Bang The President - Songify the News #5 Video Description

In a rare cross-species collaboration, gorillas and humans work together to deliver the news while Congress gets turnt up beyond all previously-known limits of turntitude. Nicholas Megalis' channel: Anna Borchard the Angry Lady Gorilla by: Congressional chorus: Antonius Nazareth - Vijay Nazareth - Elizabeth Oldak - Casey McIntyre - Patrick Clair - JiJi Lee - & Christine Federman! song produced with Michael Onufrak - vfx with Chris Ervine & mastered by Dan Millice - find us on all your computers: special thanks to our dentist for lending us his television set. he asked us to ask you: have you flossed today? Lyrics: Everybody wants to bang the president Bang the president It's fun For all the republicans Ebola, Obama Ebama, Obola Bang the president ISIS, Obama OBISIS, Isama Crimea, Obama Obea, Crimama Bang the president, it's easy Bang the president, make him squeal All of you want to go out and bang the president We have to be true, we have to be great We have to bang the president every day The, uh, you don't want it all in just one big bang, the, uh I would enjoy havin some bourbon with Mitch McConnel I don't know what his preferred drink is The president would like to know your preferred drink Bourbon, Bourbon whiskey is a distinctive product and is unlike other types of beverages Bourbon Bourbon whiskey I rise to take an active role in promoting bourbon Bourbon has recognition Bourbon has depth of flavor Bourbon has an American spirit Let's hear it for bourbon Bourbon whiskey The drink itself is named for Bourbon County, Kentucky Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ISIL's leader What set off rumors of Baghdadi's injury? It turns out it was a tweet, a tweet This tweet, this original tweet This tweet we've seen, this tweet could be The tweet that sparked everything The tweet that made us think he was dead Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi As a loaf of bread Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Abu Bakr al- But right now nothing has happened The machines, the machines have taken people away from reality some Americans don't know anytheeeng Anytheeeng They're lost in cyberspace Creating phony worlds in which they can escape Yeah, the machines and the humans in love forever Like you and me on TV bein angry together, ohhh I'll always be there for you when you've got some yellin to dooo Then people watch it on their machines, that good old fashioned tube Aren't the president and Eric Holder responsible for violence in Ferguson Yes, yes, yeah, yes, absolutely Yup, yeah, yes, yes, yes, yeah Yeah, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes Wait, what about the homicide? Or the long history of institutional discriminatio-- Bang the president, it's fun I mean, it's fun! It's easy! I wanna pay tribute to the spirit of Kentucky Literally Bourbon whiskey [laughing] oh. Bourbon Bourbon whiskey It's fun, bang the president I love gettin hugs Bang the president It was a tweet The machines This tweet, this original tweet The machine This tweet, this original tweet Obama, Benghazi Benbama, Oghazi Bang the president Buy him dinner! Take him home! If you're both in the mood when you're alone Bourbon whiskey Better than PatrĂ³n Bourbon whiskey Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Abu Bakr, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi All the republicans Bang the President

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