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Former Facebook exec says social media is ripping apart society

‘No civil discourse, no cooperation; misinformation, mistruth.’

Celebrate Street Fighter’s 30th anniversary with 12 classic titles next May

A collection of 12 popular old Street Fighter games, originally released between 1987 and 1999, is coming to consoles and PC next year.

Critics swoon over 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

No spoilers: It's great.

Billie Lourd pays tribute to mother Carrie Fisher at Star Wars premiere

A good way to start crying days before you see the movie.

Delight in these 12 trash holiday movies on Netflix

These are the real gifts.

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Google releases two experimental photo apps for iOS

Google on Monday released a pair of "appsperiments" that provide new ways of capturing photographic images with smartphones like iPhone, while at the same time helping the search giant refine experimental software tools related to computer vision and artificial intelligence. The first app, called Selfissimo , automatically snaps a black-and-white photo when its user stops moving, an action that is translated as striking a pose. Users tap the screen to start a mock photoshoot. Text prompts tell users to strike poses, which are captured when the app determines user motion has stopped. Tapping the screen a second time stops the process and generates a contact sheet of all images taken during the shoot. Users can elect to save individual images or the entire collection to Photos. Selfissimo is avaialable on both iOS and Android. A second iOS-only app called Scrubbies lets users manipulate the speed and direction of captured video by "scratching" it like a DJ scratches records. After capturing video in the app, users can preview the footage by scrubbing back and forth with one finger.

The future of Apple Watch fitness might be GymKit

GymKit is launching in one fitness center in New York to start, but Life Time Athletic and Equinox centers will start using GymKit-ready machines in North America in 2018, along with Fitness First in Australia.

Trump tells NASA to send astronauts back to the moon

It was all the way back in 1972 when humans last set foot on the moon during the Apollo 17 mission. It could happen again with President Donald Trump's signing later Monday of Space Policy Directive 1, which will push NASA to send astronauts back to the moon.

Apple Acquires Shazam

At the time it was suggested that a deal was already finalized, and that an announcement could be made before the end of the year. Or even as soon as this week. And now that time has come. Apple today officially announced that it has acquired the music recognition platform Shazam. And while it is expected that this deal was particularly huge, even in terms of the $3 billion that Apple forked over for its acquisition of Beats all those years ago, neither company has divulged any financial information.

These five programming languages have flaws that expose apps to attack | ZDNet

"With regards to the interpreted programming languages vulnerabilities, software developers may unknowingly include code in an application that can be used in a way that the designer did not foresee. Some of these behaviors pose a security risk to applications that were securely developed according to guidelines," wrote Arnaboldi.

Apple is buying Shazam

"We are thrilled that Shazam and its talented team will be joining Apple," Apple spokesperson Tom Neumayr told Mashable in an emailed statement. "Since the launch of the App Store, Shazam has consistently ranked as one of the most popular apps for iOS. Today, it’s used by hundreds of millions of people around the world, across multiple platforms."

Apple now lets devs accept pre-orders for iOS and macOS apps

The idea is to make it easier for developers to drum up interest in their upcoming apps and reach potential users more effectively: if you’ve got an app that’s nearly ready for launch, you can set up a pre-order page in the App Store and link to it in your marketing material ahead of the official roll-out.

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Apple now lets you preorder apps in the App Store …

9 FCC explains how net neutrality will be protected without net neutrality rules

The agreement announced today between the FCC and FTC is a confusing, lackluster, reactionary afterthought: an attempt to paper over weaknesses in the Chairman’s draft proposal repealing the FCC’s 2015 net neutrality rules. Two years ago, the FCC signed a much broader pro-consumer agreement with the FTC that already covers this issue. There is no reason to do this again other than as a smoke-and-mirrors PR stunt, distracting from the FCC’s planned destruction of net neutrality protections later this week.

Quantum Computing for Morons | Thinking of Utils

Quantum Entanglement is another one of those weird quantum mechanical concepts, which basically means that the quantum mechanical states of different parts of a system can be correlated. To demonstrate, imagine if we have two electrons that are each in a superposition of up and down. If they’re entangled, then we could know that they both have the same spin (or that they have opposite spins, depending on how they’re entangled). If we measure the first one and find that it’s up, we’d know the second one was up for sure (or down for sure if they were entangled to have opposite spins).


