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Glow Table

Check out the instructable: Really light up your next dinner party with a table that glows in the dark! Photolumi...

Jewish a capella group wants you to 'Shake It Off,' Hanukkah style [VIDEO]

Jewish a capella group Six13 penned a Hanukkah song set to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off."

All 212,470 on-screen deaths in 'The Lord of the Rings'

Of course, about 212,468 deaths could've been avoided had Gandalf just called the eagles a bit earlier, but we won't get into that.

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Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn Passes 2.5 Million Registered Accounts - IGN

A line at the conclusion of the recently-released Eternal Bond trailer confirms the news, which means that 500,000 players have decided to step into Eorzea and give it a try since April when the figure stood at 2 million.

Social Network Website Use Dips In U.K. And U.S. — Study

The use of social networking websites such as Facebook has dipped in the U.S and U.K., according to research conducted by U.K. telecoms regulator, Ofcom. Visits to ‘traditional’ social networks also fell in Japan and China between September 2013 and October 2014, it found.

Ford Sync 3 drops Microsoft, puts MyFord Touch out to pasture - CNET

Ford's Sync in-car infotainment is about to turn eight, making it one of the most well-established on the market. With version three, it's been completely rebuilt from the ground up.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens New Character Names Revealed - IGN

Keep in mind, there are a ton of new Star Wars actors not seen in the trailer still (though one of the men could of course by Kylo), including Lupita Nyong’o, Gwendoline Christie, Adam Driver, Domhnall Gleeson and Max von Sydow, plus returning Star Wars veterans Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, Kenny Baker and Warwick Davis.

Steam Holiday Sale Start and End Dates Revealed - IGN

The Steam Summer Sale  earlier this year discounted an enormous number of indie and AAA titles, from  Far Cry 3  and  DayZ  to  Don't Starve . Stayed tuned to IGN when the “monstrous” sale goes live so you can find out the how to make the most of it for you and your friends during the gift giving season.

Father Of The Internet To Putin: No, The World Wide Web Is Not A CIA Project

Putin, a former KGB spy who does not use email, has said he will not restrict Internet access for Russians, but in April he stoked concerns that the Kremlin might seek to crackdown by saying the Internet was born out of a "CIA project".

Staffers Walk Out Of Congress In Protest Over Brown And Garner Cases

Wearing suits, ties and overcoats, the staffers stood several rows deep on the steps of Capitol Hill before making the hands-up gesture that has come to symbolize frustration with the deaths of the two unarmed black men at the hands of police. They stood silently with their arms raised for a moment before disbanding and walking down the steps.

London's Hottest Enterprise Startup Raised $51 Million In New Funding

The valuation of the company is undisclosed. However, similar companies have previously seen valuations at about seven times the price of the latest investment round, implying that Huddle might be worth $350 million. For a UK company, a $50 million-plus funding round is a massive sum.

Xiaomi banned from selling, importing phones in India: Report - The Times of India

NEW DELHI: Delhi high court has put paid to Xiaomi's surging sales juggernaut in India. At least for now. Hearing a case filed by Ericsson India against Xiaomi, the court on Monday passed an ex parte order forbidding the popular Chinese manufacturer from importing and selling its smartphones in India, according to a report by Spicy IP. Though TOI Tech is yet to read the judgement, it has been reported that the ex parte order has injuncted Xiaomi from selling, advertising, manufacturing or importing devices that infringe the SEPs (Standard, Essential Patents) in question. It is not clear if the order will impact all Xiaomi devices sold in India or specifica devices that violate the patents. In fact, the judge also directed the customs officials to stop the imports under the IPR Rules, 2007. Moreover, local commissioners too have been appointed to visit Xiaomi India offices to ensure the implementation of the order. The adverse order in the case seems to have come about after Xiaomi allegedly ignored Ericsson's repeated communications. As per the report, the patents in the Xiaomi case may also be the same ones which are the subject matters of litigation Ericsson had put up against Micromax, Gionee and Intex.

Facebook: We Don’t Call Them ‘Users’ Any More, We Call Them ‘People’

In order to think less about "users" and more about "people," Gould Stewart revealed how Facebook has an "empathy team." That team actually goes in and visit partners like small businesses or large advertisers to help them run their ad campaigns and find out more about their companies and goals.

