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Chromebooks can now run Linux in a Chrome OS window

This is cool: Chromebook users can now run their favorite Linux distribution within a window right on their Chrome OS desktop. Google’s own happiness evangelist François Beaufort revealed with a Google+ post Tuesday that Chromebook oners who have set their device in developer mode can download special Crouton Chrome extension to run Linux without being forced…

1956 Housewife on Acid: Veteran's Hospital LSD 25 Testing

In 1956 this unnamed American housewife took LSD at the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Los Angeles. This woman's husband was an employee at the hospita...

Epson Moverio is Google Glass on steroids [REVIEW]

The Epson Moverio is ten times nerdier than Google Glass, but it also delivers something Google's connected gadget can't: true augmented reality.

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Bezos-owned Washington Post offers technology to other publishers -

Bezos-owned Washington Post offers technology to other publishers

U.S. suspects North Korea had help attacking Sony Pictures: source

WASHINGTON/BOSTON (Reuters) - U.S. investigators believe that North Korea likely hired hackers from outside the country to help with last month's massive cyberattack against Sony Pictures, an official close to the investigation said on Monday.

A German Hacker Says He Can Recreate Fingerprints Just From A Person's Photographs

But he also thinks it's unreasonable to fear that fingerprint safety will be made obsolete (or that, as Krissler suggests, politicians might start covering up with gloves) simply because there are lots of photos of high-profile individuals floating around the Internet. "I think it's more practical for me to get a fingerprint off the glass of some celebrity or some famous person," he said.

The Best Android and iOS Apps of 2014 mobile apps reviewer James A. Martin shares his seven favorite Android and iOS apps of the year, including two great apps from Microsoft and Yahoo!, one that finally gets mobile mail right and the best weather app available today.

The Novels Everyone Should Read, Based on Top Book Lists and Prizes

We've shared our favorite productivity books and life-changing books here before, but if you're looking for more great reads—specifically novels—this interactive list of books contains the most recommended works of fiction.

Here Are the 10 Best Movies You Didn't See This Year | WIRED

Real talk: Around here, we see movies like it’s our job. Because, well, it’s kind of our job. But even we miss some gems sometimes. And for those of you who don’t consider going to see films your life’s work, it’s even harder to catch all the best movies in a given year. We’d like to help. We wracked our collective brain (we share one now, like Formics, NBD) and came up with some of our favorite non-blockbusters from 2014. Want to know what they are? Read on. (Expand the gallery to fullscreen for a full rundown of why we liked each film.)

Pew Research Center on Twitter

Big uptick in employers who block certain sites or have rules on what employees can post

The definitive ranking of Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercials

One of the greatest gifts of 2014 is Matthew McConaughey's collaboration with Lincoln to sell cars using existentialism. This week, Lincoln debuted two new commercials, two new performances. It still ranks high for McConaughey in a year marked by True Detective , Interstellar , and a recursive series of "alright." So how do you rank greatness? Like this.

Samsung slims down the Book 9 - CNET

I'm Dan Ackerman, and we're here taking a look at the Ativ Book 9 from Samsung. It's a new entry in their high end Book 9 laptop line, and this guy has got an unusual screen size. It's 12.2 inches, it's a 2565 by 1600 screen. it's, it's not a touchscreen, for that, you're gonna have to trade up to the 13 inch Book 9, but this thing is very light, it's about two pounds. Its one of the first generations of laptops that's gonna run Intel's Core M processor. And its gonna be about $1200. You can trade up a little bit more and get some more ram and a larger hard drive in there. Its gotta a couple of cool extra features in it. If you're outside and you wanna see things more clearly you can actually hit a button combo and that will knock the screen brightness way up. You shouldn't leave it like that it will run down the battery really fast. And if you want a little privacy it's got a, a an odd little privacy filter. You hit this and it'll kinda blur the image and superimpose two screens on top of each other. So if you walk away for a little bit uh,nobody can see what you're doing you know, at a glance.

The 24 Best Photo Essays Of 2014

These photographs are eye candy, but also so much more: They give you an intimate look at characters you might never otherwise encounter (the biker chicks of Marrakesh), and reveal lifestyles you might not otherwise have known existed (and may wish to remain ignorant of, in the case of the Purity Ball movement in America’s Bible Belt). Some illustrate contemporary social and political issues, while a few just put original spins on the Internet's bread and butter—cute animal photos. What these photo essays have in common, and what makes them so powerful, is that they all tell stories. None are merely decorative. They serve as a reminder that at its best, photography is a storytelling tool.

