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Everything coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now in January

I think it’s safe to say that we’re all looking forward to 2016 dancing itself right off the stage of history and ushering in a new year where hopefully everything isn’t the most terrible thing...

What if: 2016 gets reimagined as a horror movie

The Galaxy Note 7's explosive saga gets a cameo in the thriller of the year.

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Serena Williams is marrying Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian

Tennis superstar Serena Williams is marrying Reddit cofounder and Y Combinator partner Alexis Ohanian, according to a Thursday post she made on — where else — Reddit .

DT Daily: Amazon patents a flying warehouse for drone delivery

Amazon is giving us yet another glimpse into it’s vision of the future, and this idea is pretty out there. Amazon received a patent for what it’s calling an ‘airborne fulfillment center’. Yup. It’s a warehouse and drone airport, hanging from a blimp! The idea is that it would fly around at 45,000 feet, and delivery drones would glide down with Amazon packages, delivering goodies within minutes of when they’re ordered. Instead of having the empty drones fly all the way back up to the mothership, they instead would meet up with smaller restocking blimps for the flight back up.

Find out when you can download 'Super Mario Run' on Android

If you've been staring wistfully at the many iOS folks who are playing Super Mario Run on your commute, wondering when your Android gizmo could get in on the action, maybe stop doing that. First up, it's a little creepy and, secondly, soon enough you'll be able to play on your own device. To find out exactly when, you can pre-register for the app via Google Play and be alerted as soon as the download is ready. Precisely when that is isn't clear, but hopefully the gap will be shorter than it was between announcement and availability on Apple's mobile OS -- a month.

The Verge 2016 tech report card: Apple

For Apple, the year 2016 may be best remembered as the year the headphone jack was stripped away from the iPhone, without any real apology, by one of the few organizations that has the power and gall to kill popular consumer tech standards and call it “courage.” It was a year of awkward product launches, and it seemed that every new gadget was also coupled with disappointment.

Tim Cook calls AirPods a 'runaway success'

The AirPods are available in more than 100 countries, including the US, the UK, Canada, Mexico, China, France, India and Japan -- all places where customers will have to wait more than a month for the hyped headphones as Apple pushes to meet demands.

Ryan Gosling will star in La La Land director’s Neil Armstrong biopic

Amazon has been working on getting a drone delivery program off the ground for a while now, but some new patents show the company isn't out of wild ideas. As TechCrunch reports, Zoe Leavitt, an analyst for CB Insights, has discovered a recent A...

The Benefits You Really Get When You Buy 4K HDR Blu-Rays

However, those benefits only really exist for some movies. First, you have to actually have a 4K HDR Blu-ray of the movie you want to watch, and discs still aren’t as commonplace as streaming 4K movies. Then, those movies have to be calibrated well. Linus Tech Tips found that some movies, like The Revenant, weren’t a huge improvement over their Blu-ray counterpart in that department.

Shift Is a Desktop Email Client That Easily Switches Between Gmail Accounts

Windows/Mac/Linux: If you use multiple Gmail accounts, you’re used to having to open several tabs for everything. Shift alleviates this problem by opening up several accounts in one handy desktop client.

SaveMyTime Uses Your Phone Addiction to Track How You Spend Your Time

Android: If you’re one of the millions of people who pick up their phone every few minutes, SaveMyTime wants to hijack that habit. It replaces your lock screen to ask how you’ve spent your time since the last time you used your phone.

11 Amazon Prime Benefits You Might Not Know About

There are plenty of Amazon Prime benefits almost everyone knows about like streaming movies, faster deliveries, the Kindle lending library. Then there are some that aren’t quite as well known. You should make ake sure you’re getting the most from your $99 annual subscription with this round-up of some of the more obscure Amazon Prime benefits. Here are a bunch to check out.

Here and MobilEye team up on self-driving tech for automakers

With the tie-up, Here will use MobilEye's so-called "roadbook," a cloud-based map of the world's roads derived from crowd-sourced vehicle sensor data. That''ll give Here's HD Live mapping system access to "landmarks and roadway information to assist in making a vehicle more aware of -- and better able to react to -- its surroundings," the companies say. MobilEye, in turn, be able to store its raw sensor data in Here's open mapping platform, making it easier to update and maintain the roadbook.

