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Scary 'Slaughterbots' video shows danger of autonomous killer drones

Commentary: An institute backed by Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk offers a graphic warning against machines that decide whom to kill.

Batman learns that Gotham City kinda hates him in 'SNL' skit

Bruce Wayne finds out his alter ego might have gone a little too far punishing litterers.

'Come Back, Barack': Will the 'SNL' song come to iTunes?

Fans of former President Obama are clamoring for the opportunity to buy Chance the Rapper's song.

See inside the massive RMS Queen Mary

Bigger than the Titanic, and the finest transport of her day, the RMS Queen Mary is now a museum and hotel.

Watch the new trailer for Ava DuVerney’s A Wrinkle in Time

‘Be a warrior’

Switching Jobs

When people move to different jobs, here’s where they go.

This 10-year-old was able to unlock his mom’s iPhone using Face ID

On the first try

7 Tips for Marketing a 'Boring' Brand on Social Media

Learn how to be engaging on social media even if your business doesn't sell the most exciting products or operate in the most fun industry.

Firefox sells itself by criticizing old Firefox

Commentary: A new ad from Mozilla to launch its Quantum browser suggests it wants to end your "wait face". As a loyal Firefox user, I've had that face for years.

South Korean boy band BTS just absolutely slayed the 2017 AMAs

That. Was. Epic.

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Black Friday 2017: The best early US deals in tech | ZDNet

Dell is not likely to disappoint fans this year, with Black Friday sales starting on 14 November, running through until 24 November. While some of the best deals are saved for the day -- such as a $129.99 Inspiron 14 3000 laptop and a $199.99 Inspiron 15 3000 laptop, keep an eye on the website for a range of discounts on other models -- including 15 percent off all Dell Gaming, Alienware, XPS, and Inspiron PCs during 25 and 26 November.

The Best iPad Apps of 2017

However, there's a downside: app discovery. How do you navigate all the iPad-optimized apps to find those worth downloading? Easy. Read's picks. Our staff has tested hundreds of iPad apps and highlighted the best of the best. If you're a glutton for punishment, you could dig through the depths of the App Store for user reviews, but that demands a lot of time. Plus, little-known apps of high quality may have only a handful of reviews. Just sit back and let us deliver the gems to you.

Video: Business cybersecurity trends to expect in 2018

Ransomware, IoT hacks, and super-size DDoS attacks are on the way in 2018. TechRepublic's Steve Ranger explains why every business is a target.

Millennium Falcon waffles are tasty enough for you, old man

The latest in a line of Star Wars breakfast appliances will make the Waffle Run to your mouth in less than 12 parsecs.

Facebook removes ‘delete post’ option from the desktop web version

Facebook has a long tradition of tweaking and changing its interface, testing new features with a small selection of users to see what works and rolling changes back when they don’t pan out.

Singapore CIOs believe machine learning can improve speed, security ops | ZDNet

Some 87 percent of IT decision makers in Singapore say machine learning will speed up decision-making process as well as facilitate automation in security operations.

In chatlogs, celebrated hacker and activist confesses countless sexual assaults

Although Lila had explicitly asked him how many women he had raped, in all of their conversations, he never gave her a precise tally. “I have drunkenly sexually assaulted or raped women - the exact number of which I am currently determining,” he admits in the chat log. In the PGP-encrypted e-mail, he never uses the word “rape,” but in referring to an “inventory of my sins,” he writes, “I don’t have a number for you yet, but it’s going to be worse than anything anyone has documented.”

'Justice League': 7 burning questions about what comes next

DC Comic's biggest superheroes banded together to fight off a legion of parademons and overly computer-generated villain Steppenwolf. At least, that's what I think he's called. He's pretty forgettable. The film leaves us with Bruce Wayne, played by Ben Affleck, planning out the iconic Justice League round table that would sit in what appears to be an abandoned Wayne Manor, presumably so the superheroes have a place to chat before their next fight (or movie).

Here are three ways to defrost your turkey

Get ready to put in some work if you use this technique to thaw your turkey. Put the turkey in a leak-proof bag and put it in cold tap water. The USDA recommends that you change out your water every 30 minutes. I've found that it's easiest to defrost your turkey in a big cooler that has a drink spigot. This lets you easily empty the water into the sink, and you can just remove the top and pour in fresh water. It will take about 30 minutes per pound to completely thaw your turkey.

