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The race for smart cities from the leading edge of tech

As with any new market, there are startups, large companies, corporations, organizations and other groups leading the way forward for smart cities.

How to watch The Game Awards 2016 livestream

See gaming's big celebration (and first-ever 4K live stream!)

The secret system that will backbone the entire IoT industry

The lack of standardization is the largest gap that’s holding back a massive flood of advanced technological capabilities to connect the IoT world.

Is security the biggest threat to industrial IoT in the future?

Industrial IoT is rolling out across many sectors, with interesting data insights being unlocked. But security matters around that data are still looming.

Trends with Benefits: Netflix lets you watch offline and Apple plans to map with drones

Netflix will finally allow users to download shows to watch offline, but there's a catch. On this week's podcast we're diving into that, plus looking at how Apple plans to use drones to enhance Maps.

This startup hired NYC grandmothers to knit hipster scarves and hats

Do you wish you had a grandma who could knit you a nice chunky scarf for the winter? Not to worry. Wooln, an e-commerce

Fill ‘er up: Sewage management tech turns human waste into biocrude oil

By utilizing a new sewage treatment technology called hydrothermal liquefaction, researchers have found a way to turn human waste into usable biocrude oil.

Everything Coming to Netflix in December

Netflix has the perfect antidote to too much holiday.

Don’t worry about the superrich

There's no need to panic—the rich are doing fine. According to new data from the Internal Revenue Service, income report

Massively hyped video games: Expectations vs. reality

Because sometimes what you see isn't what you get.

Always shoot the perfect basket with the brainy Noah Basketball

Never miss another basket with Noah Basketball. By analyzing the shot arc and depth, players can hone in on the optimal shot and build up the muscle memory.

Movie studio Annapurna Pictures now makes games

Annapurna Interactive is working with the creators behind "Monument Valley" and "Katamari Damacy".

'Ark: Survival Evolved' stomps its way onto PS4 next week

Get into the festive spirit by riding a T-Rex.

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Apple is reportedly using drones to improve Maps

As for the drone team, it's reportedly being assembled in Seattle and run by someone hired away from Amazon's Prime Air division. Apple applied for FAA permits last year to fly commercial drones to "conduct data collection, photography and videography," according to a document dug up by Bloomberg . If it follows the new FAA rules , operations in cities will be limited to licensed pilots flying in daytime hours with line-of-site views of the drones. Images and other data collected will then be rapidly incorporated into Maps.

Zenefits' free software business model has been declared 'illegal' in the state of Washington

The Washington viewpoint is a decidedly minority view.  Since its founding, Zenefits has had conversations with regulators about our business model, which includes some free HR apps. Many states have looked into the issue and concluded that free software from Zenefits is not a problem; in fact, it’s in the interest of consumers. Only one state other than Washington has disagreed.  Utah’s department of insurance tried to force Zenefits to raise prices for consumers, and Utah’s state legislature and governor quickly took action, passing a bill to clarify that its rebating statute should not be interpreted to prohibit innovative new business models that deliver value to consumers.

CBS All Access will start streaming NFL games this Sunday

CBS All Access subscribers will be able to stream all NFL on CBS games, including Thursday Night Football on CBS, as well as pregame and halftime coverage live on CBS All Access platforms, including on tablets via the CBS App for iOS, Android and Windows 10, on connected device platforms, including Xbox One and Xbox 360, Roku Players, Apple TV, Chromecast, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, and PS4, and online at in more than 150 markets across the U.S. CBS All Access subscribers will receive all NFL ON CBS games being broadcast in their local market.

Oculus Touch: 53 launch window games for the new motion controllers

Oculus Touch , which is a set of controllers that track the position of your hands in 3D space as well as the placement of your fingers, launches December 6 for $200. This will give Oculus input parity with the competing HTC Vive that runs on Steam VR — and it will also enable you to play any of the VR games on Steam that require motion controls. But Oculus is also filling out its own app store with games that support the Touch.

Nokia turns to Android for its smartphone rebirth

Back when the first Android smartphones rolled off the assembly line in 2009, they weren’t just competing against Apple. Feature-phone pioneer Nokia commanded a large chunk of the market, and it was hard at work on its own open-source touchscreen platform. We all know how that story ended. Android and Apple took over the market and Nokia floundered for years with half-baked handsets until Microsoft mercifully put Nokia’s smartphone segment out of its misery after acquiring the business last year.

