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Lena Dunham's dancing on her own in 'Girls' Season 5 teaser

Lena Dunham's Hannah Horvath lets it all hang out in this new teaser for the fifth season of HBO's 'Girls.'

Forget drones, Starship delivers by self-driving robot

Drones are so 2014. This startup wants to deliver your packages by tiny self-driving robot.

'The O.C.' is finally streaming online, via CW Seed

'The O.C.' is now available on the streaming service CW Seed.

This man is closer than ever to building the world's first time machine

'Time travel is possible'

O Verily, the First Preacher Trailer is Upon Us

Looks like Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have been cooking up a doozy.

Watch a documentary that follows high school girls solving the world's problems through code

Documentary film-maker Lesley Chilcott teamed up with Google's Made with Code initiative to premiere a film about a school-girl app building competition on

YouTube Wants Everyone To Watch This New Movie About Girls Who Code

"Codegirl" will stream for free on YouTube from Nov. 1 - 5.

Realistic scrotum backpack prompts unrealistic crowdfunding campaign

A crowdfunding campaign is attempting to raise $33,000 in order to produce a backpack that looks like a hairy scrotum.

Man gives calm phone interview while he happens to be stuck in a tree

Austin, Texas resident Kerry Packer gave an interview to a local news station while he was stranded in a tree — unbeknownst to the news anchors.

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Exposed: China’s covert global radio network

China has a number of state-run media properties, such as the Xinhua news agency, that are well-known around the world. But American officials charged with monitoring foreign media ownership and propaganda said they were unaware of the Chinese-controlled radio operation inside the United States until contacted by Reuters. A half-dozen former senior U.S. officials said federal authorities should investigate whether the arrangement violates laws governing foreign media and agents in the United States.

Google teaches its self-driving cars to be extra careful around children

Besides saying the cars drive "more cautiously," Google doesn't go into details on how, exactly, the cars behave when kids are near. Still, it's comforting to know that the company is taking extra care to protect children, now that its self-driving cars are being tested on public roads in the U.S.

Apple indoor positioning app 'Indoor Survey' spotted on iOS App Store

Apple could be on the verge of releasing its first dedicated indoor positioning app for iPhone, as a seemingly legitimate, albeit non-operational, first party app called "Indoor Survey" was spotted in the iOS App Store on Sunday.

Tether: Jailbreak tweak brings a cool new way to create Alarms, Reminders and Calendar events

Tether introduces a very interesting concept and is a cool way to create alarms, reminders and calendar events on your iPhone on the go. If you’d like to check it out, you can grab it for $0.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

5 Product Hunt

The best design inspiration on the new Apple TV.

Five ways Microsoft plans to get you to upgrade to Windows 10 - TechRepublic

To achieve its goal of getting one billion people onto Windows 10, Microsoft is getting more forceful in how it pushes Windows 7 and 8.1 users towards its new OS.

Get Your Next App in the App Store in No Time with the Mega iOS App Design Kit [Deals Hub]

Building apps takes time that you don’t always have. When you need to get an app that will look great and function but don’t have the time to built it from scratch, the Mega iOS App Design Kill will help you get the job done. It’s on sale in the

'Serial' Season 2 Will Launch On Pandora

Pandora announced Monday that it would begin hosting the award-winning podcast as well as "This American Life," of which "Serial" is a spin-off. The series will still be available on iTunes and other podcast apps.

A load of Fallout 4 gameplay footage has just leaked

The videos give us a look at the beginning of the game, along with some more action-heavy sections from later on. If you want to go in with fresh eyes next week, avert them now. For the rest of you, you can see the videos below.

Facebook is making its employees ditch iOS in favour of Android

This week, the social network is telling workers to abandon iOS devices in favour of Android. In a briefing, picked up by The Independent , Facebook’s chief product officer Chris Cox believes the move will better help his staff understand how users in emerging markets experience the site.

