toilet."

Video shows 10-year-old unlocking mother's iPhone X via Face ID

Walmart's robotics partner just raised $17.5 million to fund more store automation

Get ready to see more robots cruising store aisles.

Like It Or Not, Taylor Swift Is Onto Something With Her Streaming Strategy

Fans may be annoyed that Swift’s new album is not available on streaming services right away, but Team Taylor is wise to experiment with windowing.

Bill Gates Is Planning A Futuristic City In The Arizona Desert

The city will reportedly brim with “autonomous vehicles and autonomous logistic hubs.”

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iOS 11.2 will deliver faster wireless charging to iPhone X and iPhone 8

If you’ve been impressed by the way your new iPhone can be charged wirelessly but haven’t been too hot on the comparatively slow speed at which it does it, you’ll be happy to know that a measure of deliverance is on the way in the upcoming iOS 11.2 patch. When the update hits, you’ll be able to start charging your iPhone X , iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus at 7.5 watts compared to the 5 watts all three devices currently charge at with Qi-based wireless charging peripherals. MacRumors heard the news from accessory maker RAVpower and tested the claims using the Belkin Boost Up wireless charger that Apple sells and an iPhone X running the iOS 11.2 beta.

FDA approves first digital drug you and others can track

Abilify MyCite, an aripiprazole tablet embedded with an ingestible sensor, uses digital tracking to record whether the medication was taken. The tablet has been approved for the treatment of schizophrenia, acute treatment of manic and mixed episodes associated with bipolar I disorder, and for use as an add-on treatment for depression in adults, the FDA said .

Black Friday is dying

For years, Black Friday signaled the beginning of Christmas shopping. The day after Thanksgiving was a frantic day of driving to the store at the crack of dawn to fight off other shoppers for great deals. For people who truly hated the ritual, I have some good news for you: Black Friday is going away.

U.S. government shares North Korean hacking campaign details

(Reuters) — The U.S. government on Tuesday issued a technical alert about cyber attacks it said are sponsored by the North Korean government that have targeted the aerospace, telecommunications and financial industries since 2016.

DHS, FBI describe North Korea's use of FALLCHILL malware | ZDNet

The federal government on Tuesday issued an alert detailing the North Korean government's use of malware known as FALLCHILL, warning that North Korea has likely been using the malware since 2016 to target the aerospace, telecommunications, and finance industries.

Why Bill Gates wants to build an $80M smart city utopia in Arizona

Shawn Chandler, IEEE senior member and director at Navigant, said, "In terms of functionality, smart cities require fundamental capabilities in high-speed communications, and integration across typically fragmented IT systems in government, academia, and industry. Overcoming these challenges is something Bill Gates has had first-hand experience successfully developing and coordinating from his Microsoft days. His experience in global healthcare also positions him as a leader, and his access to industry partners is untethered. Given the typical roadmap for a smart city involves drawing fundamental systems together first, and creating an understanding for opportunities, I expect the near-term outcomes in Arizona will be watched carefully, and it will be a strong lever for success as a demonstration for others to patently follow and accelerate development worldwide."

7 Domain Name Can Be Yours for About $10 Million is listed for sale on a marketplace called Uniregistry Market for about $10 million. In October, sold for $2 million -- possibly the highest price for a crypto-related monikers, according to Domain Name Journal. Many of the sites with names referencing bitcoin and ether, the two biggest digital currencies, could have been registered for as little as $10 not too long ago.

Amazon Black Friday Deals Include Up to $50 Off its Devices

On Black Friday itself, Amazon plans to offer more than 30 Deals of the Day and 'thousands of Lightning Deals.'

Mozilla launches Firefox Quantum, its fastest browser ever

In terms of speed, the website claims that Quantum is twice as fast as the original Firefox. In a browser speed test video that Mozilla posted to the site, the new Firefox beat out Chrome in loading a few big name websites like Yelp and Shutterstock as well.

Sent WhatsApp messages can be deleted, but they don't really go away

As an individual bug it might not sound too concerning, but the Android notification log doesn't exist in a vacuum. If an Android device has already been compromised by malware, the notification log could be a way for anyone to read WhatsApp messages, deleted or not, and that's a huge security problem for an app that prides itself on being private and secure.

We're hiring Software Engineers

Watsi is a San Francisco-based nonprofit building technology to finance universal healthcare. We’re a small, agile team united by the belief that everyone deserves healthcare, and motivated by the opportunity to use technology as a massive lever for positive change in the world. So far, our work has helped make life-changing healthcare possible for more than 20,000 people in 23 countries.

GameStop pulls PowerPass plan that let you rent all the used games you want [Update]

For another, GameStop's plan is significantly less expensive as GameFly's base subscription plan allows you to rent one game at a time for $15.95 per month. That means you'd end up paying $95.70 in the same period that you'd be paying GameStop $60. Not bad.

