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Videos show Eagles of Death Metal concert moments before terror attacks

Members of bands who were performing on Friday managed to escape the venue safely.

This is what Netflix would have looked like in the 1950s

"TV today from the world of tomorrow," was the slogan used to advertise the Philco Predicta in the 1950s, but it's only now that this retro-futuristic television set is truly able to keep up with...

Watch Missy Elliott's first video in seven years, 'WTF (Where They From)'

Missy Elliott has made her triumphant return to the world of music videos with a new single featuring Pharrell Williams, "WTF (Where They From)." It's the first video she's made since the clip for...

The best part of Fallout 4 is the music

There are a lot of reasons to enjoy a Fallout game: the story, the character creation, the sense of exploration. But the element that holds everything together is the fantastic music. The more...

4 tools for building a social media empire

In a business world, not so very long ago, many debated the pros and cons of integrating social media into their company’s marketing plan. A few enterprisi

Peanut Butter Cup Frappuccino Recipe

With Halloween over, everyone must be enjoying their candy (from trick-or-treating and leftovers). So I thought I'd share a candy-inspired frappuccino recipe. This Peanut Butter Cup Frappuccino emulates these delicious peanut-buttery treats: Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and Reese's Pieces.I've only come across one Starbucks secret recipe version for this, but since Starbucks has limited syrups, it doesn't appear to come out right. That version mixes Toffee Nut and Caramel, but since I found Peanut Butter Torani at the store, I just went with that :)

Solar Sound Systerm

Since i have been a scout for 12 years, a few years ago i decided to build a portable speaker powered by the sun. This project recieved a lot of great comments since it was super cool and usefull, But it still had a lot of room for improvement. So here we are a few years later with an assignment for school (HOWEST Belguim) to design something made out of flat materials. For me the ideal occasion to redesign somthing that i made years ago without some of the equipment that i now have at hand. To build this project you need the following tools that could be found in every fablab or hardware store.- Laser cutter- Hot glue gun- Wood glue- Solering iron- Paint brush- Can of stain ( with or without color)Also since there is a lot of electronics involved you will need to order some parts or ...

Deviation Magnification: Revealing Departures from Ideal Geometries

Structures and objects are often supposed to have idealized geome- tries such as straight lines or circles. Although not always visible to the naked eye, in reality, these objects deviate from their idealized models. Our goal is to reveal and visualize such subtle geometric deviations, which can contain useful, surprising information about our world. Our framework, termed Deviation Magnification, takes a still image as input, fits parametric models to objects of interest, computes the geometric deviations, and renders an output image in which the departures from ideal geometries are exaggerated. We demonstrate the correctness and usefulness of our method through quantitative evaluation on a synthetic dataset and by application to challenging natural images.

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Facebook lets you support Paris in your profile photo with one click

If you look on your own Facebook page you might have trouble finding the new French flag filter tool. Instead, visit Facebook's page and find the post that says "We stand together. ‪#‎JeSuisParis‬." Attached to that post, there's a "try it" button that allows you to quickly update your profile photo with the French flag option.

Facebook should allow users to create their own 'Causes' filter

After publishing a post about Facebook’s French flag filter, many in the TNW community were upset by the lack of similar support for Beirut, Baghdad, and any other cities. I even received a reader email hoping for a Nigerian flag filter to bring attention to the country’s fight against militant group Boko Haram . And I think they all bring up a valuable point.

Single Artificial Neuron Taught to Recognize Hundreds of Patterns | MIT Technology Review

But there’s a puzzle at the heart of these breakthroughs. Although neural networks are ostensibly modeled on the way the human brain works, the artificial neurons they contain are nothing like the ones at work in our own wetware. Artificial neurons, for example, generally have just a handful of synapses and entirely lack the short, branched nerve extensions known as dendrites and the thousands of synapses that form along them. Indeed, nobody really knows why real neurons have so many synapses.

