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50 best iOS apps of 2015

2015 saw a whole load of new apps hit the iOS app store. With standouts like Periscope, livestreaming became one of the biggest trends, as well as GIFs and

Oculus Rift Comes With Free Game 'Lucky's Tale'

The virtual reality headset will come with a free game dubbed Lucky's Tale featuring an adorable and "fun-loving" fox.

'Final Fantasy IX' is headed to PCs and phones next year

The remaster you've been waiting for is finally coming.

Hacking the Nazis: The secret story of the women who broke Hitler's codes - TechRepublic

Of the 10,000-plus staff at the Government Code and Cypher School during World War II, two-thirds were female. Three veteran servicewomen explain what life was like as part of the code-breaking operation during World War II.

The 44 games we can't wait to play in 2016

2015 was a good year for video games — with new releases that ranged from startling teen dramas to gritty post-apocalyptic RPGs — and 2016 is shaping up to be just as impressive. It’s a year where...


Hello, followers and makers alike. It's been a while and I haven't posted much. BUT...I now have something to discuss with all of you. Motors. They are very useful, but what would make them more effective is if we knew how to make them change direction without touching the wiring. How would we go about doing that? Hm....PS: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE FROM PREVIOUS LESSONS, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE SEE THEM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you. <3

See little girl's adorable freakout over 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' - CNET

Though some people might be suffering from Star Wars overload, this young fan can hardly contain her excitement when she sees BB-8 and other characters from "The Force Awakens."

The 15 most beautifully designed apps of 2015

It’s that time of year again, folks, when retrospective lists reign supreme and reflective musings clog your feeds. This post meets that description, but rest assured it will provide at least one thing to brighten your day: eye candy.

Arduino Mega 8x8x8 RGB LED Cube

"So, you want to build an 8x8x8 RGB LED Cube"I've been playing around with electronics and Arduino's for a while now, including building a high amp switch controller for my car and a six lane Pinewood Derby Judge for our Scouts group.So I was intrigued and then hooked when I found Kevin Darrah's great site with his detailed explanations and build video's.However there were a couple of areas of his build I thought I could improve upon.On the plus side: Kevin's detailed explanations of the Arduino code required for this complex programme simplified the coding side of the build. I support Kevin's use of individual transistors to drive each of the 192 cathodes. Whilst this requires a component rich hardware design it allows you to drive each LED hard without risking overloading a single driver chip managing 8 (or more) LEDs.Areas I wanted to improve: There must be a better ...

DIY AA Batteries!

Today we're going to learn how to easily make our own batteries from very inexpensive household materials.An AA battery is a standard size cylindrical battery commonly used in portable electronic devices. The exact terminal voltage and capacity of an AA size battery depends on the cell chemistry but are usually rated at or near 1.5 volts. An AA cell measures 49.2–50.5 mm in length, including the terminal and 13.5–14.5 mm in diameter. AA batteries account for over 50% of general battery sales and the average price of a quality AA battery can range from $0.59 to as much as $1.42 or more.Think this would be helpful in an emergency? Is this a viable and renewable source of energy? Would this be a good way to teach kids about science?

The best of Mashable in 2015: Stories that inspired and influenced

Some of Mashable's best longform stories, photo essays and videos from 2015: a year of transition, diversity, and dressing up as Prince George for a week.

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How to collaborate on documents using iWork and

Sometimes, two or more people will make changes at the same time. Or you’ll make a change locally in Pages, Numbers, or Keynote and a collaborator will make an edit on When this happens, you will both see a dialog saying that the documents are out of sync, and the users who are invited to edit the document will be prevented from editing anything. It’s up to the document’s owner to decide which version to keep—you can keep both, if you want, to review them later—but, again, you can’t compare the changes. You only see the date and time of the versions and where they were updated ( or a specific computer). It’s best for the document’s creator and owner to ensure that people don’t simultaneously edit documents, which, of course, limits the usefulness of this feature.

Forbes Welcome

Why Go Still Foils the Computers

Facebook has been conducting more basic scientific research in recent years. One of its newest initiatives is an effort to enable computers to play the game of Go. This complex Asian game dates back over 2,500 years—and so far, even the best computers still can’t beat the best human players.

Oculus Touch delayed to second half of 2016

The company said in a blog post that it needs more time to perfect its Touch controls, which allow you to use your hands in a virtual reality simulation. That means that the Oculus Rift headset will ship with an Xbox One controller — a traditional video game controller — when it debuts in the first quarter. Preorders for the Oculus Rift are beginning “very soon,” according to Oculus VR, which Facebook bought for $2 billion in 2014.

