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Parrot Bebop 2 Drone Promises 25 Minutes of Flight Time

Parrot is calling this "the most advanced leisure drone on the market."

Bill Murray cozies up to Miley Cyrus in new Christmas special trailer

Bill Murray is partying with all his favorite famous friends in the new trailer for his Netflix special, directed by Sofia Coppola.

Stephen Colbert's interview with Bill Maher is refreshingly antagonistic

I don't like Bill Maher. There was a time, back in college, when watching Real Time with Bill Maher on a wealthy friend's cable felt like an initiation into capital-L liberalism, one performed by...

Highlights: Adam Savage Andy Weir and Chris Hadfield Talk Martian -

In October 2015, Adam Savage, author Andy Weir and astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield screened and discussed the film The Martian. Here are the top 9 takeaways.

How music is helping stroke patients walk and talk again

Advanced technology and a newly championed therapy method are helping people who've suffered strokes and other diseases

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A Team of Robots May Learn to Grasp a Million Objects | MIT Technology Review

To grasp each object, the Brown researchers’ robot scans it from various angles using one of the cameras in its arms and the infrared sensors on its body. This allows it to identify possible locations at which to grasp. The researchers used a mathematical technique to optimize the process of practicing different grips. With this technique, the team’s Baxter robot picked up objects as much as 75 percent more reliably than it did using its regular software. The information acquired for each object—the images, the 3-D scans, and the correct grip—is encoded in a format that allows it to be shared online.

A Brief History of the Drum Machine in Rock Music | NOISEY

Still, one of the best uses of the drum machine in rock today has nothing to do with ideology or revolution. I’m talking, of course, about the music of Colleen Green—the Wayfarers-wearing, pot-smoking garage-rocker known for infectiously DIY tunes like “I Wanna Be Degraded” and “Heavy Shit.” Green’s drumbox sounds like a cheapo thrift-shop affair; you might think her beats were the original factory presets, but even those are probably more sophisticated. Her music is so low budget it’s audacious, but if she employed live drums or more sophisticated drum samples, that would just kill the vibe. Which helps explain why drum machines are so powerful. It’s capable of inhuman feats, but it also speaks to our primal urges. And sometimes all you need is that simple, straightforward beat to make it through.

New Vessyl ‘smart cup’ shifts focus to hydration, lands in Apple retail stores

Last summer, Mark One made a big splash in the beverage sector when it launched the pre-sale campaign for Vessyl, a smart beverage receptacle that brings the world one step closer to the “quantified you” by tracking what and how much you drink. Though Vessyl has run into delays in product launch, Mark One is moving forward with Pryme Vessyl: a hydration-focused addition to the Vessyl line.

Activist investor Carl Icahn ditches his eBay stake in favor of PayPal

NEW YORK (By Sam Forgione for Reuters)  — Billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn swapped his entire equity stake in eBay Inc for the same number of shares in PayPal Holdings Inc in the third quarter, regulatory filings showed on Monday.

The Leonid Meteor Shower Is Tonight and Here's How to Watch It

The Leonids are tonight! Should you watch? Oh, yes. Here’s how, when, and why to watch the meteor shower tonight—along with something strangely colorful you may be able to spot in this year’s shower.

Google to contest Russia antitrust ruling on Android

MOSCOW (By Maria Kiselyova, Reuters) — Google will contest in court the Russian antitrust agency’s ruling that it broke competition law by abusing its dominant position with its Android mobile platform, the U.S. technology giant said on Tuesday.

Black Friday deals: Xbox One bundle for £269.99, PS4 deals, cheap TVs + more

Black Friday deals: Xbox One bundle for £269.99, PS4 deals, cheap TVs + more

Apple Pay coming to Canada and Australia this week, but only for AmEx users

Apple Pay may see higher adoption rates in countries where tap-to-pay solutions with phones and chip cards are the norm. The U.S. lags behind in that regard, particularly in restaurants, where Apple Pay would be easier to use if Americans adopted the payment terminal at the table. The restaurant chain Chili’s will support Apple Pay in the spring with table tablets for easy mobile payments.

This is what Apple's official charging dock for Apple Watch might look like

The Magnetic Charging Dock will have a built-in magnetic puck and will come with a Lighting cord to be able to charge the Apple Watch. However, it doesn’t seem like it will include a USB power adapter. There is no confirmed sale date yet, but the fact that Apple has the packaging completed signals it could release it very soon.

How to pair an Apple Pencil with your iPad Pro - CNET

To pair your Apple Pencil with an iPad Pro, take the Pencil's end cap off to reveal its Lighting connector. The Lightning connector plugs directly into the bottom of your iPad Pro when in need of a quick charge, but it also initiates the pairing process the first time you plug it into your iPad Pro.