Edward Snowden says using an ad-blocker is 'not just a right but a duty'

"We've seen internet providers like Comcast, AT&T, or whoever it is, insert their own ads into your plaintext http connections," Snowden told the site. "As long as service providers are serving ads with active content that require the use of Javascript to display, that have some kind of active content like Flash embedded in it, anything that can be a vector for attack in your web browser, you should be actively trying to block these. Because if the service provider is not working to protect the sanctity of the relationship between reader and publisher, you have not just a right but a duty to take every effort to protect yourself in response."

Gut bacteria may affect the success of cancer treatments

How exactly gut bacteria influence immune responses and cancer therapies is still unclear. Gajewski says doctors need to start analysing people’s gut flora and working out if certain types of bacteria affect the clinical benefit or toxicity of treatments. “As we identify which bacteria have a similar effect in humans, it should be possible to develop probiotic supplements that specifically improve efficacy of immunotherapies,” he says.

When 12 major magazines first put black people on their covers

You don't have to look far in the past to see the magazine industry's spotty history with diversity. We found the first time many major magazines put black people their covers. While this list is not exhaustive, we selected some of the most iconic covers, the moments that dropped jaws, sold millions of copies and landed a spot in history.

Claimed Computer Science Breakthrough Downgrades One of the Field's Most Challenging Problems | MIT Technology Review

A professor’s claim to have created an algorithm that dramatically simplifies one of theoretical computer science’s most notorious problems has experts preparing to reconsider a long-established truth of their field. It is also seen as a reminder that similar algorithmic breakthroughs are possible that could weaken the tough-to-crack problems at the heart of the cryptography protecting the world’s digital secrets.

Vinyl brings in more money than YouTube for UK music labels

A spokesperson defended the Google-owned video hosting website, telling The Guardian : "Music videos on YouTube can be discovered by over 1 billion people in over 80 countries. To date, we've paid out $3 billion to the music industry -– and that number is growing year on year." In addition to talking about revenues, the BPI boss also talked about lobbying for tighter copyright laws. Services like YouTube, he said, typically aren't held liable for content their users upload, so long as they have a system that pulls down videos at the request of the copyright holders.

Women From Apple's Early Days Recall Working With Steve Jobs

“I can’t complain that [Winslet] was the one who was playing me,” said Hoffman, while speaking on a panel of women who were part of Steve Jobs’s team during the early days of the Mac and at NeXT. The group addressed the Sorkin film, as well as what it was like to be a woman working for Jobs.

11 iconic hip hop photographs and the stories behind them

"It was a very hectic shoot," Lixenberg tells Artnet . "There were a lot of people around, doing things, ordering stuff. And at one point, he needed someone to run an errand and he just pulled out this wad of money with a rubber band around it … he was just being himself, kind of showing off, but it made the photo."

Linux gaming ​Steam Machines finally ship | ZDNet

More than two years ago, Valve announced that Linux-powered Steam Machines would be the future of gaming. After far too many delays, two gaming consoles are finally shipping with a third one coming soon.

Microsoft re-issues security patch after reports of bugs, crashes | ZDNet

On Tuesday, a number of readers emailed to say that Outlook, the company's desktop client, crashed after Microsoft's most recent monthly release of security patches.

Microsoft thinks Sad Keanu is only 0.01831 sad

Aside from the fun and games of feeding this algorithm random meme images, there's actually some important work going on here. Microsoft is trying to improve its machine learning for images, and the plan is to allow developers to dig into various APIs to use that learning inside apps. That could allow apps in the future to detect when someone is moving in a video, or identify exactly who is speaking. Developers could create apps to filter out sad images (bye Keanu) or sort photos by how happy people are. Microsoft obviously has a long way to go, but it's this type of machine learning that search engines are scrambling to build. You can  try your own sad or happy face over at Microsoft's Project Oxford page , and just make sure you hover over your face to see the full result.

