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Late night writer Amber Ruffin breaks down why Black Women need to run America

"When you're done thanking us, why don't you try voting for us?"

Google just helped NASA find an alien planet thousands of light-years from Earth

Alien worlds galore.

Snapchat launches augmented reality developer platform Lens Studio

Snapchat is finally opening up so outside developers can help it offer infinite augmented reality experiences beyond those it designs in-house. Today, Snap..

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Read the dissenting opinions of the FCC commissioners who tried to save net neutrality

"Now the results of throwing out your net neutrality protections may not be felt right away. Most of us will get up tomorrow morning and over the next week wade through hundreds of headlines, turn away from those endless prognosticators and submerge ourselves in a sea of holiday bliss. But what we have wrought will one day be apparent and by then, when you really see what has changed, I fear, it may not only be too late to do anything about it, because there will be no agency empowered to address your concerns. This item insidiously ensures the FCC will never be able to fully grasp the harm it may have unleashed on the internet ecosystem. And that inability might lead decision-makers to conclude, that the next internet startup that failed to flourish and attempted to seek relief, simply had a bad business plan, when in fact what was missing was a level playing field online.

Amazon is selling the Apple TV and Google Chromecast again

Both the Apple TV and Chromecast were pulled from Amazon in late 2015. The company’s justification for the move was that consumers would be confused and frustrated if they purchased streaming devices that didn’t offer a direct, convenient way to view Amazon Prime Video content. In Apple’s case, that impasse lasted until earlier this month when Amazon finally released a Prime Video app for Apple TV. (The new software has been met with some unfavorable reviews .)

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Shervin Pishevar resigns from Sherpa Capital following sexual misconduct allegations

Samsung's Bixby smart speaker release date could be early 2018

The most interesting detail revealed in the new report was that Samsung plans on actually undercutting Apple’s smart home speaker, the Apple HomePod , by around $150 (about £100/AU$200). The Apple HomePod, which was delayed earlier this month, is targeting a price point of around $349 while Samsung’s Bixby-equipped challenger could be looking at a price tag of just $200. 

62 Rare Nuclear Test Films Have Been Declassified and Uploaded to YouTube

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has at least a couple more years of work to do, but they’re going to continue releasing the films in large batches like this one today. Let’s just hope we don’t see a new atomspheric nuclear explosion (test or otherwise) before they’re done with their preservation project.

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Net neutrality rules are dead. Will my Internet bills go up?

FCC neuters net neutrality, votes out Obama-era rules

Still, Powell and others in the industry have said net neutrality will be maintained even without rules. Their opposition was to the reclassification of broadband as a utility that wags used to create the rules. They say rules, which were developed decades ago for the traditional phone network, are out of date and could allow the government to dictate rates or force them to open up their infrastructure to competitors.

You're probably risking your company's cybersecurity

Out of more than 1,000 office workers surveyed by business cloud company Intermedia, 99 percent said they did something that could leave their company at risk, according to a report out Wednesday .

FCC Votes to Kill Obama-Era Net Neutrality Rules

After a brief recess that required meeting attendees to evacuate for security reasons, a divided commission voted 3 to 2 to get rid of Obama-era net neutrality rules.

Here are the full opinions of FCC commissioners who voted down net neutrality

Before concluding, I want to address the atmospherics surrounding the process in this proceeding.  I'll start with the number and identity of the comments submitted.  Some would have us believe that the comment process has been irreparably tainted by the large number of fake comments.  That view reflects a lack of understanding about the Administrative Procedure Act.  The agency is required to consider and respond to all significant comments in the record.  Millions of comments that simply say something along the lines of "keep net neutrality" or other colorful language we can't say in public – whether they are submitted by real people, bots, or honey badgers – have no impact on the decision.  As the order makes clear, we do not rely on any such comments.  While it is possible that the agency may want to tighten the comment filing system going forward, the fact of the matter is that fake comments are not unique to this proceeding and had no impact on the substance or propriety of the decision.

