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How to download and watch Netflix TV shows and movies offline

Excited about the new Netflix offline viewing feature but unsure where to start? Here's a quick tutorial that shows you how the feature works in the iOS app,..

Ford will test driverless cars in Europe starting next year

Ford announced it will plans to start testing its driverless cars on European roads by next year as it ramps up its robot car strategy.

The secret system that will backbone the entire IoT industry

The lack of standardization is the largest gap that’s holding back a massive flood of advanced technological capabilities to connect the IoT world.

Ireland might miss out on autonomous car first miles

Ireland, the base of many U.S. technology companies in Europe, might miss attracting the same firms to test autonomous cars on their roads.

'Game of Thrones' locations in the real world, from King's Landing to the Iron Isles

The world of Westeros might be fantasy, but the television show is shot in real places all over the world. Here's what several amazing locations look like in real life.

Amazon Unveils Greengrass For AWS IoT Developers

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a new service dedicated to Internet of Things (IoT) developers, called Greengrass.

Meet the two hackers behind October's big DDoS attack

Two hackers have outed themselves as being behind the big DDoS attack in October that took down Twitter, Amazon and others. Yeh, it's that simple.

Employee #1: Kickstarter

A conversation with Cassie Marketos, Kickstarter’s first employee.

Watch the first trailer for The Last of Us Part Two

Sony closed its annual PlayStation Experience event with the announcement of The Last of Us Part 2. The anticipated sequel is the second big announcement from developer Naughty Dog today, following...

Take to the skies with the slick, nimble SKEYE Hexa Drone (40% off)

Sure, quadcopters are fun. But to distinguish yourself from other drone daredevils, go for the model with six propellers powering it through the air — the SKEYE Hexa Drone. You can pick up this cool little aerobatic wonder right now at the discounted price of $34.99 from TNW Deals. 20,000 tech-heads descend on Amsterdam Join …

The follow-up to 'Resogun' is a Hail Mary for arcade shooters

‘Nex Machina’ is a love letter to an all-but-forgotten genre.

Ellie is all grown up in 'The Last of Us: Part II'

Naughty Dog showed off the new game with a musical, gritty trailer.

Haiku is a gesture controlled navigation system for your bike

Haiku is an electronic navigation system for your bike that pairs with your smartphone to provide directions and is controlled by simple gestures.

Everything coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now in December

The holiday season brings with it surprises and wonder, and that holds true even in the world of online streaming services. Case in point? On December 9th, Netflix will be debuting the second...

'Lion' and 'Snowden': Two real-life tales of courage (and tech)

Commentary: Two of this year's most powerful movies tell the stories of real people whose courage was shaped by technology.

650-Year-Old Temple to Aztec Wind God Unearthed Under Supermarket in Mexico

A temple dedicated to the Aztec wind god, Ehécatl-Quetzalcóatl, has been unearthed during the demolition of a supermarket in Mexico City. The circular temple is about 650 years old and is the second o

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Apple letter offers a clue to its self-driving car plans

In a statement to the Financial Times , Apple confirmed the letter's core message: the firm wrote to the NHTSA because it's "investing heavily in machine learning and autonomous systems," and it wants to help shape the "best practices" for self-driving cars. It's not confirming what it's making, however, including reports that it scaled back its automotive plans to focus on an underlying tech platform instead of building vehicles. There's no longer any doubt that Apple is interested in driverless cars, but there's also no guarantee that its technology will reach production cars in the first place, let alone that you'll see something Apple-branded on the road.

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See Mantis and hear Baby Groot for the 1st time in the newest #GuardiansoftheGalaxy Vol. 2 trailer!

How Helsinki is bringing smart city innovation to its core - ReadWrite

Smart Kalasatama  is a former industrial precinct that houses the  Suvilahti Power Plant . It’s gradually being turned into an experimental  platform to co-create smart infrastructure and services. When I visited, I found a lot of the area to be building sites, a testament that the best is yet to come. By the 2030s, the Kalasatama district will offer a home for approximately 20,000 residents and jobs for 8,000 people. Currently, 3,000 people live there in homes that are part of connected trials for future technology.

Watch the PlayStation Experience keynote right here!

Starting at 10AM PT, see what's in store for the PS4, PS4 Pro and PS VR in 2017.