Above and below decks of the beautiful Queen Mary

This is one of the creepiest things I've ever seen. I wish photos did it more justice. This is the QM's only remaining propeller, and you're able to view it while it's still attached and in the water. I'm not sure why it creeped me out so much.

The PureGear PureSwitch is a smart and simple plug

The team at PureGear say they are looking toward home automation and connected car technology as the company's next area of growth. Enter the PureSwitch smart plug. This small, white plug works much like other smart plugs we've seen, and it's reasonably priced at $40. If your smart home is built on the HomeKit platform, this plug is a great way to automate small devices. If it isn't, you'll need to look elsewhere. The PureSwitch is currently only available in the US, but the price converts to roughly £30 or AU$52.

Boston Dynamics’ ATLAS Robot Is Now a Backflipping Cyborg Supersoldier

10 minutes ago, I was cautiously optimistic that one day we’d live and work side-by-side with robots in perfect harmony. Then Boston Dynamics posted a video of its ATLAS humanoid robot performing incredible jumps and backflips , and now I’m ready to go find a cave somewhere and hide.

IGN Deals on Twitter

IGN Deals is your source for the latest deals on stuff you actually want to buy. If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Whole Foods cuts more prices

The Amazon-owned grocer trimmed prices on Thanksgiving staples, including turkeys and russet potatoes. It also offered extra savings for Prime members.

How to minimize the 2 biggest IoT threats

At Mobile World Congress, researcher Michela Menting categorizes current IoT threats and how to mitigate them.

Canadian grocery chain orders 25 Tesla electric Semi trucks

Tesla’s Semi is off to a promising start, despite there being no official pricing information available yet: In addition to a Walmart pilot, Canadian grocery giant Loblaw is purchasing 25 of the heavy duty all-electric transport trucks (via Canadian Press ), with a $5,000 deposit for each upfront even though pricing is TBD for the vehicle, which is supposed to start shipping in 2019.

Be smart -- use big data for your small business

While big data is redefining the world of business, it’s clear more needs to be done to streamline strategies and avoid using it in an ad-hoc or unstructured way. You may occasionally get lucky and fall across useful insights, but to remain competitive and consistent, a well-thought-out plan will help your business play in the same league as bigger competitors.

Opinion | We Can’t Trust Facebook to Regulate Itself

In one instance, a developer appeared to be using Facebook data to automatically generate profiles of children, without their consent. When I called the company responsible for the app, it claimed that Facebook’s policies on data use were not being violated, but we had no way to confirm whether that was true. Once data passed from the platform to a developer, Facebook had no view of the data or control over it. In other cases, developers asked for permission to get user data that their apps obviously didn’t need — such as a social game asking for all of your photos and messages. People rarely read permissions request forms carefully, so they often authorize access to sensitive information without realizing it.

WIRED on Twitter

Here are the iOS 11 privacy settings you should check right now:

Want a big-screen on a budget? Try this phone

What you won't find on the 7X is any kind of water resistance, something that is becoming a standard on higher-end phones. Keep it away from any potential splashes and be careful taking calls in the rain. It charges using the older micro USB, rather than USB-C, which isn't much of a problem as it means you can keep using the charging cables you had from your previous handset.

Video: Deleted WhatsApp messages aren't really deleted

TechRepublic's Brandon Vigliarolo explains how deleted WhatsApp messages can surface in the Android notification panel.

Fender's Newport speaker is a Bluetooth speaker for your inner rocker

I tried a variety of tracks, from Korean pop (don't judge me) to classical to rock and came away impressed at how the sound holds up. And because you can adjust the treble and bass to your liking, the Newport makes it simple to adjust to your own tastes. Even at full bass, the speaker held up without distortion, but the sound felt too heavy for me.

AI expert looking for work? Here are the top 15 cities hiring for jobs in the field

Glassdoor found 512 open AI and deep learning jobs in the US as of October 2017. While most companies hiring for AI talent today are seeking software engineers and data scientists, there are also many technical sales, business development, product management, UX design and other roles being created by today's rising tide of AI in the workplace. Other AI-related jobs including copywriters, journalists covering the industry, and attorneys working within AI groups are also rising, Glassdoor noted.

