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Ukrainian Air force jet flies too low, human dives for cover

Technically Incorrect: For reasons that may only amount to "because it's fun," some air force pilots around the globe enjoy scaring people on the ground. Here's the latest.

Human factors limit smart cities more than technology

Industry experts are urging city leaders to focus more on how smart cities work in conjunction with the humans who inhabit them.

Get $40 Off Amazon Echo for Black Friday

It's Black Friday! Are you ready to go nuts? Let's spend some cash.

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The Top Best Buy Black Friday Deals

At Best Buy , you can find a few deals now. But the larger deals begin on Thanksgiving Day, when stores open at 5 p.m. local time in 47 states (Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island have laws against it) with a number of doorbuster deals. They will remain open until 1 a.m. local time before re-opening at 8 a.m. on Black Friday with more doorbusters.

Reddit CEO Caught Secretly Editing User Comments, Chatlogs Leaked [Update]

Reddit’s CEO Steve Huffman has been caught editing comments of users of the infamous pro-Trump subreddit The_Donald. For a site which prides itself on “authentic” conversation, the ability of site administrators to secretly alter content has drastic implications.

The Best PlayStation 4 Black Friday Deals

For now, we've rounded up the top PlayStation 4-related deals we could find, most of which are already live, so get shopping!

The five worst Thanksgiving turkey cooking disasters

Fried turkey is delicious but if you don't know how to cook it properly you could end up burning your house down. Here's proof in the form of five fiery GIFs, the most violent fried turkey disasters on the internet.

How Do I Avoid Poisoning Everyone at Thanksgiving Dinner?

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is going to be hectic and stressful no matter what you do, so try to relax a little and enjoy yourself. Making sure your food is safe for human consumption isn't that hard as long as you can concentrate on making sure your food is handled, prepped, cooked, and served perfectly, and you're not distracted by the last minute rush to find ingredients, pots, and pans, or by family members who won't leave you alone in the kitchen. We can't give you a miracle tip to keep your family from nibbling at the turkey while it rests, but we can make sure that turkey is safe for nibbling when it comes out of the oven.

Amazon Is Trying to Make Black Friday a Thing in Europe For Some Reason

If you ask someone in Europe about “Black Friday,” it will likely conjure up images of a stock market crash instead of a shopping day. But that hasn’t stopped Amazon from trying to make the American shopping tradition a thing on the other side of the Atlantic.

The best Target Black Friday deals 2016

The very best Black Friday deals at Target are here, and in the past the store has always had unbeatable prices on Apple iPad and iPhone. Good news, 2016 sales look no different.

Customized E-Cigarette Explodes In Man's Pants, Again

Using e-cigarettes is a great way to stop smoking. But lately, the futuristic products have become a different kind of health hazard. Yesterday, a man at Grand Central Terminal in New York suffered burns after an e-cigarette exploded in his pants. The security video of the incident is remarkably similar to an e-cigarette explosion caught on tape earlier this month .

Sphero’s Wearable Now Lets You Control Your Home Like a Real Jedi

However, now that the Force Band works with the IFTTT ( If This Then That ) automation platform (you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the most recent versions of both apps) there are suddenly an infinite number of reasons to justify the wearable’s $80 price tag. When creating a custom applet using either the IFTTT mobile app or web portal, Force Band users can now select one of three different triggers based on the various Jedi-inspired arm motions the wearable can detect, including Force Push, Force Pull, and Force Stop.

12 TV shows to binge-watch this Thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving is finally here, giving us all reason to reflect on what we should truly be thankful for: a fantastic year for television. Seriously. Many of us will be downing our turkey dinners with a side of drunken hilarity, family dysfunction, and tense political discussion. But when the plates clear and you’re sinking into a food coma, rest assured that there’s some great TV waiting to see you through the long weekend. Here are some recommendations for what to watch while you digest.

Reddit CEO secretly tampered with comments from Donald Trump fans

In a curious turn of events, today Reddit CEO Steve Huffman admitted to having clandestinely edited a series of Redditor comments that personally targeted and insulted him, using his admin access to replace references to his username with the nicknames of certain moderators from the unofficial Donald Trump subreddit.

​Amazon could be eyeing Arab counterpart

The online retail giant is reportedly in talks to acquire Dubai-based for about $1 billion.

Lutron lights up the smart home with connected light switches

These luxurious smart home switches let you control your home's lights in a wide variety of ways -- and they work with both Siri and Alexa for voice control.