The Power is in the Powder

While Puris doesn’t come close to making the most titanium powder in the industry, says its CEO Craig Kirsch, it does make the purest titanium powder in the world with its one-of-a-kind all-titanium atomizer. And because the emerging 3-D printing industry is starting to increase its use of metals like powdered titanium, demand for the high-tech, high-quality product Puris makes is likely only to go up.

Joystiq Discussion: How do you like your Best of the Year list?

How do you evaluate Tetris and Metroid in the same breath? Does that even make sense? One's about manipulating space using a small collection of simple shapes while the other's about exploring an alien world as an increasingly dangerous bounty hunter. Yet they're both video games. They're electronic works of art defined by how the audience touches and prods them. Deeply different yet similar at their most basic levels. This is the central conundrum that always arises at the end of the year. When looking back and determining what was the very best amongst 2014's video games, it's hard to compare certain works. Does a game like Assassin's Creed: Unity , made by hundreds of people, get compared to something like Shovel Knight which was made by just a handful of creators? Do you even count things like Simogo's The Sailor's Dream ? It's tricky. Yet when you're talking about the very best, maybe it doesn't matter that things are so different. These are the games that excelled; end of story. The question then: how do you like your Best of the Year? Do you like everything lumped together, a free-for-all to spotlight the things that were the greatest no matter what? Or should the Best of the Year be broken into smaller categories so as to make sure that every game is on equal footing against similar works? Take the poll, discuss in the comments.

These Apps Will Help You Get Home Safely on New Year's Eve

The rideshare app, available in 10 cities, works like Uber and Lyft, but its selling point is that you’ll know your prices upfront. That’s particularly handy when prices on Uber and Lyft are expected to skyrocket on New Year’s Eve. It also has a carpooling function called Shared Rides for people traveling to nearby destinations.

Game Boy Tetris leaving eShop on New Year's Eve

Shall old acquaintance be forgot And days of breaking lines Shall old acquaintance be forgot And Nintendo is pulling Tetris from 3DS eShop on New Years Eve Maybe it has something to do with Ubisoft. Okay, so it's not as catchy as Auld Lang Syne , but it might make you just as weepy. Nintendo has confirmed via its UK Twitter account that the Game Boy version of Tetris , a game that helped define Nintendo's handheld and portable gaming in general, will be pulled from the 3DS eShop on December 31. It appears that Tetris Axis for the 3DS is also being pulled, according to an image from the 3DS eShop news section posted on Twitter . Nintendo of America has yet to make a similar announcement, and the US eShops make no note of either game being removed, so it's possible that this applies only to the UK. As for why Tetris would be removed from the eShop, it may have something to do with Ubisoft's Tetris Ultimate , which was recently released on 3DS . We've contacted Nintendo of America to confirm if the US version is to be removed as well. If you'd rather not take your chances, the Game Boy version can still be had for $3.

Mesosphere DCOS: One command control of data center services

Some well-heeled venture-capital groups -- Khosla Ventures , Andreessen Horowitz , Fuel Capital , and SV Angel -- appear to think so having provided Mesosphere Inc. , the company behind the data center "everything code," additional venture funds amounting to $36 million. Besides announcing the latest round of funding, the company introduced the Mesosphere Data Center Operating System (DCOS). This is "A new kind of operating system that spans all the servers in a physical or cloud-based data center, and runs on top of any Linux distribution."

Apple patents a smart pen that could copy your handwriting onto an iPad

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 40 million unique visitors worldwide and 20 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

The Ultimate Electric Sports Car Is Only 4 Feet Long | WIRED

No, seriously. It’s freaking amazing. Although it’s made for kids, adults covet this car. The one we tested, a fully loaded top-of-the-line model, is one of a kind. Henes said our loaner unit was the only functional Broon F870 in the world at the time we reviewed it. Every WIRED staffer who saw it wanted to drive it. Nobody could fit. So to test this miniature version of a luxury sports car, we turned it over to a miniature version of WIRED contributing editor Brendan Koerner. Koerner’s six-year-old son Maceo test-drove the car over the course of two months and provided some behind-the-wheel impressions.

