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Adorable little girl prompts dance party on NYC subway platform

A young girl starts a dance party on a subway platform in NYC.

Captain Picard sings "Let it Snow!"

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YouTube Rewind: Turn Down for 2014

YouTube Rewind 2014. Celebrating the moments, memes, and people that made 2014. Can you spot all the refs? #YouTubeRewind WATCH IN HD! WATCH 2014’S TOP VIDS:...

Join 'Sons of Anarchy' director Paris Barclay for a hangout ahead of the finale

RSVP for the event, taking place Monday at 1 p.m. ET

Mutant spider dogs, singing nuns and sexism: YouTube's hits of 2014

YouTube reveals its top 10 trending videos of 2014. Also includes kissing, footballers, a bendy iPhone 6 and a devil baby roaming New York

Pup comforts best dog friend after a terrible nightmare [VIDEO]

There's no greater comfort than the loving embrace of a dog after a terrible nightmare. This is true for both humans and fellow canines.

The crosswalk Pong game is now a real thing

A multiplayer Pong game may be coming to crosswalks.

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10 best tech companies to work for in 2015

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 40 million unique visitors worldwide and 20 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: "What They Become" Review - IGN

In an episode that would reveal Skye was in fact one of the Avengers (going by her comic book history, that is - we'll see where her MCU future takes her), she got a lot of cool moments, once more showing how far this character has come from all those "Isn't Skye awesome?!" Coulson speeches in Season 1 that felt so forced and unearned. Now she actually is pretty awesome! The way she used the diviner as a weapon against a Hydra soldier, after surviving touching it herself, was really cool – but nothing could outdo when she picked up that gun, walked up behind Ward and just shot him. It was a really notable and Whedon-esque moment because it worked against expectations and cliches. She didn’t say something first, possibly giving Ward a chance to talk his way out of it or grab the gun – she just shot him before he'd even turned back towards her. Okay, she shot him in the side , not the head, and he lived, but still! And Ward and Agent 33 slinking off together in some perverse partnership is a fun turn of events.

Here's What We Talked About Most On Facebook In 2014

Last year it was Pope Francis, the Royal Baby and Miley Cyrus. But this year, our conversations -- Facebook conversations, that is -- were all about Ebola, the World Cup and the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Guardians of the Galaxy Review - IGN

It’s one of many smart decisions taken by Gunn. For a film that’s quite out there, it’s extremely flattering that it doesn’t spend half of its running time explaining itself. It assumes you’re paying attention. You’ll figure out what the Nova Corps is. And even smarter is the way it handles the potentially onerous task of introducing the cosmic to the Marvel Universe and setting up future films – in true Guardians fashion, it doesn’t worry too much about it. Much of the plot turns on that little silver orb, which for the purposes of Guardians acts as little more than a good old-fashioned MacGuffin, setting events in motion while remaining largely unimportant to the overall plot – early on, Star-Lord even refers to it as the film's Maltese Falcon. But when taken in the wider context of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's anything but meaningless, perfectly laying the groundwork for some really big events to come.

The Pirate Bay is Offline After Swedish Police Raid

Update 3:  The Swedish Rights Alliance says that it made a complaint  about The Pirate Bay as it is an “illegal commercial service that earns big sums on posting other people’s films and music” which led to the police raid this morning.

Apple names its top apps of 2014; Uber makes the cut

Apple compiled its annual list of what it considers to be the year's most standout apps, with categories ranging from "best apps" to "best games."

Apple: What to Expect in 2015

McQuivey, for one, is happy to see Apple finally stop ignoring different form factors. He thinks the introduction of a large iPad in 2015 is actually “telegraphed by the IBM relationship.” The flat performance of Windows 8 in the enterprise has opened a real opportunity for Apple and its new partner. Microsoft will race forward with Windows 10, which addresses many businesses’ issues with Windows 8, but in that time, “ Apple needs to grab as much of that [business] real estate as they can ,” said McQuivey.

A young guitarist meets his hero

Usman Riaz is a 21-year-old whiz at the percussive guitar, a style he learned to play by watching his heroes on YouTube. The TED Fellow plays onstage at TEDGlobal 2012 — followed by a jawdropping solo from the master of percussive guitar, Preston Reed. And watch these two guitarists take on a very spur-of-the-moment improv.