Much as you need to trim the stems of flowers before putting them in water, unless you are getting your tree fresh off the farm, you need to make sure the trunk is not gummed over with sap on the bottom. This is not something you can likely do yourself at home unless you happen to have a saw and a lot of space handy. So when you buy your tree, ask the seller to cut off a thin disk at the very end, about half an inch or so, to ensure the tree has a fresh cut at the bottom and will be able to drink up water. Put the tree in water as soon as you get it home—don’t leave the bottom of the trunk to dry out again.


Welcome to the Largest Arduino Playground in the World

Come join over 100,000 other active users in the world's biggest Arduino playground! Codebender is the single best place to code, compile, store, collaborate, and share ideas around Arduino in an active, engaged community. With a state of the art editor, 607 (and growing) built-in libraries, and the power of the cloud, you can access your code and get some assistance anywhere. Looking for ideas? With over 312,000 sketches, you can draw inspiration from your peers, or you can share link to your own sketches to share your own ideas and get feedback from other engineers. Featured in TechCrunch, LifeHacker, Mozilla, and more State of the art editor helps you code faster, get things done, & move on to other cool stuff Cloud compiler is fast & features amazing error reporting to help you find the peskiest bugs You can use any board from the extensive list of built-in & external boards, or upload your own configuration Code is accessible anywhere, as long as you have a browser plugin Unlimited public sketches, free of charge, forever Collaborate w/ other users or share

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - 2 Hours Of Xbox One X Gameplay

I put in some time with the Xbox One X version of PlayerUnk

The TheTechNewsBlog Daily

The best iPhone screen protectors | Cult of Mac

Take a look at the packaging for the Yootech protectors and you’ll see it looks almost exactly the same as the TechMatte amFilm packaging. Is it the same product inside? Very possibly. The Yootech screen protector for the iPhones 6, 6s, 7 and 8 is the same 0.012 inches (0.3 millimeters) thick tempered glass, and is slightly smaller than the screen to account for the curved edges on these iPhone models. This time you get two units in the pack, along with screen wipes and dust-removal stickers, but you don’t get the clip-on screen-positioning tool that comes with the TechMatte amFilm iPhone X covers.

Built-in keylogger found in HP laptops...again

A security blogger uncovered what appears to be a keylogger on certain HP laptops. Here are the affected models, and what you can do to fix it.

The Battle for the Throne Begins in the Incredible Black Panther International Trailer

Our latest look at Black Panther comes courtesy of Marvel Japan, and it’s jam-packed with new shots and teasers for arrival in the world of Wakanda. Most importantly, it gives us basically everyone kicking some serious butt, including T’Challa and his big rival, Killmonger.

Size of a Raspberry Pi, power of a MacBook: The Window 10-powered LattePanda Alpha

The difference is reflected in the specs, with the LattePanda Alpha having more in common with a laptop than a low-cost board like the Pi.

Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and more are standing up for bullied kid Keaton Jones

I saw this and it broke my heart... this little boy is suiffering at the hand of bullies like so many other little boys and girls... but you are not alone Keaton we are here. There is no room in this world for bullying or hate of any kind. And we will overcome it with love... As a parent it is my responsibility to make sure my kids know it is ok to go to an adult when someone is treating them in a way that hurts them or makes them uncomfortable or unhappy in anyway. Also to educate and teach them to treat people with kindness, love and respect no matter how different they may be from you!! #loveistheanswer #lovealwayswins #youarenotalone #bulliessuck #teachlove

These ugly Christmas sweaters are guaranteed to last until 2047

While trends come and go, ugly Christmas sweaters stay the same. At least that’s the theory behind  Tom Cridland , an environmentally conscious brand that has been embraced by celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kendrick Lamar. All the clothes within the collection are made of sustainable materials, and they are designed to last a lifetime. The hope is that this “buy less, buy better” philosophy will keep clothes out of landfills.