Snapchat tries to reassure users its new privacy policy isn’t scary

We want to be crystal clear: The Snaps and Chats you send your friends remain as private today as they were before the update. Our Privacy Policy continues to say—as it did before—that those messages “are automatically deleted from our servers once we detect that they have been viewed or have expired.” Of course, a recipient can always screenshot or save your Snaps or Chats. But the important point is that Snapchat is not—and never has been—stockpiling your private Snaps or Chats . And because we continue to delete them from our servers as soon as they’re read, we could not—and do not—share them with advertisers or business partners .

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly sends a spooky message from space - CNET

Wearing a mask, Kelly floats toward the ISS camera to give us the creeps on Halloween.

14 hidden tips & tricks to make the most of your new iPhone 6s

Every iPhone user has that rarely used folder hidden on a faraway home screen with titles ranging from “Apple Stuff” to “Crap I Never Use.” With the iPhone 6s you can now hide some of those native apps from your screen, like News, Podcasts, iBooks Store and even Safari for you Chrome die-hards. Go to the Restriction page in settings to toggle these apps off your iPhone. Unfortuntely, there’s no way to get rid of Stocks or Compass just yet.


PROPERTIES ---------- window The global object. IS The input set. RS The result set. _ The underscore.js object. $_ The current record index (corresponding to the index of the element in the IS array). $$ The current record object (global variable corresponding to the `this` object in the script scope). METHODS ------- forEach(array, string) Compiles 'string' into a function and iterates over the 'array', running the function once for each element. The function has access to the special variables 'index' and 'item' which are, respectively, the array index and the array element. The 'this' object is set to the array element each time the function runs. params: Array array (array to iterate over) String string (the function source) return: void get() Get the next record from the input set. This will prevent jsawk from iterating over that record. params: void return: Object|Array|Number|String (the next input record) put(record) Push 'record' onto the input set so that jsawk will iterate over it next.

How to block the Windows 10 upgrade

It's nice of Microsoft to offer all of us a free upgrade to Windows 10. But it's not so nice when they insist upon it.

Submit your application for the 2016 CIO 100 Awards

The process for choosing the CIO 100 honorees is systematic and very competitive. We're looking for companies that are using IT in innovative ways to deliver competitive advantage to the enterprise and enable growth. To be considered for a CIO 100 award, entrants apply using an online application that asks them to identify several different aspects of their achievement. Applications are solicited from hundreds of companies through advertising, newsletters and e-mail. We also collect recommendations from our in-house experts, who nominate organizations which are distinguished for their innovative use of IT. We invite these nominees to apply as well. Each application will be read by two members of the CIO 100 judging panel, who will rate it on a scale of 1 to 5 for each criterion, for a possible total of 20 points. Final selections will be confirmed by CIO magazine editors. All scores will be kept confidential. They will not be released publicly, nor will they be discussed with any individual applicants.

'Star Trek' is coming back: Here are 6 things we'd like to see

The original Star Trek took pains to be socially progressive: It famously featured a multi-ethnic crew as well as the first on-air kiss between a white man and a black woman. The best way for the new series to honor Roddenberry's original vision of the future would be to include, say, a gay or transgender character in the main cast — something no Trek series or movie has ever done. Of course, the writers would need to take pains to avoid falling into the "tokenism" trap, but avoiding important social issues altogether does nothing to move the needle forward.

17-year-old genius has cool job, works for NASA on drone surveillance

For now, though, he's counting down the days until his 18th birthday, when he'll be able to get a full driver's license under California law. Living away from home to work at NASA, he relies on his landlord for rides to the grocery store, or he takes a taxi. His older colleagues drive him to work every day.

Jawbone Files Countersuit Against Fitbit In “Frivolous” Patent Infringement Case

“The antitrust counterclaim filed by Jawbone in one of the pending Fitbit patent suits outlines how Fitbit’s recent patent cases against Jawbone are baseless and filed to thwart competition. The counterclaim also highlights Fitbit’s campaign to misappropriate Jawbone’s most important assets – intellectual property and trade secrets – as part of its unfair competition,” the company said in a statement. “Jawbone is determined to move forward with the anti-trust case, its trade secret case in California Superior Court and its International Trade Commission Complaint for which a hearing is scheduled for May 9, 2016. Jawbone believes that when all of the evidence is weighed, the remedies and damages Jawbone is seeking will be granted – including, in the ITC matter, the injunction to prevent virtually all of Fitbit’s wearable products from being imported into the United States.”

