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George Michael inspired James Corden's Carpool Karaoke

Back in 2011, the singer and host rocked out in a car together, and their sheer joy sparked an idea that's now a popular video bit.

Watch a dried-out 'resurrection plant' unfurl in water

A desiccated ball of desert plant known as a Rose of Jericho revives in a dish of water to show how it became known as a "resurrection plant."

Snail defends itself by whacking predators with its shell

Japanese and Russian snail species use the only weapon nature gave them to push attacking beetles out of the way.

One shelter's dogs and cats had the best Christmas of their lives

All of the gifts of Christmas, none of the annoying humans.

7 pro tips to help you learn how to cook in 2017

This is the year you stop going into debt over takeout pad thai.

Double Dragon IV is coming January 30th, 2017

Game developer Arc System Works bought the rights to Double Dragon series in 2015, and today the company announced that Double Dragon IV is happening. Better yet, the new game will be released on...

The 43 games we can’t wait to play in 2017

Zelda, Red Dead, Mass Effect, and more

A new 'Double Dragon' game is on its way next month

No, really - 'Double Dragon 4' will hit PC and PS4 January 30th for the series 30th Anniversary. Watch the teaser trailer here.

Watch this smartphone-assisted robot beat the pants off of humans in air hockey

It's the holidays and that means it's time to watch robots cream humans in bouts of skill. The latest example of robotics winning over a meatbag? This amazing..

How to Set Up Your New Amazon Echo

Look what it is: the Amazon Echo. Let's get it set up and ready to place anywhere in your house.

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CES 2017: What wearables can we expect at this year's big event?

Virtual reality made its commercial debut in 2016, with the launch of the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive VR, and PlayStation VR. Now, it is time for a hardware update, either upgrading the performance or reducing the size of VR headwear. We might also see a few augmented reality projects at CES 2017, though we don’t expect Magic Leap or any other secretive developer to reveal all at the event.

The 15 best movies of 2016

Chad Hartigan’s charming new movie Morris from America feels like a minor movie next to the sturm und drang of the year’s big prestige films, with their big, performative wallowing in pain and grieving. This is just a story about a black teenager navigating the cultural alienation of life in an all-white German town, where his single dad (comedian Craig Robinson, who is terrific here) is a soccer coach. Casual racism, general teen disaffection, the inevitable crush and crash, and the usual journey toward identity all play a part in the story. But Hartigan finds unusual, surprising ways to navigate them all, and he keeps pulling the story away from expected routes, and onto paths that give his protagonist (played by Markees Christmas) a unique and specific identity. There’s some significant and touching dads-and-sons drama here, and some autobiographical humor (inspired by Hartigan’s adolescent forays into hip-hop and how Robinson’s own dad navigated the friend-vs.-father divide ), but what stands out is the way Hartigan veers away from pat drama and pathos, and dives into his characters’ relatable day-to-day humanity instead.

Sony Music's Twitter hacked, fake Britney Spears death tweets sent

NEW YORK Sony Music Entertainment's Twitter account was hacked on Monday, publishing fake statements that pop music icon Britney Spears had died.

The 20 best iOS games of 2016

Hopefully you’ve kept up with a lot of this year’s greatness, but if you want to make sure you played the best of the best in 2016, be sure to browse the slides ahead. These are our 20 top iOS selections for the year, spanning games large and small—and free and premium—alike, and you’re sure to find something wonderful in this bunch. And please check back in 2017 for our ongoing You Should Play picks, as well.

17 Netflix Tips to Boost Your Binge-Watching

With so many choices, it's easy to let things stack up in the queue. Fans of family-focused murder dramas might have difficulty choosing between Happy Valley and Bloodline , while X-Files fans will love Agent Scully and Mr. Christian Grey himself in the chilling UK series The Fall . For some royal drama, check out the The Crown , which dramatizes Elizabeth II's early days as queen. The service now has a wealth of comedy specials, not to mention movies you missed in the theaters and old favorites. And Netflix shows no sign of slowing down when it comes to original programming; reports indicate that the Netflix library could soon be 50 percent original content.

Turns Out 2016 Was the Year Self-Driving Cars Took Over the Road

In the past 12 months, autonomous vehicles have pushed into the public consciousness like never before, thanks to technical advances and pilot projects that have revealed both that these vehicles aren’t so far off as many might think, and that their potential to reshape how humans move about.

Top 15 Fun and Useful iPhone Apps for Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner. That means family time. That means wonder, and joy but also a lot of work and confusion. If you want to make your life a little bit better around Christmas time – to be more organized, and entertained, check out the following apps.

Hiding your tracks from Trump: Online privacy worries heat up

Browsing tools that stop the government and others from tracking your web browsing history are out there. For example, the Firefox browser offers users a private browsing mode and the ability to tell websites not to track them. Mozilla won't have a record of your web browsing to give the government -- but the websites you visit can still track your location and identity even if you ask them not to.