Your PC probably has spatial sound and it's awesome

You have only one choice -- Dolby Atmos -- if you have a sweet surround-sound speaker system hooked up to your PC via a receiver that supports Atmos. For headphones, I suggest you give Windows Sonic a whirl. Dolby Atmos costs $14.99 to enable, a fee which you can pay via the Dolby Access app. Windows Sonic is free and already on board your PC if you are running Creators Update or later.

Scale: API For Human Intelligence

Our team has built the simplest API for human intelligence. AWS changed the game by removing the need to run your own infrastructure, which enabled a new generation of software companies. We want to do the same by removing the need for you to run your own operations team.

Make Your Smartphone The Only Camera You Need With RevolCam [Deals hub]

Smartphone cameras have been getting better and better over the years, and the latest offering in the iPhone X is truly impressive—but it’s impressive for a smartphone camera. To truly make it compete with standalone cameras and DSLRs, you need to give your camera a boost with the RevolCam. This amazing

Jeffrey Tambor leaves Amazon's 'Transparent' over harassment claims

The slew of sexual harassment and assault allegations surfacing in Hollywood has affected another major streaming service . Transparent actor Jeffrey Tambor has announced he's leaving the Amazon show after two transgender actresses on the show (Van Barnes and Trace Lysette) alleged that he made lewd remarks and got "physical." He wasn't formally pushed out, but he argued that he couldn't stay on the show given the "politicized atmosphere" the harassment claims brought to the table. "This is no longer the job I signed up for four years ago," he said in a statement.

The Fukushima Cleanup Is Progressing, But at a Painstaking Pace

Earlier this year, remotely piloted robots transmitted what officials believe was a direct view of melted radioactive fuel inside Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant’s destroyed reactors—a major discovery, but one that took a long and painful six years to achieve. In the meantime, the program to clean up the destroyed reactors has seen numerous setbacks and concerns, including delays on Japanese electrical utility Tepco’s timetable to begin removing the highly radioactive fuel and continued leakage of small amounts of radioactive substances.

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

. @peterthiel told @georchurch that he wanted to fund the craziest thing Church was doing. After seeing a list of projects, Thiel said, "I choose the mammoth." 

Once and for all, is the green bean a fruit or a vegetable?

Adams explained that the green bean is a "dry fruit," which means that when it's fully developed, the pod will dry out and crack open to reveal a mature seed. Then — fingers crossed — the seed will enter the earth, eventually germinating and growing more green beans. In fact, this is pretty much why the pod exists: to provide a vehicle for the seed's dissemination.

Video: Salesforce is leaning on low-code to bring more platform access to its admins

Low-code orchestration allows businesses to get a minimum viable product out the door fast and customize it to the user's needs, Salesforce's Tony Colon told TechRepublic at Dreamforce 2017.

How to use the Fresh Start feature in Windows 10 Creators Update

The Fresh Start feature basically performs a clean install of Windows 10 while leaving your data intact. More specifically, when you choose Fresh Start, it will find and back up all your data, settings, and native apps. After that, it will remove most of the applications from your system and install a fresh copy of the most recent version of Windows 10—which the operation downloads from the Microsoft site, rather than pulling an old copy from a restore partition.

Out with the old: How blockchain is disrupting industries with "old-fashioned" systems

TechRepublic's Dan Patterson met with CEO of Riot Blockchain, John O'Rourke to discuss some of the industries that are embracing blockchain technology, and how they're using it to their advantage.

Reg Saddler on Twitter

5 Creative Ways to Use Snapchat Geofilters for Business  #SocialMedia #Marketing

The Best Wireless Routers of 2017

With the gaggle of connected home products, smart TVs , smartphones , and other mobile devices ruling our lives, it's more important than ever to outfit your home or business with a wireless router that can handle the increased demand for Wi-Fi connectivity. When choosing a new router, you should consider the size of your coverage area and the number of clients, as well as the types of devices that will connect to the router. Granted, not everybody needs the kind of performance that you get with the latest and greatest models, and there's no reason to pay for features that you will likely never use, but if you have several family members vying for bandwidth for things like streaming video and playing Overwatch online, a new router can make a world of difference and help keep the peace. We guide you through choosing a router that will handle your current and future wireless networking needs, and offer our top picks to get you started.