How to Sew a Zipper Into Your Favorite Hoodie

Pullover hoodies are fine, but sometimes what you really want is one that zips up—especially if you’re going to layer with it on chilly winter days. Enter this simple sewing project: just two seams and one cut. Best of all, the picture or writing on the front stays totally visible.

5 tech gadgets that can help you achieve your New Year's resolution

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Business Insider's Insider Picks team. We aim to highlight products and services you might find interesting, and if you buy them, we get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners, including Amazon. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, is an investor in Business Insider through his personal investment company Bezos Expeditions. We frequently receive products free of charge from manufacturers to test. This does not drive our decision as to whether or not a product is featured or recommended. We operate independently from our advertising sales team. We welcome your feedback. Have something you think we should know about? Email us at

The 100 Best iPhone Apps of 2017

Whether you received a new iPhone for the holidays or you just want to breathe new life into an older one, these are the apps you need.

The Cars People Regret Buying Most, According to Consumer Reports

Buying a new car is always exciting at first, but it can take a little while before you realize your ride is more lemon than luxury. Consumer Reports surveyed owners of recently-purchased cars to see which models caused the most buyer’s remorse.

Editing Tweets Is a Bad Idea

With the rise of fake news, trust in things posted online is at an all-time low. So why would Twitter add a feature that might make a user second guess what they’re reading? If a your tweet has a typo or an error, there’s a super easy way to fix it: just delete it and repost the tweet. If you were able to edit a tweet even minutes after sending it, you could easily trick a lot of people. More specifically, tweets with breaking news can be retweeted hundreds of times in just a matter of minutes, so if someone was to change a tweet after it has been retweeted 300 times, things could get messy.

DirecTV Now's $35, 100-channel plan will jump to $60 on January 9th

AT&T has said that anyone who subscribes to the $35 promotion will be locked in at that price. But for how long? That part’s unclear. The DirecTV Now website plainly states that this “offer rate may increase,” and AT&T executives have already admitted that the service’s pricing structure is likely to rise in the future to account for the costs of signing deals with cable channels. Oh, and those channels might go away with little or no notice — something PlayStation Vue customers are now familiar with . Yeah, some people might just be better off sticking with traditional cable.

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GSoDs Not BSoDs for Windows 10 Insiders

The dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) is the last thing any user wants to see flash up on their screen. It means lost work, a reboot, and a few tense minutes due to the potential for your PC not to recover from this fatal error, the source of which will ultimately remain a mystery.

Amazon drones, meet your mothership

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's -- Amazon. The online retailer has its head in the clouds with plans for an airship hosting a swarm of delivery drones.

Use this trick to clean your blender with ease

Of course, some foods you blend will be more difficult to clean, such as thick contents or food that has dried inside the carafe. These will ultimately need to be scrubbed, and it's not a bad idea to hand-wash the blender every few uses or so. But thanks to this quick cleaning tip, you can use your blender more often without dreading the cleanup.

2016 was a hard year to be an Apple fan

This confusing middle ground between old and new makes it hard to decide which MacBook Pro is the best for a given shopper. Is your $1,499 better spent on the previous-generation model or the new one? If you opt for the new model, you get a piddly two ports and no Touch Bar, while opting for last year's computer gets you all the ports you could want but in a heavier package with an older processor and worse screen. My guess is that lots of people will decide not to make a purchase instead of being forced to compromise one way or another. The new entry-level MacBook Pro would be a great step up from the MacBook Air for a lot of users -- but the $500 separating the two computers is a difficult gap to close.

Ford's new self-driving Fusion looks like a actual car

Gone are the four obtrusive sensors from the roof of the vehicle; they've been replaced by two hockey-puck-size LiDAR sensors positioned much more discretely on either side of the vehicle's windshield — sort of like a second set of side-view mirrors. With these, the self-driving system  can sense objects within a range of about two football fields in every direction.