We Might Finally Know How Rogue One Is Handling Its Opening Crawl

Since the film was announced, the question of whether or not Rogue One would stick with the tradition of the mainline Star Wars films and have its own ‘opening crawl’—has been asked a bunch of times. Disney has seemingly been back and forth on this, but we might actually have an answer now.

7 tips to create awesome mobile app designs

Native app UI design doesn’t give you much room to work with. When designing for smaller screens and shorter attention spans, your UI design must work at the speed of thought. Ideally, you want to design an interface that’s easy enough for novice users, without boring experienced users.

How to shop online and stay secure

Two-step verification makes it more difficult for hackers to access your accounts, even if they're able to obtain your password. Each time you sign into your account, you will be prompted to enter a time-sensitive security code that has been sent to your mobile phone. I already used two-step verification on my Google, Facebook and Twitter accounts -- and even my online banking. That's the only reason they remained safe and secure. When available, you should always have two-step verification enabled.

A few great deals on accessories for iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch

Whether you’re looking to pair your newly minted iPhone with wireless headphones or simply need to restock on a few Lightning cables, we’ve rounded up a few accessory deals for everything from your iPhone to your MacBook. Some of these are on our DT Shop, and others are on Best Buy, MacMall, Amazon, or Newegg. We will add to these over time and swap out deals.

10 apps to be thankful for on Thanksgiving

Food Network In the Kitchen is a great all-around recipe app featuring recipes from your favorite Food Network stars. The app has a whole section for Thanksgiving (naturally), which includes recipes for appetizers, stuffing, turkeys, cranberry sauce, biscuits, potatoes and other side dishes, plus Thanksgiving meal plans from chefs Giada, Bobby Flay and Sunny Anderson. Many recipes feature video tutorials, and all recipes can be added to a recipe box or a shopping list (though you'll need to set up a Food Network account to save these). There's even a section on how to use leftovers!

4 doorbuster offers that will make you thankful... for TNW Deals!

Are you one of many Americans celebrating Thanksgiving today? Then you might want to throw a thanks TNW Deals’ way… because we’ve been hooking you up all year long.

TechCrunch Gift Guide 2016 | TechCrunch

Welcome to the 2016 TechCrunch Gift Guide! Coming up with gift ideas for everyone on your list can be tough — but we can help.

Jill Stein Reaches Goal for Election Recount, Immediately Increases Goal

Jill Stein is not exactly every liberal’s favorite person lately. But now, she’s gone and raised the necessary funds for a recount which should please many. Or actually, maybe it’s not the necessary amount, she needs more.

Carving Your Thanksgiving Feast Will Be a Lot Easier Using This Clever Life Hack

If it’s your first time preparing a bird for your Thanksgiving feast, you’ll understandably be a little nervous when it comes to time to carve it up for dinner. But there’s no reason to stress over slicing up the perfect portions if you’ve got access to a hundred thousand dollar industrial waterjet machine .

Dell Black Friday 2016 Deals - IGN

Check out Dell's Black Friday sale ad below for some excellent game console, television, and computer deals (like the XPS Tower Desktop) and membership bargains (Dropbox Pro) available only on . We've highlighted some of the best offers below.

How does Thanksgiving actually make us feel?

Thanksgiving can mean a lot of things, from the usual turkey feast to more idiosyncratic and potentially stressful traditions like a Black Friday campout or a death-defying deep fry. The holiday varies from person to person and family to family, causing real problems for anyone who wants to contemplate the True Meaning of Thanksgiving. Has the national celebration of football and shopping overtaken the giving-thanks part of it all? Is Thanksgiving kind of a downer? How would you even know?

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Samsung's sports smartwatch with LTE aims to do it all.

Maserati will reportedly launch an all-electric Alfieri in 2020

There's no word yet on what kind of range the vehicle will have, but considering other sports car makers like Porshe and Aston Martin plan to launch electric vehicles with ranges exceeding 200 miles per charge by 2020, it's likely the upcoming Alfieri will have a similar range.

This year you can watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade live on YouTube

For the first time since 1952, fans of floats and marching bands can take in the spectacle live without having to tune in to the NBC broadcast on TV.