'The fight isn’t over': Tech erupts after the FCC's vote to kill net neutrality

Many of you have asked what comes next. We don’t exactly know yet, but it seems likely that the FCC’s decision will be challenged in court soon, and we would be supportive of that challenge. It’s also possible that Congress can decide to take up the cause and create strong, enforceable net neutrality rules that aren’t subject to the political winds at the FCC. Nevertheless, this will be a complex process that takes time.

Windows 10 Surface rival: Samsung's new Notebook 9 Pen 2-in-1 packs latest i7 chip | ZDNet

The Notebook 9 Pen features a 360-degree hinge for twisting into tablet mode for drawing with the S Pen. The 2-in-1 weighs 2.2lb (995g) and can be configured with up to 16GB of RAM and up to 512GB SSD storage, while the display has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. It features Intel HD Graphics.

This state senator wants to revive net neutrality in California

It seems Ajit Pai, the FCC Commissioner who led the charge to repeal net neutrality, will have quite a battle from a number of motivated opponents. As Wiener stated at the end of his post, "If the FCC won’t stand up for a free and open internet, California will."

You Don't Need Fancy Tools To Clean Peppers

Peppers, of any variety, are a pain in the ass. Irregularly shaped, filled with bitter ribs and somewhere between 12 and 850,000 tiny seeds that make their way into the darker recesses of your kitchen, hoping to be found one day by anthropologists who proclaim “They were just like us!”

Tesla Is Selling Solar, Cars and Home Batteries, All Under One Roof

Although solar panels and the Powerwall home battery system are on display, noticeably missing from the expanded offerings in the 10,900-square-foot (1,013-square-meter) showroom is the Model 3, Tesla’s more affordable and much-hyped electric sedan that began production in July. Output of the car, which starts at $35,000 before options, has been plagued by production bottlenecks, though the first non-employee customers just began getting their cars, suggesting progress on the production front.

Cisco's iOS security app aims to help smartphone users combat malware and ransomware

Mike McGlynn, vice president of security solutions for WWT, said in a press release: "Our employees rely on their mobile devices to stay productive and to connect with customers. Unfortunately, every day mobile internet threats are growing more complex, and so do the technologies to combat them. The new Cisco's Security Connector app effectively brought us the same visibility into iOS as a desktop. We were able to operationalize Cisco Umbrella data simply. This new mobile application offers us a way to stay head and address these challenges."

Tech companies react to the FCC killing net neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission, led by Chairman Ajit Pai, has voted to dismantle net neutrality , removing the Title II classification and allowing internet providers free rein to block, throttle, or prioritize content online as they see fit.

Here Are 5 Ways The Disney-Fox Merger Changes The Game

After Disney’s $52 billion acquisition of 21st Century Fox—or most of it, anyway—there are so many pieces to unpack, it’s hard to know where to begin. Separately, these were already two of the biggest media and entertainment companies on the planet. Together, they form an octopian beast whose tentacles will touch every corner of the content and distribution universe.

Net Neutrality has been rolled back: What happens next?

The Trump administration and FCC chairman Ajit Pai have decided to let the free market be in charge of keeping the internet an open platform.

50 stocking stuffers under $5

Once you've got those covered, stock up on a few small-but-delightful gifts to pass out when the time comes. Your doctor will thank you.

Movie and TV Show Properties Disney Will Get from Fox - IGN

With a huge deal between Disney and 21st Century Fox looming, in which Disney would acquire not only Fox's Marvel characters but also Fox’s movie and TV studios (with networks including FX and National Geographic among others), we thought the time was perfect to look at some of the big franchises and properties that will fall under the Disney corporate umbrella if the buyout goes through.

Tim Cook teams up with Charles Koch to fight for dreamers | Cult of Mac

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Koch Industries CEO Charles Koch are usually on opposite ends of the political spectrum, but the two business titans are coming together to support a common cause: The Dreamers.

23 FCC Votes to Repeal Net Neutrality Rules

In a 3-2 vote Thursday, the FCC ruled to repeal net neutrality rules in a meeting disrupted by a security scare. Here's what happened and how people are reacting

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When someone asks if you're going to go see #StarWarsTheLastJedi at midnight...

