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@mashable @ChristopherJM in Poland( EU member) at least 2 journalists were detained by the police during their duties a few weeks ago

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What Artificial Intelligence Is Not

Artificial Intelligence has been in the media a lot lately. So much so that it’s only a matter of time before it graduates to meaningless buzz word status like “big data” and “cloud.” Usually I would be a big supporter. Being in the AI space, any attention to our often overlooked industry is welcome. But there seems to be more misinformation out there than solid facts.

Here's What We Talked About Most On Facebook In 2014

Last year it was Pope Francis, the Royal Baby and Miley Cyrus. But this year, our conversations -- Facebook conversations, that is -- were all about Ebola, the World Cup and the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Xiaomi's India smartphone ban exposes wider patent risk

MUMBAI/BEIJING (Reuters) - The court order that banned Chinese mobile maker Xiaomi from selling its phones in India has halted its breakneck expansion into the world's fastest growing major smartphone market and could be just the start of a string of patent challenges.

How to Maximize Your Company's Press Coverage

Since I am a big believer in making the most of the good things that happen to you, the below are my five tips for making the most out of any media coverage you get (and of course, this also applies to content you create).

This plane engine will be able to fly anywhere in the world within 4 hours

British aerospace firm Reaction Engines Limited is working on an engine system that will be able to take 300 passengers anywhere in the world in just four hours. Even more impressively, the engine will also be used to fly a plane in outer space, as  Business Insider reports . The engine system is called SABRE, and it relies on a device called the precooler - technology that cools down the air entering the engineer system by more than 1,000 degrees Celsius in .01 seconds. That corresponds to an unheard-of cooling rate of 400 megawatts, and will allow the plane to “breathe” oxygen. This means that the engine system will be able to run at a much higher power than is currently possible According to Reaction Engines, SABRE will be used inside two upcoming plane models - LAPCAT A2 , a commercial plane that will be able to transport passengers from Brussels to Sydney in "two to four hours", and also the ambitious SKYLON, an unpiloted and re-usable spaceplane that aims to provide cheaper access to space. As chief engineer Alan Bond explains in the video below , the LAPCAT A2 will be able to “pretty easily” fly around the world at an incredible Mach 5 - five times the speed of sound.

The One Word Men Never See In Their Performance Reviews

Really? What about other words in men's reviews from female bosses? And what about actions? As a foreigner (with a bit of an unfortunate accent) working in the UK, and someone that has worked for many international companies for long term projects, I have observed, and suffered, untold numbers of cases of all forms of discrimination. Racism and sexism are everywhere. Everywhere. But the worst kind (the most intensive, consistent and deeply personal type of attacks) in my experience comes from female bosses to male staff. As someone who has recently broken through the (in my view slightly more solid than glass) ceiling of racism, what I truly cannot forget is how often I have seen very senior women being hateful and intensely personal (almost always unfairly) towards men. Now, when I interview women for managerial positions, I cannot help specifically asking myself how they are likely to behave towards their male staff. And you know what? I can forgive myself for this. I really can

Sea of clouds fills Grand Canyon in spectacular weather phenomenon

The result, a layer of low-lying clouds, or fog, produced the spectacular sight and turned the canyon into a sea of clouds. Those clouds appear to lap at the edges of the canyon in the video below (from Thursday), filling the canyon to the brim with only the tiniest edges of walls peeking out.

The Little Prince could be one of the most beautiful animated films of 2015

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2 Futures Can Explain Time's Mysterious Past

Physicists have a problem with time.   Whether through Newton’s gravitation, Maxwell’s electrodynamics, Einstein’s special and general relativity or quantum mechanics, all the equations that best describe our universe work perfectly if time flows forward or backward.   Of course the world we experience is entirely different. The universe is expanding, not contracting. Stars emit light rather than absorb it, and radioactive atoms decay rather than reassemble. Omelets don’t transform back to unbroken eggs and cigarettes never coalesce from smoke and ashes. We remember the past, not the future, and we grow old and decrepit, not young and rejuvenated. For us, time has a clear and irreversible direction. It flies forward like a missile, equations be damned.   For more than a century, the standard explanation for “time’s arrow,” as the astrophysicist Arthur Eddington first called it in 1927, has been that it is an emergent property of thermodynamics, as first laid out in the work of the 19th-century Austrian physicist Ludwig Boltzmann.