The one essential tool for successful collaboration

Tables have been around forever. And while people sometime rely on them too much, they’re still a useful tool for getting a dense, bird’s eye view of your data. However, you don’t want to keep importing and exporting data between spreadsheets and other apps –having multiple copies of a dataset adds effort and allows a bigger margin for error. Transpose allows you to simply

Machine Vision Algorithm Learns to Recognize Hidden Facial Expressions | MIT Technology Review

Microexpressions reveal your deepest emotions, even when you are trying to hide them. Now a machine vision algorithm has learned to spot them, with wide-ranging applications from law enforcement to psychological analysis.

The shortcut to success: Get a grip on your digital marketing strategy

We live in times where the online presence of your company could determine the success of your business– and it’s perhaps healthy to remind yourself every once in a while that failure and success are two sides of the same coin.

Thousands of tourists caught in Paris in aftermath of attacks

PARIS — As Parisians lined up to donate blood and concerned friends and family sought information about loved ones, many tourists — here to enjoy one of the loveliest cities in the world — were making abrupt plans to return home.

Stoner Week: How Adult Swim Conquered Late-Night TV

Likewise, Adult Swim trusts its viewers to find their shows without the benefit of the multi-million-dollar marketing campaigns so common in TV. Lazzo, in numerous published reports over the years, has said that Adult Swim’s iconic on-air bumpers came about because he decided he’d rather use the $1 million or more usually reserved for network “branding” on developing more original content. Similarly, there was no marketing budget for “Too Many Cooks,” which first debuted at 4 a.m. and became a word-of-mouth hit more than a week after its first broadcast. The network’s willingness to experiment with program lengths — many shows are just 15 minutes in length, while specials such as “Cooks” and The Greatest Event in Television History have no fixed time — also has benefits. For one, it maximizes the number of creative shots it can take with its limited budgets. (Its 2015–16 development roster unveiled in May contains more than 30 different projects.) But shorter runtimes also play to younger viewers’ shrunken attention spans in the age of YouTube and limitless non-linear program choices.

Store Robot, Tally, Knows When the Supermarket Shelves Need Restocking | MIT Technology Review

Brad Bogolea, CEO and cofounder of Simbe Robotics, says his company’s robot can scan the shelves of a small store, like a modest CVS or Walgreens, in about an hour. A very large retailer might need several robots to patrol its premises. He says the robot will be offered on a subscription basis but did not provide the pricing. Bogolea adds that one large retailer is already testing the machine.

What we know about the Paris attackers

A manhunt is underway in Europe on Sunday for at least one person who authorities say may have been "directly involved" in the series of attacks in Paris late Friday that killed at least 129 people and wounded more than 300 others.

The best hidden features in Windows 10's major update

Windows 8 introduced some useful "Metro" app snapping features, and now Windows 10 is extending them to all apps. When you place two desktop apps side-by-side, like File Explorer and Notepad, you can now resize them individually and the other window will adjust to fill the gap. It's a lot more like how Metro-style apps worked in Windows 8, and it's great if you want to have apps side-by-side but have one act like it's a sidebar. Just hover your mouse in the middle of two snapped apps and you'll see a new slider will appear to let you adjust accordingly.

Mozilla releases experimental Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview for Android devices

Mozilla releases experimental Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview for Android devices   —  Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview, an experimental Android app  —  Today we have made Firefox OS 2.5 available worldwide.  We are also making an early, experimental build of the OS …

Security News This Week: Someone’s Cutting Fiber Optic Cables in the Bay Area

The FBI says that there have been 16 fiber cuts in the San Francisco Bay Area, which leads to the disruption of land and mobile phone service and internet access, as well as rendering ATM machines and credit card machines non-functional. Severing one or more fiber optic cables and disrupting telecommunications to large sections of the region—including Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory—requires crawling through manholes, typically late at night. Security experts and networking engineers say that if someone cut any Internet exchange points (IXPs), where major networks converge, it would cause the greatest disruption. IXPs are often privately held, and many are housed in buildings or manholes with limited security. One solution is to create redundancy by building more IXPs for a more robust network, or diversifying routing through alternative fiber networks.