This Natural Liquid Silk Is Starting To Replace Oil-Based Plastic

There are alternatives, however: Silk, for instance, is made by silkworms that eat organically grown mulberry leaves, a process that removes CO2 from the air. While most silkworm cocoons are used for making fabric, Silk Therapeutics uses the protein from discarded silkworm cocoons to make “liquid silk.”  Because it doesn’t need the same high-quality cocoons that would be used in fabric, the company can use cocoons that would otherwise be wasted; the silkworm can also survive, unlike the case in most silk-making, in which the cocoon is boiled to get the fiber. By controlling the process of making the liquid silk, the company can create silk molecules in different sizes to perform different functions.

Apple in 2018: Five questions we need to ask

Though the smart home is still in its early stages, Apple could be missing out on a big opportunity if it takes too much longer to get things right. And it's got to find a way to make Siri not only smart enough to play the music you want but also trustworthy enough to lock your front doors.

These Android Smartwatches Are Getting the Oreo Update

According to Android Police , watches that officially won’t be getting the update include: the Asus ZenWatch 2 and 3, the first Fossil Q Founder, the second Moto 360 and 360 Sport, and the first Huawei Watch. Those watches will continue to get updates, but their core operating system will be stuck at Nougat.

Someday, Someone Will Build A Great Dual-Screen Phone—Maybe Even Apple

[Photo: Jared Newman] Other software missteps abound as you try to use the two screens. Activating the second display usually takes a couple of seconds, and by default ZTE won’t let you use Android apps that haven’t been optimized for the Axon M. (Thankfully you can override this setting without much consequence.) A three-finger swipe lets you swap apps between screens, but I had trouble executing this without tapping elements by accident. The Axon M’s home screen also doesn’t support landscape mode when the display is stretched.

Essential Phone PH-1 review: The many positives, plus a few drawbacks

If you're a fan of the underdog, the PH-1 is the perfect smartphone for you. The ratio of price to performance will absolutely blow you away. No other smartphone, regardless of manufacturer, enjoys this level of form and function. Essential has every right to stand with the leaders in the industry. It's every bit as cool as the iPhone X and as flexible as any Android device—all without the price found with most flagship smartphones.

27 | Statement on Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings

These offerings can take many different forms, and the rights and interests a coin is purported to provide the holder can vary widely.  A key question for all ICO market participants: “Is the coin or token a security?”  As securities law practitioners know well, the answer depends on the facts.  For example, a token that represents a participation interest in a book-of-the-month club may not implicate our securities laws, and may well be an efficient way for the club’s operators to fund the future acquisition of books and facilitate the distribution of those books to token holders.  In contrast, many token offerings appear to have gone beyond this construct and are more analogous to interests in a yet-to-be-built publishing house with the authors, books and distribution networks all to come.  It is especially troubling when the promoters of these offerings emphasize the secondary market trading potential of these tokens.  Prospective purchasers are being sold on the potential for tokens to increase in value – with the ability to lock in those increases by reselling the tokens on a secondary market – or to otherwise profit from the tokens based on the efforts of others.

Use Tesla Autopilot, Lower Your Car Insurance Rates?

Musk declared earlier this year that Tesla would work closely with auto insurers to make sure that rates for owners of its cars are fair, and the first example of that is the Direct Line discount. In a win-win arrangement, Reuters noted that Direct Line sells insurance policies to customers introduced to it by Tesla, and Tesla provides information on the features and capabilities of its vehicles to help Direct Line set insurance prices based on standard risk factors such as age, driving experience, and claim history.

A-Wings Suck

Although, canonically speaking , the A-Wings in the movies have had their shields stripped to increase their speed, most Star Wars media outside of the films has gone on to depict them as having the shields of a fighter like the X-Wing, the speed of a TIE Interceptor (which, remember that the whole point of TIE fighters was that they didn’t have shields but made up for it with speed? Way to negate that, A-Wing!), with the firepower to go toe-to-toe with all the other starfighters. They’re too cool for school, the hot rods, all sizzle and no steak. They’re trying to be the better and more badass answer to the X-Wing, like the TIE Interceptor was to the TIE Fighter. The A-Wing is the author insert of starships.