Kids are Heroes - Kids are making a difference in this world

Our kids are drilling water wells in Africa, helping orphans in India and building homes in Haiti. They are recycling and cleaning up their neighborhoods, helping their local animal shelters and making life better for their neighbors. And guess what? They are ALL just like YOU !!! Meet the Heroes . . .

Infographic: The Evolution Of The Batman Logo, From 1940 To Today

Laver says she drew inspiration from a similar, though less comprehensive image she saw on the web a few years back, as well as a YouTube video showing the icon’s transformation over the years. Her research into the comics and graphic novels turned up a surprising trove of designs, though as she moved into the movie-era and saw Batman becoming an increasingly multifaceted (and consequently diffuse) marketing and merchandise juggernaut, things became thornier. "It was tricky [deciding] which logos to feature as some were on the bat suit and others were the comic and promotional logos," Laver notes. "Quite interesting to see which was used where."

8 Subconscious Mistakes Our Brains Make Every Day--And How To Avoid Them

I was thinking about the brain training website Lumosity. And I realized that its set up to make you feel like you're making measurable progress. That is to say, in the beginning when you're playing games at the earlier levels you're getting fewer points, giving you a lower percentile compared with others in your age group. As my score improved I realized that I was only doing demonstrably better because of the passage of time. Each time you enter a game you are picking up where you left off. Starting at the higher levels gives you more points, hence you feel like you're "improving" your brain's functioning, when I bet there is no empirical science to back that up. Especially since everyone who participates is bound to show "improvement", when in actuality they are simply getting more points for the same task.

Mystery Solved for How Birds Lost Their Teeth : DNews

Birds in flight often arrange themselves in aerodynamically optimum positions, according to a new paper in the journal Nature that helps to explain how birds fly in such impressive formations. Lead researcher Steven Portugal and his colleagues focused their study on northern bald ibises, but many bird species also exhibit the amazing flight behavior. Portugal, a University of London Royal Veterinary College researcher, told Discovery News that birds could be using three things to achieve their flying precision: "(1) vision – watching the bird in flight to get all the information they need, (2) feathers – sensing the changes in pressure, wind etc. through their flight feathers, and (3) positive feedback – i.e. they just fly around and when it feels easier/better they stay in that position." Markus Unsold

Beware, fellow plutocrats, the pitchforks are coming

Nick Hanauer is a rich guy, an unrepentant capitalist — and he has something to say to his fellow plutocrats: Wake up! Growing inequality is about to push our societies into conditions resembling pre-revolutionary France. Hear his argument about why a dramatic increase in minimum wage could grow the middle class, deliver economic prosperity ... and prevent a revolution.

Hackers Trick Keurigs Into Making Uncopyrighted Coffee | WIRED

When we last checked in with Keurig , the coffee machine maker had just turned itself into a big, fat target for copyright reform activists. The problem: Keurigs’s promise to make its 2.0 machines incompatible with any single-serving coffee pods it hadn’t licensed. Critics compared the approach to the DRM restrictions that hobble the sharing of digital music.

Scientists Discover Vast 'Ocean' Hidden Deep Underground

"Geological processes on the Earth’s surface, such as earthquakes or erupting volcanoes, are an expression of what is going on inside the Earth, out of our sight," geophysicist Dr. Steven Jacobsen , an associate professor at Northwestern University, said in a written statement. "I think we are finally seeing evidence for a whole-Earth water cycle, which may help explain the vast amount of liquid water on the surface of our habitable planet. Scientists have been looking for this missing deep water for decades ."

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Scientists Have Simulated Time Travel With Photons | IFLScience

In a quantum regime, the authors say, the paradox of time travel can be resolved, leaving closed timelike curves consistent with relativity. Near a black hole, for example, the extreme effects of general relativity play a role.

Why the universe seems so strange

Biologist Richard Dawkins makes a case for "thinking the improbable" by looking at how the human frame of reference limits our understanding of the universe.

Postcards From The Future Show What London Will Look Like After Climate Change

In one scene, rising sea levels have turned London into a Venice-like city that has to be navigated by boat. In another, Buckingham Palace is surrounded by sprawling slum housing climate refugees from other countries. Other images explore temperature extremes—a mini ice age if melting Arctic ice alters the path of the Gulf stream, or a desert if climate change alters rainfall.

100 Most Creative People 2014

Get weekly news and advice from the Most Creative People in Business.