Le Tote - Full Stack Engineer

Join Le Tote - We’re looking for 2 Full Stack Ruby on Rails Engineers to join our quickly growing team and help us fundamentally shape our product. As an engineer, you’ll have the freedom to make key product decisions without much oversight, and the tools and resources to build and ship your ideas quickly. You should be comfortable with autonomy and ownership of large areas of the product. We're on a mission to transform the way millions of women interact with their closets, and we're using a data-driven approach to fundamentally change the way women shop. It’s an extremely large and complex problem with tough engineering challenges to tackle. We are a very well-funded startup (Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, Y Combinator) based in the Mission in San Francisco. You will be a key engineer in a company that is growing fast and is one of the most unique ecommerce companies around. If you like big challenges and want to take significant ownership of a product, you'll love it here!

A Strapless Bra That’s as Sticky as Gecko Feet | MIT Technology Review

The story, as brought to us by Gizmodo’s science editor Jennifer Oulette, is that Roy heard his wife’s cry for a strapless bra that actually stays up and decided to take matters into his own hands. (I’ve always wondered why major engineering schools like Roy’s Caltech or MIT don’t seem to have anyone dedicated to solving the problems of poor bra design . Perhaps it’s reflective of the gender imbalance in STEM?)

3D printing will be huge, in the most boring and fascinating ways imaginable | ZDNet

The future of 3D printing will not be all about industrial designers and artists and tiny little R2D2 replica figurines -- although, to be sure, that's been a big part of the birth of 3D printing. Instead, the future of 3D printing will be as dull and prosaic as office equipment and as incredible and amazing as the human mind can imagine.

Build a 6-figure career with this JavaScript and jQuery Bundle

Over the course of 24 hours of in-depth courses, you’ll learn the concepts of front-end development powered by JavaScript. The program language is the engine to modern browsers, and with this bundle – now 94 percent off from

Zaibatsu Planet on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

'The Lost Arcade' is a documentary revisiting Manhattan's last penny arcade

Arcades are a lost paradise. Several decades ago, video game booths used to fill shopping malls, movie theater lobbies – nowadays, it’s rare to find a place where you can publicly hang with friends, drop some quarters, virtually battle some friends and get lost in the 8-bit digital fantasy.

Vertical Seaweed Gardens Are The New Way To Feed Ourselves From The Overfished Oceans

Seaweed has been described as a "superfood" —and not only because the stuff is good for you when you eat it. Seaweed farms also help clean the water from pollution like carbon dioxide and nitrogen. They help with storm protection. And they provide a way for fishermen to do something other than fishing at sea: creating new forms of manmade coastal ecosystem—farms centered around seaweed.

Twitter was built for the Onion’s brand of satire

“It’s a challenge for all content creators, really,” he said. “Premium content — content that takes a lot of care, and energy, and talented people to create — you need to find a way to finance it. For us, it’s always been through advertising. Yet, the Onion also has this anti-establishment side to it. So it’s always been this delicate balance of how you become great at getting advertising to support what you want to do. But also staying true to what we do. We’ve done a really smart job with our sponsored content; we make sure advertisers are ‘part’ of a joke, and we make sure we’re making fun with the brand in front of our audience.”

Lego City

On Wednesday, I walked from the new 34th Street station to the High Line. (“Smells clean!” a fellow straphanger remarked as we stepped off the train.) To the west of 11th Avenue, trains packed tightly in their yard waited to be called out onto the Long Island Rail Road, silver tubes shining in the sun. Soon enough, they will be buried. To the east, buildings stood in various stages of accretion—steel girders dwarfed by the already towering 10 Hudson Yards, sheathed in glass. Three men in collared shirts and ties stood on a rooftop on the other side of the elevated park, watching as pedestrians stopped to look out over and into the construction area. Pits were dug and beams carried. In a corner, beneath some scaffolding, visitors assembled tens or maybe hundreds of thousands of white Lego pieces into a messy, teetering city. “Come build with us!” a sign invited. Everyone was sweating.

