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'Overwatch' finally makes playing with randoms easier

You can check out 'Stay as Team' on the PC version's Public Test Realm right now.

This 3-second video will glitch out any iPad or iPhone

Better watch out what videos you play on your iPad and iPhone – there's a new malicious video and all it takes to glitch out your iOS device is 3 seconds.

Singapore government pivots toward "Smart Nation" strategy

In a bid to fulfill its ambitious Smart Nation 2025 strategy, the Singapore government has undertaken a major realignment of its innovation agencies.

Bunny discovers the exhilarating joy of eating popcorn

This memory will last a lifetime.

Injured kangaroo being shot by cops in front of a kid is disturbing viewing

Well, that wasn't easy to stomach.

Give your boiled eggs a shake for easier peeling

Peeling hard boiled eggs can be an infuriating process. With this quick tip, you will be peeling eggs like a pro.

Don't fear the AI uprising: This robot can't even pass exams

Torobo, a robot created by the University of Tokyo, has tried and failed to gain entry to the prestigious university four times.

Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 360-degree video

NBC and Verizon think they can make floats that much more immersive.

Johnnie Walker's drunk-driving VR experience lacks subtlety

A virtual reality movie is not much more impactful than a regular one.

3 ways to estimate how much propane you have left

There are few things worse than running out of propane in the middle of grilling. Use these three methods of estimating how much propane is left to avoid a cookout faux pas.

Justin Bieber leaves a fan bloody after punching him from a moving car

Justin Bieber pulled a UFC move on a fan who was invading his personal space.

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Suspended on Twitter

Tuesday evening, the Twitter account of company co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey was briefly suspended on the site. It was not immediately clear why.

The best iOS apps to shop for Black Friday deals

The deal-grabbing frenzy known as Black Friday is just a few days away and shoppers looking to nab the best deals on Apple products and accessories can get ahead of the game with a number of apps that help organize ads and track the best deals.

Xbox One games stream to your Oculus Rift on December 12th

The app will be free, although this clearly isn't the cheapest way to play Xbox One games away from your TV: on top of the Xbox One, you'll need a fast PC and a Rift. Still, this might beat having to sit in front of your monitor the entire time... or having to awkwardly explain an ultra-violent game to your little ones.

IGN Live Presents Exclusive Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay and Interviews - IGN

If you live in the UK or Republic of Ireland, select Odeon cinemas will be hosting special Road to Release events on the same night from 7:30pm GMT. There, our IGN Premiere livestream will be followed by a screening of animated companion movie, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.  All Odeon ticket holders will receive a goodie bag and get the chance to win prizes on the night.

iPad buyback: Sell your old iPad to us to get the best price

That’s a bold claim, but it’s one we can back up. We’ll pay you $165 cash for a 16 GB iPad Air 2 in decent shape. Gazelle offers $115 for the same tablet . Apple will give you a $175 gift card if your iPad is in flawless condition, and that’s after an assessment — if there’s screen or body damage, the company will offer to take it off your hands for free. (Apple’s site doesn’t let us link to individual items, but you can check out Apple’s buyback prices here .)

Facebook builds censorship tool to attain China re-entry: NYT

Facebook Inc has quietly developed a censorship tool that could persuade China to allow the world's biggest social media network to re-enter the world's second largest economy after a seven-year ban, the New York Times reported on Tuesday.

What's real news, what's an ad? Students can't tell, study shows

While young people may seem digitally savvy, their ability to evaluate online information can be summed up in one word, Stanford researchers say: "bleak."

Safety regulators want smartphone makers to develop a driving version of airplane mode

Carmakers also offer a variety of hands-free features that don't require a driver to directly interact with their phone — voice-activated text messaging. Apple has partnered with several car companies to integrate its CarPlay software that pairs a driver's iPhone to the car's infotainment system, allowing them to use features like Apple's voice assistant, Siri.