Oculus engineer arrested for allegedly soliciting underage girl in sting operation

Longtime Oculus engineer Dov Katz was arrested last week after allegedly soliciting sex from a police officer he thought was a 15-year-old girl. Washington news outlet KING 5 reported on Friday that Katz responded to an online ad posted as part of a sting operation by an undercover detective, who claimed to be 15 years old.

Checking in on some 2010 Twitter predictions about 2016

Bad things have happened around the globe forever, but many people are saying that 2016 was especially bad. Where did we go wrong? I decided to look back at some Twitter predictions from 2010 — a Goldilocks year of sorts where there weren’t too many tweets to sift through, but enough to produce some wonderful guesses.

Cheetahs Race Toward Extinction With Global Population Crash

Cheetahs, the fastest animal in the world, are on the brink of extinction according a study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. There are only 7,100 cheetahs globally, and their population has declined rapidly since the late 90s. For example , in 1999 there were 1,200 cheetahs in Zimbabwe. Fast forward 16 years, and only 170 cheetahs are left there.

The state of blogging in 2017

For some, it could be giving up smoking, for others, it could be making more of an effort when it comes to friends and family. However, many are slowly seeing the benefits of blogging, and wish to have a slice of the turkey before it’s gone completely. So, it could be that your New Year resolution is to create a blog or develop an existing one.

San Antonio lines up $8 million in 2017 smart city projects

“We didn’t want another smart city plan that was just going to sit on the shelf,” said San Antonio Chief Innovation Officer Jose De La Cruz. “We wanted to ensure there was going to be action behind it and so aligning it with our planning efforts looking into the future made the most sense. The construct of those plans really came from the community input we received.”

TNW's best smart phones of 2016

It also features clever machine learning optimizations in order to keep the phone running smoothly over long periods of time. Though we haven’t had the phone long enough to truly verify that claim, the phone runs smoother that any device I’ve used outside of an iPhone or Pixel, which is impressive for a phone so heavily skinned – even if it’s running Nougat out the box

Vera Rubin, dark matter astronomer, dies at age 88

Rubin's achievements are even more noteworthy because they came at a time of great struggle for women in the scientific community. Vassar College's sole astronomy undergraduate in 1948, Rubin is said to have then been denied entry into Princeton University's graduate program in astronomy, which didn't allow women until 1975.

The farmer who built her own broadband - BBC News

Her DIY solution to a neighbour's internet connectivity problems in 2009 has evolved into B4RN, an internet service provider offering fast one gigabit per second broadband speeds to the parishes which nestle in the picturesque Lune Valley.

Is the Google Home growing up fast enough?

As we head toward CES, we check on the progress of Google's Echo competitor. Does it have any chance of catching up to Amazon's Alexa?

Build dazzling websites with this Ruby on Rails super training

If you’re questioning whether learning Ruby on Rails adds value to your web dev career, consider this: Twitter, Github, Groupon, Hulu , and Airbnb were all developed using Ruby. And if you want to fully grasp this powerful yet streamlined programming environment, you need instruction like this

The future is now: 2016's most powerful, portentous PC hardware

Cutting-edge innovations and boundary-pushing hardware advancements dropped with shocking regularity throughout the year, spurred on by the birth of virtual reality, the rise of new display technologies, and the surprise (to some) resurgence of high-end computing. In a PC industry struggling to tread water, gamers and enthusiasts are among the few bright spots, and their dedication was awarded with a parade of powerful gear from companies striving to woo the whales of the computing world.

Death to Apple's Mac Mini: I made a Hackintosh

Commentary: After years of waiting for a decent upgrade to Apple's desktop computers, I've given up. I decided to build a PC; then make it work like a Mac.

YouTube star says he was kicked off Delta flight for speaking Arabic

A popular YouTube prankster with more than 1.6 million subscribers says he was removed from a Delta flight headed from London to New York early Wednesday morning for speaking Arabic on his phone. The YouTuber, Adam Saleh, says he was speaking with his mother.

Pros and cons: Our quick verdict on the Oculus Touch

The Oculus Rift VR headset went on sale back in March, but it was only this month that the optional motion controllers arrived. Better late than never, though. In fact, if you already own the Rift, you're going to want to spend an extra $199 on the Oculus Touch: It's comfortable to use, works well as a game controller and allows for smooth, precise motion control. Also, there's already a robust selection of games that support it, with even more to come. As that score of 88 suggests, we have very few complaints, but if we could change one thing, we'd like to see a rechargeable battery in future iterations. Even so, having to periodically swap out the AA battery is a small trade-off for the experience you get.

What's new on Amazon Prime video for January 2017

"Sneaky Pete" with Giovanni Ribisi and Bryan Cranston could be a big hit for Amazon. Its first full season joins the service in the new year.