Unicorns may get all the attention, but Grasshopper shows the benefits of focusing on customers

The purchase was announced in April, but the price tag wasn’t disclosed by Citrix until a later quarterly report. Citrix shelled out $165 million in cash for Grasshopper, plus about $8.6 million in stock that would vest over time. Grasshopper’s cofounders still owned about 90 percent of the company; Taghaddos’ father, Schiavone, and other key employees owned the remainder. Compare that to the founders of tech companies like Box or Zendesk, who both held less than 10 percent of their companies by the time they went public.

SuperCon Presenters Revealed

When we announced the Hackaday SuperConference earlier this week we weren’t able to mention any presenters; the call for proposals to this epic hardware conference was still open. Now that the proposals are in we have been poring over them and starting to send acceptance notifications. Just a few of the notable presenters who have already confirmed are listed below. This is more than enough to get the excitement started but we will of course announce more in the coming days.

The 2016 Chevy Volt has it all: 53 EV miles for green cred, a sleek redesign for street cred

The Volt is still going to cost more than a regular Chevrolet car, with a $33,170 starting MSRP. You’d need to get the full $7,500 federal rebate to bring it in line with Chevy’s next-most expensive passenger car, the bigger and more powerful Impala. We know the nerds will pay—the Volt is already the best-selling Chevrolet car in the tech-saturated San Francisco Bay Area. We don’t know what the newcomers will think, but the Volt is the strongest blend so far of green sensibilities and mainstream tastes.

Tests Begin of Technology the FAA Thinks Could Keep Drones Safe Beyond the View of Their Operators | MIT Technology Review

Precision Hawk is one of four companies working with the FAA in a program called Pathfinder, designed to test technologies that could allow broader use of drones in the U.S. The others are CNN, investigating flying drones in urban areas for newsgathering; BNSF, testing extended beyond-line-of-sight flights for inspecting railways; and federal contractor CACI, testing technology to detect drones that get too close to airports.

Researchers show how to remotely listen to, record calls from Samsung Galaxy phones | ZDNet

Don't hang up on your call just yet but some Samsung Galaxy Phones -- the S6, S6 Edge and Note 4, in particular -- have a demonstrated vulnerability that connects them to fake cellular base stations.

6 Simple Ways To Cut Down On Your Food Waste

That slimy spinach you're scraping into the trash might have started with wishful thinking—maybe you got inspired by the Food Channel and then got too busy or tired to cook, or decided to go out to eat, or just didn't feel like whatever it was you wanted to make. Maybe you bought too much. The single biggest way to throw out less food, Gunders argues, is to plan meals in advance. The plan should include a dose of reality—if you're probably going to be too lazy to cook on Wednesday, don't buy ingredients you won't use.

How Your Daily Caffeine Fix Is a Silent Killer of Success | Empeopled

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Exclusive: Inside the ProtonMail siege: how two small companies fought off one of Europe's largest DDoS attacks - TechRepublic

Less than twelve hours later, on the morning of Wednesday, November 4th 2015, "things were out of control," said Yen. The Switzerland-based secure email company ProtonMail was hit by one of Europe's largest distributed denial of services (DDoS) attacks. ProtonMail servers were slammed with a 50 Gigabit per second wall of junk data that threatened to sink the company.

An ex-Facebook exec just launched a $70 million fund for tech startups

White Star will invest between $500,000 (£428,500) and $5 million (£3.3 million) in tech startups on the east coast of America and across Europe. This puts it at the early stage of investing, backing businesses when they're little more than an idea or a rough version of the final product.