Now you can create Windows 10 apps without writing a line of code

My app is about as simple as it gets: an "updates" app that tracks my personal social activity across my personal blog and YouTube channel -- calling on a Tumblr RSS feed and YouTube's browser API, respectively. I can't say it's more efficient than simply checking my Twitter page for updates but it's a real, functional Windows 10 app that's running on my PC right now. I've never even dreamed of making an app before, but the App Studio walked me through every step of the process. It was shockingly easy.

Hackers Claim Million-Dollar Bounty for iOS Zero Day Attack

Bekrar confirmed that Zerodium plans to reveal the technical details of the technique to its customers, whom the company has described as “major corporations in defense, technology, and finance” seeking zero-day attack protection as well as “government organizations in need of specific and tailored cybersecurity capabilities.” Zerodium’s founder also notes that the company won’t immediately report the vulnerabilities to Apple, though it may “later” tell Apple’s engineers the details of the technique to help them develop a patch against the attack.

Microsoft lets you build apps for Windows 10 in less than 10 minutes

It took less than 10 minutes to set the whole thing up and can be pushed on to the store without any hassle. The template is crudely simple, and probably won’t make you a millionaire. But the result is a Universal app that can run on all Windows devices and even Raspberry Pi 2 and IoT hardware .

Network jobs are hot; salaries expected to rise in 2016

Every quarter, Robert Half Technology surveys CIOs on the state of hiring, and as part of its survey, CIOs are asked which IT positions are the hardest to fill. “For about 20 straight quarters – I think it's pretty close to that -- the No. 1 role has been network administrator,” Reed says.

The odds of going to a 'Hunger Games' theme park are in your favor

“The more we thought about it, the more we realized there was a major opportunity — not just to create something smart and captivating that Hunger Games fans would love, but to bring all of our franchises alive in new ways,” said Tim Palen, chief brand officer of Lionsgate. The Atlanta destination would be part of Avatron Smart Park, which is in the early financial stages to open in 2019.

AT&T to offer BlackBerry's new Android phone from Friday

AT&T Inc said on Monday it would offer BlackBerry Ltd's new Android-powered smartphone in its retail stores in the United States and online from Friday.

Elsevier Mutiny: Cracks Are Widening in the Fortress of Academic Publishing

In many ways, academic publishers are going through the same kind of wrenching change that traditional media companies like newspaper and magazine publishers are. Subscription-based business models that worked for decades are coming apart at the seams, thanks in part to the web’s ability to distribute content much more cheaply and broadly. And academia itself is becoming much more open as well.

Beacons in business: 8 ways to leverage location services

A good network of beacons could provide a strong link to a larger control mechanism that could let people have an impact on energy use. Instead of simply choosing a set temperature or assuming the lights should be on, beacons can help pinpoint user location that can then be fed into a centralized set of controls for altering facets of the office environment. If they want more or less heat, they can vote for it. If no one opts to vote for the lights to be switched on in a certain sector, they can stay off. This won’t be a perfect solution, but it will be much more flexible than the current one-size-fits-all approach.

The Decay of Twitter

In the final paragraphs of this article, let me assert something I have very little data to support: At some point early last year, the standard knock against Twitter—which had long ceased to be “I don’t want to know what someone’s eating for lunch”—became “I don’t want everyone to see what I have to say.” The public knows about conversation smoosh, and that constitutes, I think, a major problem for Twitter the Company. New products like Moments —which collects tweets, images, and video into little summaries—are not going to fix that.

Baidu app component puts 100 million Android devices at risk

A software development kit created by Chinese Internet services company Baidu and used by thousands of Android applications contains a feature that gives attackers backdoor-like access to users' devices.