Mercedes Gives Itself an Electric Makeover

Wagener’s job is to develop a design vocabulary for EQ that draws from Mercedes’s lexicon—think three-pointed star and trapezoidal grille—but is distinctive enough for buyers to feel they’re trumpeting their green credentials. The body of the Generation EQ forms a gentle arc from the front end (with an illuminated Mercedes star) to the hood, windshield, and roof before dropping sharply to the rear tailgate, which sports a red light bar across the car’s entire width. The vehicle has no door handles—the doors open automatically when you wave your hand over a sensor. Instead of sideview mirrors, it’s got small displays that show images from rear-facing cameras. The dashboard is dominated by a rectangular screen, which appears to float behind the steering wheel, and is otherwise devoid of dials and buttons. Electric cars “started out with a bit of an eco-friendly, responsible tag,” Wagener said as crowds clustered around the Generation EQ during the Paris show. “They weren’t sexy, they weren’t luxury cars, and they didn’t sell.”

MacMall's Black Friday Sale Offers Up to $180 off on MacBooks, $142 off on iPad Pro

MacMall is an official Apple reseller and they’ve got some pretty good deals on Apple products on Black Friday. You’ll be able to get the 12.9 inch iPad Pro 128 GB Wi-Fi+ Cellular for $887 ($142 off). That machine for under thousand dollars is great deal. If you wish to live the #donglefreelife, you can grab the older 2015 MacBook Pros for a $180 discount on the MRP. And unlike Apple’s Black Friday event , these are actual cash discounts, not gift card reimbursements.

How Satya Nadella is making Microsoft cool again, and taking on Apple and Amazon without trying

Mr Nadella said that, in his two and a half years since taking over as CEO from Steve Ballmer, the company had found success by focusing strongly on areas it believes it can do something differently to rival tech firms, and that he has endeavoured to instil a culture where his workers were no longer afraid to fail.

31 Best Black Friday 2016 iPhone Deals

T-Mobile probably has the best Black Friday deal on an iPhone 7 this Black Friday. The Un-carrier will let you upgrade to an iPhone 7 32GB for free if you are ready to trade-in your old iPhone 6s, Galaxy S6, Note 7, or LG V20/G5. If you own an iPhone 6 or any other flagship Android device from 2014, you can upgrade to an iPhone 7 by paying an additional $100. The carrier will also offer you $200 in cash for every line that you switch over to it.

The Best Pre-Black Friday TV Deals

55-inch Samsung 4K LED HDTV w/ HDR + $150 Dell Gift Card for $599.99 This is one of the best Black Friday TV deals we've currently seen. You get a 2016 Samsung TV with 4K and HDR for a price of only $600. The bonus gift card makes this the deal to beat on Black Friday and better than deals we saw on Black Friday. Get this deal now and focus your Black Friday shopping on other deals.

Black Friday deals: Best sales on TVs, speakers, and streaming video devices

If you’re willing to forgo 4K resolution—and chances are you won’t notice the difference at this screen size anyway—this 55-inch Sharp TV will have an unbeatable $250 price tag (regularly $500) on Black Friday. To sweeten the deal, it’s a Roku TV, so you’ll have a killer selection of streaming apps built in. You’ll have to wake up early, though, as this deal will only be at Best Buy stores at 8 a.m. on Friday .


OK, this is good - they have a point of difference, some things they think they can do better than Tesla or Nissan. But successfully starting a new car company requires either a niche you can exploit and then expand from, or huge amounts of money. Tesla used the niche method, but I can't see that this will work again, at least in markets where Tesla, Nissan etc have a presence. Both this story and other evidence (Wikipedia article) suggest they are short of capital, so the other method doesn't work either.

How to Stream the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is a mainstay of living rooms on Thanksgiving Day, giving everyone an excuse to quietly drink coffee and ignore the world while watching Hello Kitty float by. This year, that’s possible in even more rooms with the help of YouTube.

Thousands Evacuate Israeli City as Massive Wildfire Spreads

The Israeli government has deployed its fleet of firefighting planes to combat a wildfire that has forced tens of thousands to leave their homes in Israel’s third largest city, Haifa. The fires have been exacerbated by dry, windy conditions. Manpower and larger aircraft are being sent from other countries.

For America's Sake, Don't Shop on Thanksgiving

Obviously, some people have to work on Thanksgiving - let's all work together to make that number as small as possible. Cops need to cop; firemen need to fight fires. Airline pilots and flight attendants need to shuttle hungry Americans to their ancestral homes. Gas station attendants, bus drivers, and train conductors give up their holidays to make sure the rest of us get to our loved ones. Let's thank all of these people, as we thank our families, for helping us and our families enjoy this holiday.

Everything you need to know about catching and fighting Ditto, the newest Pokémon in Pokémon Go

Ditto copies the move-sets of whatever Pokémon you're fighting, but it maintains its own health — including how much you've upgraded it with candies and stardust and your personal trainer level.