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When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

The Best Tablets of 2016

Screen Size and Storage This consideration is a bit obvious, but size—both screen real estate and storage capacity—is important to consider. First things first: When you hear the term "7-inch or 10-inch tablet," this refers to the size of the screen, measured diagonally, and not the size of the tablet itself. 7-inch tablets are considered small-screen, while 8.9-inch tablets and above are considered large-screen. Apple's iPads, Amazon's Fire, and Samsung's Note- and Tab-branded tablets all come in small- and large-screen iterations. And more than ever, phones are blurring the lines with tablets. Big smartphones (or phablets) like the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus and the Galaxy S7 Edge are challenging the need to even carry a separate tablet.

Amazon wants your company's data by the truckload… literally

In the race to win clients in the highly competitive cloud computing market, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has taken to transporting client data in high-tech tractor trailers.

Twist! World's Largest Tech Company Warns Against Too Much Regulation

In a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Apple’s Director of Product Integrity Steve Kenner asked regulators not to impose too many restrictions on testing self-driving cars.

nuTonomy comes home for self-driving car tests in Boston

Iagnemma added: “These tests in the City of Boston will enable our engineers to adapt our autonomous vehicle software to the weather and traffic challenges of this unique driving environment. Testing our self-driving cars so near to nuTonomy’s home is the next step towards our ultimate goal: deployment of a safe, efficient, fully autonomous mobility-on-demand transportation service.”

Will artificial intelligence mean the end of cyberthreats?

Though the cybersecurity model hasn’t changed much since the advent of antivirus software, that could be about to change, thanks to advancements in cyberthreats.

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Three classic games come together in the Wipeout Omega Collection, dropping Summer 2017. #PSX16

The Morning After: Weekend Edition

Because of the way it's written, the EFF and others argue people using Tor, a VPN or simply turning off location data in a smartphone app could be implicated because they have data "concealed through technological means." It also could let the feds hack IoT devices controlled by the Mirai botnet. Read up -- your computer could be considered a crime scene next .

'Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite' hits the PS4 in 2017

"Heroes and villains battle for supremacy in a timeless struggle set in the Marvel and Capcom universes," the PS Blog says. "The original storyline answers the questions regarding the new clash and lets players step into the shoes of classic characters from both sides as they wage war against powerful forces in an attempt to defeat a new villain."

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Consider one of these popular fitness trackers for a holiday gift this year

The world's most expensive headphones might make you consider a mortgage

The HE 1's sound is far ahead of anything else, so I'm duty bound to warn headphone loving audiophiles to steer clear of auditioning the HE 1. It'll mess you up, and might make you consider taking out a second mortgage, or worse. From my days working as a high-end salesman, I know for the most affluent buyers price won't be an issue (they live really well) and I assure you $55,000 won't make even a tiny dent in their piggy banks.

Use this Apple tool to check if your iPhone 6S is eligible for a new battery | ZDNet

In November , Apple announced the company would begin replacing some iPhone 6S batteries that were causing the phone to randomly power off for an unknown reason. According to Apple, the issue is limited to devices manufactured between September 2015 and October 2015.

iPhone vs. iPod: Which one sounds better playing music?

I own an iPhone 6S and a sixth-generation 160GB iPod Classic, so I wondered, is the Classic a better-sounding device than my iPhone? Funny, I never got around to comparing them before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. The Classic design is nine years old, the 6S has newer and better digital converters, but since it's not a dedicated music player, there may have been design sacrifices favoring the 6S' primary job as a smart phone.

OpTic Gaming wins the ELeague 'CS:GO' Season 2 championship

Both Astralis and OpTic Gaming came into the finals never having won a big international tournament, but the North American OpTic managed to control the pace of the second and third maps to beat the Danish Astralis, 2-1.

Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast and Android TV: All the apps and channels compared

The mainstream video streamers offer hundreds of entertainment apps, from DirecTV Now to Netflix to Nick Jr. to NBC News to NHL, and the list is growing all the time. Here's a big chart showing which of the top 75-odd apps are available on which device.

Microsoft has the Amazon Echo and Google Home in its sights

Windows Central reports that Microsoft is planning an Amazon Echo-style product of its own called Home Hub. It's not an all-knowing speaker that sits on your coffee table though - it's going to be built into Windows 10 and help you control your smart home.