How GoDaddy's Quest For Respect Led To An Improbable Partnership With MIT

GoDaddy is involved in this project in several ways. It's dedicated several employees to working on the effort, and provided financial backing. And the depth of its expertise in dealing with extremely small businesses has helped. "Access to customers has been really great," says Kamvar. "To be able to say, 'Here are three or four GoDaddy customers who are interested, and let me introduce you guys.' That kind of facilitation is something that would have been much more difficult for us to do on our own. That's one thing that GoDaddy has brought to the table. The other is an enthusiasm in guidance for things that small businesses need, which has been very useful for us."

Oculus Founder: Cables To Be Major Obstacle In VR Industry For A Long Time

It might sound obvious, but if you’re hoping that mom will want to hop into virtual reality while you make her drag around a bunch of ugly ass (and dangerous) wires, it probably won’t happen. That’s why Oculus is doing projects like its partnership with Samsung on the Gear VR . It makes virtual reality mobile.

ClearSky Data Lands $27 Million To Expand Hybrid Storage Solution

The company came out of stealth in August with a plan to offer customers a multi-tier, fully managed, hybrid data-management solution. In practice this involves an appliance that’s installed in your data center (or in AWS or Azure) and houses the company’s most important hot data, a second level of storage stored at a co-location facility within 120 miles of a customer deals with somewhat important or warm data and finally Amazon S3 storage for stuff you don’t need all that often or cold data.

Offline over the weekend? Read all the tech news you missed right here

Sometimes, I tell you here how it’s Monday morning and that despite the weekend being firmly behind you, we’ll bring you the best in tech news to help ease you into the week ahead.

Uber vs Lyft: 9 things to consider before your first ride - CNET

These days, ride-sharing is a bit of misnomer, indicating that you are sharing a ride with someone else in a carpool situation, arriving at the same destination together. Instead, these apps are better described as ride-hailing services, where you request a ride for hire from your phone and pay the driver for their services. Once they drop you off, they'll look for their next passenger, much like a taxi does. Going forward in this guide, I'll refer to Lyft and Uber as ride-hailing services or apps.

U.K. tech entrepreneurs urge Prime Minister to welcome skilled immigrants

Over 230 tech entrepreneurs have written to Prime Minister David Cameron urging him to continue welcoming skilled immigrants to the U.K.

Wikipedia now has more than 5 million articles in English

For context, the English-language version of Wikipedia hit two million articles in 2007, three million in 2009, and four million in 2012. The next most popular language on Wikipedia is actually Swedish, which recently passed two million articles, followed by German (1.87 million), Dutch (1.84 million), and French (1.69 million). The Wikimedia Foundation says that the total size of Wikipedia weighs in at 30 terabytes.

Snapchat clarifies privacy policies after terms of service change freaks out users

As for why Snapchat felt the need to change its terms, the company said it wanted to offer terms in more natural language—something it also did with the previous version. Snapchat also added a section about in-app payments to its terms of service, and clarified what content is visible to people you aren’t connected to on Snapchat.

Famed Designer Rosanne Somerson on Innovation and Failure

It was this kind of thinking that helped inspire Co-Works, RISD’s new multi-disciplinary digital fabrication studio. When I was provost, the idea came to me to create a cross-disciplinary lab that wasn’t located in any one department—the kind of place where a glass artist could observe what a furniture designer or architect was working on. It’s become a wonderful lab for innovation. There’s a lot of discovery going on. A lot of people don’t understand the idea of research in the art and design context. But designers are always working to expand conventions—to redefine even the boundaries of their own forms of practice.

CBS Bets Star Trek Will Put Its Streaming Service Into Warp Drive

The news that CBS will start filming a new Star Trek TV series sparked a firestorm of activity in various nerdy corners of the Internet on Monday, as the broadcaster must have assumed it would. There hasn’t been a Star Trek-related show on television since the last spinoff left the air in 2005, but images of Captain Kirk and Captain Picard show up so regularly online and star in so many social-media memes that it’s hard to believe they aren’t still around.