The New Food Fights: U.S. Public Divides Over Food Science

There are pronounced differences in people’s views about organic and GM foods that tie to their underlying outlook about food. One is the degree of concern people have about the issue of GM foods and another is the degree people are focused on eating healthy and nutritious foods. People who care deeply about the issue of GM foods stand out in their concerns about the healthfulness of these foods and the impact GM crops have on public health and the environment, as well as in their general food buying and eating practices. Similarly, people who are focused on eating healthy and nutritious foods stand apart from other Americans in how strongly they think eating is tied to a long and healthy life and in eating “what they should” most days; in their beliefs about the nutritional value of organic food; and in their attention to nutrition and ingredient labels.

Russian resupply ship destroyed en route to International Space Station

This mission was the third and final Russian resupply mission to the ISS of the year. The space station still has plenty of supplies, according to NASA , so there isn't much danger of the crew starving in the immediate future. Furthermore, Japan's JAXA is planning to launch an H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV)-6 flight to the ISS on December 9th.

iHeartRadio stays true to roots as it makes entry into crowded streaming market

Like Pandora, iHeartRadio claims it can carve out its own market in music streaming because most of its listeners don't pay for a streaming service. Its service is targeted not toward Spotify users who want to curate their playlists and listen to every new album, but to listeners who like old-fashioned radio but just want a little more control.

The oldest remaining Nikon camera scooped over $400,000 at auction

Purchasing a piece of history sure doesn’t come cheap. The oldest surviving Nikon camera has sold for a staggering $406,000 at an auction in Austria  to become the most expensive piece of photography ever manufactured by the iconic brand.

Facebook wants to teach you about artificial intelligence now so it can hire you later

In the same way that people 15 to 20 years ago ended up wishing that they had studied computer science more closely in school once the PC revolution was underway, he says, it's "quite obvious" that 10 years from now, lots of people, programmers included, are going to wish they studied artificial intelligence. So if you want to work for Facebook, it's definitely the right field to study.

Fitbit in Talks to Buy and Kill Pebble

Those devices are still expected to ship to backers in January 2017. But if Fitbit does buy Pebble, then the 2 and Time 2 will likely be the last Pebble branded wearables you’ll ever see. According to Engadget, Fitbit is buying the company to have access to its tech, not the brand or product line up. That’s great for Fitbit, who could put the tech into its trackers and also finally build a decent smartwatch. Less great for Pebble and fans of its e-ink smartwatches.

Amazon Prime Video gets HBO and Cinemax (for a price)

Amazon Prime Video differs from some of its competitors by offering separate add-on channels in addition to what’s included with your Prime membership. Now it’s adding two more: HBO and Cinemax.

1. Public views about Americans’ eating habits

These beliefs are somewhat tied to people’s focus on food issues. People who care a great deal about the issue of GM foods are particularly likely to say Americans’ eating habits have deteriorated over the past two decades: 67% hold this view, compared with 53% among those not at all or not too concerned about the GM foods issue. People focused on eating healthy and nutritious are relatively more inclined to say the types of food people eat is a bigger problem in the U.S. today than the overall amount (34%, compared with 21% among those not at all or not too focused on healthy and nutritious eating.)

AngelList acquires Product Hunt

And Hoover is now leaning in to his base. “Several millions of people work in tech and tech is something that affects all of our lives,” Hoover said. “But now in this new AngelList and Product Hunt collaboration, in this new world, it’s actually an opportunity to help the tech industry but it still doesn’t sacrifice our mission or our vision of becoming even bigger.”

How to find out if your iPhone 6s battery is eligible for replacement | Cult of Mac

The page will then let you know if you can get a free replacement. If you aren’t eligible, it’s either because your serial number isn’t within the affected range or your battery has already been replaced. If you had paid to have your battery replaced, check with Apple to get a refund.

These Are The Most Downloaded Android Apps Of 2016

Google unveiled its "Best of 2016" lists today, a rundown of the year's top apps, games, songs, movies, TV shows, and books based on the number of times each was downloaded from Google Play.

Moto’s newest mods are a Mophie battery and Incipio car dock

Moto is releasing two new Moto Mods for its Z line of smartphones, a Mophie Juice Pack battery and a car dock from Incipio. The $79.99 Mophie is larger in capacity than the earlier Moto Mod battery packs, and packs a 3,000mAh battery that is said to provide 60 percent more battery life than a phone without it. It also has a status indicator light and a USB Type-C port so that it can be charged independently of being connected to the phone.