Pros and cons: Our quick verdict on the new Surface Book

The refreshed Surface Book has very few flaws, with a well-crafted chassis, comfortable keyboard, vibrant screen, fast performance and even longer battery life than on last year's model. As ever, you'll pay dearly for the privilege of owning it, and the relatively heavy weight and imbalanced weight distribution make it less portable than lighter systems. What you accept in heft, though, you'll make up for in both battery life and port selection.

iOS 10.1.1 Is Draining iPhone Batteries

As reports , the issue stems from how quickly the battery is draining coupled with the battery percentage readout no longer being accurate. For example, a battery with 80 percent charge left unused overnight is empty the following morning. Plugging it in reports 30 percent charge after a few seconds. However, unplugging when it says 100 percent sees the figure drop below 50 percent as soon as you unlock the iPhone.

How to Monitor and Improve Your MacBook's Battery Health

While your MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air itself can last you several years before it’s time to get a new one, the battery might not make it the entire way through. I bought my current MacBook Air five years ago and already replaced the battery once at the Apple Store. It didn’t die on me, but the health got so poor that I thought it was time for a fresh one.

The Loudest Possible Ways to Cheer for Your Team at a Sporting Event

It’s probably not surprising that an air horn is the loudest, but they cost $10 or more and eventually run out of air. A super kazoo on the other hand, is almost as loud, is powered by your own breath, and is super cheap ($4 to $5 apiece.) And if you don’t want to bring any noisemakers to the big game, get ready to scream your head off. Just be sure to take breaks and clap so you don’t hurt yourself.

Inside the project to rebuild the EDSAC, one of the world's first general purpose computers | ZDNet

But there are some things that aren't recorded by blueprints and photographs, and for many of these things there just isn't a way for the restoration team to find out what they were like. Some of these things include: knowing how the machine operated, how instructions were given, how to manage the punched paper ticket tapes, and even what noises it made. That's why the project brought together some of those who actually used the original machine in order to gain insight into how it operated on a day-to-day basis.

The IT workers of Star Wars - TechRepublic

Our editors highlight the TechRepublic articles, galleries, and videos that you absolutely cannot miss to stay current on the latest IT news, innovations, and tips.

Advice for Disgraced Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes From Tech Darling Elizabeth Holmes

But before it all came crashing down, Holmes herself was an inspirational speaker, a beacon of hope for women trying to make it in tech. She dropped out of Stanford to found Theranos at 19, becoming the world’s youngest billionaire at 31.

Go Ahead and Make Silly Noises for Your Mechanic

Mechanics have heard it all when it comes to car troubles—literally. Don’t be afraid to make some silly noises for them.

What Hath Bee Movie Wrought?

Bee Movie— Dreamworks’ 2007 animated cult classic that details the romance between a bee (Jerry Seinfeld) and a human woman (Renée Zellweger)—has long served as the inspiration behind the internet’s weirdest memes . Recently it’s paved the way for something that transcends Bee Movie— something absurd, an artful and heroic exercise of futility and devotion. Something notably hollow.

Best photo-editing apps in 2016

If you want to to create a quick and easy edit, simply select your chosen style and adjust its strength. However, there is plenty more that can be done. Exposure, highlights, shadows, white balance, clarity and skin tones are amongst the adjustments, while images can be straightened and have their perspective corrected. Highlights and shadows can be individually tinted to create a really stylised effect. Best of all the app is uncomplicated and very simple to use.

ICYMI: Crowdsourcing the space poop problem

Today on In Case You Missed It : NASA and HeroX are asking for help from the public to try to create a bathroom that can be used for up to six days, inside space suits. Previously astronauts have worn diapers during missions in space suits, but that's only a short-term solution that won't work for the US goal to get to Mars. You can read more about the request here .

32 Pros and cons: Our verdict on the new Surface Book

The refreshed Surface Book has very few flaws, with a well-crafted chassis, comfortable keyboard, vibrant screen, fast performance and even longer battery life than on last year's model. As ever, you'll pay dearly for the privilege of owning it, and the relatively heavy weight and imbalanced weight distribution make it less portable than lighter systems. What you accept in heft, though, you'll make up for in both battery life and port selection.

Coolest tech and STEM toys for 2016 holiday shopping - TechRepublic

Learn programming through gaming. This kit introduces a child to programming in a step-by-step way. An Arduino-compatible gamepad connects wirelessly to a tablet. Using the gamepad and four interchangeable sensor modules, play through a video game app on a tablet. In each level of the game, the user must learn a piece of the Arduino programming language and how to use it in order to solve puzzles and challenges, and move forward in the game. $149.95

Apple tells feds ‘new entrants’ to auto industry should get same testing rights as incumbents

Perhaps most interestingly, though, Apple would like “new entrants” to the vehicle market to have “the same opportunity” that “established manufacturers” have when it comes to testing on public roads, “without pursuing exemptions” included in regulations known as the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. But, Kenner pointed out, The Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act currently doesn’t allow for that.