You can get Netflix in 4K on your Windows PC (finally)

4K content is only going to be available on compatible Windows 10 2-in-1s and PCs, which means it's not as easy as firing up your PC and plowing through 7 seasons of mother-daughter bonding. Or whatever you want to watch. You'll need to be running the latest Microsoft Edge Web browser in Windows 10, and your computer will need to be packing the latest seventh generation Kaby Lake processor from Intel. Which is to say, it's a pretty small subset of Windows users.

Watch the Bee Movie Trailer, Except Every Word Is In Alphabetical Order

Here’s a better way to watch the Bee Movie trailer, with all the words in alphabetical order. What does this new video, made by YouTuber Spinny P , tell us about the hidden messages embedded in Jerry Seinfeld’s cult classic? An approximate transcript of the video tells us everything we need to know.

I can't stop mashing up Twitter accounts with this hilarious website

I started off by mixing  my Twitter account  with  that of my boss . As you can see above, it came up with the wild idea of handling email like butter — something I don’t recommend.

How Fake News Blew Up Into a Political Crisis for Facebook

On the night of the U.S. presidential elections, one of Facebook’s former product designers turned to Facebook to vent. His claim: The social media platform may have helped inaccurate and partisan news stories reach more voters, setting the stage for Donald Trump’s victory. Two weeks later, Facebook’s fake news problem has become one of the most hotly debated issues in America. This week, Bloomberg Technology’s Aki Ito and Sarah Frier speak to not only that former Facebook employee, but also two prominent investors in Silicon Valley as well as an editor of fact-checking site Together, they grapple with the responsibilities that Facebook shoulders as a source of news for a growing portion of the world.

How to get high with your family this Thanksgiving

Because of the nature of Thanksgiving, we would recommend trying a hybrid or sativa with low THC level. (THC is the active component in marijuana that makes you feel stoned. Like alcohol, the higher the percentage, the more potent the weed will be.) Our reasoning behind this is that it's easy enough for people to fall asleep on the couch due to overeating, so smoking an indica may further induce couch lock, which is great but won't allow your family to have a great bonding session.

Gravy-flavored candy canes are the holiday crossover no one wants

Though hot, fresh gravy improves most holiday dishes, there are exceptions to the rule. Candy canes, for example.

Ellen DeGeneres forgot her ID and can't get into the White House

Ellen DeGeneres is in the nation's capitol to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom—but because she forgot her ID, the comedian and talk show host had a hard time getting inside President Obama's house.

This Chair Makes It Possible To Work Like You're Still In Bed

How comfortable is it to lie horizontally in the middle of your office? With the Altwork station, Katharine Schwab finds out.

New battery tech lasts for days, charges in seconds

Scientists from the University of Central Florida (UCF) have created a supercapacitor battery prototype that works like new even after being recharged 30,000 times. The research could yield high-capacity, ultra-fast-charging batteries that last over 20 times longer than a conventional lithium-ion cell. "You could charge your mobile phone in a few seconds and you wouldn't need to charge it again for over a week," says UCF postdoctoral associate Nitin Choudhary.

Will Human Evolution Be Shaped by Climate Change?

Adaptation can only occur if there is a relationship between specific environmental conditions and differential reproductive success. Another aspect of whether adaptation can occur is the rate of change in an environmental parameter and the range of genetic variation within the species. This would be particularly true for animal species where evolution would have to rely on the standing genetic variation in the species. If we were to assume that global temperature continued to increase at very slow rate, it might be possible for human populations to undergo natural selection for resistance to these increasing temperatures. It would be difficult to speculate what such adaptations might look like, but one area of concern would be resistance to novel pathogens resulting from the expansion of transmission zones of vector insects (tropics to former temperate zones). We have already observed the increase in transmission of Zika virus as a result of expansion of vector insects. If malaria transmission were to expand as a result of increasing temperatures we might see renewed selection in favor of antimalarial adaptations in populations inhabiting formerly temperature zones.

'Rocket League' + Steam Workshop = more crazy stadiums

Uploading custom creations sounds simple enough for anyone familiar with Workshop, but developer Psyonix stresses that preview images should be "sharp, accurate" representations of what you've designed. A Workshop section is being added to the game's Steam Community Hub, and any levels you "subscribe" to will automatically populate the Extras section of the main menu.