​Net neutrality: The eve of destruction | ZDNet

When I invented the World Wide Web in 1989, I didn't have to pay a fee , or ask anyone for permission to make it available over the internet. All I had to do was write a new app and plug my computer into the net. If US net neutrality rules are repealed, future innovators will have to first negotiate with each ISP to get their new product onto an internet package. That means no more permissionless space for innovation. ISPs will have the power to decide which websites you can access and at what speed each will load. In other words, they'll be able to decide which companies succeed online, which voices are heard -- and which are silenced.

Net neutrality: Here's what Thursday's vote to repeal is really all about

"Not only is the FCC eliminating basic net neutrality rules, but it's joining forces with the FTC to say it will only act when a broadband provider is deceiving the public," Chris Lewis, VP at Public Knowledge, a nonprofit that focuses on the open internet, said in a statement this week. "This gives free reign to broadband providers to block or throttle your broadband service as long as they inform you of it."

33 Incredibly Useful Things You Didn’t Know Google Photos Could Do

4. Speaking of syncing files from your phone to Photos, make sure Google isn’t eating up your monthly mobile data allotment with its ongoing backups. Open up the app’s settings on your phone, select “Back up & sync,” and check that the toggles for both “Photos” and “Videos” are deactivated under the “Cellular data backup” section. That’ll limit the app’s backups to times when you’re connected to Wi-Fi —which, for most people, is the more sensible overall choice.

Apple launches podcast analytics service as iTunes Connect beta

Apple made good on promises to launch an iTunes podcast analytics service on Thursday with a new iTunes Connect beta feature dedicated to tracking granular listener data, though the service is limited to iOS 11 devices.

Two African Penguins Are About to Hatch and You Can Watch Live

Penguin parents, Sidney and Bette, laid two eggs on November 7th and 11th. The first egg is expected to hatch between December 14 and 18, and the second egg is expected to hatch between December 18 and 22. If all goes well, the chicks will eventually join the National Aviary’s current colony of 20 African Penguins. This is the fourth set of chicks for Sidney and Bette who have had 6 chicks together at the National Aviary (not including these two)!

Microsoft's Azure Bot Service could bring conversational AI to more developers

The Azure Bot Service was originally released in preview back in November 2016, as reported by our sister site ZDNet . The service itself is focused on creating "conversational interfaces on multiple channels," the post said. Powered by Azure serverless functions and the Microsoft Bot Framework, developers can use the service to build bots on SMS, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, and more.

HuffPost editor steps down to launch a New York-centric nonprofit news project

Those sites, like others, relied predominately on advertising to stay afloat, which Rich believes is unsustainable. “The for-profit model that once buoyed these news organizations as stalwarts of local journalism is dead, and it’s not coming back,” he writes. Rich goes on, “The only viable way forward is to free local news gathering from the for-profit demands that have suffocated it to within an inch of its life.”

Alphabet's X sells new wireless internet tech to Indian state

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc’s X research division said on Thursday that India’s Andhra Pradesh state government would buy its newly developed technology that has the potential to provide high-speed wireless internet to millions of people without laying cable.

Give Omarosa credit for this: she made General Kelly's life hell

Reports conflict on the circumstances of Omarosa's departure. According to White House reporter April Ryan, who is right about everything, Omarosa was forced out by General Kelly all while issuing "vulgarities" and having a full blown adult temper tantrum. Omarosa allegedly attempted to walk into the White House campus, only to be escorted out by security and/or otherwise forced to leave.

Oscar Health is making a big bet on personalized care that people traditionally spend as much as $40,000 on

"One of the things that we are able to do because we have a lot of data is to flag to care teams the defective conditions that members may have in our clinical dashboard and say 'hey, you really should go in and see a doctor. We think you might have something and you should get some medication for it,'" Chelsea Cooper, Oscar's Senior Vice President of Member & Strategy Operations, told Business Insider. "And that’s something we’re able to do because we’re a tech company."

Airline experts say sexual misconduct on flights is under-reported

ElsaMarie D'Silva, a former flight attendant at Jet Airways, now runs a website crowdsourcing cases of sexual harassment and abuse. She said cases are under-reported in India because of the associated shame and a culture where the onus is on the victim to prove the allegations.