Sharing or shaming? Tracking homelessness on social media

NEW YORK (AP) — On an app, pins on a New York City map chart sightings of homelessness, accompanied by photos of people lying on sidewalks, slumped in doorways, sitting on curbs with shopping carts piled high with bags. Hashtags frame the scenes: "NeedsMedicalAid," ''Encampment," ''AggressiveBegging," ''Violent."

Why Anna Kendrick Pulls An Obi-Wan Kenobi In This New "Star Wars Battlefront" Ad

Remember 40 years ago when Obi-Wan Kenobi pulled off a pretty impressive disappearing act while fighting Darth Vader in Episode IV? Ad agency Heat uses that unique skill to illustrate the ability to trade in our everyday lives for one a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. People's clothes pile up like so many brown Jedi robes, including a knife-wielding Anna Kendrick.

I’m Overly Cautious Of My Tone Because I'm Afraid Of Being Seen As Bitchy

Well, I am a male and I have a hard time with this too. The idea of "standing up for my own thoughts" does not work well for me - and I assume many others who deal with this (another whole issue). What seems to work best for me, and I don't do it nearly as much as I should, is: 1. slow way down and be present, 2. Know what needs to be said, 3. take the time to explain to the person in my own "soft" way but talk it through really thoroughly so that there is confirmed clarity on what the goal is and why. One reason I think this helps me (us?) is that, in most situations, it addresses the concern about being bitchy/barking etc. because we can slowly, piece by piece spell it out and address the little concerns at every step so we don't have people freaking out (real or perceived) while still ensuring that the line is drawn.

Buzz Aldrin Imagines If Twitter Was Around For First Moon Landing

On July 20, 1969 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to step foot on the moon. It was a historical event, and one of the most significant cultural touchstones of the 20th Century. What do you think the hashtag would've been?

The Square Inch Project

Question for clarification on multiple-boards: it's said in the rules that all boards must be panelized into the 'aforementioned dimensions'. Does this include the overall dimensions of the panel itself? Most board houses have spacing guidelines for panels that would burn through most of the alotted if the entire panel is considered. Does the combined area of the finished boards need to be < 1 sq in, or is it truly the whole panel?

Inside, Robot

Am I worried about Kiiroo? No. When we give robots power over the last thing that makes us human we risk losing everything to them. I have no fear that we’ll be lost to Kiiroo any time soon but its forthcoming offspring, coupled with VR and whatever else we invent, will lull us into strange worlds that will be increasingly difficult to escape. Perhaps, dangerously, many of us will want to make the trip and some of us will want to stay longer than we should. To paraphrase the bard: “How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, that has such robots in’t.”

Poof! Facebook tests Snapchat-like disappearing messages

"We're excited to announce the latest in an engaging line of optional product features geared towards making Messenger the best way to communicate with the people that matter most," a Facebook spokesperson said in an email. "Starting today, we're conducting a small test in France of a feature that allows people to send messages that disappear an hour after they're sent. Disappearing messages gives people another fun option to choose from when they communicate on Messenger."

Can a Wandering Mind Make You Neurotic? - Facts So Romantic - Nautilus

I have two children, and they are a study in contrasts: My son works at a gym designing and building rock-climbing walls; In his spare time, he climbs them. My daughter is a Ph.D. student in immunology; In her spare time, she writes novels. My son is the sort of person you want around in a crisis, cool-headed and springing to action. Let’s just say my daughter is not. My son spends money as soon as he earns it. My daughter manages to sock money away into a retirement fund, even on a student income. My son shrugs off unexpected misfortunes, declaring that there’s “no point” in brooding over them. My daughter can worry herself to exhaustion over misfortunes that will never happen. Though both were classified as “gifted,” my son was bored and alienated at school, while my daughter flourished.

Google's About Me page helps users control personal info

The About Me page, which is tailored for each user, contains information like work history, contact information, educational background and places the user has lived, along with gender and birthday.

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