How to lobby your Congressperson but also talk about fun stuff like 'Westworld'

While individual lobbying is a great exercise in democracy, an in-person meeting with your representative is also possible. If you know a large group of people who share your views on your topic of concern, setting up a group visit to your congressperson’s state office could bring about real change. Last week, I brought 300 friends to Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania’s Harrisburg office to express concerns about Steve Bannon’s appointment and also to ask him if he could reach out to HBO to find out if the maze in Westworld is a physical maze or more of a metaphorical maze because if it’s metaphorical a lot of us are going to feel ripped off.

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We Need to Stop Taking Facebook's Word For It [Vol. 2]

If you were to read The Verge’s glossy 2,ooo-word exclusive about Facebook’s first test flight of an internet-beaming drone, you’d think the June 28th flight was an unmitigated success. Published with photos provided by Facebook on the same day the company announced the test flight to the world, the story featured quotes from Mark Zuckerberg on the importance of the project and scenes of elated Facebook employees wiping away tears of joy as “Aquila” took to the sky.

Snapchat Spectacles: The teardown

Unlike previous wearable glasses, Spectacles look, more or less, like hipster sunglasses. Snapchat did all it could to hide the technology away. The only indications that there's something else afoot here are the two yellow circles on either side of the sunglasses. One houses the video camera and the other a circle of LEDs that make it clear to others when Spectacles are filming.

South Korea prosecutors raid Samsung Group offices: Yonhap

SEOUL South Korean prosecutors raided the offices of Samsung Group, Yonhap News reports on Wednesday, over its alleged link with Choi Soon-sil, President Park Geun-hye's longtime confidant who has been indicted for criminal acts.

Pepper the robot will be helping out shoppers at two Bay Area shopping centers this holiday

It can be tough finding seasonal help. So naturally Westfield has started looking to robots for help staffing its shopping centers. Starting today, the Westfield San Francisco Centre and Westfield Valley Fair in the Silicon Valley will be employing Pepper robots to help improve the holiday shopping experience.

Apple to Replace Faulty Batteries Free in iPhone 6s Devices

Apple Inc. said it would provide consumers world-wide with a free battery replacement for iPhone 6s devices that unexpectedly shut down. The announcement Sunday came less than a week after a Chinese consumer-protection group said it received reports of iPhone 6s devices spontaneously shutting down though half their battery life remained. It is the second time in the past three years the company has offered a battery-replacement...

Sci-fi, fantasy, horror-filled recipes: Geeky cooks, arise!

Get inspiration from cookbooks that pay tribute to geeky treats like Adventure Time, World of Warcraft, Doctor Who, "Game of Thrones," Star Wars, Star Trek and "True Blood."

Apple returns to Black Friday

Apple today signaled that it will return to offering sales specials on Nov. 25, the day this year dubbed "Black Friday" in the U.S.

Darling Clementine: Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead’ is back on December 20

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series — A New Frontier will begin on December 20 and picks up four years after zombies nearly destroyed civilization and forced protagonist Clementine to grow up in a hurry. She is joined by new character Javier, “a young man determined to find the family taken from him” whose fate is “bound together” with Clementine’s. The game’s first artwork features a moonlit shot of dozens of zombies moving toward the camera in a classic, George Romero-like fashion.

Google Can Now Tell You How Busy Restaurants Are In Real Time

Earlier this year, Google launched a feature called Popular Times, which showed predictions of how busy a restaurant might be each hour of the day when you scoped it on Google services. Now, the company has updated the feature in a big way: Popular Times now shows how crowded places are in real time—at the very moment you search.

This is not a drill: Symmetra 2.0 is now playable in 'Overwatch'

The PTR is a live play environment accessible to anyone that owns Overwatch on PC. Progress made in the PTR doesn't count or carry over, but it gives fans a chance to try work-in-progress updates and Blizzard a chance to base balance tweaks on live feedback.