Preliminary Scan Suggests This Interstellar Visitor Is Not an Alien Spaceship

On October 19, 2017, astronomers witnessed the first known interstellar asteroid —a bizarre, cigar-shaped rock that, just as quickly as it entered into our Solar System, exited in a hurry. Not satisfied that ‘Oumuamua, as it’s been named, is just an odd asteroid, astronomers from Breakthrough Listen recently tuned their Green Bank telescope into the object to see if it’s an alien spaceship or some kind of probe. The preliminary results are now in and—brace yourself—it’s still a rock.

Ode to the Mac mini: Craving an update for Apple's little box that can do it all | ZDNet

The fourth Mac mini is still in a carton somewhere, but when we dig it out, it will connect to an interface box and a musical keyboard. It's the Mac mini that records my wife's music, controls and interfaces to her keyboard, mixes in her mic inputs, and is the core of her musical activities. It, too, benefits from being tiny, because it can fit in the inch space available just behind her keyboard and is only slightly bigger than the audio interface. We don't need a whole separate table for just the computer.

Two scholarly brothers get accepted into their dream schools in heartwarming videos

In the video, you can feel the suspense growing as Little patiently waits for an answer. But with just a few clicks on his laptop's touchpad, suddenly, anticipation turned into joy and excitement with Little jumping up from his chair screaming and embraced with hugs, tugs, handshakes, and cheers.

Senator Schatz: Strike Fear in Congress by Turning Your FCC Rage into Votes

Sen. Brian Schatz : Well, this is a direct result of us losing an election, and I think it’s really important for those of us who care about net neutrality to mobilize for 2018. It’s important and good to email the Federal Communications Commission, and it’s important and good to educate your friends via social media about what’s happening. But in a representative democracy, the way to get policy changes is through elections. We need a generation of net neutrality voters. People now really understand what’s at stake and we need to translate millions of comments to the FCC into millions of votes in the midterm.

IBM's big quantum push: Samsung, Daimler sign up for 20-qubit test drive | ZDNet

The companies joining the IBM Q Network gain access to the 20-qubit system, which is capable of producing qubits with a record 90 microsecond 'coherence', the time a single qubit -- representing both 1 and 0 simultaneously -- survives in this state before dissolving into a conventional bit's single state of either 1 or 0. That means 50 qubits can represent more than one thousand trillion values.

Brexit: A cheat sheet

As for every firm in the UK, Brexit throws up a whole raft of questions for tech companies about how Britain's departure from the EU will change how they do business. Find out how it'll affect you.

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl's Silver Surfbro Is Like, Totally Radical, Brah

But that just means Galactus is off on other paths of destruction away from Earth, and his latest interstellar buffet puts him in the path of the planet Chitt-Crrt, home to a race of green, highly intelligent squirrels (of course, this is an issue of Squirrel Girl after all). But it’s not just Galactus who’s back in the cosmic doom game, but the Silver Surfer too, who visits Chitt-Crrt to perform his heralding duties... with his posse of bros? Because now, out of nowhere, the Silver Surfer is a hang-ten-ing, shaka-brah-spouting embodiment of surf culture, just on a galactic scale:

Report: These business web apps dominated the market in 2017

IT decision makers planning new SaaS investments for 2018 can find some guidance from this Zapier report of the fastest growing, biggest, and hottest new trends in web apps.

Bad News, Male Virgins: You Could Already Have HPV

The researchers, from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, looked at data from an earlier study involving healthy male volunteers living in Brazil, the United States, and Mexico. The original study, meant to gain a picture of how and which types of HPV spread in men, tracked more than 4,000 men (ages 18 to 70) from 2005 to 2009 via check-ups taken six months apart for up to 10 visits. This study more specifically focused on the 87 men who self-identified as virgins at the start of the study. And while they found that sexually active men were at greater risk of catching HPV, male virgins could come down with it too. Around a quarter had any HPV strain, and nearly a fifth had a high risk strain known to cause cancer.