This Viral List About 1915 Is Full of Lies

A list of fun facts about the year 1915 has gone viral . But many items on the list are false or misleading. As we’ve seen time and again, never trust the internet for your fun facts. It’s all lies.

A lot of people apparently got Fitbits for Christmas

If Apple's App Store rankings are any indication, a lot of you got a Fitbit for Christmas yesterday: The company's fitness-tracking app quickly shot to the top of the free list in iTunes. As Qz points out , Fitbit's activity tracker was already the most-downloaded health and fitness application for iOS, but as Christmas approached, it leapfrogged 20 spots to the top, suggesting many a couch potato unboxed one of the firm's wristbands.

George Lucas Apologizes for 'White Slavers' Remark - IGN

When discussing the difficulty of breaking apart from his career-defining series, Lucas said, "these are my kids. I loved them, I created them, I"m very intimately involved with them and I sold them to the white slavers that take these things..." before realizing he'd made a poor analogy and laughing it off.

Exclusive: Microsoft to warn email users of suspected hacking by governments

According to two former employees of Microsoft, the company's own experts had concluded several years ago that Chinese authorities had been behind the campaign but the company did not pass on that information to users of its Hotmail service, which is now called

Blackberry to keep operating in Pakistan - BBC News

Blackberry is no longer going to shut down its operations in Pakistan as it has resolved a row concerning its users' messages.

Politwoops is back to show you all the embarrassing tweets politicians delete

We have a responsibility to communicate our roadmap in a clear and transparent way to everyone in this community. We have a responsibility to have an open dialogue with you to make sure we are serving you in the best way. We have a responsibility to continue to empower organizations that bring more transparency to public dialogue, such as Politwoops. We need to make sure we are serving all these organizations and developers in the best way, because that is what will make Twitter great. We need to listen, we need to learn, and we need to have this conversation with you. We want to start that today.

The Final Days of the Bitcoin Foundation?

The Bitcoin Foundation has become a symbol of the challenges facing the digital asset it was designed to steward. While advocates have promoted bitcoin as a global, decentralized currency for the Internet age, it’s proved to be more volatile than many penny stocks. Its role in money laundering and other illegal activity is a constant source of questions, and the price fluctuates with each regulatory clampdown or criminal investigation. In November 2013, it reached a high of $1,137 before falling to $183 in January 2015 following a slew of problems, including the collapse of Mt. Gox, once the world’s largest bitcoin exchange.

Final Fantasy 9 Announced for PC and Mobile in Japan - IGN

There's no word on when or if the game will be getting similar treatment in the west. That said, Square Enix hasn't shied away from releasing its other Final Fantasy ports outside of Japan, so an announcement for North America and Europe is likely just a matter of time.

Software with the most vulnerabilities in 2015: Mac OS X, iOS, and Flash

What software had the most publicly-disclosed vulnerabilities this year? The winner is none other than Apple’s Mac OS X with 384 vulnerabilities. The runner up? Apple’s iOS with 375 vulnerabilities.

Facebook bug congratulates us all on 46 years of friendship

Some Facebook users are running into an interesting bug today  congratulating them on 46 years of friendship with other users. That's strange for a couple of reasons. Facebook isn't even 15 years old and some users seeing this message are far younger than 46 years of age. Facebook has not disclosed the culprit, but it says it's aware of the issue. "We've identified this bug and the team's fixing it now so everyone can ring in 2016 feeling young again," a company spokesperson tells  The Verge.

WhatsApp goes down for some on New Year’s Eve

WhatsApp isn’t working today for some users. We first spotted the problems at 9:58 a.m. Pacific — we couldn’t send messages for a good few minutes, and then they went through eventually. That said, the outage seems to be impacting certain regions more than others, and while some users have regained access, it’s clear that for others this is more than just a blip.

Cities across Asia celebrate the New Year with bells, balloons and fireworks

Cities across Asia celebrate the New Year: A giant bell was rung in Seoul; revelers danced in Beijing's Forbidden City; fireworks were ignited from a skyscraper in Taipei; balloons were released in Tokyo.

Quiet - Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Wiki Guide - IGN

If Snake's bond with Quiet is at 60% or higher, there is a special cutscene that can be triggered when returning to Mother Base. To trigger the scene, Quiet must be with Snake in the chopper and return to Mother Base during rainy conditions.

Ukraine to investigate suspected computer attack on energy grid

KIEV Ukraine will investigate a suspected computer malware attack on its energy grid, the energy ministry said on Thursday, an incident the country's secret service has blamed on Russia.