Why some of the world's biggest companies are using AI to manage human employees

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, a professor of business psychology at University College London, told The Wall Street Journal that managers primarily work to "identify potential, build teams, assign tasks, measure performance and provide feedback"—things that he said humans are not proficient at. However, AI can use data to do perform these tasks, which could lead to a day when we no longer need human managers, Chamorro-Premuzic said.

Elon Musk’s latest hit is a . . . hat

The Tesla CEO took to Twitter today to announce that 30,000 hats with the logo of his other startup, The Boring Company, have already been sold since they went on sale in October. The Boring hats go for $20 a pop, meaning Musk has moved $600,000 worth of them.


Aquaman and Aquagirl and the Amazing Crown of Justice

Friday was a snow day in Austin, Texas. I told my daughter she couldn’t just watch videos all day. This is what she made.

Google’s premium Home Max smart speaker goes on sale

The product was announced back in October , at the Pixel 2 event in San Francisco, alongside the far cheaper Home Mini. The Echo Dot competitor hit the market immediately, and the Home Max was given the decidedly more nebulous date of December. Recent leaked listings gave the speaker a December 11 launch date, and it looks like it’s arrived on target.

The Best Products of 2017

"Cheap" no longer needs to mean "nasty." Not only is the Vizio SB3621 one of the best sound bars we've seen in 2017, but -- at $150 in the US -- it's also the cheapest. That's why astounding value racked up a five-star rating and an Editors' Choice.

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

Amazon music gives Spotify and Apple a run for their money

You can finally stream 4K videos on Xbox One consoles

The Xbox One S was released in August 2016 as an enhanced version of the Xbox One, which touted the ability to play games in better-than-1080p (but not quite 4K) as well as play 4K video. The Xbox One X followed in 2017 with more hardware improvements, but it wasn't until today that the two consoles got the ability to actually play 4K video.

Facebook doesn't scan Messenger for fake news. But it definitely should

For the most part, the private areas of Facebook's products, which include services like Messenger and WhatsApp, remain untouched. An exception is that Facebook uses automated tools like PhotoDNA to scan for child exploitation images shared within Messenger. But there is no system currently used to detect fake news within Messenger or WhatsApp.

How one AI company is bringing medical care to millions of rural Chinese residents

"In one non-stroke case that involved diagnosis and treatment of a bone fracture and a degenerated area of bone, the standard approach is to treat the affected area itself," said Chen. "With analytics and AI, a system can focus on different areas of the body that are far removed from where the problem is to see if these other areas could be affecting the condition. If it is a problem that is being generated far from the fracture itself, the analytics allow us to treat causes of the condition, and not just symptoms."

Why Wikipedia's cofounder wants to replace the online encyclopedia with the blockchain

Many industries have adopted blockchain technology as a core part of their operations. It creates transparency and trust between parties so that trust is no longer needed, which is why industries such as real estate, finance, and advertising are beginning to use it. And now, Wikipedia's cofounder Larry Sanger wants blockchain to replace the free online encyclopedia.

Don't Miss These Green Monday Deals

Save up to $50 off Amazon's newly released devices like Amazon Key, Cloud Camera, and more.

Rian Johnson on the Intensity of Working With Mark Hamill on The Last Jedi

Well, I can’t say too much because discovering that is part of the adventure of the movie and part of the journey in the movie. But, you know, so much of what his character was in this movie and what defined it was a combination of, like I said before, feeling like it was led down a certain path by the big choice he had made to be in exile. And then beyond that, Luke’s story in this movie, to a certain degree, serves Rey’s story. So that was the other element of this. Wherever he was going to be at and whatever he was going to go through, I couldn’t just think of it in a vacuum. This trilogy is not just Luke’s story. At the end of the day, it’s Rey who’s carrying us through this whole thing. Obviously, Rey and Finn, those are like the two big characters, but in this section of the story, meaning the island stuff, it’s Rey. So I had to think about him in tandem with Rey. And that was great, also, because that kind of meant thinking about him in tandem with myself, and as fans, our relationship to Luke as a legend and as this hero that we grew up with, who we now haven’t seen for some number of years and we’re approaching with expectations of what he’s going to be.