'The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness' reveals the tortured genius of Studio Ghibli

The documentary is invaluable as a record of what goes on inside Ghibli's walls. Staff talk about how hard it can be to work under Miyazaki, but the footage of him working on storyboards, selecting and instructing voice actors, and advising artists on exactly how to convey his intended feeling shows just how astute and meticulous a director he is. I’ve often found that Miyazaki and Takahata’s films have the capability to move me more than just about any others, and it’s fascinating to get insight into the sometimes torturous process with which they achieve that.

Google Opens Its Cloud to Crack the Genetic Code of Autism | WIRED

Google has spent the past decade-and-a-half perfecting the science of recognizing patterns in the chaos of information on the web. Now it’s applying that expertise to searching for clues to the genetic causes of autism in the vast sea of data contained in the human genome.

The 10 Most Livable Global Cities For Balancing Work And Play

The first group, which the researchers dub the "clout club," are those that value a city’s economic prowess and its agenda-setting power in global politics and culture as the main measures. Examples of cities that rank consistently in the top ten of these rankings include New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo. These are all cities that are good to work in and are good places to see and be seen, but are also expensive, crowded, often unpleasant, and can require long commutes.

Disabled tortoise gets a Lego 'wheelchair' - CNET

Blade is a tiny tortoise with a big problem: a metabolic bone disease resulted in the little guy being too weak to bear the weight of his own shell. His owner, Iris Pleste, noticed that the 127g Greek tortoise wasn't as active and healthy as her other pets -- so she took him to her local veterinarian, Bielefeld, Germany-based Dr Carsten Plischke.

This is the most hilarious local TV weather report we've ever seen

"This is the only weather map we have to work with right now. Dean has questions so maybe we'll have to do a little question-and-answer session here soon."

12 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' facts for its 50th anniversary

Despite taking great care not to soil the puppets — only the animator and puppet maker were allowed to touch them in the studio, and they wore gloves when working on them — the figures were sprayed with magnetic flock to diffuse reflective light from the cameras. The spray contained acidity which contributed to the puppets’ deterioration over time. Rankin/Bass co-founder Jules Bass kept one of the Rudolph puppets on his desk, even though wires were coming out of its legs for the lightbulb nose.

This Dress Is Made From 3-D Printed Plastic, But Flows Like Fabric | WIRED

These mechanical challenges were exacerbated by limitations in 3-D printing technology. Pieces made with the technology have a grain, like wood, and certain orientations create stronger parts. The solution was to revamp the software. “We were able to do so much design-wise without ever printing anything,” says Rosenkrantz. “We knew not only exactly what the final piece would look like but also how it would behave.” Simulating folds was slow and inaccurate at first. Test prints of belts with 77 hinges worked beautifully, but scaling up to the 700 or more needed to create a dress repeatedly broke the software. Physics engines were tossed aside like fabric swatches.

The first 5 online resources to use when learning to code's mission is to expand the number of students, especially women and people of color, with access to the learning tools for coding languages. The exercises available on its website are formatted like games with drag-and-drop tiles, but users can view the code they're building during the challenge and when it's completed.

Shanley Kane of Model View Culture Challenges a “Corrupt” Silicon Valley | MIT Technology Review

Shanley Kane is the founder and editor of the most interesting and original of new publications that cover technology: Model View Culture , a quarterly journal and media site that offers readers a remorseless feminist critique of Silicon Valley. The critical distance expressed by the publication’s articles, essays, and interviews, where the Valley’s most cherished beliefs and practices are derided and deconstructed, was honestly won: Kane worked for five years in operations, technical marketing, and developer relations at a number of infrastructure companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Often frustrated by the unexamined assumptions of her industry and irritated by the incompetence of her managers, she began blogging about technology culture and management dysfunction at startups, which led to Model View Culture (the name is a play on a technology, familiar to software developers, used to create user interfaces), founded a year ago. She maintains a lively and often profane Twitter persona, where she caustically dismisses the arguments of the kinds of men who tried her patience when she worked for them, and generously amplifies the ideas of writers and thinkers she admires, mostly women and minorities.