9 Resume Mistakes That Might Cost You A Job

I love how "Employers" are being called out on being too incompetent to be able to hire someone else. I have to say, I work hard on updating my resume and I even have an English major, with a BFA, read over it for me and make sure it's 100% correct and ideal. With that being said, I still never hear back from jobs that I know I'd excel in and I do have a degree myself. Now I know why they say "Degrees don't mean as much as they used to." I see people with less education perform better in professional settings than some people who waste years in four year schools. I'm not saying this is true for every college student, but it applies to experiences I've had in real life. I'd hate to end up being like any employer who's clueless, or just passes up true talent or qualified candidates based upon something irrelevant in the long run.

A call to men

At TEDWomen, Tony Porter makes a call to men everywhere: Don't "act like a man." Telling powerful stories from his own life, he shows how this mentality, drummed into so many men and boys, can lead men to disrespect, mistreat and abuse women and each other. His solution: Break free of the "man box."

The Bible Reduced To Minimalist Posters

A Presbyterian pastor who moonlights as a graphic designer, Novak describes his Minimum Bible as a "visual diving board" into the text of the Old and New Testament. Composed of 66 minimalist posters, the project is Novak's attempt to distill each book of the Bible into a single symbolic design.

The GQ Guide to Suits

Learn to suit up properly and everything else follows. Whether you're an office guy who needs to look sharp for the competition, or a creative type who dresses up because he likes to, the suit is the basic building block of looking good. It's a timeless, ever adaptable, sometimes maligned, but never improved uniform. Consider the roots of that word: uni , as in a universally good idea to save your ass from the danger of too much choice; form, as in the opposite of formless, sloppy, or unfocused. We'll get to the specifics of lapel widths and armholes and vents and how to do it right, but let's first agree that this is where dressing like a man begins. Get the basics down and then you can lose yourself in perfecting the details—what the ever dapper Tom Wolfe once approvingly called the sartorial "mania for marginal differences." And that's when things get interesting.

The Fastest Stars in the Universe May Approach Light Speed | WIRED

Because a single, isolated star streaking through intergalactic space would be so faint, only powerful future telescopes like the James Webb Space Telescope , planned for launch in 2018, would be able to detect them. Even then, telescopes would likely only see the stars that have reached our galactic neighborhood. Many of the ejected stars probably would have formed near the centers of their galaxies, and would have been thrown out soon after their birth. That means that they would have been traveling for the vast majority of their lifetimes. The star’s age could therefore approximate how long the star has been traveling. Combining travel time with its measured speed, astronomers can determine the distance between the star’s home galaxy and our galactic neighborhood.

The Common Traits Of The Most Successful People

No one was born an expert or a master of something. You may be the smartest person in the world, but if you don’t know what drives you or can’t seem to focus, you won’t get anything done. According to Greene, the most important thing for success is finding something that you feel emotionally committed to. The most successful people are usually not chasing money when they decide on their craft because "money isn’t the greatest motivator in the world," he says.

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The World's Largest Starbucks Is The Willy Wonka Factory Of Coffee

In the sort of tasteful spectacle you'd come to expect from a brand monolith like Starbucks, two coffee bars, a shop, a standalone restaurant, a two-story library with 200 books, and a factory all fit under one roof in a caffeinated wonderland sitting at the top of Seattle’s swank Capitol Hill district. This giant new flagship store is the largest Starbucks ever built. It’s also a production plant where the company will roast its "small batch" Reserve line for the entire world. That's a projected 1.4 million pounds of coffee to be roasted and packaged a year, all while the public is free to watch, sip coffee brewed by the most eager and informed Starbucks baristas I've ever met, and interrupt the guy manning the roaster to ask him a question. It's as much a meticulously groomed peek inside Starbucks's global roasting and distribution system as it is an advertisement for Starbucks itself.

Skinny Puppy demands $666,000 in royalties from U.S. government for using their music in Guantanamo torture

If I were a member of Skinny Puppy I would be proud that my music was used to torture these bastards and consider it my good deed for the day - and even more I would suggest that they play it over the loudspeaker during worship times in all of these pro Muslim nations and cities - as well as play it in the cockpit for the US pilots as they drop nuclear bombs on these vermin in the middle east. Problem solved. Then u fuck sticks would have less to Bitch about.