Workspace-as-a-Service: Watch for Jabbrrbox booths in public spaces

To be placed in public places like airports and transit hubs, the booths will give business travelers a private, Wi-Fi connected spot to get work done.

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

The confluence of greater energy potential, falling prices, and renewable-friendly public policies could finally open up a promising new supply of clean energy. 

Video: The key differences between the blockchain and Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a derivative of the blockchain. CEO of Riot Blockchain John O'Rourke explains the important distinctions between the two technologies.

Autonomous Mercedes will spare occupants over pedestrians

Ever since autonomous cars became a real thing, people have struggled with the moral dilemma of training these vehicles on what to do when faced with a situation where there is no safe solution. In a recent interview with Car and Driver, Mercedes-Benz executive Christoph von Hugo revealed that their self-driving cars would choose to save the occupants – even if that meant hitting a pedestrian.

100 cryptocurrencies described in four words or less

100 cryptocurrencies described in four words or less

Samsung wows with this black stainless steel gas oven

The $1,699 Samsung NX58M6850S freestanding gas oven that's finished in black stainless steel.

THE US SMART HOME MARKET REPORT: Systems, apps, and devices leading to home automation

But the newfound popularity of smart home voice control has revolutionized smart home ecosystems across the country, and convinces more consumers to equip their homes with smart devices on a daily basis. The Amazon Echo, released in 2014, has become immensely popular and capable, awakening users to the utility of both voice control and smart home devices. This has prompted companies to rush to release competing devices and integrate voice control into their smart home ecosystems.

43 PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console: Video Games

The all new lighter and slimmer PlayStation4 system has a 1TB hard drive for all of the greatest games, TV, music and more. Incredible Games You've come to the right place. Exclusive games take you on incredible journeys, from critically acclaimed indies to award-winning AAA hits. Endless Entertainment Something new and amazing is always in reach. Find what you're looking for and get it at the touch of a button via PlayStation entertainment options like PlayStation Vue and more.

'Rampage' movie trailer pits The Rock against giant beasts

Sit back, relax and watch the 30-foot wolf and 1,000-pound gorilla wreck Chicago as the 1986 arcade game comes to life.

'X-Files' returning, so Mulder and Scully share some glove

The truth is out there, and it'll be coming to a TV near you before the New Year's confetti has even been swept away.

Authorities serve Apple a warrant for Texas shooter’s iPhone

For one thing, as morbid as it may be, TouchID (unlike FaceID, apparently) can be used to unlock a phone even after the owner of a fingerprint has died. In spite of issuing a warrant dated November 9 (two days after the press conference), however, an Apple spokesperson has since confirmed with TechCrunch that as of this writing, law enforcement has yet to contact the company for technical assistance in helping unlock the device.

Your absolutely foolproof guide to Black Friday

These people may be nice (you'll never know), but you need to wear them down. It's time to select your weapon: something you do that will keep the other shoppers out of your way. This can be whatever you want, but here are a few suggestions. (Please do not bring an actual weapon, as this will impede you from acquiring your air fryer.)

Is hydrogen a legitimate fuel of the future? - CNN Video

Could this British car design accelerate the auto industry towards hydro-fuel?

Master digital image editing with this Photoshop mastery package — now under $30

While smartphones and other portable devices have empowered photographers of all ages and abilities to snap away, there’s still a thriving market for apps to make those images look better. So master the tool that’s been setting the digital photography pace this century with the Complete Photoshop Mastery Bundle . It’s on sale now for just $29 (an over 90 percent savings) from TNW Deals.

Why You Should Set a Timer When You Do Chores

You can also use a version of this to help yourself get over my reluctance to get started: I’ll set a timer for ten minutes and tell myself I only have to clean—it’s usually putting away laundry—for that long. Chores suck, but I can manage ten minutes! Most of the time, I finish the dreaded chore before the timer even goes off.

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