An Interface for Tracking Botnets That's Fit for a Sci-Fi Starship | WIRED

The idea was to approach the botnet data from a “naive” place, says Ian Ardouin-Fumat, an OCR information designer who worked on the project. Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit is good at what they do, and they have powerful tools for doing it. Specimen Box was developed by people who haven’t spent their careers working with those tools, and that, in a sort of counterintuitive way, is part of what makes it valuable. It’s not like Specimen Box will all of a sudden have Microsoft’s investigators tracking botnets like Tom Cruise in Minority Report. But playing with it might provoke them to ask some new questions.

There are more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in the ocean

Researchers have found that more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic are floating in the world's oceans, with a combined weight of nearly 269,000 tons. In a major study published this week in  the journal PLoS One , scientists from the US, France, Chile, Australia, and New Zealand found that the pollution is largely comprised of plastics from food packaging, clothing, and other products. They also observed how plastics spread across the world's oceans, posing serious environmental and health risks throughout the food chain, though they stressed that their estimates are "highly conservative." As The Washington Post notes, their findings are equivalent to nearly 700 pieces of plastic per person on Earth.

Canada competition watchdog investigating Apple supply deals

TORONTO (Reuters) - Canada's Competition Bureau is investigating allegations that Apple Inc's Canadian unit used anti-competitive clauses in contracts with domestic wireless carriers, the watchdog said on Thursday.

Indian Court Halts Imports of Xiaomi Smartphones

An Indian court has halted the imports of handsets from China’s largest smartphone maker, Xiaomi Inc., in response to a complaint from Sweden’s Ericsson that the Chinese firm was using Ericsson’s technology but refusing to pay royalties.

What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast

I always think this when I read one of these articles. I feel like there are lots of assumptions made when it comes to "most successful people." Also, they must have a lot of things in order already, because I don't know about you, but my morning time is fought feverishly for by my dogs needing walks, my dishes needing washed, my laundry to be folded, appointments to make for household repairs, and those of the medical variety, dry cleaning (gotta pick it up sometime), coffee, shower, breakfast, exercise, news & so on. Especially if the idea is to go to bed early (if I'm not really off of the computer until 6 or so, then yoga, errands, dinner, clean up, & perhaps a movie or time with friends), then the morning is rarely a time that can be so well organized, at least at my place. But that's the beauty of it- that is my take and my life, so I make it my goal to work around that, and keep it organic. Time management is a balance and, while it may rely on a schedule, flexibility is key.

After Rape Incident, Uber Suspends Service In New Delhi While It Reviews Operations

Uber has announced today that it will suspend services in New Delhi, India, pending a wider internal review of its operations in the city that will include a full audit of how it verifies riders and feedback; partnering with local organizations to improve women’s safety; and a look at how it can bring in more best practices from other Uber operations.

What will future jobs look like?

Economist Andrew McAfee suggests that, yes, probably, droids will take our jobs — or at least the kinds of jobs we know now. In this far-seeing talk, he thinks through what future jobs might look like, and how to educate coming generations to hold them.

3 ways for CIOs to understand their company’s bottom line

John Reed, senior executive director at IT staffing firm Robert Half Technology (RHT), says, "Companies aren't necessarily looking for CIOs who know how to read an accounting ledger. But can they understand what contributes to financial performance?" IT executives need to be able to look at a financial report, identify the top and bottom lines, recognize where the profit comes from, and then put on their CIO hats and identify where technology can do things to reduce cost, increase profitability, and identify new business opportunities. "If you can read those reports, you understand where your highest impact is," says Reed.

What Would Steve Tweet?

Apple doesn't "do" social media. But as Cupertino hunts for a social media strategist, it's hard not to wonder.

2014 Christmas gift guide: Smartphone accessories for photographers | ZDNet

The Photojojo iPhone and Android lens series is a great gift for smartphone photography enthusiasts who enjoy variety in their mobile device shoots. A small, stick-on magnetic ring goes around the camera's lens, which then allows individual Photojojo lenses to magnetically clip on. The lenses feel like quality due to the metal finish — although the stick-on rings do have a habit of peeling off eventually — and the lens effects are interesting, especially when using the FishEye model. Currently, you can purchase telephoto, FishEye and Wide/Macro varieties.

IGN on Twitter

“ @IGN : Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster will officially hit PS4 in Spring 2015: ” yassss

Web report: Online surveillance and censorship are getting worse

Mass online surveillance and censorship of what people see on the web appear to be getting worse, according to the latest Web Index report from Tim Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web Foundation. These trends, along with the paucity of net neutrality rules around the world, have led the web inventor to call for the internet to be made a basic human right.