Rotten Tomatoes Will Piss Everyone Off by Delaying Justice League Rating

Now a film that’s destined to incite a controversial reaction no matter what score it gets will have a little extra time at the box office before the critical consensus is published. What’s more, Justice League is being distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, whose parent company owns a minority stake in Rotten Tomatoes. The majority of the site is owned by Fandango, which is a subsidiary of NBCUniversal, and both companies obviously have an interest in making sure box office sales are as high as possible. Critics are already suggesting that something rotten is going on here. Whether Rotten Tomatoes is seriously capitulating to Hollywood studios to give them a little buffer before the score is released on their big films or not, the optics aren’t great. And even if such a conspiracy were at play, it could backfire because casual moviegoers might wait until a handy score is available before going out to see the film.

14 - home

Frontman for pop supergroup The Black Eyed Peas (selling 33MM albums and 58 million singles worldwide), is a multi-faceted musician and entertainer.’s latest album #willpower has already charted a top 10 hit single and will feature artists such as Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Nicole Scherzinger, Waka Flocka Flame, Diddy, Chris Brown, David Guetta, Baby Kaely and Miley Cyrus.  Throughout the course of his career, has won 8 American Music Awards, 7 Grammy Awards, 3 World Music Awards, 2 MTV Video Music Awards, and 1 Billboard Music Award.  Bring the action.

Apple Targets Rear-Facing 3-D Sensor for 2019 iPhone

AT&T Ready to Probe the White House’s Role in Time Warner Deal

The Justice Department’s antitrust division is poised to file a lawsuit to stop the deal if it can’t reach an agreement with the companies. That has sparked speculation that President Donald Trump, a relentless critic of Time Warner’s CNN, is pushing the department’s leadership to oppose the combination, which had been expected to win conditional approval by the end of the month.

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Android beats iOS and Windows as least-secure mobile OS, Nokia report finds

While less than 1% of Android users have fallen victim to an infection over the past year, there are steps users can take to avoid becoming part of that statistic. Only download apps from the official Play Store and avoid using third-party app sources. While on the Play Store, investigate potential downloads for signs of being a replica, as malware like Marcher is known for posing as fake versions of popular apps, according to the report.

Inspiring photos show pure joy after Australia votes for same-sex marriage

At 10 a.m. AEDT, the result of the postal survey were handed down, with 61.6 per cent of Australians voting yes. After months, years, decades of stress and fighting — Australia finally said yes to equality. The survey was requested by conservative politicians who opposed marriage equality as a precursor for parliament to vote on marriage equality. Parliament doesn't need the survey to host the vote, but did so anyway, critics say, to stall.

All 500 of the World's Top 500 Supercomputers Are Running Linux - Slashdot

Linux rules supercomputing. This day has been coming since 1998, when Linux first appeared on the TOP500 Supercomputer list. Today, it finally happened: All 500 of the world's fastest supercomputers are running Linux . The last two non-Linux systems, a pair of Chinese IBM POWER computers running AIX, dropped off the November 2017 TOP500 Supercomputer list . When the first TOP500 supercomputer list was compiled in June 1993, Linux was barely more than a toy. It hadn't even adopted Tux as its mascot yet. It didn't take long for Linux to start its march on supercomputing. From when it first appeared on the TOP500 in 1998, Linux was on its way to the top. Before Linux took the lead, Unix was supercomputing's top operating system. Since 2003, the TOP500 was on its way to Linux domination. By 2004, Linux had taken the lead for good. This happened for two reasons: First, since most of the world's top supercomputers are research machines built for specialized tasks, each machine is a standalone project with unique characteristics and optimization requirements. To save costs, no one wants to develop a custom operating system for each of these systems.

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few bots have the combination of motors and control software that enable them to move with the slinky, almost feline motion that SpotMini shows in this video clip. 

Russia sent payments quite literally labelled 'to finance election campaign of 2016'

In the saga's latest installment, a Buzzfeed News report alleges that over 60 payments were sent from the Russian foreign ministry to its embassies with not-so-subtle descriptions like, quite literally, "to finance election campaign of 2016."

Google Home app features improved interface and search

The updated app is available today in the Google Play store ; the iOS app was apparently updated a few days back. The updates are all aimed at making the Home experience just a bit more intuitive, like putting important navigation buttons at the bottom of the app's screen. You'll get a new list of recommended content from all the streaming services you use, and new search filters for actors, artists, genres and categories. If you use Android, your Home app can now cast movie trailers to your big screen TV from your phone. You can also set bass and treble settings for your connected Home speakers right in the app.