How to listen to podcasts on your Amazon Echo

One important thing to note for podcasts queued up using Alexa proper: If you switch over to some other kind of audio midshow -- say, some music or another podcast -- you can't resume the original stream from where you left off. Alexa can't remember your playback position, at least at the moment. That's another point in favor of using your a podcast app, even if does mean losing out on some voice-powered convenience.

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40 female founders who crushed it in 2016

The stats are nowhere near where women need or deserve them to be, but when it comes to female founders receiving venture funding, we’re beginning to see a significant shift — maybe even a kind of tipping point. Not only was it comparatively easy this year to find female founders who continue to run their companies (in the past, many more have assumed other positions within their startups); it was easier than ever to find female founders whose companies have also raised significant amounts of funding, are hitting new milestones, and in many cases, developing very novel technologies.

Apple publishes its first AI research paper

The paper tackles the problem of teaching AI to recognize objects using simulated images, which are easier to use than photos (since you don't need a human to tag items) but poor for adapting to real-world situations. The trick, Apple says, is to use the increasingly popular technique of pitting neural networks against each other : one network trains itself to improve the realism of simulated images (in this case, using photo examples) until they're good enough to fool a rival "discriminator" network. Ideally, this pre-training would save massive amounts of time and account for hard-to-predict situations that don't always turn up in photos.

Lifehacker on Twitter

Use reserve clauses to remind yourself you can't control everything so you're emotionally prepared when you fail:

Here’s What It’s Like to Ride In Uber’s Self-Driving Car

The size of an iPad and mounted between the front seats, facing the passengers in back, this screen is the signature element of Uber’s latest disruption:  a fleet of autonomous cars in downtown Pittsburgh . As of Wednesday, when pre-selected customers in the City of Bridges order an Uber, they may be greeted by a self-driving Ford Fusion instead of the standard guy or gal making extra money off their Prius. An engineer will ride in the driver’s seat, ready to take over whenever things get tricky—but it’s this tablet that will teach Uber’s riders about this new mode of transportation.

With therapy app Talkspace, patient anonymity and safety collide

For Talkspace therapists, the result can be confusing, and for patients, potentially dangerous. The Verge spoke with two current Talkspace therapists and five therapists who have left the company recently. Each described an atmosphere of micromanagement and disillusionment, a therapy clinic placing too big an emphasis on client retention at the expense of therapists’ well-being. All but one of the therapists expressed concern that the company doesn’t place enough focus on patient safety. They all spoke on the condition of anonymity, due to concerns over retaliation. Talkspace therapists sign a nondisclosure agreement, putting them at risk for speaking out.

How to use Continuity in iOS and macOS

Pick devices on which to make and receive calls. Turn on Calls From iPhone in FaceTime’s prefs on your Mac, and in Settings > FaceTime on other iOS devices. Incoming calls show as a notification on a Mac and a call screen on iOS.

The Best Cheap Desktop Computers of 2016

Not too long ago, desktop PCs that cost $500 or less were hard to come by, and now they're more powerful—and, in many cases, portable—than ever. Here are our recent favorites.

Ridiculously thin diamond wires could help make tech tiny

There's been work in this area before, but two findings give the team hope for producing quantities of the these eensy-weensy nanowires. First, the diamond wires are highly conductive, which bodes well for their use in scaling down electronics. Second, the three-molecule-wide structure assembled itself, like a set of microscopic, semiprecious Lego.

Pana Is a Collaborative Travel Planning App With Automatic Flight Check-In

Web/iOS: Travel planning apps are nothing new , but Pana has a couple of additional features that set it apart. For one, you can easily collaborate itineraries with other travelers. Even better, though, the app will automatically check you into flights to save some time.

A short wish list for the next version of Apple AirPods

Apple got a lot right with AirPods, the company’s first crack at truly wireless earbuds. I was impressed by the price, the robust wireless connection, and some of the simple (but smart) features that Apple has always been so good at delivering. You can read more of my thoughts in my full review , but there’s a lot I’d still like to see in the next generation — whenever that might come.

Deals: 2016 15" MacBook Pros for $2,199 & $2,549; iPad Air 2s for $359; 2015 13" MacBook Pro for $1,099

As we head into the New Year, Apple authorized reseller B&H is slashing prices on MacBooks and iPads by up to $250. Save $200 on the base 2016 15" MacBook Pro or take $250 off the high-end model with 512GB of storage and Radeon 455 graphics. Apple's 32GB iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi Only) is also $40 off, while shoppers can save $200 on a 2015 13" MacBook Pro with no tax outside NY.