2017 Kia Soul Turbo: More tech and much more power - Roadshow

Kia's quirky Soul gets a healthy dose of power and a tech overhaul for the 2017 model year.

India’s Cash Ban the Best Thing to Happen to Digital Payments

While the situation’s still developing, India could end up a rare bright spot for financial technology investors. Funding and deals for fintech fell globally for a second straight quarter in the July to September period, according to KPMG and CB Insights. In contrast, Taku said investors are now asking her: “How much money do you want?”

10 failed smartphone 'innovations': projectors, 3D screens, gamepads and more

Early HTC Android models had this physical trackball thing on them, which eventually turned into the optical tracker that beamed out of the original HTC Desire's Home key. God know why these existed, though, as the entire point of the smartphone was to make navigation easy through touch -- so having a wheezing old trackball to do exactly that only slower and less accurately was... peculiar. Hence they don't exist now. See also all gesture input systems, ever. 

Meet the Real-Life Tech Wizards of Middle Earth

When Jackson started the Lord of the Rings project, most people figured he would do the movies and then Wellington would more or less go back to its roots as the center of the country’s government. But Jackson has hopped from one grand project to the next, building a moviemaking industry that continues to attract work and talent from overseas. There are film sets, supercomputers for special effects, and enormous virtual reality studios. And if you happen to be the host of a technology travel show, you get to play with all the toys, including Jackson’s bespoke camera.

J&J makes takeover approach for Swiss drugmaker Actelion: Bloomberg

U.S. healthcare company Johnson & Johnson ( JNJ.N ) has approached Swiss biotechnology firm Actelion Ltd ( ATLN.S ) about a potential takeover, Bloomberg reported on Thursday, citing people it said were familiar with the matter.

Raspberry Pi helps build strong brains

Technology makes our lives easier, touching everything we do at work, at home and even in our cars. CNET Magazine looks at tech from every angle: from its impact on society, to the people and companies who think up the next big thing, and the gadgets and services that really matter. We invite you to explore, share and -- most of all -- enjoy the stories brought to you by the reporters and photojournalists of the world's biggest tech news site. Here's just a sampling of what you'll find in our quarterly magazine. To get all the stories, head to to subscribe.

Civil War II's Biggest Brawl Might Be Over Before It Even Started

This week’s Civil War II #7 spools out of Inhuman soothsayer Ulysses’ shocking revelation of a potential future where Miles Morales kills Steve Rogers on the steps of Capitol Hill , a piece of imagery with all the subtlety of several hammers to your face. In an attempt to prove that he could never kill the original Captain America, Miles heads to Washington D.C., only to be instantly surrounded by the police and SHIELD forces at Carol’s behest. What neither of them realised is that Steve would show up too, in his own attempt to prove the vision false. Things start going well between the two heroes, who are both kind of embarrassed by the whole situation...

5 Simple Ways to Harness The Power Of Gratitude At Work

The first place that employees will look to for gratitude is their superiors. Feelings of being appreciated by those above them will go a long way toward creating a culture of thankfulness at all levels. Organizations model the behavior of those who are in positions of power. Lack of appreciation from above will show up at all levels; lack of appreciation of coworkers, loss of workplace morale, and higher staff turnover.

Apple's supply chain corroborates 10.5-inch iPad Pro claims

Sources in Apple’s supply chain have corroborated claims that the company will launch a 10.5-inch iPad in 2017.

Michigan Legislature Approves Fully Autonomous Vehicle Tests

The current state of autonomous vehicles in the U.S. is fragmented. Some states allow testing and semi-autonomous driving, others are staunchly against Google, Uber, and even leading automakers like General Motors testing self-driving vehicles in their state. That may change in July, when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) publishes federal guidelines for autonomous … Read more »

Here's the one thing everyone learning to code should do, no matter what

You can make it easier on yourself by doing one key thing: take notes. Lots of notes. All the time, every time. Find a method that’s most effective for you, and take notes. You should even be taking notes inside your code!

Samsung Group offices raided during investigation into South Korean political scandal

“Samsung has become an embarrassment to Korea, where saving face is still a factor in reputation management,” a crisis management expert told The Guardian , adding the firm’s board must, ”firmly take charge of the company’s direction,” at this crucial time. It’s not the first time Samsung has been raided in relation to the investigation into Park and Choi either. Another took place earlier in November , and prosecutors will call executives in for questioning related to the case in the near future.

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67 Did Ben Franklin Want the Turkey to Be Our National Symbol?
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