How Music Affects Your Productivity

HI! I love having music to drown out the "other" going on around me and to narrow my focus on what is in front of me. It's lulling without putting me to sleep and it cheers me up. Tried ambient music but it was more annoying. Anyway, The results give strong support to the contention that economic benefits can accure from the use of music in industry...wasn't sure what that sentence meant. Accrue was meant to be there perhaps?

20 holiday Pinterest fails that ruined Christmas

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Most Innovative Companies 2014

As the cost per click—the rate advertisers pay for an online ad—continues declining, Google is pursuing projects that could reinvent the company—and society. For its breadth, ambition, and relentless spirit to keep creating the future, Google tops our 2014 list of the Most Innovative Companies in business. This is the second time that Google has earned the No. 1 spot. The last time was in 2008. Many of its current projects or milestones are life-changing, or aim to be:

Sony Planning a Jump Street-Men in Black Crossover - IGN

Via WSJ: "In an e-mail to (studio boss Amy Pascal), Mr. Hill says 'jump street merging with mib i think that’s clean and rad and powerful.' In another e-mail, Hannah Minghella, a president of production for Sony’s Columbia Pictures label, says of the joint sequel, 'We don’t have a script yet so we’ll be greenlighting the movie off the concept and the talent involved.'”

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Eerie Photos Of Abandoned Shopping Malls Show The Changing Face Of Suburbia

Interesting, but I question the photographer's reasons for the mall's demise. Maybe the area around that particular mall changed and that caused its failure, but here in south Florida, we had 4 Debartolo-owned malls that were built in the 1960's & 1970's. Every single one of them ended up looking just like the one pictured, all but one has closed, and the reason was gross mismanagement, as each one of them was located in some of the most thriving areas in Palm Beach County, then and now. The only one currently in existence is located in Wellington - one of the most posh areas in the county (polo anyone?) - and it's got a horrible reputation. No security, gangs of teens, and all the good stores are moving out. People here drive 10 - 20 miles to go to the Palm Beach Gardens Mall, which is hugely popular, because it's a quality mall. The old Palm Beach Mall (one of the demolished) site now has a new outlet mall on it that's also hugely popular and doing quite well.

Why You Should Learn Product Management Instead Of Coding

Before doing product management, what the hell were you using coding for? The article meanders and is stitched together with different points. 'Why learn A when you can learn B? But learning A is good too!' the headline is more suitable for a persausive essay but the content is too balanced with irrelevant viewpoints, and more than one paragraph reads like an advert. You could've also dumped the buzzword of 'emotional intelligene' in there, as a transferable skill that falls within Product Management (or Business Fields generally). Coding is inseperable from creation, even if all you're making is a solution. Most people who aren't 'Cowboy Coders' (which is a nebulous term that's far more derisive than what the article makes it be) start learning HTML/CSS. Why do they learn it? To make and design websites, like this one the article's hosted on. Way to byte the hand that feeds.

When people of Muslim heritage challenge fundamentalism

Karima Bennoune shares four powerful stories of real people fighting against fundamentalism in their own communities — refusing to allow the faith they love to become a tool for crime, attacks and murder. These personal stories humanize one of the most overlooked human-rights struggles in the world.

The antidote to apathy

Local politics — schools, zoning, council elections — hit us where we live. So why don't more of us actually get involved? Is it apathy? Dave Meslin says no. He identifies 7 barriers that keep us from taking part in our communities, even when we truly care. (Filmed at TEDxToronto.)

Biodiversity: Life ­– a status report

.ALL U NEED TO KNOW = EVERYTHING IS RELATED ► 97% of Tigers gone since 1914. ► 90% of Big Ocean Fish gone since 1950. ► 90% of Lions gone since 1993. ► 90% of Monarch Butterflies gone since 1995. ► 75% of River & Riverbank Species gone since 1970. ... ► 75,000 dams block U.S. rivers. ► 50% of Great Barrier Reef gone since 1985. ► 50% of Human Sperm Counts gone since 1950. ► 50% of Fresh Water Fish gone since 1987. ► 40% of Giraffes gone since 2000. ► 30% of Marine Birds gone since 1995. ► 28% of Land Animals gone since 1970. ► 28% of All Marine Animals gone since 1970. ► 25% of Wild Honey Bees gone since 1990. ► 93 Elephants killed every single day. ► 2-3 Rhinos killed every single day. ► Bees die from malnutrition lacking bio-diverse pollen sources and poisons. ► 200 years ago, there used to be more Green Sea Turtles, by weight, in the Caribbean Sea than there were Buffalo on the great plains, both species are now almost gone. There are more Siberian Tigers in zoos than in the wild. ► 200 years ago, there used to be so many Passenger Pigeons that the mid-day sun would be totally blocked out when huge flocks of them flew by.