'Game of Thrones' costume designer isn't thrilled with nipple armor

"I’m not terribly keen on it," she said, adding: "I wouldn’t do it on men, and I don’t really like the concept of it on women. Of course you have to have the woman’s shape. That’s fine. But [nipples on armor] is almost from a man’s point of view, and there’s something slightly cheesy about it."

Twitter employee No. 51's exit interview is an eye-opener

Biz Stone was a teaching fellow at Oxford, so when he came over to give a talk to my MBA class Adam told me to show him around. I was not a good tour guide. The day I met him in person for the first time was the day it was reported that Facebook wanted to buy Twitter, so I remember he was being trailed by some journalists as we grabbed coffee. That night over drinks, he told me about his vision for how the company could be used to make the world a better place and execute wide-scale positive change. I couldn't agree more, and told me I should come aboard.

The Urban Dictionary Of Design Slang

Above the fold adj. "This term is about whatever content can be seen on a web page before the user starts to scroll. It originates from the print industry, where above the fold meant the top half of a front page on a folded newspaper. This term is disliked by many designers I know (myself included) because we know that although first impressions are very important, users will inevitably scroll down a page to see the remainder of the content. Also, the "fold" in digital is different depending on what device the user is on, so designing with a specific size in mind will actually do more harm than good." (Source: Natalie Be'er, Huge)

From Phones To Tablets: 26 Apple Designs That Never Came To Be

Each design project starts with research to discover what’s out there and to explore the possibilities of what could be, but isn’t yet. When we launched the Snow White project, computers offered little in the way of design, but their technologies were advancing rapidly. Performance was growing, physical sizes were shrinking, and—thanks to "professional" pricing versus "consumer" pricing—profit margins were still healthy. Personal computers were in their infancy, and Apple had an edge with its use of Xerox Parc’s bitmap user interface, which appealed to everybody, not just professional computer users. However, most of Apple’s products were primitive in their mechanical design, and their manufacturing costs were absurd. By leveraging the advanced electronics production methods being used in Germany or Japan, I projected that we could lower housing costs by 70 to 90%. So, we decided to use the same technically radical design approach for Apple’s products that we used for Sony’s. In fact, we could make the designs even better and more ecologically sound by using a case-production technique that resulted in a world-class, high-quality surface that didn’t require paint.

Bose products return to the Apple store

The repaired business relationship suggests that Apple and Bose are back on the same page after a contentious few months that saw the two electronics makers at odds with one another. Earlier this year, they settled to narrowly avoid a courtroom battle over noise-cancellation patents. Bose has also tried to boost its own headphone line by signing an exclusive pact with the NFL — locking out Beats in the process — but that move has failed to pull many professional athletes away from Beats. Even so, the aggressive tactics may have irritated Apple and played into its decision to  boot Bose from its lucrative retail shops in mid-October. Now it would appear the once-deteriorating relationship has taken a turn for the better.

Mobile Advertising Is Exploding And Will Grow Much Faster Than All Other Digital Ad Categories

The report looks at the most important mobile ad formats, including display, video, social, and search. The report provides exclusive breakdowns on how spend on each format will grow and why, and examines the overall performance of mobile ads. It also looks at how programmatic ad-buying tools, including real-time bidding, are reshaping mobile advertising.

The best science fiction right now is happening in comics

It's the reason why Destiny 's fascinating and beautiful world was wrapped around a repetitive and often dull game. It's also why comic book sci-fi continues to be so great: without the restraints of a budget or technology, creators are free to create whatever they like. (Sci-fi novels can be great too, but they don't have that same visual punch that comes from seeing a really well-designed spaceship or cool-looking alien species.)

Lego 'Star Wars' proposal makes you feel like a warm and fuzzy Wookiee

Redditor and young Padawan Stephen Dempsey used the Force to propose to his girlfriend Amanda by recreating the Imperial-II class Star Destroyer from Star Wars out of Legos , making it pretty much the most badass ring box any Jedi has ever seen.

William and Kate pay their respects at Sept. 11 Memorial as tour wraps up

Britain's Prince William and his wife, Kate, wrapped up their first visit to New York in a three-day whirlwind that included a black-tie reception, a meeting with the other king, LeBron James, and a solemn, rain-drenched visit to the National Sept. 11 Memorial and Museum.