Apple Collected 91% Of the Smartphone Industry Profit in Q3, 2016

Linda Sui, Director at Strategy Analytics, said, “We estimate the global smartphone industry realized total operating profits of US$9.4 billion during Q3 2016. Apple dominated and captured a record 91 percent share of all smartphone profits worldwide. Apple’s ability to maximize pricing and minimize production cost is hugely impressive and the iPhone continues to generate monster profits. Huawei, Vivo and OPPO are the next three most profitable smartphone vendors globally this quarter, but they are still a long way behind Apple.”


Now that Tesla has officially acquired SolarCity , it's not wasting any time showing what the combined entity can do. Tesla has revealed that it's running the island of Ta'u (in American Samoa) on a solar energy microgrid that, at 1.4 megawatts, can cover "nearly 100 percent" of electrical needs . It's not just the 5,328 solar panels that are key -- it's the 60 Tesla Powerpacks that offer 6 megawatt-hours of energy storage. While Ta'u is normally very sunny, the packs can keep it running for three days without sunlight. They don't have to worry about a cloudy day leading to blackouts. The solar switch, which took a year to complete, has both its long-term environmental and immediate practical benefits. Like many remote communities, Ta'u previously had to run on diesel generators. That burns 300 gallons of fuel per day, which is neither eco-friendly nor cheap. Solar eliminates the pollution, of course, but it also saves the cost of having to continuously buy and ship barrels of diesel. And crucially, it provides a more reliable source of electricity.

These Russian Dogs Hunt for Bombs at Power Stations

Fifteen hydroelectric plants provide power to the 3 million people of Dagestan, and each of them is a tempting target for terrorists in a Russian republic facing an Islamic insurgency. Their security is paramount, and it starts with dogs.

Think Your Sex Life Is Bad? These Worms Harpoon Each Other With Their Penises

Such is the push and pull in the battle of the sexes. As one side evolves an attack, the other evolves a defense, nature creating problems and then solving them. The issue comes down to the meaning of life: reproduce at all costs. This can put the sexes in conflict with each other—or, in the case of the tapeworm, the single hermaphroditic sex in conflict with others of the single hermaphroditic sex—particularly when females need to maintain some measure of control over who they mate with to ensure they’re picking the best genes. And perhaps nowhere is this kind of sexual conflict more dramatic than among ducks, whose males are notoriously forceful with their mating. Females have evolved a vagina that corkscrews to try to keep out the male’s penis, which corkscrews in the opposite direction (and can grow up to fifteen inches long). Some duck vaginas even have pockets that branch off into dead ends, frustrating the male’s efforts.

How to dodge Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping hackers

Hackers are writing apps, setting up phony Wi-Fi networks and unleashing malware in attempts to turn legitimate Black Friday 2016 and Cyber Monday retailing into profits for themselves, according to security experts.

Trump Has the Mainstream Media Between a Rock and a Very Hard Place

The existential problem this poses for the mainstream press is this: Do they accede to Trump’s demands in order to get access to him and his administration so that they can better report on it? Or do they become even more antagonistic in their coverage, and give up any hope of a working relationship? Both of these come with significant risks.

Alex K. on Twitter

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Sony's Black Friday deals include deep discounts on Overwatch, GTA V, and Far Cry Primal

Like Microsoft , Sony has also lifted the lid on its PlayStation Store's Black Friday deals ahead of the day itself, offering a host of new and older games with some hefty discounts. While regular customers will still get access to these deals, PlayStation Plus members will get even better discounts in many cases, getting more money off games like Overwatch , The Witcher 3 , and Star Wars: Battlefront .

They blocked Netflix, but no one's in a rush to regulate insecure 'smart devices'

"What we're going to be doing is always partly reactive," he said. "But if we do just sit there and just wait and react, I think we'll fall behind."

Samsung might brush up the Galaxy S7 lineup with new Jet Black color

Outside of Korea, Samsung continues to trail behind Apple when it comes to sales. While the company produces a whopping 20 percent of all smartphones sold, the iPhone-maker dominates the mobile market with a total of over 103 percent of total industry profits. The South Korean manufacturer is a distant runner-up with a teeny tiny 0.9 market share.