Apple Is Losing Some of Its Most Music-Obsessed Users Because of iTunes

Most of iTunes’ latest enhancements exist solely to promote the recommendation-driven Apple Music, app downloads, and iCloud. Users interested only in iTunes’ media management features—people with terabytes of MP3s who want a solid app to catalog and organize their libraries—feel abandoned as Apple moves away from local file storage in favor of cloud-based services. These music fans (rechristened “power users” in the most recent lingo) are looking for alternatives to Apple’s market-dominating media management software, and yearn for a time when listening to music didn’t require being quite so connected.

October 2015 becomes first month to cross key global warming boundary

The scorchingly hot October seals the deal: 2015 is almost certain to become the Earth’s hottest year since instrument records began in 1880. This means the year will beat out 2014, and become yet another data point showing that manmade global warming, plus natural climate variability, is pushing the climate into new territory.

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In San Francisco Bay Area, tech companies still lag on gender diversity

The 7 best Black Friday tablet deals (pictures) - CNET

Whether you're looking for a cheap tablet or a laptop-replacing hybrid, these Black Friday deals have a little to offer everyone.

As IT job market heats up, tech stress levels drop

According to the talent management company’s annual survey, stress levels have dropped dramatically. For example, only 11% of entry-to mid-level IT professionals and 13% of senior-level IT execs reported high stress levels. That’s down significantly from last year, when 30% and 32% of IT professionals, respectively, reported the work they were doing to be the most stressful of their career.

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LG's smart TVs will stream Google Play movies this month

Microsoft touts new, holistic approach to enterprise security

The company showed on stage how Windows 10’s Microsoft Passport, Windows Hello and Credential Guard provide secure authentication and integrate with Azure Active Directory; how Advanced Threat Analytics can detect anomalous login patterns, brute-force and pass-the-hash attacks; and how the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) can be used to manage data and applications on mobile devices and work with Microsoft Intune and Azure Rights Management Services (RMS) to prevent accidental data leaks.

Nest's smart thermostat goes on sale in Europe for €249

Nest has announced that its third-generation Learning Thermostat is now available in the UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Republic of Ireland.

iPhone 6C release date rumour resurfaces as mid-2016

But it did, and we reckon Apple is playing a similar game with the iPhone 6C. Especially because of the muted response the 5C garnered, the Cupertino firm is probably making sure its next "colourful" iteration is really worth it.

KDDI becomes Japan's first network operator to support Apple SIM

Apple today updated the Apple SIM support page to reveal that Japanese operator KDDI now supports the Apple SIM for the iPad. This makes it the first carrier in Japan to support this feature from Apple.

Xbox One update brings back Xbox 360's universal controller settings

You don't need to drop $150 on the Xbox One Elite controller to get access to one of its most prominent features: remapping the gamepad's buttons. Tucked away inside the Xbox One's new Windows 10-flavored menus is the app for changing what buttons do what on your standard Xbox One controller as well. Perhaps most notably, you can permanently invert the Y-axis (controlled with the right analog stick by default) to make aiming and moving the camera in third-person and first-person games, respectively, more to your liking. That feature is something that the Xbox 360 had at launch with its "game defaults" options that appeared during initial setup for the system. In terms of how the app works from the Elite to the vanilla controller, it's pretty similar aside from not being able to adjust thumbstick and trigger sensitivity. You'll find the new addition under Settings > Ease of Access > Button Mapping.

How Songkick 2.0 Is Merging The Needs Of Fans And Artists

Hogarth and Jones met several years ago, and their companies seemed like a match made in live music heaven. Over the last year, Songkick raised $16.6 million in Series C funding from the likes of Y Combinator and Sequoia, allowing it to grow its user base and begin to sell tickets; this meant it could earn a small referral fee for sending users to sites like Ticketmaster. "There was always a massive inefficiency in the market," Jones says. "The Songkick guys and us were tackling different ends of the spectrum, and over the years, we started to tread on each others' toes a bit." By merging with CrowdSurge, a new world of revenue-generating opportunities opens up by helping artists to connect directly with fans and sell them tickets. Songkick earns 10% on the face value of a ticket, up to a maximum of $10.

Spotify Opens Up Its Data Firehose

Some of this data was available in the past, but only for artists and managers with enough clout to get Spotify to build a bespoke research report for them. Building the new site helps artists, but it also helps Spotify make its case that it’s helping the music business.