GPU killer: Google reveals just how powerful its TPU2 chip really is | ZDNet

As Dean notes, TPU1 was great for inference but the next breakthroughs in machine learning will the power of its TPU2-based TPU Pods. He offered 1,000 free TPUs to top researchers who've made it to Google's selective Tensor Research Cloud.

Disney just put a big question mark over Hulu's future

That's led to lots of speculation about what happens next with the streaming service, which lags far behind Netflix in terms of subscribers but scored Emmy gold this year with the buzzy drama "The Handmaid's Tale." Some have speculated that Disney could use Hulu as a launchpad for its planned subscription streaming service.

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If you’re a diehard “Star Wars” fan with money to burn, this is for you #TheLastJedi

Behold The Most Hilarious Wildlife Photos of 2017

Wildlife photographer Tibor Kércz would spend a few nights each year camped out in a tent near a tree, hoping to capture photos of little owls and their nestlings. But just before nightfall on one fateful evening, three of the birds flew out onto a short branch. They landed and tried stabilizing themselves... but the owlet on the end began to fall.

10 data scientist interview questions job seekers can expect

Data science job candidates can expect a variety of technical questions and exercises that depend upon the position and the company. But outside of tech know-how, adequately describing your skills with communication, teamwork, and creative thinking is key.

Disney buying Fox film, TV units for $52 billion in digital push

(Reuters) - Walt Disney Co has struck a deal to buy film, television and international businesses from Rupert Murdoch’s Twenty-First Century Fox Inc for $52.4 billion in stock, giving the world’s largest entertainment company an arsenal of shows and movies to combat growing digital rivals Netflix Inc and Inc.

51 The Movies That Had the Hubris to Open the Same Week as the Star Wars Films
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53 Why blockchain is perfect for building a distributed AI platform
54 Doctor Who Is 'The Greatest Television Show Ever Made,' According to Steven Moffat
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56 Now That The FCC Has Scrapped Net Neutrality, Get Ready For The Legal Battles
57 Researchers Made a Clever Tool to Detect Hacks Companies Haven't Told Users About
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59 The Problem With Morgan Spurlock’s #MeToo Mea Culpa
60 Actresses plan to wear black at Golden Globes to protest sexual misconduct in Hollywood
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62 Sorry to dump this on you, but another 'Mad Pooper' is on the loose
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64 Microsoft Office 365, Cortana, Bing get AI upgrades, expanding productivity and analytics
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69 Apple Wants to Patent a Voice Assistant That Knows When to Whisper Back
70 NASA Announces Eighth Planet Around Distant Star, Tying Our Own Solar System
71 Smartphones Might Get Super Exciting Again in 2018
72 Against Better Judgement, I Made My Own Vape Juice
73 Scientists Figure Out Why Italian Family Can't Feel Pain
74 Uber is being investigated for criminal behavior, Justice Department confirms
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76 If Net Nonneutrality turns into disaster, we can reverse it
77 Christmas Gifts That Will Save You Money
78 Apple’s iMac Pro is a love letter to developers
79 Facebook Will Introduce Ads as Videos Start, a Move Long Resisted
80 APPLY NOW: Business Insider is hiring a paid video intern who can animate
81 Google AI helped find the first solar system outside our own with 8 planets
82 iMac Pro: Price of this fully-equipped, most powerful Mac ever? $13,199 - such a deal | ZDNet
83 NASA and Google are announcing a 'major discovery' about exoplanets — here's what it probably is
84 Spotify's valuation tops $19 billion in the private markets as it prepares for a public listing
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88 John Boyega and Oscar Isaac Know All the Naughty Things You've Been Thinking About Them
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90 Alphabet Swaps Project Loon Balloons for ‘Boxes’ to Bring Light Beam Internet to India
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92 Prosecutors say Long Island woman tried to use bitcoin to aid Islamic
93 Indonesia's Go-Jek acquires three companies to boost payment services
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95 'Oxenfree' developer's next game is about drinking with Satan
96 Crunch Report | FCC Kills Net Neutrality
97 Uber investor departs venture firm amid harassment claims