Meet Brand Central, Amazon's secret new plan to squash counterfeits

With more than 300 million listings, it's hard to know how significant Amazon's counterfeit problem is. In its lawsuits, Amazon attributed the activity to a "a small number of bad actors." Still, Amazon's latest actions demonstrate it wants to get rid of fakes before those products erode consumer trust. Without that confidence, Amazon might struggle to maintain its customer-focused reputation and ensure shoppers keep coming back.

Finally, you can customize an ugly Christmas sweater of your very own

This December, you can have the ugliest sweater at your ugly sweater party, and all with the knowledge that you designed it.

Fender will release a Bluetooth guitar amp designed for use with its mobile apps

Fender’s guitars are classic Americana – like a 57 Chevy or a pan of Jiffy Pop. From a design perspective, they’ve gone largely unchanged since the early/mid 50s, with the Stratocaster and Telecaster serving as the company’s biggest sellers. They’re solid, they’re well built, they’re iconic. Innovative, not so much.

Microsoft might get to take its last shot at the iPhone after all

The Surface Phone still isn't a sure thing, especially given Microsoft's recent hesitation to talk about any kind of plans for mobile. From a technology perspective, though, it seems that things are slowly but surely starting to come together, if and when Microsoft decides to take what could well be its last shot at mobile dominance.

Microsoft says sorry for almost saying the N-word in Xbox newsletter

I think if you interpreted "NNNNGGGHHHAAAA" – the title of an email sent about Dead Rising 4 – as a racial slur, that's really on you.

Google’s Online Travel Adventure Upsets Its Biggest Advertisers

In an interview at the Phocuswright conference in Los Angeles, he said Google won't become an online travel agent with full booking capabilities. Instead, the company's goal is to provide travelers with the best information. Google can deduce that someone searching for information on the Zika virus is planning a trip, and send them a travel deal before they ask for one. Expedia can't do this by itself, he said. 

Young blood transfusions are probably not the best way to reverse aging

Villeda, the UCSF professor, is more open to the young blood approach. “The paper shows that there are different approaches: one is reintroducing things that we are missing between the young and old, and the other one is targeting and blocking these other pro-aging effects,” he says. “I think doing both — drop aging factor, increase youthful factor — are equally interesting. I really think that both approaches are equally important to pursue.” He also notes that there is a difference between blood transfer and studies that inject just young plasma into old mice. Plasma might have stronger effects and be less risky, though that doesn’t mean those of us looking to stay forever young should be preying on the next generation. We still don’t know how much blood or plasma would be needed, or in what doses. “Doing this chronically?” says Villeda. “That’s absolutely not feasible.”

Supergirl: "The Darkest Place" Review - IGN

As for James, he continues to be the show’s most frustrating and unnecessary character. This episode did nothing to redeem the disappointing Guardian storyline or justify the idea of James becoming a superhero in the first place. Even the fact that James suddenly found himself on the wrong side of the law did little to boost his storyline. This conflict never forced James to consider the consequences of his actions or the risks he’s taking putting on the costume. Instead, it delivered a very straightforward, generic “hero framed by the villain” tale, one that was quickly and neatly wrapped up by episode’s end.

Four Ways to Handle Interview Questions You Don't Know How to Answer

Say you’re applying for a mergers and acquisitions position in finance and are asked, “What is working capital?”—and you really just have no idea. Be prepared with a fail-safe answer that focuses on your enthusiasm for the position and knowledge of the industry. Something like, “That’s not a concept I’m really familiar with yet, but finance is something I’m really excited about, and I’ve been actively trying to learn more. I’ve been keeping up with deals and have read about a few that your company has been involved in. I’ve also learned a lot about the industries that you advise. I think the consolidation that’s going on in the auto industry is going to create a lot of interesting opportunities going forward, and it’ll be an opportunity to learn a great deal about the M&A business.”

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