In a world worn out on wearables, China still likes them

The hype around wearables has faded in the West, but in China, consumers are still excited about the prospect of purchasing a device and manufacturers continue to see a rise in sales .

Duolingo's clubs make language learning a competition

Inside the Duolingo apps for Android and iOS , the company now offers users the option of joining a group where you'll see a shared news feed that lists members' accomplishments. There's a weekly leaderboard as well, because bragging rights are always a good motivator. Language Clubs are available in 20 different languages just in time to offer some added incentive for you to keep that New Year's resolution.

Toshiba is 'burning cash at an alarming rate'

TOKYO — Faced with the prospect of a multibillion-dollar write-down that could wipe out its shareholders' equity, Japan's Toshiba is running out of fixes: It is burning cash, cannot issue shares, and has few easy assets left to sell.

Foxconn's iPhone plant in Zhengzhou built on billions in Chinese government aid - report

Foxconn's Zhengzhou factory —where about half of all Apple's iPhones are made —exists in large part because of billions of dollars in handouts and tax breaks from the Chinese government, a report pointed out on Thursday.

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Razer’s gentle giant of gaming headsets is one of the best

Once removed, the ManO’War make a daunting visual impression. They’re big, with a large black frame that evokes a sense of power. The ear cups larger than your average pair of headphones, and cover a large area around the ear. However, once you pick these suckers up, the reality of their build shatters any illusion of heft. Despite the sturdy, bulky design, they’re surprisingly light… almost too light, given their appearance. There is a plastic-y, hollow feel to the overall quality that undermines how sturdy the headset appears. This is compounded by the squeaky, clattering sounds the plastic makes when the ear cups swivel. Thankfully, that light weight actually works in the headset’s favor, as it wears light on the head, which is in keeping with its comfortable design.

Joué's MIDI controller adds tactile fun to music making

The name Joué , translated from French, literally means "play" or can be interpreted as "I play," and the company would like you to approach the device with an open and creative mind. It's a USB-powered pressure sensitive board that works with a variety of soft -- and occasionally squishy -- pads that are detected and uniquely identified through embedded RFID tags. You map portions of each pad to any MIDI-capable program like Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Garage Band or iPad apps to help bring your music to life. They're swappable on the fly and the tactile interfaces offer an alternative to high-tech distractions. The device is currently on Kickstarter to help the company move from industrial prototype to final product, and as usual, early bird deals are available. You can buy a Joué board and starter pack of pads for just over $300, with the eventual retail price expected to be under $500.

Jack Dorsey Says Twitter Needs An Edit Function

In a seemingly impromptu chat on his platform Thursday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey gave hope to those who have long advocated for the feature, telling one user that “a form of edit is def needed” and another that giving users the ability to edit their tweets is something the company is “thinking a lot about.”

Here's Our First Taste of Emma Watson Singing in Beauty and the Beast

Recently, a fan found an Emma Watson Belle doll in a local Toys ‘R Us. It sings “Something There,” a song that occurs later in the film after Belle has met, and started to fall for, the Beast (played by Dan Stevens). That fan recorded the singing and posted it online, then it made its way around until, finally, one of the film’s producers put this on his Instagram.

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Wireless HTC Vive 2 rumored to be showing up at CES

Whatever the truth, we'll be treading the boards at CES in Las Vegas and will bring you news of a HTC Vive 2 just as soon as we see one in the wild.

It sounds like Microsoft's first-ever PC is performing better than anyone expected

Given those factors, even Microsoft was keeping its expectations low, per that report. The Surface Studio is a very cool product, but it's hard for even Microsoft to deny that it's mostly a niche product.

Microsoft foresees AR tracking your keys, milk, entire life

One of the challenges for more advanced augmented reality is that a system would need to track not only you as a user, but also the other objects in your environment. Microsoft's patent document suggests a technology that would do just that. The new tech would fit neatly with Microsoft's own HoloLens augmented reality platform.