Apple accounts for 51 percent of new mobile activations this Christmas

Christmas Day is always a good yardstick for success in the mobile industry. New devices are unwrapped and activated, and manufacturers get a clear idea of how they compare to their rivals. This year, however, it wasn't difficult to work out a winner: Apple easily beat off the competition, with analytics company  Flurry reporting that the iPhones and iPads accounted for 51 percent of all new devices activated worldwide. The iPhone 6 was the most commonly activated device overall, while the iPhone 6 Plus was also in the top five.

LinkedIn Proves the U.S. Has a STEM Problem

This is a long-term trend, related to the anomalous situation at the end of the Second World War which left the United States as the only major developed country to escape significant direct bombing destruction during the war. That situation wasn't going to last -- the rest of the world was sure to come back sooner or later -- and these trends showing the rest of the world becoming increasingly competitive with the United States are not necessarily bad for the USA. Interesting, though, is the clear finding that STEM workers have lots of options available to them that are not matched by those in other fields. The USA needs a system to develop at home in increased numbers engineers who can fill in for its domestic needs as foreign-born engineers stay put in their home countries -- and One World Secondary College has the system to fill this need.

United and Orbitz are suing a 22-year-old who exposed cheap airfare hack

United Airlines and Orbitz are suing a 22-year-old website founder who has made it easier for travelers to find "hidden city" tickets, which can offer big discounts on airfares.

Promoted Pins to Spread on Pinterest

Pinterest is a place where users can save or “pin” images from around the web as well as from Pinterest’s own gallery of content, which has grown to 30 billion unique pins. Users can create boards filled with pins based on wide-ranging topics from holiday gifts to wedding hairstyles, camping gear and dream vacations. What they tend to have in common is they are interests that users may pursue in the future. Pinterest says this is what separates it from the pack of social networks.

Secret Nazi nuclear bunker discovered in Austrian town of St Georgen an der Gusen

A network of underground tunnels and bunkers used by the Nazis to develop an atomic bomb has been discovered in Austria by a filmmaker.

11 of the Best Smartphones That Launched in 2014

Just because the Passport wasn’t really conceived with Netflix consumption in mind, BlackBerry didn’t skimp on the hardware side of things, so you’ll find a 4.5-inch 1,440 x 1,440 pixel (square) display with 453PPI. That’s enough to keep things sharp, and the square aspect ratio has been designed to show you more text in an email or on a webpage. On the rear, there’s a 13-megapixel camera, although results were distinctly average in our own testing.

Microsoft 'building first new web browser for 19 years' - Telegraph

Microsoft is reportedly planning to launch an all-new web browser code-named Spartan alongside Windows 10

The overweight web: Average web page size is up 15% in 2014

Bigger isn’t better when it comes to web pages, but the internet has continued to put on weight this year. According to the 2014 report from the HTTP Archive , the average size of a web page is up 15 percent this year to 1,935Kb — just shy of 2Mb (or 2,048 Kb) per page. This includes an average of 95 HTTP pull requests per page.

A Better Version Of The Galaxy Note 4 With Super Fast Internet Is Coming Soon

Samsung's new version of the Note 4 is capable of aggregating three different types of frequency bands into a single connection, which enables it to pick and choose connections with the most optimal bandwidth. This is why the new Note 4 can download files and connect to the internet much more quickly than your standard LTE smartphone.

Alleged tech support scammers come up with all kinds of alibis to counter complaints

Companies sued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Microsoft for allegedly defrauding consumers with worthless Windows technical support have spun tales involving flakey Internet connections, it's-not-us-it's-scammers, new management software and unanswered emails to counter hundreds of consumer complaints this year, Better Business Bureau (BBB) records showed.

Microsoft's karmic gaffe is 'opening up the conversation' - CNET

"It'll come back because somebody's going to know that's the kind of person that I want to trust," Nadella said in the October 9 interview with Maria Klawe, a computer scientist, president of Harvey Mudd College, and member of Microsoft's board of directors. "That's the kind of person that I want to really give more responsibility to."

5 dangerous things you should let your kids do

At TED U, Gever Tulley, founder of the Tinkering School, spells out 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do — and why a little danger is good for both kids and grownups.

Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model.