AT&T to ditch most two-year phone contracts on January 8th

Just to be perfectly clear, this move applies to all of AT&T's phones. Once the new year rolls around, even flip phones and non-smartphones with keyboards (what AT&T likes to call "Quick Messaging Devices") must be bought outright or with an installment plan. What's less clear is the status of wearables like the Samsung Gear S2 and tablets, which are currently sold (and promoted heavily ) with two-year contracts. It's also possible (if not likely) that AT&T will keep multi-year contracts around for large corporate accounts, and we're looking into both situations. AT&T's vague, highly vetted statement says the change is being made for the sake of "aligning... service offerings with customer and industry trends". Well, we can't argue with that. While smaller, scrappier carriers like T-Mobile have already bailed on the multi-year contract model, AT&T has been slower to act.

The Physics Behind Popping Champagne Bottles

The small plastic piece contains two flaps that are pushed closed. When air is blown into the horn, this air pushes the flaps open so that the air flows through. But here is the cool part. Moving air has a lower pressure than stationary air. This means that the moving air doesn’t push on the flaps as hard as when the air was stationary. This reduced pressure lets the flap close which stops the airflow. You can probably guess what happens next—now that the air is stationary, the pressure increases pushing the flaps open again. This process creates that annoying sound and keeps repeating until you run out of breath.

New Year's resolutions for a more user-friendly life - CNET

It's easy to focus on what went wrong in 2015. We prefer to look to the future. Inspired by folk legend Woody Guthrie's "New Years Rulin's," we offer up simple suggestions for a fun, successful 2016.

Amazon's Echo finally makes it easy to have a smarter home

While the Echo is a great hands-free assistant, it’s also designed to sell you more goods (via Amazon, of course). Its Dash technology — which lets you reorder goods at the push of a button or automatically does that for you when your coffee machine senses your running low on beans — isn’t incorporated into the speaker yet. If you want to order your pet’s favorite food, you can ask Alexa, but you’ll still need to take a few more steps to get it from your Amazon cart to your doorstep. But give Alexa the power of the Dash button (without having to stick plastic, branded buttons all over the house), and you’ll never be in short supply of paper towels or water pitchers filters again. Amazon wants to live inside your home, and it’s found the perfect way to invite itself in.

Massive fire breaks out at Dubai hotel near New Year's celebration

A massive fire broke out at the 63-story Address Hotel in downtown Dubai late Thursday night, shortly before a New Year's celebration was scheduled to take place nearby at the world's tallest skyscraper. Witnesses posted harrowing photos and videos to social media as flames swept up the side of the building.

AT&T acquires part of data collection startup Carrier IQ

Back in 2011, data collection developer Carrier IQ caused a firestorm of criticism after a security researcher discovered its kernel-level software could be used to track smartphone users without their consent or control. Four years later, the company has been swallowed up by one of the telecoms that used it.  TechCrunch reports that AT&T has acquired the assets and some staff from the startup, effectively shutting Carrier IQ down.

25 on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

This app will help you avoid paying Uber surge prices tonight

find places close to you that don't have surge pricing. Once it locates a place nearby without surge pricing, SurgeProtector redirects you back to Uber's app so you can call an Uber to a surge-less place.

Tech books: The 10 best reads of 2015 - TechRepublic

Markoff, science and technology reporter for The New York Times, offers an important look at the current state of artificial intelligence and the blurry space between the world of humans and robots. He finds that the work often outpaces the critical thinking about how applications of new technology will change conditions for humans. Markoff divides the field into two camps––artificial intelligence, dealing with replacing human capabilities, and intelligence augmentation, providing extra support for what already exists, providing insight into the questions we should be asking when developing tools that have the power to change our future.

5 resolutions car companies should make for 2016 (listen up, VW)

At Digital Trends, we think automakers should follow our example and make resolutions to improve their image, the environment they operate in, and the products they sell. We haven’t heard any official resolutions yet, so we’ve taken the liberty of offering a few suggestions of our own.

LG's bringing a brainy smart home control device to CES

The cylindrical SmartThinQ Hub can communicate with a variety of devices using common smart home protocols, including Bluetooth, Z-Wave and ZigBee. When your smart home is up to something, it'll tell you all about it on a 3.5-inch LCD display.