Apple's cool 'Indoor Survey' app maps venues using radio frequencies, but you can't use it

Apple’s cool ‘Indoor Survey’ app maps venues using radio frequencies, but you can’t use it

Daniel Craig resisted Android phone placement in

Internal Sony communications indicated that "Spectre" star Daniel Craig and the movie's director Sam Mendes were both opposed to multimillion dollar product placements for Sony or Samsung Android phones because it could tarnish the suave image of James Bond. The discussion was revealed last winter when the movie studio's emails were hacked, as noted today by Bond movie aficionado John Gruber of Daring Fireball after Financial Times writer Henry Mance discussed the role product placement plays in movies. An earlier report by Matt Weinberger of Business Insider UK noted that Sony had initially offered Craig $5 million to carry around its Xperia Z4 phone in the movie. Discussions involved an $18 million marketing commitment from Sony, escalating to a $50 million marketing and promotional package from Samsung as well as a $5 million product placement for Bond to be seen using an Android phone with Samsung's brand on it. Leaked emails involving Bond franchise producer Barbara Broccoli noted that money wasn't the only consideration involved in the decision of whether to take money from Android phone makers in exchange for promotion.

Facebook is fighting to become more like Twitter

Facebook is looking for new ways to get users to share more, rather than just consume content, in a push that seemingly puts it in more direct rivalry with Twitter.

Anonymous says it's outing 1,000 prominent KKK members

Anonymous is no stranger to risky internet activism , and its latest campaign is no exception to the rule. The hacking-focused collective claims that it's outing "up to" 1,000 people who are either Ku Klux Klan members or "close associates" of KKK factions. It says it'll reveal all on November 5th, but an early data leak already purports to name-and-shame mayors, members of Congress and police officers (including cops in Ferguson , Missouri). If true, the details would potentially wreck more than a few careers -- especially those of people who use roundabout methods to support the Klan while keeping their racist connections a secret.

The Verge on Twitter


HP Inc. Jumps After Split With Hewlett Packard Enterprise

She is betting that the split will help the companies compete better in a fast-changing landscape for gear and services. Now resources and time can be focused on a smaller group of businesses and more narrow markets. The division of the company, after months of preparation, took place Sunday. Whitman is the CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and chairman for HP Inc., which is led by Dion Weisler.


We have recently updated the screen reader optimized website to include headings, landmarks, and new shopping features to improve your experience. Please follow this link or go to

Etsy - Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies

“By watching my business evolve and grow, my children see firsthand that it's possible to do something you love and make a living.”

Hipster Barbie Is So Much Better at Instagram Than You

Her fashionably disheveled wardrobe is often handmade—a hipster backpack made from an iron-on patch and leather, a beanie cut from the finger of a glove. The quintessentially Pacific Northwest Pendleton blanket is a scrap of felt with painted lines. It’s all so authentic, as are the locations. Most of them, anyway. On those days when the photographer is too tired to head to, say,  Multnomah  Falls, she’ll use a little digital trickery in Photoshop.

This Woman Who Took Engagement Photos With Pizza Is All Of Us

"Everyone seems to be caught up in trying to find a partner but I would just encourage others to find/do anything that might brighten their day!" she said. "If that is a boyfriend, great! If it's eating a full box of pizza to yourself, that is also great!"

Fear is boring, and other tips for living a creative life

Actually, let me rephrase that: If you’re in the arts, you don’t need debt. In fact, it’s the last goddamn thing you need. So I don’t care how prestigious the academy is, I don’t care how magnificent the professors are, I don’t care what they’re promising they are going to give you; if they’re giving you debt, they are not helping you. If you have an extra $100,000 sitting around that you have nothing to do with, and you want to go to that school, I guarantee you you’ll get wonderful things out of the experience, because there are fantastic experiences to be had there. If they gave you a full ride, and the school allows you to go there for free, again, go. Enjoy it, consider yourself lucky. But if they said to you, “We are going to bestow upon you this tremendous gift of the treasure of what our premier faculty here has to offer, but first you’re going to have to go to a bank and take out $150,000 in loans to become a poet,” then I’m going to lay my body down in front of that bank door before I let you do that.

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