Closing US borders to Syrian refugees probably won't keep terrorists out, and might breed new ones

Forced to generalize, the researchers I spoke with described terrorists as traumatized, marginalized, looking for justice, identity, or meaning. And in that sense, Rubio is wrong. The problem is, those words could apply to most refugees, and most refugees are not terrorists. According to the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, of the 3 million refugees admitted to the US since 1975 (785,000 since 9/11), roughly a dozen have been arrested or removed due to security concerns. Generalization doesn’t work.

England and France soccer fans sing French national anthem in beautiful moment of humanity

After observing a minute of silence, fans in the 90,000-seat venue sang along to the words displayed on the arena screens while holding up materials that came together to form the French Tricolore flag in an outstanding show of support for the country. Among those in attendance were Prince William, who is also the president of the Football Association, and Prime Minister David Cameron.

Elon Musk Powers Up: Inside Tesla's $5 Billion Gigafactory

He was right. It was impossible not to feel awestruck by the sprawling, 71-foot-tall structure stretched out, miragelike, before me as I drove into a shallow canyon. The building—which is so long that it has to be broken up into four distinct structures with four different foundations so that an earthquake can’t tear it apart—comprises 1.9 million square feet of factory space. That’s pretty big. It’s the size of a major shopping mall, but, as I was told by a senior Tesla executive, it accounts for only 14% of the total planned floor space, which will reach 13.6 million square feet. When the Gigafactory is finished, it will be only slightly smaller than Boeing’s Everett, Washington, plant, which is the world’s largest building by volume. The Gigafactory will be the second largest, and Musk has hinted it could grow bigger.

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When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

New Dell partnership casts doubt on traditional antivirus programs

A partnership announced by Dell on Tuesday shows how cybersecurity defenses are evolving, which could have wide-ranging effects on vendors like Symantec, McAfee and Trend Micro.

Apple SIM Now Available In Japan

According to Apple SIM’s webpage, while the service is available in several countries within the Asia-Pacific region, including India, Bangladesh, Laos, and Cambodia, Japan is currently the only East Asian country it has launched in. Its availability in other countries (which Apple SIM’s appeal to its core market of travelers hinges on) depends on striking deals with local carriers.

Twitter Moments launches in Brazil

Each one shows a progress bar indicating how far it is until the end, but aside of grouping content, the real appeal is that it allows you to replay an event as it unfolded after the fact, which Twitter wasn’t previously very good at.

FAA: No, you won't need to pay someone to register your drone

You may not like the idea of having to register your drone to fly it in the US, but you likely won't need to pay someone to handle the paperwork. The Federal Aviation Administration is telling would-be flyers to think twice before signing up with any company that promises to register your drone for a fee. You can "probably" do it yourself whenever the program kicks in, the FAA says, and the process won't be much different than registering products with their manufacturers. In short, anyone asking for your money right now is an opportunist -- they're hoping that your aversion to filling out forms overcomes your rational side.

Google Photos Will Now Help You Free Up Space On Your Phone

The other big update is arriving on Google Photos on the web on Wednesday and is aimed at helping users better control how they’re using their storage space on Google’s cloud service. If you had previously been uploading your photos in “Original” quality (meaning, large files in full resolution), you’ll be able to change that to “High” quality to save space. High-quality files don’t count against your Google storage quota.

Docker launches Universal Control Plane for running containers on any infrastructure

Docker , the startup that has propelled the movement of packaging up application code into containers instead of more traditional virtual machines, is announcing today the launch of new software for running and managing containers on big companies’ existing infrastructure.

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When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Researchers discover the source of animals' natural compasses

The team believes that these proteins act like a compass needle. When the animal turns, these molecules likely remain locked pointing North, thereby informing the animal of its relative heading change. Next, the team will now look into extracting (or at least suppressing the expression of) these proteins to see if animals lose their natural navigation abilities. Their current research was recently published in the journal Nature Materials .

Pura Scents is a smart air freshener for those who can't be bothered with Febreze

On the list of must-have gadgets for most tech enthusiasts, an air freshener might not sound like the sexiest thing out there. That’s why one Utah-based startup is attempting to make household cleanliness less of a chore, while jazzing the process up with tech-y components.

Le Tote - Full Stack Engineer

Join Le Tote - We’re looking for 2 Full Stack Ruby on Rails Engineers to join our quickly growing team and help us fundamentally shape our product. As an engineer, you’ll have the freedom to make key product decisions without much oversight, and the tools and resources to build and ship your ideas quickly. You should be comfortable with autonomy and ownership of large areas of the product. We're on a mission to transform the way millions of women interact with their closets, and we're using a data-driven approach to fundamentally change the way women shop. It’s an extremely large and complex problem with tough engineering challenges to tackle. We are a very well-funded startup (Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, Y Combinator) based in the Mission in San Francisco. You will be a key engineer in a company that is growing fast and is one of the most unique ecommerce companies around. If you like big challenges and want to take significant ownership of a product, you'll love it here!