Watch President Obama's episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

If you haven't seen the show before, it's a mixture of straightforward car porn and Seinfeld -esque winding conversation (over coffee, naturally). Obama's episode is much the same: Seinfeld waxes poetic about the virtues of a 1963 Corvette with a split back, takes a few spins about the White House grounds with the president, and sneaks a peek at his own official vehicle. (It's "a Caddy, basically on a tank frame.") Obama makes a capable straight man up against Seinfeld's neuroticism, and it's hard to resist the sight gag of Seinfeld banging on an Oval Office window like he's Uncle Leo. Unfortunately, Crackle really wants people watching this at their website — an embed is rather useless to our US readers, so head here to watch the full episode.

WhatsApp is trying its best to ruin New Years Eve with latest outage

Thousands of users in the US, Canada and Europe are reporting difficulties connecting to WhatsApp on both Android and iOS today. The houtage started at around 9:30 EST and appeared to be fixed before the issues started to resurface again minutes later.

Apple faces $5 million lawsuit over allegedly slowing the iPhone 4S with iOS 9

"The update significantly slowed down their iPhones and interfered with the normal usage of the device, leaving Plaintiff with a difficult choice: use a slow and buggy device that disrupts everyday life or spend hundreds of dollars to buy a new phone. Apple explicitly represented to the public that iOS 9 is compatible with and supports the iPhone 4S. And Apple failed to warn iPhone 4S owners that the update may or will interfere with the device's performance."

2015 Bitcoin Year in Review

The next bitcoin halving occurs in July. Currently, 25 bitcoin are created every 10 minutes (meaning that for the price to hold constant, there needs to be net buying activity of roughly 3,600 bitcoin per day). In July 2016, the mining reward will cut in half and only 12.5 bitcoin will be created every 10 minutes. This may cause the price of bitcoin to increase if buying activity remains the same or goes up.

34 Apple sued for slowing iPhone 4S with iOS 9 upgrade

"The update significantly slowed down their iPhones and interfered with the normal usage of the device, leaving Plaintiff with a difficult choice: use a slow and buggy device that disrupts everyday life or spend hundreds of dollars to buy a new phone," the lawsuit says. "Apple explicitly represented to the public that iOS 9 is compatible with and supports the iPhone 4S. And Apple failed to warn iPhone 4S owners that the update may or will interfere with the device's performance."

Why It Became Not Uncool To Like Justin Bieber In 2015

Few people have ever had a public approval turnaround as swift and thorough as the one Justin Bieber enjoyed this year. Usually, these things go the other way. Iggy Azalea's 2015, for instance, was like the scorching, barf-filled hangover following the party that was 2014—except it's a hangover she may never recover from, the metabolic coma of hangovers. (Robin Thicke had the exact same year the previous year, with only marginally better future prospects.) What's interesting about Bieber's transformation, however, is that it was orchestrated and executed with Orwellian precision, in a manner that was so transparent you could practically see his publicity team's expense account receipts online. It shouldn't have worked. At one point, Hannibal Buress hoped out loud that it wouldn't. But it did.

Google plans to remove Oracle’s Java APIs from Android N | ExtremeTech

Google says the switch to OpenJDK will take place in the N release of Android. That’s expected to happen at some point in 2016. That doesn’t change anything about the current legal battle. If the court finds that Java APIs aren’t covered by fair use, Google might end up paying out a large pile of cash to Oracle.

7 must-have apps for your new Android phone

When it comes to viewing and managing your photos, nothing can match the speed and killer design of Focus. This app displays your images in their folder locations like most gallery apps, but it also has a great tagging system to make it even easier to find important pics. Focus is completely free with a $2.99 in-app upgrade that adds a dark theme, custom tags, and a cool secure photo vault. Images you want to keep private can be locked away from prying eyes in the vault. It supports the latest Android 6.0 fingerprint APIs, so you can unlock that content with your finger too.

The Best Apps For Finding Events

Bored? These apps will tell you what to do tonight. From concerts and art gallery openings to street festivals and wine tastings, these apps know where the action is.


Researchers Halfaker, Geiger, Morgan, and Riedl have a new paper on the topic of open collaboration systems about how Wikipedia's reaction to its popularity is causing its decline . From the Abstract: "Open collaboration systems like Wikipedia need to maintain a pool of volunteer contributors in order to remain relevant. Wikipedia was created through a tremendous number of contributions by millions of contributors. However, recent research has shown that the number of active contributors in Wikipedia has been declining steadily for years, and suggests that a sharp decline in the retention of newcomers is the cause. This paper presents data that show that several changes the Wikipedia community made to manage quality and consistency in the face of a massive growth in participation have ironically crippled the very growth they were designed to manage. Specifically, the restrictiveness of the encyclopedia's primary quality control mechanism and the algorithmic tools used to reject contributions are implicated as key causes of decreased newcomer retention. Further, the community's formal mechanisms for norm articulation are shown to have calcified against changes – especially changes proposed by newer editors.

