La La Land’s choreographer shares the film’s sneakiest dance-movie references Video Description

Funny enough, the flying sequence was originally supposed to be underwater. There were always discussions — the initial script says “they do a waltz in the stars.” But Damien wanted to create this feeling of weightlessness, and it was on the table for it to be an underwater dance. My assistants and I took a GoPro to a pool and created and shot an underwater waltz. I bought it back to Damien, and he said it was amazing. But ultimately, the underwater thing was not gonna happen. So the next process was going to a space where they had harnesses. I would go in there with the stunt team and we would experiment with how to hold dance positions while in wires, or how to float and flip and look like you’re walking. There was a lot of space and an amazing amount of time for just experimenting and trying to figure out what those shapes were.

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