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Why 4K isn't enough: The case for higher resolutions

A 4K TV gives you more than 8 million pixels. You might think that's plenty. But other tech needs even more.

50 actually nice things that happened in 2017

It wasn't ALL trash.

Spotify gets Ed Sheeran to destroy a look-alike for Christmas

Commentary: To celebrate the ginger-headed crooner being its most streamed artist, Spotify confronts him with Ginger Ed Man.

Hulu's 'Puppies Crash Christmas' video is best holiday gift

This video of pooches wrecking a fully decorated holiday room will bring your whole family together.

These are the best Christmas episodes to watch this weekend

From delightful to depressing.

LED Christmas Tree Is Perfect Holiday Build

Soon the most wonderful time of the year will be upon us. Families all over the globe will gather together to exchange gifts, eat good food and enjoy some quality time with each other. For many, it…

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Huawei signs AI mobile agreement with Baidu | ZDNet

Huawei and Baidu will work together on developing and building an open AI mobile ecosystem, including devices, technology, internet services, and content.

Making thoughtful software design a mainstream business practice | ZDNet

There's plenty of pressure on software developers and designers to push things out the door as fast as possible, and between requirements meetings with users, coding, integration and testing, there's precious little time to sit back and consider the ramifications on overall design. Perhaps there needs to be more thought given to what becomes important piece of the developer experience, and ultimately, the user or customer experience. Jonas Downey, a designer at Basecamp, puts it this way : perhaps it's a good idea to "move slowly and fix things."

How blockchain technology could prevent fake news from spreading

Blockchain has to do with trust—or the lack of trust—which makes it great for the media industry. TechRepublic's Dan Patterson met with James Del, publisher of tech news site Futurism, to discuss how publishers can use blockchain technology to verify news content, streamline advertising, and rapidly adjust to trends.

Best Android phone 2017: which should you buy?

"The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the best big phone you can buy. For once, it’s more than just the size of the screen and the power of the S Pen that count. It also captures superior telephoto and bokeh-rich photos with its new dual-lens array, and it clocks in faster with 6GB of RAM.

Wireless charging goes the distance -- for some of your gear, at least

The company said it expects that up to 30 devices within range of a PowerSpot will be able to charge overnight, depending on the distance, as well as the type and power consumption of the individual device. It breaks things down this way: Power-hungry, heavily used devices like game controllers, smartwatches, earbuds and headphones charge best at a range up to two feet; keyboards and mice up to six feet; TV remotes and smart cards up to 10 feet; and home automation sensors up to 80 feet.

How to Get Your Money Out of Bitcoin

According to Coinbase , it’s a simple process that can be done in your web browser or with the official app. On the web, log in to your account and then head to the “Sells” page. Enter the amount of money you want to remove, the Wallet you’re taking it from, and the account you’re sending it to. Then confirm everything and hit “Sell” to finish the transaction.

Reg Saddler on Twitter

You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

Elac Adante AS-61

The Elac Adante AS-61 is a high-end standmount speaker which features a three-way design and an exquisite finish.

Facebook says its age-based recruitment ads aren't discriminatory

US law forbids discrimination in employment based on age, race, gender and other legally protected characteristics. That said, simply showing certain job ads to different age groups on services like Facebook or Google may not in itself be discriminatory — just as it can be OK to run employment ads in magazines and on TV shows targeted at younger or older people. What matters is that marketing is broadly based and inclusive, not simply focused on a particular age group. In addition, certain employers want to attract retirees, or recruit for jobs with specific age restrictions like the military or airline pilots.

Apple developing advanced heart monitor for new Apple Watch: Report | ZDNet

Behind the walls of Cupertino, a version of the Apple Watch being tested requires users to squeeze the frame with two fingers to send a weak electrical current to the heart to pick up signals, the report said.