Don’t lose sleep over Fidelity’s recent startup write-downs

[Disclosure: Sohail Prasad is a prior investor in Zenefits, which is a recipient of a write-down. No non-public information is disclosed in this article, nor are we receiving compensation for writing this article.]

Google reportedly working on a new wearable device that isn’t Glass

Google Glass wasn’t exactly the breakout hit that Google wanted it to be, but that doesn’t mean the technology company is jumping ship. According to reports, Google is working on a new effort code-named Project Aura that will be a wearable, just not based around Glass.

Let This Seamless Blend of Coach Speeches From Sports Movies Be Your Pep Talk Today

The movie-obsessed YouTubers at Burger Fiction, who have been leading the league in supercuts lately, have assembled a new one that brings together the same rousing element common among all sports movies: the pep talk. A key ingredient in the climactic overcoming of all the odds is when the coach who never stopped believing both berates and exhorts his crew to give it everything they've got, etc. It turns out these speeches are just as effective removed from the context of their surrounding films.

Atmotube tells you if the air you’re breathing is toxic

Like you, I assume that the environment I am sitting in right now is pretty safe. I mean, I don’t see anything dangerous, feel uncomfortable, or smell anything that I should be worried about. Yet I may be filling my lungs with harmful elements that my cognitive sensory abilities are incapable of noticing.

ClearView Gestures for Android launches apps with a swipe

ClearView Gestures makes it a lot easier: the free tool lets you draw a squiggle to launch apps, make calls or compose a text message to anyone, no matter which app you’re using.

Google is relaunching the struggling Google+ social network

This move comes not long after Google broke out the social network's photo product and also decoupled it from YouTube.

These nanosubmarines are powered by tiny propellers and light

While that doesn't sound like a lot, it operates at more than a million rpm, giving it a top speed of a little under an inch a second. "These are the fastest-moving molecules ever seen in solution," Tour said.

Flexible, Stretchable, Implantable LEDs Could Show Us Why We Feel Pain | MIT Technology Review

In a recent demonstration , the device’s inventors showed that it could be implanted in mice and used to manipulate neural circuits known to be involved in creating the perception of pain by using an emerging technology called optogenetics. The technique entails adjusting the DNA of neurons so they can be made to fire, or can be blocked from firing, by shining light on them. The researchers also showed that the implants could be left in for long periods of time without significantly damaging the tissue or impairing motor function.

How Early Exit Disease Stunts The Growth Of Midwest Startup Communities

VCs can help mitigate the issue by using starter stock, which allows founders to receive modest liquidations in later rounds (usually Series B or later) that are oversubscribed. The oversubscribed investors purchase this starter stock, which is created as common stock, but changes to preferred stock in the transaction. This “best of both worlds” approach allows the company to include more value-added investors. It also provides founders the much-needed liquidity that in turn makes them comfortable enough to continue to strive for the monster exits originally targeted by all involved.

Apple Pay comes to Canada and will reach Australia this week

Although we already more or less knew that Apple Pay worked on the Apple Watch, now we’ve seen a demo of it at Apple’s Spring Forward event. Seeing as the Apple Watch has NFC technology built-in, it too can tap to pay. With the Apple Watch, you don’t have to physically tap it against the terminal, you just need to get close enough for it to register. A tap of the side button will bring up your credit card, and then you’re good to go.

Tumblr Launches A “GIF Maker” For Mobile, Promises More Tools For Creative Expression To Come

Tumblr today is launching a new tool that will capitalize on its community’s love for both creating and sharing GIFs with the debut of a mobile-only “GIF Maker.” The tool, which lets you quickly turn your iPhone videos or burst photos into GIFs, will not be a standalone application, but will rather become a core feature of the main Tumblr mobile app.

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Citrix is spinning off its GoTo business as a new publicly traded company  by @jordannovet

iPad Mini 4 outshines iPad Pro in display performance - CNET

Released in early September, the iPad Mini 4 took first place and was marked as "Best" in every category except contrast ratio, where it earned a score of "Very Good," according to DisplayMate President Raymond Soneira. Compared with other tablets, the Mini 4 broke records for color accuracy, contrast rating in high ambient light and lowest screen reflectance. The small tablet, which starts at $399, was considered close to offering a "textbook perfect LCD display," according to all of the lab tests. The Amherst, New Hampshire, company tests all manner of consumer electronics' displays, from smartphones to big-screen TVs.

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