Steven Soderbergh Shot His Next Film, 'Unsane', on an iPhone

Apple has made it a priority to make the camera (or cameras) in the iPhone lineup impressive, and, as a result, many people have used the smartphone over the years to shoot all sorts of content.

Nintendo Is Finally Making Another Super Mario Bros. Movie

According to the report, the companies have been in negotiations for a year and the fact Universal (which finances and distributes Illumination’s movie) has partnered with Nintendo for several theme parks was helpful. Right now, the deal is one for one movie, but there is potential for more.

Amazon Australia could sell more than books come Black Friday

Amazon's Australian marketplace is going live "really, really soon," the company's local CEO, Roco Braeuniger, announced at a recent event. Apparently, "really, really soon" could mean next week: According to CNET , the e-retail titan has told third-party sellers in a letter to get their goods ready, because it's hoping to launch the Australian marketplace by Black Friday. Amazon has yet to confirm the launch date, but it makes sense that the company is aiming to start things with a bang.

Report: Apple is back to being the world’s top wearable maker

Apple is once again the biggest selling producer of wearables after its third-generation Apple Watch, released in September, helped it pip China’s Xiaomi to the post.

Uber is facing a class action lawsuit from U.S. riders alleging assault

In a new complaint seeking class action status, two women — who are maintaining anonymity — are asking a court to force the $69 billion ride-hail company to change many of its driver screening and other practices on behalf of all U.S. riders who were “subject to rape, sexual assault or gender-motivated violence or harassment by their Uber driver in the last four years.”

Turkey has completed its purchase of Russia's advanced missile system, and relations with NATO are still tense

Ahmet Berat Conkar, the head of Turkey's delegation to NATO's parliamentary assembly, said the day after Canikli's comments that the S-400 purchase was not a political message but a decision based on technical and financial concerns that wouldn't hinder cooperation with NATO partners. He also pointed to the Eurosam agreement as a sign of Turkey's continued intention to work with NATO allies.

The Best Wireless Range Extenders of 2017

Depending on the size and layout of your home, a mid-to-high-end router may provide all the Wi-Fi coverage you'll need, but for homes built with dense materials like brick, concrete, plaster, and metal, some level of signal degradation is almost a certainty. Likewise, homes with multiple floors and many walls are more susceptible to signal loss than a one-story home with an open floor plan. In some cases you can relocate your router to a central location to deliver a stronger signal to those areas that were previously out of reach (dead zones). In most homes, however, the router's location is tied to the room where the internet enters the house, which means relocating the router will likely require running Ethernet cable to the desired area. Range extenders provide a relatively easy way to deliver Wi-Fi without having to run cables.

How To Fix The Biggest Lie In Corporate America

Jeff Higgins, CEO of the Human Capital Management Institute, which supplies workforce analytics, says that “one of the biggest holdups is HR itself.” That’s because, once you start to quantify how meaningful a company’s investments in its people truly are, the managers in charge are bound to ask, “How is this going to make me look?” Companies that don’t train or treat their people well could conceivably be saddled with a liability—not an asset—on the books.

NASA Captures Stunning Close-Up Photos of Antarctica's Massive Iceberg

Back in July, satellite images showed an iceberg bigger than the state of Delaware calving and drifting away from Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf. Well, it’s summertime now in Antarctica, which means scientists are finally able to view this behemoth from up close—and the pictures are just as spectacular as we imagined.

The best laptop ever made –

At its introduction, it was criticized only for ditching the optical drive and Ethernet port, but these were defensible, well-timed removals: neither could’ve even come close to physically fitting in the new design, very few MacBook Pro users were still using either on a regular basis, and almost none of us needed to buy external optical drives or Ethernet adapters to fit the new laptop into our lives. In exchange for those removals, we got substantial reductions in thickness and weight, and a huge new battery.

Here’s where the world’s millionaires live in 2017

The United Kingdom is in third place, with 6% of the world’s millionaires, but thanks to Brexit and a depreciation of the British pound, the country actually lost 34,000 millionaires since last year’s report. Rounding out the list are  Germany, China, and France, which account for 5% of the world’s millionaires each. Italy is next with 4%, followed by Canada and Australia at 3%.

Boom Studios' New Labyrinth Comic Will Explore the Goblin King's Origins

Last we heard, that long-rumored Labyrinth movie reboot was still in the works despite the fact that there will never be anyone who can replace David Bowie as Jareth, the Goblin King. Even if the folks at Sony aren’t able to find a suitable successor to Bowie’s throne, a new comic is on its way to answer the burning questions we all still have about the Goblin King.

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ICYMI: iPhone X delays led to Foxconn's worst quarterly performance since 2008

CompuServe’s forums, which still exist, are finally shutting down

Before there was a World Wide Web, a sizable chunk of all meaningful conversation between computer users happened in the forums at CompuServe, which was the dominant online service until AOL came along. There was a CompuServe forum for everything from PC hardware to comic books, the signal-to-noise ratio was generally high, and if you had a question chances were that a fellow member would answer it–just to be helpful.