Ataribox preorders set to open Dec. 14

Ataribox is the latest device piggybacking on a wave of retro video-game console reboots. Nintendo sent nostalgic gamers into a lather -- twice -- by releasing miniaturized versions of its   NES  and  Super NES  systems this year and last.

How Google Fiber turned 2017 into its comeback year

After ending 2016 with its future in jeopardy, Google Fiber began shallow trenching and launched in three new cities during 2017. Still, questions remain.


SEC chairman Jay Clayton urges investors to exercise "extreme caution" around ICOs

America’s chief financial regulator is warning investors against cryptocurrency scams. SEC chairman Jay Clayton released an official statement today urging caution on cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings. “If an opportunity sounds too good to be true,” the statement reads, “or if you are pressured to act quickly, please exercise extreme caution.” Clayton also cautioned that no ICO has been registered with the SEC and that any trading of cryptocurrencies should be done with a considerable amount of care.

47 MIT Tech Review on Twitter

There’s hope that a new technique being used to stymie Huntington's disease could be modified and applied to other incurable brain diseases, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. 

American Astronauts Are Going Back to the Moon

President Donald Trump has signed a directive that authorizes NASA to return American astronauts to the Moon—a mission that would lay the foundation for a possible mission to Mars. The renewed emphasis on space exploration, said Trump, is to ensure America’s primacy in space, to protect its citizens, and to create jobs. But while a coherent and ambitious space program is welcome news, the announcement can also be seen as a distraction.

Know When to Quit Your Job by Watching for These Signals

To further explore if you're ready to leave, run a few experiments to assess whether your perception is reality. "It's better to rely on information gathered from live interaction with people rather than spinning around in your own chair," says Schlesinger. He suggests having an honest conversation with your boss about how you're perceived and what you're capable of achieving in your role. If you think your manager wouldn't be open to that kind of discussion, Gulati advises looking at your last two annual performance reviews. "Do the comments make you feel empowered or disheartened? If your performance is stagnating despite your best efforts, you might want to quit before further reputational damage is done," he says. You can also test whether there's a mismatch by putting your hat in the ring the next time your boss has a high-profile piece of work to be done. If you're overlooked, it may be that he doesn't appreciate your skills and it's time to move on.

Comixology's Next Marvel Series Unites Earth's Mightiest Heroes

It’s hard to believe that it’s been just five months since Marvel and Comixology first launched their digital series partnership with a revival of Iron Fists . Since then, a Thor/Hulk team-up and another Black Panther spinoff have joined the lineup—and a fourth series is on the way in the form of an Avengers throwback.

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52 The ‘Alt-Right’ Created a Parallel Internet. It’s an Unholy Mess.
53 Toshiba, Western Digital end chip dispute; joint investment to resume
54 Bitcoin euphoria puts other retail bets in shade
55 Downloads advent calendar: get Ashampoo Music Studio 2018 free today
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60 Steam puts curator-recommended games right up front in its store
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63 The NFL and Verizon’s new streaming deal will bring games to all mobile carriers
64 More American Jobs? Broadcom Deal Might Mean the Opposite
65 Philippine bank accuses Bangladesh of heist 'cover-up'
66 American Express will stop requiring signatures for purchases
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71 Atari's Speakerhat, a hat with speakers, is now on sale
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74 Singtel and Ericsson hit 4G gigabit speeds with LAA | ZDNet
75 Bitcoin futures suggest breakneck rise in price to slow
76 Iron Mountain acquires IO Data Centers’ US operations for $1.3 billion
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79 Apple buys music-recognition app Shazam
80 Qualcomm Merger Calculus Complicated by Activist Investor
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83 Bitcoin heads to Wall Street as CBOE launches futures
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85 Verizon Says Exec's Joke About Installing a 'Verizon Puppet' at FCC to Kill Net Neutrality Was 'Funny'
86 With markets going crypto-crazy, SEC chairman weighs in
87 Apple's Newest Ads Promote Face ID and Portrait Lighting
88 Internet pioneers plead with Congress to preserve net neutrality
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90 'More to come' after bitcoin futures launch: Cboe CEO
91 Google’s “AR Stickers” app launches, puts Star Wars characters in your camera
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