Facebook: Don't freak out about artificial intelligence

The social network's news feed algorithms, which are powered in part by machine learning and decide what you see or don't see on Facebook, have came under fire in the aftermath of the election. Trump's detractors argue fake news circulated on people's news feeds played a role in his victory. Other critics contend "filter bubbles," the notion that Facebook users are only exposed to viewpoints that dovetail with their own, may have been the reason people were so blindsided.


With a more than 300% increase in Alexa requests on Thanksgiving Day 2016, Amazon Echos were definitely busy. Here's a rundown of what people were asking.

Report: Apple Eyes Drones to Help Improve Maps

The company earlier this year got the Federal Aviation Administration's permission to move ahead with its new drone data-collection plan in the US. Documents obtained by Bloomberg state that the FAA gave Apple the thumbs up to "operate an unmanned aircraft system to conduct data collection, photography, and videography." Apple in its application said it would use several different drones to collect the data, including ones made by DJI and Aibotix.

Carnival Cruises to Pay $40 Million Fine for Secretly Dumping Shit Water Since 2005

Cruises are like floating piles of shit and piss that you pay to ride for a week. But sometimes cruises need to release a bit of that shit and piss so that the ship doesn’t sink. Dumping of bilge water is tightly regulated when cruises are near populated areas. But Princess Cruises, owned by Carnival Corp, just spent a decade illegally releasing that garbage into the ocean. Today, the Department of Justice announced that it reached a $40 million settlement with the company over its illegal dumping and efforts to cover it up .

Good robot design needs to be reponsible, not just responsive

If military and police are excluded from the “do no harm” pledges of the Good Robot Design Council and BSI, what kind of precedent is established? What role does defense play in robot ethics with the creation of robots designed to kill during police or military operations? Will ethics be able to keep up with the technological advances and indeed growing uses of robots?  Only time will tell.

Tiny Wings update adds more levels, iPhone 6 resolution, Apple TV app

Some context: Tiny Wings is one of the single greatest games ever released for the iPhone, ranking up there with titles like Angry Birds . Developed solely by Illiger, it's an amazingly fun game that still holds up today, even though it came out more than five years ago. And while it looked like the game was being abandoned to quietly age to obsolescence, today's update brings new life to the game's future. This is only the third time the game has been updated — several new levels were added in August 2014, and an update added iPhone 5 support from back in October 2012.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Donates $100 Million to Charities

Facebook Inc. Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg put more than $100 million into her charitable fund with plans to give to groups that promote women’s rights and help grieving families.

You can now subscribe to stream HBO and Cinemax shows on Amazon Prime

“HBO has produced some of the most groundbreaking, beloved and award-winning shows in television history,” said Amazon VP of digital video Michael Paull in an official statement. “Prime members can now watch the latest episodes of the critically-acclaimed Westworld and Game of Thrones without the need for a cable subscription. We’re thrilled to work with HBO to bring their cutting-edge content to Amazon Prime members with Amazon Channels.”

The FBI Just Got Disturbing New Hacking Powers

Wyden is unlikely to find satisfying answers to his questions. Without any discussion by lawmakers or thorough examination of the new rules’ possible consequences, the changes have now gone into effect. At this point, we are forced to take the federal government at its word, hoping it plans to use its newfound powers for good (as it claims it does) and not, um, anything else .

How we're building a 22-mile-long park in the middle of a city

Urban planner Ryan Gravel shares the story of how his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, rallied to build a massive urban park that will transform an abandoned railroad track into 22 miles of public green space called the Atlanta BeltLine. The places we live aren't inevitable, he says — and if we want something different, we need to speak up.

You can't hide from government hacking

This form of government hacking is a tool that prosecutors have used to identify suspects in financial crimes and child porn cases, who typically use anonymizing tools to hide their computers' IP addresses. That makes them challenging to catch. The changes will also let investigators use a single warrant to access the computers of hacking victims in some cases.

Motorola appears to be giving up on smartwatches

Huawei and LG, which have made Android Wear watches in the past, both said they don't plan to make new devices this year. There has even been speculation that Huawei would abandon Android Wear altogether. A spokesperson for Huawei told Business Insider earlier this year that the company remains committed to wearables, but didn't mention those running on Android.