Police can search cell phones without warrant, Canada rules

Although that is probably of assistance in MAJOR crimes, in some instances it wipes the essence of :”presumed innocent” so it gets searched before a ruling is made ( innocent or guilty). I think it has now become PANDORA’s box…. and will put more obligation on the police to administer the searching of cell phone and thus take them away from their true job and duty of policing crime. Which in turn will mean they are so busy keeping notes on each arrest and cell phone that we now have to hire more just to keep pace. There go the taxes up again… If there had been parameters put around the ruling: ie: searches stipulating in “regards to murder or drug busts only” I could see that. but a blanket search is just a Pandora’s box. Example …what if the officer searching the cell phone discovers that the arrested person is having sex with the chiefs wife… does he/she now have an obligation to reveal that……. nasty Pandora’s box… good luck..

Panasonic LED signs beam data to phones 5 meters away

An associated Hikari ID app on a smartphone can call up relevant ads or websites from cloud servers. The system also works when smartphone cameras are pointed at objects that are being illuminated by the flickering LEDs, so museum and other display applications are possible.

Rumor: Apple Watch set to begin mass production in January

Quote: Originally Posted by TheWhiteFalcon� For now. In the future it won't. They really need to have this out the week before Valentine's Day. I'm still curious about manufacturing. Is everything going to be manufactured in China? Or is China just for final assembly? On the ?Watch website Apple says the milanese loop is woven on special Italian machines. The leather in the bands comes from France, Italy and Netherlands. Are the materials and machines shipped to China for manufacturing or are the bands made outside of China and shipped there for final assembly? The back of the watch doesn't have any manufacturing info. Can Apple sell an Edition watch for thousands of dollars if it says assembled in China on the back?

Microsoft now accepts Bitcoin for Xbox and Windows products

Microsoft customers in the United States can use the digital currency to add money to their online accounts and purchase software, apps and games, including those for Xbox consoles — like Xbox Music — and Windows phones or computers.

This Barbershop Quartet's "Sexual Healing" Cover Will Make You Abstinent

We hope Marvin Gaye likes a joke: It's the least sexy version of his song ever sung, delivered by Jimmy Fallon and Steve Carell.

Chromecast gets hospitable with a new guest mode - CNET

First shown at Google I/O this summer, Guest Mode lets users share their Chromecast without needing to give friends and family members the password to a Wi-Fi network. Instead, the new mode simply relies on a PIN number for access.

Make your own Product Hunt collections and bookmarks

First up: You can now bookmark the cool stuff you come across. The site’s aficionados were resorting to other services, like Trello, to keep track of all their finds. This lets them do it in Product Hunt itself. But investors and sex addicts beware: For now, your bookmarking is public. Don’t go saving your potential investments or all the variations on the PornHub app, unless you want the world to know your secrets.

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Microsoft's canceled Lumia flagship appears in iPhone 6 photoshoot

31 MIT Technology Review

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Last year @operationsafe helped thousands recover from Typhoon Haiyan. They need us again.

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Undercover Cop Draws Gun on Protesters in Oakland

An undercover police officer, who had been marching with demonstrators, aims his gun at protesters after some in the crowd attacked him and his partner in Oakland, California on Wednesday. The man was identified as an officer with the California Highway Patrol, according to the Oakland Police Department.

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What Happens To Our Brains When We Exercise And How It Makes Us Happier

Most of us are aware of what happens to the body when we exercise. We build more muscle or more stamina. We feel how daily activities like climbing stairs becomes easier if we exercise regularly. When it comes to our brain and mood though, the connection isn’t so clear.

How A Member Of Blink-182 Is Secretly Changing The Music Business

It was first built to sell the work of To The Stars, DeLonge's startup "transmedia" company, because Modlife works best with a multimedia artist or collective that can sell packages of work in a variety of media. DeLonge’s dream example is Tim Burton, who could sell his art, books, and movies together, which might push fans away from downloading or streaming a movie with little potential profit for Burton. DeLonge has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in this platform because he envisions the future of art as a place where all artists are releasing all kinds of media. "Kids use the computer to record in their living room, but they’re also using the computer to make movies on their iPhone," he says. "The artists of the future are going to be doing a lot more ambitious things that will all blend together." And DeLonge will be there to monetize it all in one simple package. To him, it's the package that entices people to make a purchase instead of just stream or download a free copy.

CRM and Cloud Computing To Grow Your Business -

Customer relationship management (CRM) is all about managing the relationships you have with your customers. CRM combines business processes, people, and technology to achieve this single goal: getting and keeping customers. It's an overall strategy to help you learn more about their behavior so you can develop stronger, lasting relationships that will benefit both of you. It’s very hard to run a successful business without a strong focus on CRM, as well as adding elements of social media and making the transition to a social enterprise to connect with customers in new ways.