LeBron James can't breathe: A sports superstar finds his voice

Contrast that with James in Brooklyn on Monday night, Garner's last words splashed across his chest. The T-shirt was perhaps more visible than past statements James has made, but it's actually just the latest in a lengthening line. Who could have predicted such weight from this guy when he entered the league as an overhyped teen with a tattoo proclaiming himself to be the "chosen one" more than a decade ago?

How One Woman's Discovery Shook the Foundations of Geology

In the 1950s, as Tharp looked down at that tell-tale valley, Wegener’s theory was still considered verboten in the scientific community—even discussing it was tantamount to heresy. Almost all of Tharp’s colleagues, and practically every other scientist in the country, dismissed it; you could get fired for believing in it, she later recalled. But Tharp trusted what she’d seen. Though her job at Columbia was simply to plot and chart measurements, she had more training in geology than most plotters—more, in fact, than some of the men she reported to. Tharp had grown up among rocks. Her father worked for the Bureau of Chemistry and Soils, and as a child, she would accompany him as he collected samples. But she never expected to be a mapmaker or even a scientist. At the time, the fields didn’t welcome women, so her first majors were music and English. After Pearl Harbor, however, universities opened up their departments. At the University of Ohio, she discovered geology and found a mentor who encouraged her to take drafting. Because Tharp was a woman, he told her, fieldwork was out of the question, but drafting experience could help her get a job in an office like the one at Columbia.

The Neuroscience Of "Harry Potter"

But the study struggles at a more basic level, too. For one thing, most of us associate getting lost in a book with losing perhaps an hour before we know it—four lines just isn't enough space to simulate the experience. Beyond that, the brain activity spotted in this study arguably speaks much more to the type of passage chosen than to the experience of immersion, per se. Nor does a strong reaction to fearful passages say anything about the value of neutral passages; if every passage were fearful, then eventually the fearful becomes the neutral.

What's Up With That: Why Running Hurts Every Part of Your Body | WIRED

Not long after my legs started burning, the fire spread to my lungs and I began gasping for air. This happens, says Magness, because our bodies aren’t perfect at cycling CO2 out of our lungs. “You are breathing so intensely that you can’t get all of the bad air out,” Magness said. Even when you’re breathing normally, there’s never a perfect exchange of oxygen to carbon. With running, your muscles get so starved for air that they don’t leave you time to exhale completely. Eventually you build up such a huge deficit that you get a burning sensation similar to holding your breath. “At this point, you stop, and bend over, and suck in, and you can finally catch up,” Magness said.

Amazon tells FAA to change drone laws or it'll move research abroad

Amazon has warned the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) that if it doesn’t relax its attitude towards drone regulation then the internet giant will be forced to move its research teams out of the country.

CoolChip Technologies Is Redesigning The Humble Computer Fan

In a presentation at Highway1’s demo day, founder CoolChip founder William Sanchez claimed that the company’s fans are half the size and achieve 35-40 percent greater thermal performance than traditional PC fans. That’s impressive, but not something that most consumers would be aware of or care about. But when Sanchez put a mic next to one his startup’s fans and then a more traditional unit, there was a stark difference: The CoolChip fans appeared to be silent and you could definitely hear the regular fan; both were removing the same amount of heat.

5 ways to unclutter your digital life in 2015

Beyond software, apps and browser extensions, it's a good idea to sort through your old files and figure out what should stay, and what can be dragged to the trash. (Mac users can locate files that haven't been opened in, say, a year on Time Machine, or by sorting by "Date Last Opened" in Finder. On a PC, you can accomplish this by opening your Documents folder and sorting by "Date Modified.") Consider purchasing an external hard drive or online cloud storage space and upload your old files, then delete them from your laptop or desktop to create more space.

6 Questions You Should Ask About A Company's Culture Before You Accept The Job

Sure, it’s great that employees enjoy three weeks of vacation each year, but what you really want to hear is a sense of pride and appreciation employees feel working for the company. A good hiring manager will use this as an opportunity to humbly brag about her capabilities—and all of the ways you’ll be able to learn from her and further your own skill set and career as a result.