Cameron Russell admits she won “a genetic lottery”: she's tall, pretty and an underwear model. But don't judge her by her looks. In this fearless talk, she takes a wry look at the industry that had her looking highly seductive at barely 16 years old.

The power of introverts

In a culture where being social and outgoing are prized above all else, it can be difficult, even shameful, to be an introvert. But, as Susan Cain argues in this passionate talk, introverts bring extraordinary talents and abilities to the world, and should be encouraged and celebrated.

Seven Reasons Police Brutality Is Systemic, Not Anecdotal

The police should also be considered, like attorneys, as officers of the court. And, like attorneys, they should be subject to a rigorous code of conduct that embraces constitutional and common law duties, and even exceeds them. The code should be very specific, and it should be made clear that no “policy” of the police themselves can override or contradict it. Nor can vague concerns for police “safety.” No one not prepared to risk his or her safety should be a policeman or woman, and citizens should not be put at risk merely because of police fears of what “might” happen. Moreover, the police should be subject to suspension and complete removal without the trappings of either a jury trial or full blown civil service protection. Of course, such a police ethics tribunal should not have the power to impose criminal punishments, but it should be easier to remove rogue cops than it is now. Moreover, in the code of ethics it should be made clear that refusing to testify against, and covering up for, the bad acts of fellow policemen are themselves grounds for dismissal.

5 Things Super Successful People Do Before 8 AM

I go beyond training with a straight-talking approach to wellness that focuses on an overall healthy lifestyle. For years I’ve educated celebrities and top corporate executives on how to effectively incorporate fitness and nutrition into their busy everyday lives. I’ve appeared on Extra, The Doctors, Good Morning America and The Today Show.I was also featured trainer on The CW’s Shedding for the Wedding, and am often quoted in People, Glamour, Woman’s Health and the Los Angeles Times. I’m also the author of No Gym Required – Release Your Inner Rock Star (2009) and Strong is the New Skinny-- How to Eat, Live, and Move to Maximize Your Power (2014). Beyond training, I’m the President and CEO of fitness and wellness brand NGR – No Gym Required – and I am the lifestyle and fitness spokesperson for world-class brands including Muscle Milk, Polar Heart Rate Monitors and Weight Watchers.Weight Watchers recently appointed me as their overall national spokesperson and trainer in the 5 DVD Points Plus Program workout series.

Nashville police chief shares message, responds to questions

Nashville police chief shares message, responds to questions Nashville Police Chief Steve Anderson posted the below message originally on the Metro Government of Nashville & Davidson County website this afternoon. Anderson shares a message to police officers and answers questions related to recent protests in Nashville and around the country. Check out this story on

How to live passionately—no matter your age

Author Isabel Allende is 71. Yes, she has a few wrinkles—but she has incredible perspective too. In this candid talk, meant for viewers of all ages, she talks about her fears as she gets older and shares how she plans to keep on living passionately.

Why is United Airlines suing a 22-year-old?

The idea is that you buy an airline ticket that has a layover at your actual destination. Say you want to fly from New York to San Francisco -- you actually book a flight from New York to Lake Tahoe with a layover in San Francisco and get off there, without bothering to take the last leg of the flight.

The Smartest Cities In The World

Smart cities are a complex phenomenon and any effort to measure them needs to contain breadth and depth of indicators—and this year I have that. I have added several more information technology related indicators, like broadband Internet and the number of mobile applications that leverage open data initiatives. But I also have added low-tech indicators to ascertain how much a city is embracing shared mobility, like measuring the number of bikes and cars currently in their sharing programs. I have also added citizen participation metrics, such as the number of citizens engagement events held each year and percentage of citizens who vote in local elections.

The art of choosing

Sheena Iyengar studies how we make choices — and how we feel about the choices we make. At TEDGlobal, she talks about both trivial choices (Coke v. Pepsi) and profound ones, and shares her groundbreaking research that has uncovered some surprising attitudes about our decisions.

39 What teens really want to know about sex

I also think people aren’t ready to become sexually active if they can’t talk about it with their partners in a serious way, and also talk about safer sex practices, contraception (if appropriate), and possible positive and negative consequences and how they’d deal with them. Emotionally, a person has to be ready to face other people’s response, positive or negative, to the sexual activity and be willing to share those emotional reactions with his or her partner.