'Slaughterbots' film shows potential horrors of killer drones

Because of these concerns, top artificial intelligence researchers have spent several years calling for a ban on autonomous weapons, which are sometimes called "killer robots." The researchers warn that one day terrorists may be able to buy and use such drones to easily kill in huge numbers.

Sam’s Club’s Black Friday deals include DJI bundles and Samsung 4K TVs

We’re one week away from Black Friday, which means that retailers are kicking into full gear when it comes to releasing deals. This time it’s Sam’s Club, whose Black Friday deals have been leaked through .

This Company Is Pioneering “Climate Leave” After Disasters Hit

After Hurricane Irma hit Florida–and one of his Florida-based remote employees was forced to evacuate with his family–Anil Dash, CEO of the software company Fog Creek, called the employee and told him to do whatever he needed to do to be safe. Dash also realized that as climate change makes hurricanes and other disasters more destructive, it was a situation his employees would likely face again.

It's Impossible to Distinguish Night From Day in This Cleverly Layered Timelapse of New York

Your typical New York timelapse follows the city as it progresses from the sunlit day, to the twinkling windows of skyscrapers at night, and right on through until morning when the sun rises back into the sky. But filmmaker Julian Tryba throws that timeline out the window, with this bizarre timelapse of the Big Apple where night and day intermingle.

Andy Weir Spent a Year Creating a City on the Moon Before Even He Even Started Writing Artemis

This, of course, necessitated that we bring you the answers ourselves. Basically, Artemis takes place in the 2080s, when the commercial space industry has driven prices down to the point that regular people can afford to go into space. Weir modeled the hypothetical development of commercial space travel after the commercial airline industry. He figured the hardest part of space travel is the energy—i.e. fuel—needed to get off Earth, so he took the percentage of revenue air travel spends on gas and figured out how long it would take for space travel to get to a similar ratio. Weir figures in about 60 years, it could hypothetically cost about $70,000 for a family to travel to the moon, a number he thought was just extravagant enough but not impossible. That was step one.

Android vs iOS vs Windows: Which suffers most infections? Nokia reveals all | ZDNet

"The unfortunate thing is that third-party app stores are so common in the Android space that nearly all third-party app stores need to bring security up to Google's level to improve overall Android security."

The Housing First approach to homelessness

What do you think would happen if you invited an individual with mental health issues who had been homeless for many years to move directly from the street into housing? Loyd Pendleton shares how he went from skeptic to believer in the Housing First approach to homelessness — providing the displaced with short-term assistance to find permanent housing quickly and without conditions — and how it led to a 91 percent reduction in chronic homelessness over a ten-year period in Utah.

Dell EMC looks to speed machine and deep learning adoption with new product bundles

In an effort to bring high performance computing and data analytics capabilities to more organizations, Dell EMC has announced new hardware packages to fit those needs.

An Astronaut Faces His Worst Fears in Impressive Scifi Short Icarus

As Elton John once sang, it’s lonely out in space—so it helps if you have a close family member around to help you get the job done. However, it’s also way scarier when something goes wrong, as it does for the mother-and-son team stationed on Mars in Tom Teller’s suspenseful short Icarus .

Court Rules Yelp Must Identify Anonymous User in Defamation Case

For activists like the EFF, this decision could still be considered a victory because the court confirmed Yelp’s right to claim First Amendment protections for its users. That was certainly the most problematic part of the case. But for Yelp, or Google, or Facebook, all companies that are offering review services, the outcome is complicated. On the one hand, users might feel uncomfortable openly expressing themselves in the future. A user could hope to state an opinion but fear it could be misconstrued as defamatory. On the other hand, the services might be more useful if reviewers were a little more thoughtful when they weigh-in. The fact is this case raises another issue in that the public may be relying on the feedback from review sites so heavily that a handful of trolls can ruin a business. Unfortunately, the legal system can do very little to force the public to start treating online reviews with a little more skepticism.

Blizzard throws shade at Star Wars Battlefront II on Twitter

To be fair, Starcraft II is a much older game. Still, we'll have to wait and see if EA has a response to this massive burn.

How to use Server Manager to baseline your Windows hardware

This walk-through explains how to establish a baseline of your Windows hardware's "average use" so you can spot anomalies and deal with them before they become issues.

Trump is on pace to lie 8,000 times by the end of his first term

Assuming that he continues to lie at the same pace, by the end of the year he should hit about 2,000 false statements. By the end of his first four-year term as president he can be forecast to lie about 8,000 times.

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57 Marketing email company SendGrid raises $131 million after pricing its IPO at $16
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