5 DevOps predictions for 2017 - TechRepublic

This past year was good for DevOps: we saw more enterprise adoption of containers and more companies throwing their hats into the container ring. That doesn't mean that the tools surrounding DevOps are mature. According to experts, 2016 set the stage for security improvements, containerization, and consolidation. Here are five expert predictions as we head into 2017.

Twitter wants to make tweets editable, but it’s complicated

Editing tweets, while seemingly an easy thing to introduce, requires work on the backend. What if someone edited a tweet months later and you had retweeted it? It could look like you’re endorsing something totally different than you intended. That’s one of the more obvious concerns.

Online Shopping and E-Commerce

Although cost is often key, today’s consumers come to their purchasing decisions with a broad range of expectations on a number of different fronts. When buying something for the first time, more than eight-in-ten Americans say it is important to be able to compare prices from different sellers (86%), to be able to ask questions about what they are buying (84%), or to buy from sellers they are familiar with (84%). In addition, more than seven-in-ten think it is important to be able to try the product out in person (78%), to get advice from people they know (77%), or to be able to read reviews posted online by others who have purchased the item (74%). And nearly half of Americans (45%) have used cellphones while inside a physical store to look up online reviews of products they were interested in, or to try and find better prices online.

Teens are vaping more than ever, and not just nicotine

Vaping is more popular with teens than ever, with more than one-third of high school students reporting having tried e-cigarettes. And teens aren’t always using e-cigs for nicotine, according to a new US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that dug into teen vaping behavior.

Most Popular Features and Essays of 2016

We do a lot of how-tos and explainers around here, but sometimes we just need to get a rant off our chest or explain some things from hard-earned personal experience. These are our best essays, rants, and features from 2016.

Why Being Warm Is Better Than Just Being Polite

Part of making real, meaningful connections with others is making them feel welcome, which includes being polite. But, the real key is being warm, which goes beyond just giving people what they need, or treating them with basic respect. Here’s what we mean.

$3.8 billion Slack just lost another high-profile executive

As head of product, Shellen was largely in charge of Slack's platform business, the company's effort to make its messaging app a broader workplace service that takes care of things like expense reports or meeting notes. Slack recently launched an $80 million fund to support this initiative.

Lamborghini will launch its first hybrid in 2018

The idea of a hybrid Lamborghini isn't as far fetched as one might think. The Urus will be built on VW Group's MLB-evo platform. The award-winning modular platform also underpins, among others, the Audi Q7 SUV which is already available in plug-in hybrid guise.

Sacramento to let fully autonomous cars on public roads

Roughani wants to reach driverless as fast as possible, and sees Sacramento as the city to let self-driving testers go wild. Without the current limitations, Google, Uber, and others could test autonomous cars on public roads and potentially show the tech to citizens, making them less afraid of a future where a computer is in control of the commute.

Twitter Launches Live 360-Degree Video Streams

" With 360 video on Periscope, you can experience moments with the broadcaster and take a look around — it's one step closer to actually being there," the team wrote. It sounds like the team has some pretty cool broadcasts lined up for this testing period: "You'll be able to join live 360 videos on Periscope and Twitter from some incredible broadcasters — getting front-row access at exclusive events, traveling to places across the globe, and getting up close with well-known personalities," they wrote.

One of tech's biggest events will go lean on phones. What's up with that?

CES may be the world's largest tech show, but it won't be where the year's best phones premiere. Here's why.

A Dog Travels to Space and Returns Quite Transformed in Trippy Animated Short Choban

When his beloved companion is dognapped, a shirtless shepherd combines his despair with his hidden talents and briefly becomes a chart-topping musician. Meanwhile, his pup takes a wild interstellar journey that involves an incredible transformation. At least, I think that’s what happens in Matija Pisačić’s   Choban .

How to Manage Your Facebook Page Effectively : Social Media Examiner

Featured Likes appear in your page’s left sidebar. Use this section to highlight other pages owned by your business, vendors and partners, as well as featured customers. This section can be reordered to appear above or below your apps, photos, videos and visitor posts.

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