Major 'No Man's Sky' update arrives with surprises Video Description

That promised Foundation Update for No Man's Sky ? It's already here for both PC and PS4... and it includes much, much more than Hello Games hinted at just a couple of days ago. The centerpiece remains base building, which turns out to be simple but helpful. If you find an uninhabited base, you can use modular structures to make it your own -- including automated resource farming and storage so you don't have to traipse across the planet harvesting items. You can also hire aliens to research technology, and teleport to and from space stations. And did we mention that you can buy freighters, which serve as spaceborne bases that you can summon anywhere in the galaxy? If you hated the forced mineral-gathering marches that you experienced on launch , you might be happy with this alone. Thankfully, there's more.

Videos for 11/27/2016