I've taken AncestryDNA and 23andMe genetics tests — here's what I tell people when they ask me which one is best

With 23andMe's  ancestry reports, users have access to reports that break down the Ancestry Composition (which regions your genes most closely align with), haplogroups (a genetic population that shares a common ancestor), and a person's Neanderthal ancestry. They also get access to something called a DNA Relatives tool, which 23andMe users can opt into to connect them with other users. It also shows if they have close or distant relatives in the system. 23andMe is big on research and getting users to engage in its research.

Airbnb has settled its lawsuit with New York City over short-term rental fines

On Friday, the company agreed to settle , "as long as New York City only enforces the new law against hosts and does not fine Airbnb itself." The move is a major blow for Airbnb, because other major cities have been watching this case.

And now for a reality check on the future of TV

There’s also no DVR option with DirecTV Now and Sling TV (both say it’s on the way though), and on-demand options are limited or hard to track. An example: I could watch episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 of “Westworld” on-demand through DirecTV Now, but not episode 5 for some reason. Other shows have 72-hour windows for on demand viewing, confusing things even further.

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is real — it’s coming in 2017

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is coming to PlayStation 4 in 2017. Sony announced the new entry in the fighting-game series is coming exclusively to its platform, which is similar to how the company locked up Capcom’s Street Fighter V fighting game for the PS4 in 2016.

​macOS Sierra: The smart person's guide - TechRepublic

This in-depth look at macOS Sierra covers new and exciting features, enhanced integration with iOS, requirements for installation, and how to get the most out of Apple's desktop OS.

Twitter was the place to be in 2016. Is that enough to save it?

The debut was widely praised , even if it didn't appear too different from other live streaming experiences offered by Facebook and Yahoo. There were complaints of Twitter's stream lagging behind network broadcasts, sometimes resulting in TV viewers tweeting what happened before the live stream caught up. (Here's a tip: Watch the game either on Twitter or on TV.)


The deal goes live on Sunday, December 4 so this week’s games on CBS will make be the first accessible through All Access. Still you need to note that Verizon continues to have an exclusive while NFL game streaming on smartphones is concerned, but thankfully not on tablets.

13 aerial shots on Instagram that will make you want a drone

Social Studies: Drones make it possible to take breath-taking shots. Here are some stunning views from drone photographers on Instagram.

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Stop whatever you're doing and watch this new 'Zelda' trailer

Whether or not that's the case, creative lead Eiji Aonuma has repeatedly stated an intention to take the decades-old franchise in a new direction. To that end, "Breath of the Wild" has a massive open environment — think "Grand Theft Auto," but set in a fantasy world and much more kid-friendly.

A sneak peek at Propel’s battling Star Wars drones

Unveiled via a teaser this summer, the devices capture four key vehicles from the original trilogy: a speeder bike, an X-Wing, a TIE fighter and, naturally, that perpetual fixer-upper, the Millennium Falcon. The drones feature four rotors capable of accelerating from zero to 30 MPH in three seconds, with peak speeds of up to 35 MPH — however many parsecs that works out to.

Moto pushes off smartwatches indefinitely

Shakil Barkat, head of global product development at Moto, said the company doesn’t “see enough pull in the market to put [a new smartwatch] out at this time,” though it may revisit the market in the future should technologies for the wrist improve. “Wearables do not have broad enough appeal for us to continue to build on it year after year,” Barkat said, and indicated that smartwatches and other wearable devices will not be in Moto’s annual device roadmap.

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Check out this 2016 holiday gift guide for geeks

Apple's head of special projects Paul Deneve no longer reports to Tim Cook

Quite what Deneve has been working on since joining the Apple isn't entirely clear. His former executive bio page simply listed him as "vice president of special projects at Apple, reporting to Tim Cook" and he hasn't given interviews to the press or appeared on stage at the company's events.

Stephen Hawking says technology will devastate the middle class

Commentary: The famous physicist pleads for humans to work together, as this is "the most dangerous time for our planet."

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Looking for the perfect gift for the PS4 lover in your life? Look no further. Here are 23 awesome PlayStation gifts. …

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