Infographic: This Is More Or Less How Every Kind Of TV Show Plays Out

The truth-bombs don’t end with sitcoms, though. This infographic also accounts for the number of minutes spent on pure shouting during a sports event, the amount of time devoted to sob stories in reality shows, and the dinner/weddings/big hats/horses factor on British imports. If you don’t recognize any of these tropes from your regular viewing habits, congratulations, you’re a cord-cutting connoisseur who plays by his own rules, and you’ll never guess whether the B-list guest star on Murder, She Wrote turns out to be that episode’s villain.

Insikt Introduces Lending As A Service For Brands

FirstMark Capital is an early stage venture capital firm based in New York City. Our mission is to partner with exceptional entrepreneurs who are changing the world by solving meaningful problems. We have built a deeply engaged community among the extraordinary teams in our network to spread ideas and opportunities. We are privileged to work alongside the founders of remarkable businesses like Pinterest, …

Rebecca Minkoff and Gilt founder Alexandra Wilkis Wilson style, tech and building empires

Beyond this overlap in the world of style, the pair's interests also merge when it comes to tech; both have leveraged technology to improve the shopping experience. Take Rebecca Minkoff's brand new SoHo store, for example. This location is tech-enhanced, featuring a connected, interactive display wall where shoppers can browse lookbooks, order up a complimentary drink and secure dressing rooms. Once inside said dressing rooms (text alerts signify when they're ready), shoppers have digital help at their fingertips when it comes to creating a finished look — the RFID-tagged items are recognized by smart mirrors, which provide styling suggestions. This technology also makes it easy for shoppers to swap out colors and sizes, plus select their fitting room lighting preferences.

Protesters face tear gas after Berkeley councilman decries police actions

The demonstrators began their rally at City Hall, with at least one calling for the 223 who were arrested Monday night, when roughly 1,500 protesters shut down the I-80 and some smashed windows, to be released and a City Councilman vowing to propose an investigation into ending the use of tear gas. Berkeley authorities have used tear gas and smoke bombs to disperse protesters in recent days.

PlayStation is now Sony's top priority

It's why something crazy like Project Morpheus exists, the virtual reality headset headed for the PlayStation 4. Yoshida cited it as something the brass are "very, very, very supportive" about, despite it largely being a passion project with no guaranteed financial payoff. On top of that, such a project is being entrusted to a relatively small percent (5.6) of Sony Corp's worldwide staff. It's a risky move, but one that could pay off substantially in the long term: a big bet on an emerging medium with no market to speak of just yet. Yoshida urged patience with virtual reality on a consumer scale, at least from PlayStation, and teased out the not-so-distant future of Morpheus.

French Uber Competitor SnapCar Grabs $2.5 Million And Pivots To B2B

French Uber competitor SnapCar just raised $2.5 million (€2 million) from business angels, such as former global CEO of American Express Travel Charles Petruccelli and Bertrand Mabille. While the company already has more than 200 corporate clients, it is focusing on B2B for good.

Amazon just entered the food delivery game

Food delivery sites like Seamless, Grubhub, and just got some major competition. This past week, Amazon quietly launched online takeout and delivery via Amazon Local. The service only appears to be live in Amazon's hometown of Seattle for now, but you can be certain that the company has much larger ambitions than food delivery in a city with 650,000 residents.

Didi Dache, One Of China’s Two Dominant Taxi App Firms, Closes $700M Series D Round

But its battles in Asia are far from won. It is not likely that Uber will pour $700 million of that round into China, which means Didi Dache will have far greater resources in China to cement its already strong lead over the U.S. firm.

Using Moleskine’s New Smart Notebook Is Like Magic

The app (free) and the Moleskine notebook ($32.95) are going to appeal to a specific subset of users who are Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers, own an iPhone and spend a lot of time in Illustrator, but that describes an awful lot of creatives out there. For them, this is almost like having a digital drawing tablet everywhere you go, without any need to worry about charge, all that much weather protection or technical skill. Some other devices, like the defunct Wacom Inkling, have promised similar things, but this is the first I’ve tried that’s worth the hype.