How to order prescription Snapchat Spectacles

"We’ve been working with heads-up displays for a long time, and Spectacles are just a form of smart glasses without the heads-up-display. We already cut similar notches in lenses for Google Glass to accommodate the HUD, so cutting rounded notches in the lens corners to work around the Spectacle cameras is very similar," Patrick Ho, CEO of Rochester Optical, said in a statement.

DT Giveaway: A chance to fly with JetPack Aviation

Earlier this week we got a live demo of JetPack Aviation’s new JB-10 jetpack, and it totally blew our minds. After a few minutes of preflight checks, founder and chief pilot David Mayman lifted off from the back of a tugboat, ascended a few dozen feet, and then zipped across the Port of Long Beach as if he had done it a million times. It was nuts — the amount of control and articulation he had over the pack was exactly like all the sci-fi movies had promised — and apparently it doesn’t take much training, either.

Mike Gottschamer on Twitter

A Russian cargo ship bound for the International Space Station failed to reach orbit Thursday.  Photo: NASA TV

This Revived 1940s Design Could Keep the Gas Engine Pumping

Achates wants to chuck that out the window in favor of the opposed piston engine. This setup uses two pistons in each cylinder. The ignition of fuel and air creates an explosion that drives the pistons apart, generating power. Such engines are simpler, because they don’t use valves or camshafts. They saw some use in locomotives and military vehicles until engineers abandoned them in the 1940s because of the difficulty of making them run cleanly and efficiently. Achates thinks it has cracked that problem. We paid a visit to find out how—check out the video above to see what we learned.

Facebook to use AI to find fake news, offensive live video | ZDNet

The AI is able to monitor video on Facebook Live and flag it, if offensive content is found. The social network also has an automation process to sift through the "tens of million of reports" of offensive content on a weekly basis.

Fitbit may buy smartwatch maker Pebble

Fitness wristband maker Fitbit is said to be close to a deal to acquire smartwatch maker Pebble, mainly for its intellectual property.

Five Productivity Tips For People Who Work For Themselves

The good news, though, is that people who work for themselves—whether as freelancers or solo founders—have the latitude to experiment. Not every productivity tactic will work for everyone, just as not every strategy you try will help you grow your business. But setting benchmarks, surrounding yourself with a community of support, and scheduling your time strategically are all likely good places to start.

Thieves Skip the Skimmer and Steal the Whole Damn ATM Instead

If you wanted to take advantage of an ATM, you might equip it with a skimmer, a device which captures electronic information from people’s cards and uses it to siphon away money. Two thieves in Pennsylvania, however, decided to go another route and rip the whole damn machine out instead.

How Travel Can Help People Find Their Superpower To Do Good

I saw her on board the ship crying publicly on multiple occasions. Not out of the frustration, but out of the joy and inspiration of hearing the transformation of the people around her and their commitment to her vision for Fathom. Every time she talked about the efforts of her team to launch Fathom, she teared up. She shared a story about a Dominican woman who worked at one of the sites Fathom’s travelers served and how it had given her economic independence. Her eyes welled up again as she told the story. She is investing all of herself in the business but is getting so much more in return in the incredible purpose she gains for the work.

'Gears of War 4' gets cross-platform multiplayer this weekend

Since the dawn of time, comment sections have had vicious debates on which gamers own the superior platform. This weekend, Microsoft are giving them the opportunity to put their K/D where their mouths are. Between December 2nd and December 5th, Microsoft will be trialing cross-platform competitive play on Gears of War 4 allowing PC and Xbox One players to duke it out.

10 Cyber Week deals you don’t want to miss

Among the pile of bargains still up for grabs, here are 10 deals on everything from tablets to TVs that make it feel like it's still the day after Thanksgiving - but with much, much less fuss:

High-schoolers recreate the pill Martin Shkreli priced at $750 for puny $20

But now it seems an ambitious group of Australian high school students from Sydney has found a much cheaper way to make the drug.

You don't need a PS4 Pro, but when you see games in 4K, you'll want one

The PlayStation 4 Pro can also improve how well PSVR games work, regardless of what TV you have. According to Sony’s Mark Cerny, the PS4 Pro does not automatically incur any technical improvements without dedicated support built into individual games. Based on our testing, we generally found this to be the case. Though games may seek to use the PS4 Pro’s to enhance PSVR in different ways, the added graphical power seems to allow the headset to show more detailed renderings at higher resolution. (As of this time we’ve only tested one PS4 Pro enabled PSVR game. We will update this review once we have a better sense of console’s overall benefit.)