Tech Billionaire Mark Cuban Still Has No Idea How Tweets Work

When you are rich, powerful, and public, the things you say can spread far and wide. It’s understandable, and a little frightening that the elite find new ways to keep a tight lid on their ideas—especially ones made in the very public arena of social media. We should be reading—and sometimes even writing about—Mark Cuban’s tweets because he is a powerful public figure. It’s in the public’s interest to know. Now, more than ever, we see how important tweets from those in power are:

Father Gifts His Son An Apple II+ Made Out of Gingerbread for Christmas

Parents usually give their children iPhones, iPads, or other tech accessories during Christmas. However, a nerdy and cool father decided to take things to the next level for his 9-year-old son this Christmas and worked with him on creating a replica of Apple II+ made completely out of gingerbread.

22 Things You Didn't Know Your Chromecast Could Do

Whichever one you choose, part of the Chromecast's appeal lies in its pure portability, but there's also the price: just $35 to wirelessly stream Netflix, Spotify, HBO, Hulu, and more from your mobile device or PC to the TV. Not to mention apps for music, working out, and catching up on sports. When the Chromecast was released in July 2013 , it quickly sold out , and is still going strong. Sales have now topped 30 million.

The New Image From It Is Creepy for All the Wrong Reasons

Now, we get it. It’s Pennywise, the kid-killing clown, lurking in the sewers. But doesn’t it just Like he’s photoshopped in there? Someone else said he looks like he’s coming out of a muffler? Maybe it’s the textures of the pipe, the sneaky way he’s peeking out, the fact we don’t see the rest of his body. But the more you look at this image, the weirder it becomes.

Rivals: Porsche GT3 RS vs. Ford Mustang GT350R vs. Dodge Viper ACR - Roadshow

It has been said that there is no substitute for a Porsche and in this case, the hype lives up to the experience. The GT3 RS' 4-liter flat six-cylinder engine pumps out 500 horsepower and 339 pound-feet of torque. Those power numbers are the lowest of the three, but this foreigner weighs just a smidge over 3,000 pounds, making it the lightest of the bunch. The GT3 RS not only eked by the Viper in the drag race, we also found it to be the most engaging on the track, thanks to its rear steering and sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires.

Think the holiday deals are done? Think again

For tech, that's partly because the hot new models are going to be announced at CES in January and the big shopping season is as good a time as any to get rid of extra inventory. Sometimes retailers will drop the prices just a little bit more to move products that didn't sell as well as they'd hoped. (B&H Photo, for example, is offering $200 off some new MacBook Pro models with the Touch Bar.) And because some colors sell better than others, you can sometimes pick up a deal on a great product that no one's brave enough to wear in pink (Be brave!).

Investigators finally understand why an entire family of bears died in a parking lot

An entire family of bears appeared to have died in the parking lot of St. Monica’s church in West Wyoming, Pennsylvania. The bears showed no obvious signs of trauma or thrashing, and it would be weeks before investigators could finally determine the cause of their deaths.

How Marine training helped a talking dinosaur come to market

"They are really good at making decisions quickly, and without a lot of information available, which in the startup world is extremely helpful," said Coolidge, who has successfully applied his US Marine Corps Reserve training to the market battle in the AI toy arena.

Enter to win Your Very Own iPhone 7 Plus Giveaway [Deals Hub]

The iPhone 7 Plus is the best iPhone yet, and you’ll love the feeling of having this big screen in your hand. It’ll feel even better if you win it by entering the iPhone 7 Plus Giveaway happening right now in the

Rogue One Gets a (Fan-Made) Opening Crawl

I don’t know about you, but when I was watching Rogue One I found it incredibly disconcerting to be watching a Star Wars film that didn’t include John Williams’ triumphant opening theme of the traditional opening crawl. One fan has decided to correct that by making his own.

Weekly Roundup: New and Noteworthy Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week (Dec 25)

TwitterThemeToggler (Free): This tweak makes it very easy to switch between the normal mode and the Night Mode in Twitter. Rather than going to the Settings section of the app to turn Night Mode on or off, you can simply tap and hold on the app’s navigation bar.

A New Video Teases the Natural Beauty of Disney's Upcoming Avatar Land

For years, we’ve seen concept art depicting what Disney Imagineers were trying to accomplish with this state-of-the-art land and it certainly looks like they’ve achieved it. The content is especially impressive when you realize Disney is specifically being cheeky about what it does, and doesn’t reveal. This is just the tip of the floating mountain.

Car Hacking Is a Thing, but Are You Really in Danger?

OBD (short for On-Board Diagnostics ) II Dongles are devices provided by some insurance companies to monitor your driving habits, and in many cases, offer you safe driving discounts if you’re overall a safe driver. They connect to your car through a port on the underside of the steering column (the same port auto mechanics use to diagnose problems with your car, like why your check engine light came on) and upload that information to your phone (and to your provider) via Bluetooth. Having a dongle might help you save money, but it also presents an additional point of access. When it’s not in use, unplug it.

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I believe in new ideas and their ability to change the future.

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