A former Facebook CTO takes on Microsoft Office

My colleagues didn’t know that I would soon meet with Taylor, Facebook’s former chief technology officer. But their questions are hardly unique. Virtually every business is asking itself, over and over without end, how it can use new tools on the market to work more efficiently. It’s why some companies want to rethink e-mail and why others want to banish it altogether. It’s the basis for the steady march of companies’ data and applications to the cloud. And it’s one reason why technology organizations are trying to reassert themselves within the larger corporation—because the first person to ask one of these questions is the individual employee, who can acquire a better tool instantly with nothing more than a corporate credit card.

Analysts Claim Teens Still Prefer Print Books

Despite teens’ tech-savvy reputation, this group continues to lag behind adults when it comes to reading e-books, even with the young adult genre’s digital growth relative to the total e-book market. While 20% of teens purchasing e-books, 25% of 30-44 year olds and 23% of 18-29 year olds buy digital copies. While younger readers are open to e-books as a format, teens continue to express a preference for print that may seem to be at odds with their perceived digital know-how.Several factors may play a role in teens’ tendency toward printed publications. Parents’ preference for print could have an effect or teens’ lack of credit cards for online purchases. But another explanation may be teens’ penchant for borrowing and sharing books rather than purchasing them, which is easier to do in print. Over half of teens are still looking for books on library or bookstore shelves. And in-store browsing is about level with browsing online for this group.

Can This Human Hamster Wheel Make You More Productive At Work?

"The treadmill desk has kind of become something of a fixture in Bay Area offices," Godshaw says. "There's a concern among people who spend all of their time staring at white rectangles of various sizes that our health is deteriorating as a result of this somewhat unnatural condition they find themselves in...this is one solution. I think the design of the hamster wheel is a good one, and I'm surprised it hasn't been used for human things more frequently."

Your Christmas tree has lived through one hell of an adventure

Foraging for Douglas fir cones (not pine cones, as multiple growers reminded me) is pretty simple. People collect the cones in the fall after the first good rain, when squirrels chew the cones off the trees. Teams will scout cones on the ground near healthy trees with good color and shape. They also look for caches of seeds that squirrels have stored away for the winter. (It's not totally unfair to the squirrels; Oregon State University Christmas tree specialist Chal Landgren says the animals forget the location of their stash 90% of the time.)

Social maps that reveal a city's intersections — and separations

Every city has its neighborhoods, cliques and clubs, the hidden lines that join and divide people in the same town. What can we learn about cities by looking at what people share online? Starting with his own home town of Baltimore, Dave Troy has been visualizing what the tweets of city dwellers reveal about who lives there, who they talk to — and who they don’t.

12 Tech Tools Productivity Experts Can't Live Without

If there’s a scheduling conflict when adding an activity to your calendar, for example, the app will suggest another time based on your personal routine. You can also enter habits you wish to build, such as dedicating a few hours each morning to making sales calls, says Keller, who is also cofounder and chairman of Keller Williams Realty. "Timeful proactively suggests times to do that task, tracks your progress, and reminds you when it’s time to get to work," he says.

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The Truth About Google X: An Exclusive Look Behind The Secretive Lab's Closed Doors

There's a reason they factor these questions into their early calculus. When you're explicitly trying to imagine products that have no real counterparts in our culture, the obstacles have to be imagined, too. With driverless cars, for instance, there remain unresolved complexities of state laws, infrastructure, and insurance; for Google Glass, there are huge ongoing privacy issues. But if the team believes these kinds of hurdles are surmountable and is still sufficiently curious about a technology by the end of the discussion, they'll ask Heinrich or Piponi to build a crude prototype, ideally in a few days. Once they're satisfied that it can work, they move toward getting the brass to officially commission the project. They will not say how often this has happened, except that it's exceedingly rare. "It's a really high bar to say, 'This is going to be a new Google X project,' " says DeVaul. And that doesn't mean it won't be killed as it evolves. It's a much higher bar to actually launch a Google X project, he points out. "Sometimes the problems at Google X are very easy to frame, such as two-thirds of the world does not have reliable, affordable Internet access.

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