A new app will grow the White House on your dollar bill

With an interactive 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at your fingertips, you'll have the power to tour rooms via Google Street View, witness the iconic Easter Egg Roll, see what it's like to attend a state dinner, watch Marine One land on the South Lawn and learn about events like the State Arrival Ceremony.

Review: Are AirPod competitor 'Skybuds' worth the $249 price tag?

The downside for workout warriors is going to come in the lack of control. The range is surely strong enough to extend a fair distance from your phone, but the controls are limited to accepting or declining calls and starting/pausing music. The ability to skip tracks or adjust volume would be a welcome addition, although it’d have to be accomplished with voice controls as the headphones lack wires, or the required space to add a bunch of additional buttons. But it’s definitely doable, and at least plausible that it could come in a future firmware update. Hopefully it doesn’t take three hours.

Twitter has a new head of product who barely uses the product

Coleman is more active now, not surprisingly. It’s likely he’s been more engaged with Twitter in the run-up to taking the job. Yet it doesn’t bode well for Twitter that the new pilot of its product ambitions doesn’t have much of a history on Twitter. The company is increasingly turning its eye to video as it struggles to make money and grow its user base, including its Periscope live streaming platform and a number of TV-focused initiatives to turn the Twitter timeline into a place to hangout and discuss sports and entertainment. Its core challenge, however is getting people who’ve never signed up — or those who, like Coleman, don’t really use it that much — to engage more.

Woman Goes to Jail for Using a Fake Facebook Account to Frame Ex-Lover

We shouldn’t have to tell you this: Don’t use Facebook to frame your ex-lover for a crime. A woman in Southern California learned this lesson the hard way after she created a phony Facebook profile of her ex-boyfriend to frame him for stalking, kidnapping, and beating her.

How A New U.K. Surveillance Law Could One Day Be Used To Threaten Apple Encryption

Apple isn’t setting off the alarm bells over the passage of the new law, but it’s paying close attention to the way it's applied and enforced. While the U.K. is still part of the European Union, Apple might still appeal to EU courts if served with a warrant under the power of the IPA. Should the U.K. leave the EU, any face-off over encryption between Apple and the U.K. government would likely be mediated in a British court.

The World's Best Spacetime Ripple Detector Just Got Better

The spacetime ripples announced earlier this year were detected during Advanced LIGO’s very first run, from September 2015 to January 2016. (An earlier version of LIGO, which operated in the early 2000s, failed to spot gravitational waves.) The plan is to keep improving Advanced LIGO, which uses a beam of laser light to measure tiny fluctuations in the distance between mirrors positioned miles apart, through incremental upgrades, followed by six-month observing runs.

Elevate Edible Gifts with These Little Extras

Homemade, edible gifts can be a lot of fun to give and receive (and eat), but handing someone a jar of jam can seem a little lackluster. To bump up the wow factor, include a thoughtful accessory.

Why Sweden Is So Good at Making Tech Everyone Wants

Ek comes from a generation of Swedes that were fed a steady diet of technology in their youth. Decades ago, the Swedish government concluded that technology would be a big part of the country’s future, so it set out to build high-speed Internet lines for all, to subsidize PC purchases, and to teach computer science at schools. The results have been phenomenal. Sweden has produced an outsized stream of mega consumer-technology hits—Spotify, Minecraft and Candy Crush—while also building an infrastructure capable of supporting some of the world’s largest data centers. Though tiny in terms of population, Sweden has emerged as Europe’s premiere technology powerhouse.

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63 Google now offering Daydream View in colors 'Crimson' and 'Snow' | ZDNet
64 "OK Google" is finally coming to Android Auto
65 Nokia kicks off its mobile comeback with new Android smartphones in 2017
66 French man sentenced to two years in prison for visiting pro-ISIS websites
67 Watch this terrifying robotic LaserSnake destroy a nuclear power cell
68 GDC will host its own video game art gallery next year
69 Airbnb will limit Amsterdam rentals to 60 days a year
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78 A new brain health app from Neurotrack warns users of memory decline
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81 Tom Cruise Assures You Mummies Are Real in the First Footage From The Mummy
82 DirecTV Now beset by user complaints on launch day
83 Buzz Aldrin Medically Evacuated From the South Pole
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