SF And LA District Attorneys File Civil Suit Against Uber For Making ‘False Or Misleading Statements’

The district attorneys of San Francisco and Los Angeles counties have filed suit against Uber for claims that the company made “false and misleading statements” to consumers, while also engaging in business practices that violate California Law. At the same time, those authorities announced a settlement with Uber competitor Lyft on similar charges.

Launcher Followup and Thoughts on the App Store Review System

If developers don’t have explicit guidelines to go on and we can’t even use apps available on the App Store as an indicator of what is acceptable, our only choice is to potentially waste huge amounts of time working on apps that ultimately get rejected in an attempt to find something that will get accepted. I pleaded with this person to make public whatever guidelines they make available for app reviewers to decide what is acceptable and what is not regarding widgets. The Apple representative responded by saying that they prefer that the rules remain vague because that allows developers to come up with innovative ideas and also allows Apple to be flexible in case they change their minds later. When pressed on the issue of their policies leading to wasted developer time, I was told, “If you are afraid something you are working on will be rejected, then don’t work on it.”

Trapit And Addvocate Merge For A Content Marketing Team Up

Trapit co-founder and CEO Gary Griffiths will now serve as CEO of the combined company, which has the unwieldy name Addvocate-Trapit. Griffith told me they put off coming up with a more streamlined name “until we’re fully integrated on the product side.” The rest of the management team comes primarily from Trapit, he said, with co-founder Hank Nothhaft remaining as chief product officer.

This Memorial For Qatar's World Cup Workers Grows As Tragedy Mounts

The tower's design is imposing and terrifying. A plan shows that each layer would be constructed from eight stones, representing eight deaths. Looking up from inside the proposed structure you see a vortex of interlocking bricks twisting towards the sky. "This structure offers Nepalese and Indian families as well as families of other nationalities a site for mourning removed from Qatar’s cities and skyscrapers," the architects write on their site. "The project has a multitude of itineraries for visiting, on a basis of four modules per floor and two staircases per module."

Escape from Jonestown

He set off into the jungle with another Jonestown resident named Al Simon. Bogue found a kindred spirit in Simon; neither man was in Jones’s inner circle and both were estranged from their wives. Something in Bogue’s gut told him Simon was trustworthy. It was possible to get a sense of another resident’s true feelings by reading their body language during Jones’s harangues: a wince, a sigh, a moment’s hesitation during a death vote. But it took months for Bogue to broach the topic of escape with Simon. First they discussed the failure of the farm. Eventually they discussed the failure of Jim Jones.

Google's latest tool makes building Android apps even easier

In early 2013, Google announced Android Studio , a WYSIWYG environment that'd help you create Android applications with a lot less hassle. Now, the company is finally ready to put Version 1.0 into the hands of would-be creators across the world. The package comes with plenty of helpful templates for the first-time developer, including example media recorders, notification systems and even an instant messaging platform. Given that Android is now found almost anywhere ( phones , tablets , smartwatches , TV , Google Glass and cars ), the software enables you to tailor the experience across every device. Fans of GitHub are also catered to, since Android Studio will let you import samples of code from the online repository straight into your project. So, now that the tools to build your own app are this readily available, what sort of app are you planning to build?

Shanley Kane of Model View Culture Challenges a “Corrupt” Silicon Valley | MIT Technology Review

Shanley Kane is the founder and editor of the most interesting and original of new publications that cover technology: Model View Culture , a quarterly journal and media site that offers readers a remorseless feminist critique of Silicon Valley. The critical distance expressed by the publication’s articles, essays, and interviews, where the Valley’s most cherished beliefs and practices are derided and deconstructed, was honestly won: Kane worked for five years in operations, technical marketing, and developer relations at a number of infrastructure companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Often frustrated by the unexamined assumptions of her industry and irritated by the incompetence of her managers, she began blogging about technology culture and management dysfunction at startups, which led to Model View Culture (the name is a play on a technology, familiar to software developers, used to create user interfaces), founded a year ago. She maintains a lively and often profane Twitter persona, where she caustically dismisses the arguments of the kinds of men who tried her patience when she worked for them, and generously amplifies the ideas of writers and thinkers she admires, mostly women and minorities.

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