How CNET tests phones

The process is straightforward -- but that doesn't mean it's easy. We rate phones based on major categories like design, features, performance, camera quality, battery life, waterproofing and how well they compare to other devices in their field. We come to the final rating using a blend of benchmarks, procedural testing and real-life observation accumulated from using these devices day-to-day.

Genes to geoengineering: 4 science stories to watch in 2018

The past year saw breakthroughs that changed how we see and feel the universe at the largest scales and also could revolutionize how we manipulate the tiniest bits of our own bodies to heal ourselves. But 2018 looks to be one heck of a follow-up year to 2017 when it comes to science. From opening new fronts in the battle to slow climate change to becoming much closer to our computers, here are four areas that're sure to advance in the next 12 months.

Analytics in 2018: AI, IoT and multi-cloud, or bust | ZDNet

In this year's predictions roundup for data and analytics, we find that AI, IoT, and the "multi-cloud" concept are all the rage. But cautions around data governance/regulation and irrational AI exuberance subdue the mood.


Sometimes called the the "fourth industrial revolution", new technologies like AI and automation are radically changing both the IT and general job market. Bill Detwiler and Dan Patterson discuss the findings of a 2018 IT jobs report produced by TechRepublic and ZDNet's sister site Tech Pro Research.

Sound is the next frontier for virtual reality | ZDNet

It's not just about frame-rate and resolution. Music is playing an increasingly important role in virtual reality and augmented reality development.

How to explain AI to your family over the Christmas turkey

Some people – Elon Musk in particular – are worried that we’re heading down a path towards super-intelligent robots that could eventually decide they know better than we do, and use their skills to kill us all. Or something like that. There’s no imminent threat, but Musk might have a point. If we’re going to give machines human-like abilities, many people think we should be seriously thinking about how we make sure they don’t end up using those abilities to harm us. But for the time being, there’s probably no danger that your your washing machine will turn sentient and kill all your family. Probably.

The rapid rise and even faster fall of an HQ trivia champion

Better known by his username “AllanG,” Gibbons is an HQ trivia celebrity, born from his knack for dominating the game show's daily competitions. The 28-year-old radio DJ from Owen Sound, Canada has earned more than $870 from the nine games he's won and has sat at the top of the all-time leaderboard for about two months.

Net Neutrality: What is it and why should you care?

In the effort to maintain an open internet, some think we need more government intervention while others trust the free market to keep the big telecoms in check.

Nintendo Switch won't see 64GB game cards till 2019

At the moment, game cards for the Switch, which features a break-apart modular design, top out at 32GB. An eventual move to 64GB would allow for more data-intensive games. Switch users also have the alternative of downloading games over the internet.

Get started with Google Home Max

Google Home Max can sit flat, or stand vertically on its right side. Each spot the speaker can rest on has a series of magnets inside it. Included in the box is a magnetic rubber stand. Use this stand as a guide so you can be sure you don't have the speaker upside down or in an orientation, it doesn't support. If the stand doesn't attach itself to the speaker, try a different side.

10 tips for your new Xbox One X

The best first accessory to buy for the X is an external hard drive. The Xbox One X has an internal storage of 1 terabyte, but this can get used up quickly if you have a decent sized game collection.  Be sure the one you pick has a USB 3.0 connection, at least 256 GB of storage and a partition.

A Kookaburra Bird Laughing in Slow Motion Is Your New Nightmare Fuel

All it takes is a few minutes of scrolling through Twitter to make it nearly impossible to fall asleep at night. But if it’s a genuine, horror-inspired nightmare you’re seeking to end your chances of restful slumber, just watch this video of a kookaburra laughing in extreme slow motion.

Stop reading what Facebook tells you to read

Their goal, as a company, is to keep you on Facebook—and away from everything else—as long as they possibly can. They do that by making Facebook as addictive to you as possible. And they make it addictive by feeding you only the exact stripe of content you want to read, which they know to a precise, camel-eye-needle degree. It's the kind of content, say, that you won't just click on, but will "Like," comment on, and share (not just for others to read, but so you can say something about yourself by sharing it, too). And that's often before you've even read it!

Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon invented the ideal smart alarm clock in the Echo Spot, the perfect bedside companion for anyone in an Alexa-powered home. While it's expensive at $129.99, it's far better than using an Echo Dot or a traditional alarm clock to wake up to, and it'll also find use as a kitchen clock or a monitor for various smart home devices . While its audio quality isn't as strong as the Amazon Echo and other smart speakers , it's far more versatile, and worthy of our Editors' Choice.

Carrie Fisher remembered on Twitter a year after her death

I got to meet Carrie Fisher at a signing once. I was suited up as Boba Fett and got to escort her to the table. As I did so she leaned back and told me" I'm not saying that I'm drunk. But it's your job to catch me if I start to fall down today." #StarWars #CarrieOnForever

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

This man turned a $200,000 investment into a $670 million money-transfer business

Ex-lawyer for pharma exec Shkreli convicted of aiding fraud scheme

(Reuters) - A New York lawyer who once advised Martin Shkreli was convicted on Wednesday of helping him defraud a pharmaceutical company, a charge a different jury cleared the drug executive of when it found him guilty of securities fraud earlier this year.

Noon Smart Lighting System smartens old bulbs with new switches

Noon's switches clip into the wall plate once wiring is complete. Installation instructions are easy to follow and if you're comfortable with a little bit of wiring, the system is pretty straightforward. Always be sure to turn off the circuit breaker for the room in which you are working.

Bitcoin is An Energy Hog – Jill Burrows – Medium

The next halving could cause a transient effect in the network where the number of machines mining on the network drops dramatically. This may have the effect of miners selling off their Bitcoin and the value falling. The difficulty value will drop, which will cause the amount of energy used to plummet. If the correlation above holds, that may actually cause the value of Bitcoin to plummet more. This is no big deal — long time Bitcoin holders know it has had its ups and downs.

Survey: Future IT pros should learn security and communication skills | ZDNet

An open-ended question asking respondents to advise new IT professionals turned up some interesting answers. Expertise in security was the number one skill respondents recommended that those new to IT develop, which probably comes as a surprise to no-one. However, working on soft skills advised by more respondents than skills more traditionally associated with IT, like development and database administration. One respondent wrote that those going into IT will need a sense of humor and a sense of teamwork. A couple mentioned that the ability to explain technology to users is important. Many others simply wrote "communication".

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

The man behind a $5 billion encrypted app says it isn't for sale at any price

14 of the most popular TED Talks of 2017

Right now, billions of neurons in your brain are working together to generate a conscious experience — and not just any conscious experience, your experience of the world around you and of yourself within it. How does this happen? According to neuroscientist Anil Seth, we're all hallucinating all the time; when we agree about our hallucinations, we call it "reality." Join Seth for a delightfully disorienting talk that may leave you questioning the very nature of your existence.

CNN is axing its Snapchat daily news show ‘The Update’ after only 4 months

“The Update” was launched under CNN’s content-licensing deal with Snap the companies originally cut for the Discover platform, which is expiring at the end of 2017. Snap has been moving away from licensing content to revenue-sharing agreements, and the two parties are in talks about striking a new arrangement, according to a source familiar with the pact.

The Robots Are Coming, and Sweden Is Fine

In much of the world, people whose livelihoods depend on paychecks are increasingly anxious about a potential wave of unemployment threatened by automation. As the frightening tale goes, globalization forced people in wealthier lands like North America and Europe to compete directly with cheaper laborers in Asia and Latin America, sowing joblessness. Now, the robots are coming to finish off the humans.

30 of the best Android apps of 2017

We’ve rounded up 30 of our favorites from our testing through the year – scroll through our list, find your must-haves and be sure to let us know which ones you’re rocking on your own device into the new year.

Macworld on Twitter

iPhone 8 Plus vs. iPhone X: Which one should you buy?