S&P 500 turns positive for '15 as stocks trim losses

Stocks have been held back this year by uncertainty surrounding interest rate policy, as the Federal Reserve hiked borrowing costs earlier this month for the first time in nearly a decade. Stocks have also been hurt by slowing growth in China, the negative fallout on sales and earnings of U.S. multinationals due to a stronger dollar and the steep losses in the energy sector, which have sent the energy sector of the S&P 500 down almost 24% this year.

MJ Franklin on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Oculus Touch controller delayed

Oculus Touch controller delayed The Oculus Touch controller will be delayed until the second half of 2016. Rift will still be released in the first quarter. Check out this story on

Most Popular Top 10s of 2015

Every weekend we gather our best guides and posts on a specific subject. These were our best top 10s of 2015.

Twitter Reverses Stance On Archiving Politicians’ Deleted Tweets

"This agreement is great news for those who believe that the world needs more transparency," stated Arjan El Fassed, director of Open State Foundation, which has created versions of Politwoops in more than 30 countries since 2010. "Our next step is now to continue and expand our work to enable the public to hold public officials accountable for their public statements."

Log In - The New York Times

© 2015 The New York Times Company

Microsoft will inform customers of state-sponsored hacks on their accounts

Microsoft pledged on Wednesday to notify people with Microsoft accounts (which include emails and OneDrive) if it believes those accounts have been targeted or hacked by people working on behalf of a nation or state.   In a blog post on the Microsoft website , Microsoft executive Scott Charney said the company is “taking this additional step” if it has evidence that the attacker may be state-sponsored “because it is likely that the attack could be more sophisticated or more sustained than attacks from cybercriminals and others.”   He added that the notifications “do not mean that Microsoft’s own systems have in any way been compromised,” and if a customer receives such a notification it doesn’t mean they have been hacked. Rather, it means Microsoft has evidence their account has been targeted, and the user should increase the security settings on their accounts.   Microsoft already notifies account holders if it believes they have been targeted or compromised by third parties, but until now, it has not informed users of possible state-sponsored attacks.

A Gentleman's Guide to Rape Culture

No one is suggesting violence. In fact, that's what we're looking to avoid. But sometimes, a man needs to confront another man or a group of men in a situation. When I'm out in public and I see a man hassling a woman, I stop for a moment. I make sure the woman sees me. I want her to know I'm fully aware of what's happening. I wait for a moment for a clear indication from her of whether she needs help. Sometimes, the couple will continue right on fighting like I'm just a hickory tree. Other times, the woman will make it clear she'd like backup and I approach the situation. I've never had to get violent. Usually, my presence alone makes the guy leave if he's a stranger, or explain himself if they're familiar. It changes the dynamic. That's why I always stop when I see a woman getting hassled in public. For any reason. I make sure any woman, in what could become a violent situation, one I may or may not be correctly assessing, feels that she has the opportunity to signal to me if she needs assistance. I'm a big brother to a sister so that response is practically instinctual.

Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy - BBC News

"American democracy is a sham, no matter how much it's pumped by the oligarchs who run the country (and who control the nation's "news" media)," he writes. "The US, in other words, is basically similar to Russia or most other dubious 'electoral' 'democratic' countries. We weren't formerly, but we clearly are now."

Powerful Ads Show What Your Child Sees When You're Addicted To Your Phone

Source : Common Sense Media Gist : "Nine-month-olds spend nearly an hour a day watching television or DVDs, 5-year-olds are begging to play with their parents’ iPhones, and 7-year-olds are sitting down in front of a computer several times a week to play games, do homework, or check out how their avatars are doing in their favorite virtual worlds. Television is still as popular as ever, but reading may be beginning to trend downward. Having an accurate understanding of the role of media in children’s lives is essential for all of those concerned about promoting healthy child development: parents, educators, pediatricians, public health advocates, and policymakers, to name just a few."

The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site

A free web framework for building Web sites and Web applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Create Web APIs, mobile sites and use real-time technologies

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78 Complaint factory: Angry Internet subscribers tee off against Comcast, Verizon, AT&T
79 Supreme Skills! Miracle Tops: May They Spin Forever!
80 6 Important Moments in Virtual Reality in 2015 | MIT Technology Review
81 Uber passes 1B rides as it looks to conquer the rest of Earth in 2016
82 I fell in love with the iPhone 6s' Live Photos and you will too
83 How to turn your TV on with Chromecast - CNET
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