Fleeing To Dismal Swamp, Slaves And Outcasts Found Freedom

Most Americans know about the Underground Railroad, the route that allowed Southern slaves to escape North. Some slaves found freedom by hiding closer to home, however — in Great Dismal Swamp.

Trinket Everyday Carry Contest

Trinket Pro is an incredible platform for building tiny projects. Which is exactly why we've picked it for our next contest. We're looking for pocketable projects which you'd carry around with you every day. The projects should be useful, but we're taking a very broad definition of useful here. Anything from tools, to wearables, to jewelry and beyond will be acceptable for the contest.

A kinder, gentler philosophy of success

Alain de Botton examines our ideas of success and failure — and questions the assumptions underlying these two judgments. Is success always earned? Is failure? He makes an eloquent, witty case to move beyond snobbery to find true pleasure in our work.

Your brain on improv

Musician and researcher Charles Limb wondered how the brain works during musical improvisation — so he put jazz musicians and rappers in an fMRI to find out. What he and his team found has deep implications for our understanding of creativity of all kinds. (Filmed at TEDxMidAtlantic.)

Spotify Year In Music

When the world turns a year older, what’s the soundtrack? As the countdown begins, 1980 is still the air – the biggest surge in listening is for Happy New Year by music royalty Abba. And after the dancing, it’s the recovery - more Hangover Playlists are played on January 1 than any other day of the year.

How public spaces make cities work

More than 8 million people are crowded together to live in New York City. What makes it possible? In part, it’s the city’s great public spaces — from tiny pocket parks to long waterfront promenades — where people can stroll and play. Amanda Burden helped plan some of the city’s newest public spaces, drawing on her experience as, surprisingly, an animal behaviorist. She shares the unexpected challenges of planning parks people love — and why it's important.

4 Myths About Apple Design, From An Ex-Apple Designer

I’ll opine on one point here: Google’s “thousands” of designers - is a laughing stalk. G openly bragging about over a thousand “assistants, designers, etc.” working on the Roboto typeface family, was the most hilarious thing ever uttered and screams ineptitude of both PR team, upper management, or both (because it’s either not true, or if it is true, it’s the stupidest thing ever to happen in human history). Apple has around a hundred designers? SAY IT AIN’T SO! how is “infinite” a myth? who here ever thought “gee apple must have 19,000 designers” no, we’re probably reading this blog because we are a designer, and know that it can be one, or ten, or one hundred people working on projectS but it’s ludicras to even fathom design by committee with large numbers. who possibly believes that? NOBODY! so why was it brought up as a MYTH????? omg this article has broken my brain.

Wild Biomorphic Spacesuits Designed to Survive Hostile Planets | WIRED

For a new speculative design project called Wanderers Oxman and her team of students partnered with 3D printing behemoth Stratasys and the computational design duo Deskriptiv to build four wearable skins that serve as bio-augmented space suits. Each is designed to battle a specific extreme environment by transforming elements found there into ones that can sustain human life. “Some are designed to photosynthesize, converting daylight into energy, others bio-mineralize to strengthen and augment human bone,” Oxman explains. In doing so, they offer a wild glimpse of a future in which the barriers between biology and technology have fallen away.

Web IQ Quiz

Test your knowledge of technology and the web by taking our short 12-question quiz. When you finish, you will be able to compare your “Web IQ” with the average online American based on the results of our nationally representative survey of 1,066 adult internet users conducted September 12-18. You can also see how your results compare to online Americans based on age, gender and education.

The Mystery of Go, the Ancient Game That Computers Still Can't Win | WIRED

Many Go players see the game as the final bastion of human dominance over computers. This view, which tacitly accepts the existence of a battle of intellects between humans and machines, is deeply misguided. In fact, computers can’t “win” at anything, not until they can experience real joy in victory and sadness in defeat, a programming challenge that makes Go look like tic-tac-toe. Computer Go matches aren’t the brain’s last stand. Rather, they help show just how far machines have to go before achieving something akin to true human intelligence. Until that day comes, perhaps it’s best to view the Densei-sen as programmers do. “It is fun for me,” says Coulom, “but that’s all.”

Embrace the near win

At her first museum job, art historian Sarah Lewis noticed something important about an artist she was studying: Not every artwork was a total masterpiece. She asks us to consider the role of the almost-failure, the near win, in our own lives. In our pursuit of success and mastery, is it actually our near wins that push us forward?

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