Opera's New Crypto-Mining Blocker Is a Great Reason to Try The\ Web Browser

The latest nasty security scourge plaguing the internet is cryptojacking. By running hidden code on a seemingly ordinary webpage, hackers and disreputable webmasters can highjack your CPU’s processing power in order to mine cryptocurrency, line their own pockets, and kill your performance. Opera is now the first web browser with a built-in tool to fight off this practice—and hopefully it won’t be the last.

How Big Tech Is Going After Your Health Care

Each tech company is taking its own approach, betting that its core business strengths could ultimately improve people’s health — or at least make health care more efficient. Apple, for example, has focused on its consumer products, Microsoft on online storage and analytics services, and Alphabet, Google’s parent company, on data.

Asus' new RT-AC86U router gives speed, security and control

Easily connect new devices via WPS or turn your router on and off without have to log in or unplug it.

How to Get Unlimited Zoom On Any iPhone Photo

Apple only allows you to zoom so far into photos in iOS, but thanks to an odd bug in the latest versions of its operating system, there is a way to get unlimited zoom on your iPhone. Here are the steps to follow.

Now you know what Control Center's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth buttons really do

On iOS 11.2, when you go to turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in Control Center, it now says that it's "disconnecting nearby Wi-Fi until tomorrow". The same goes for Bluetooth.

Writing GUI apps using the Red Programming Language

After trying (and failing) to wrap “executable” ducktape around a Python script using PyInstaller on Windows, The class of programming languages which now usually pique my interest have the following attributes:

2017 in review: iPhone 10th anniversary, Samsung Note rebound, solid cheap smartphones | ZDNet

2017 was the year of small bezels and big screens, removal of home buttons, and the headphone jack. Apple celebrated 10 years of the iPhone while others released phones a fifth the price of the new iPhone X.

CNET on Twitter

This Surface Pro killer compromises on performance

CNET on Twitter

Are Hex's Star Wars iPhone cases better than OtterBox's?

UE Blast is a compact wireless speaker that gives you Alexa on the go

However, there's a big downside to not buying the Power Up charging base: It's actually a little bit of a pain to access the USB charging port. The speakers have a threaded tripod mount on the top, which is cool, but you have to unscrew and take off the flap (which keeps moisture out) to access the charging port. If you plan on using these primarily inside your home, the charging base seems like more of a must-have accessory, which adds to the total price of the speaker.

British Cops Want to Use AI to Spot Porn—But It Keeps Mistaking Desert Pics for Nudes

London’s Metropolitan Police believes that its artificial intelligence software will be up to the task of detecting images of child abuse in the next “two to three years.” But, in its current state, the system can’t tell the difference between a photo of a desert and a photo of a naked body.

CNET on Twitter

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How to Use an Animated GIF as Wallpaper on Your Mac

The creation of the animated GIF has changed my life for forever. I use GIFs so often people are convinced that I have a stockpile of GIFs on my phone and computer. Both of which are true. Now, you will be hard pressed to find a person that completely hates animated GIFs, which is why they would make for perfect computer desktop backgrounds.

Dubsmash: Scaling To 200 Million Users With 3 Engineers - Dubsmash Tech Stack | StackShare

Before ingesting their data into the pipeline, our mobile clients are aggregating events internally and, once a certain threshold is reached or the app is going to the background, sending the events as a JSON blob into the stream. In the past we had workers running that continuously read from the stream and would validate and post-process the data and then enqueue them for other workers to write them to BigQuery. However, we discovered after some time that the custom Python implementation for those workers was dropping up to 5% of the events. This was mostly due to the nature of how reading happens with Kinesis: every stream has multiple shards (ours up to 50!) and each reading client would use a so-called shard iterator to keep track of where it was reading last. Since the used machines could always crash, be recycled, or scaled down, we needed to save those shard iterators in some serialized format to Redis and share them across machines and process boundaries. Since we had so many shards, every once in awhile we would skip events and hence lose them.

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