Astronomers image the birth of a planet, verifies formation theory Video Description

The image below and the ones in the video were processed by combining infrared photos taken by the Large Binocular with the H-alpha pictures captured by the Magellan telescope. The team also had to remove the host star's overwhelming light and the disturbance brought about by the Earth's atmosphere, but it's clear that they successfully took a photo of planet formation. Sallum, Follette and the rest of the group plan to continue observing the protoplanet in hopes that it can help us better understand the formation of solar systems. Besides, their data suggests that two other baby planets are lurking nearby, and we'll bet they'd love to see those, as well. In addition, if the LkCa 15 b is indeed responsible for the gap observed in the solar system's gas-and-dust donut, then disk gaps could be used as an indicator that a planet is being born.

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