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What Successful People Do With The First Hour Of Their Work Day

Do the worst first is a saying I'd heard before. I agree with the exercise or meditation as a starter. I use "mindful" exercise. As I bike , I practice mindfulness with every rotation of my feet. I use the same principal with weights and floor exercises--total focus on the workout and my "place" in it. Following, I do my "Writer's Commute." As a work -at-home writer, I don't have to fight traffic but I use that time to get the busy work out of the way. I thank new Twitter followers and post a positive message for the day; I deal with my fortunately short list need-to-do emails; I pass quickly through my FB author site with a few responses; I read 3 informative blogs (like this one) and comment. By then my first cup of coffee is finished, my brain is free of temptation to hit the social media and I'm read to work. This two part start to my morning works well for me. I published two books this year already among other things.

Tinder Competitor Hinge Scores $12M To Bring Its Friends-Of-Friends Dating App Abroad

Tinder is an online dating app which offers its users an opportunity to meet new people for dating, friendship or networking. When it first came on the scene, it was used more as a hook-up/casual sex app because it finds potential matches for its users based on their proximity. Tinder finds the locations of its users using GPS, then uses their Facebook information to create a profile. A Tinder profile …

Robinhood Launches Zero-Fee Stock Trading App

When you sign up , you’ll set an in-app password or Touch ID to make sure no stocks are traded without your consent. To make adding funds easy, you can sign in with your name and password for any of nine top banks rather than having to fiddle with checking account numbers and a multi-day verification process. For added assurance, your assets worth up to $500,000 are protected by the Securities And Exchange Commission. And there’s no minimum amount of money you have to add. Go ahead and trade $2 of battered Zynga stock if you want.

Want to eat like a teen again? Science may have found a way

Researchers in Hamilton have discovered how to turn back the clock on the body's metabolism, potentially paving the way for people to eat and burn calories like they did when they were teenagers. 

The Little Prince could be one of the most beautiful animated films of 2015

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Google Announces The Top Apps, Movies, Music Of 2014

Google has just released its ‘best stuff of the year’ on Google Play for 2014, and in terms of most downloaded content, it’s not all that different from Apple’s list.

Zype Helps Video Publishers Look Beyond YouTube By Building Their Own Sites And Apps

To be clear, it’s not trying to compete with YouTube or other video players like BrightCove. Yes, it has created a video player of its own, but the main focus is on helping companies build an online presence for their videos and serving those videos from whatever player makes sense, whether it’s YouTube, Hulu, or Zype itself.

The World's Largest Starbucks Is The Willy Wonka Factory Of Coffee

In the sort of tasteful spectacle you'd come to expect from a brand monolith like Starbucks, two coffee bars, a shop, a standalone restaurant, a two-story library with 200 books, and a factory all fit under one roof in a caffeinated wonderland sitting at the top of Seattle’s swank Capitol Hill district. This giant new flagship store is the largest Starbucks ever built. It’s also a production plant where the company will roast its "small batch" Reserve line for the entire world. That's a projected 1.4 million pounds of coffee to be roasted and packaged a year, all while the public is free to watch, sip coffee brewed by the most eager and informed Starbucks baristas I've ever met, and interrupt the guy manning the roaster to ask him a question. It's as much a meticulously groomed peek inside Starbucks's global roasting and distribution system as it is an advertisement for Starbucks itself.

Getting Started with User Experience Design

The term “user experience,” abbreviated UX, is an often misunderstood and confusing concept for many in the design, development and marketing world. Understanding how to implement and improve UX takes time, skill and a deep understanding of users.

Meet The Judges Of Hardware Battlefield 2015

What began as music chart dominance for the rap music phenomenon Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, has quickly transformed to success in corporate America. 50 Cent is a multi-tiered business mogul to be reckoned with. Recognized as one of the most talented and prolific music artists of his time, 50 Cent has managed to leverage his star power into record breaking brand extensions encompassing a broad spectrum of businesses including music ownership, artist management, film production, footwear and apparel, fragrance, video games, publishing, headphones and health drinks and supplements. With annual sales quickly approaching $300 million from a variety of business interest along with numerous business endeavors on the horizon, 50 Cent has cemented his position in the industry as both a business and entertainment powerhouse. MUSIC: 50 Cent exploded on the music scene in 2003 and has been rewriting hip hop history ever since. Get Rich or Die Tryin’, his debut album, made history when it sold 872,000 copies, breaking the record for first week sales of any major label debut in the entire SoundScan era.

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