7 Tips for Marketing a 'Boring' Brand on Social Media Video Description

Bella Koh is a woman of many hats. Co-founder of @fleaandtrees, Instagram personality (a.k.a @catslavery), food stylist and mother of one, she certainly has her hands full. However, even between the quick moving, high energy joys in life – her work and her family – Bella ensures that she takes time to step back, relax and appreciate each day and what it brings. This is best represented in the vintage accessories and lifestyle items that are sold in her online lifestyle boutique, Flea&Trees, which she runs with her husband, @dearterence. They use the hashtag #slowliving to remind their community, and themselves, to appreciate all of life’s joys, no matter how big or small. As a consumer, Bella uses PayPal for everything from dinner to diapers, however it has helped her most in running her business. Knowing that the online sales experience runs smoothly for all parties gives her peace of mind and most importantly, the time to embody her slow living lifestyle. #paypalit

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