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World's Simplest Electric Train 【世界一簡単な構造の電車】

This “Train” is made of magnet,copper wire and a dry cell. Please enjoy watching this simple structure electric train.

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Peers Now Offers Products For Independent Workers In The Sharing Economy

My Lyft driver confirms the Keep Driving program would be helpful for him. He didn’t want to be identified, but does a bunch of different sharing econ type jobs to pay rent on his one bedroom near Dolores Park in San Francisco. My driver admitted he’s carts folks for both Uber and Lyft and starting delivering for SpoonRocket recently  (it’s looked down on to drive for more than one rideshare service). “Every driver I know drives for several companies or delivers food or also works for Taskrabbit or something.” He told me now is a good time to get into the delivery industry but not car sharing. “The holidays means more people want to stay home and get food delivered instead so SpoonRocket, GrubHub, Postmates, those are all good right now.” While he hasn’t been in an accident, he admitted that would be the difference between making the rent and falling behind. “It’s just me and my fiance. I can afford the place now, with rent control, but I’m scraping by most of the time,” he told me.

Hey kids! Google is developing versions of search, Gmail, and YouTube just for you

The problem is that Google hasn't quite realized this. About a year ago, all my five-year-old son wanted to watch on YouTube were videos of kids playing with Thomas the Tank Engine sets. YouTube's Google TV app would stream one video after the other, based on its own algorithms. But we couldn't leave him alone unsupervised, because Google would occasionally drop in a video that featured swearing or something else we didn't want him to see. With 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube each minute, YouTube may either be forced to curate the content itself, or risk exposing kids to risky videos. If Google still has problems filtering out Hollywood movies (hello,  Frozen)  it's difficult to believe they'll succeed here.

Razor Startup Harry's Raises $75 Million, Pushing It Over $200 Million. Say What?

The opposing view — one that Harry’s unsurprisingly espouses — is that the investments allow the company to take the popular e-commerce trend of creating a vertically-integrated brand to the extreme. Startups like eyewear company Warby Parker and online clothing seller Bonobos are working directly with manufacturers to create their goods, which they then turn around and sell directly online. (Warby Parker co-founder Jeff Raider is a co-founder and co-CEO of Harry’s.) The end-to-end business model is supposed to allow for more control over product quality; quicker introduction of new products; and better prices and profit margins because the process cuts out wholesalers and third-party retailers that would take a cut of sales.

Sony rings in the holidays with four weeks of PSN discounts

Sony wants to make it a bit easier to avoid the hazards of brick and mortar retailers this holiday season with a fully digital, four week-long PlayStation Network sale on television shows, movies and games for each of the publisher's platforms. From now until the end of December, PlayStation Network visitors will find a wide swath of releases available at up to 65 percent off. Those discounts jump as high as 75 percent off for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Highlights include the PlayStation 4's alternate history shooter Wolfenstein: The New Order at $36 ($30 with PS Plus), both crude cartoon adaptation South Park: The Stick of Truth and racing sim Gran Turismo 6 at $20 ($16 with PS Plus) and Capcom's lesser known yet highly addictive action platformer Dustforce for $5 ($4 with PS Plus). A full list of ongoing discounts can be found on the . If you can't find anything appealing there, have patience. This promotion adds new discounts each week, with the biggest discounts presumably arriving as we inch closer to December 25. [Image: Bethesda Softwo

PS4 goes grey to celebrate 20 years of the Sony PlayStation - CNET

The "Play Station" name was originally tied to a collaboration between Sony and Nintendo in the 1980s while the two companies developed a new CD-ROM format, but Sony backed out. Sony's Ken Kutaragi, later dubbed the "father of the PlayStation" was nearly fired for his involvement with Nintendo, but managed to persuade Sony that gaming was not a fad. After its Japanese launch, the console landed in the US and Europe in September 1995.

Docker debuts on-premises software for storing companies' apps in containers

“As those [Docker-based] applications become true business differentiators, [businesses] need to have [those apps] behind their firewall, aligned with workflows that have to be set up in a place with security and governance, to make sure that all I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed in that regard in the application life cycle,” David Messina, Docker’s vice president of enterprise marketing, told VentureBeat in an interview.

Here's why Cornell Tech is so important to building NYC's startup ecosystem

Tisch:  I think everybody has a different flavor. I don’t think that learning entrepreneurship in school is the way that everybody is going to be better at starting companies, but I do think for engineering and masters of engineering, and MBA students, there’s an ability for students to opt into a more entrepreneurial-slanted program to learn in a very hands-on way. I think that the focus of the studio model is to really allow students to try stuff, not just to talk about it. That’s the way that a certain group of people are going to learn better and be better entrepreneurs, because that is the way that it works for them. It doesn’t mean it’s the answer for everyone. If you look at the investment that we make at Box Group, I don’t believe that startups are a science … I think it’s an art. I don’t think you go to school to be a great artist, I think you go to school to learn how to build a foundation to give yourself the ability to become that on your own. That’s what the goal of this program is: to provide a tool set and foundation for the students to be great.

Grand Theft Auto 5: Kmart joins Target in pulling game from sale

Second big Australian retailer bans video game after pressure from campaigners over violence against women

Half of online Americans don’t know what a privacy policy is

When Pew Research Center asked about this on a recent survey measuring public knowledge of technology and the web , we found that it was one that many Americans answered incorrectly. Our true/false statement question asked, “When a company posts a privacy policy, it ensures that the company keeps confidential all the information it collects on users.” Some 52% of internet users believe — incorrectly — that this statement is true, and that privacy policies actually ensure the confidentiality of their personal information. (In fact, a privacy policy is simply a legal document that discloses how customer data is managed and used.) Just 44% correctly identified this statement as false, and 3% chose not to answer the question.

Justice Department to Create Dedicated Cyber Unit

The Department of Justice is creating a dedicated cybersecurity unit within its Criminal Division, Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell said Thursday.

Maxwell Health Gets A $26.4 Million Boost In Series B Funding And Partners With MetLife

At Maxwell Health, our vision is to transform health care in America. That's why we've built the first ever operating system for employee benefits. Maxwell's fully paperless, mobile-enabled tech platform revolutionizes the way you think about employee benefits by turning it into a subscription service you love. The offering includes a time- and money-saving personal health advocate, a turnkey, …

New Bond film is called 'Spectre', will star Christoph Waltz - CNET

"Spectre" will be the 24th film in the hugely popular franchise, which follows the action-packed adventures of British MI6 agent James Bond, the rakish spy who over the years has been portrayed by the likes of Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan and current star Craig. In keeping with tradition, the 24th entry is certain to feature fast cars , snappy suits, lethal gadgets and steamy romance.

With Nook Device Sales Down 60% On The Year, B&N And Microsoft End Partnership

Barnes & Noble today announced the termination of its commercial agreement with Microsoft surrounding the Nook business. This comes alongside word that Nook device sales and segment revenues fell sharply year over year. B&N states that ending the partnership gives the company greater “operational and strategic flexibility.” No longer partners in the Nook business, Microsoft is relieved of any duties to fund or support the brand.

How the NSA Hacks Cellphone Networks Worldwide - The Intercept

In March 2011, two weeks before the Western intervention in Libya, a secret message was delivered to the National Security Agency. An intelligence unit within the U.S. military’s Africa Command needed help to hack into Libya’s cellphone networks and monitor text messages.

North Korea still a suspect in Sony attack despite denial

The national security official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said North Korea is not the only suspect and it was too soon to definitively know who is behind the attack that exposed a trove of internal data and shut down the computer systems at the entertainment arm of Sony Corp.

The Verge on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Thrive Capital Bet Big ($30 Million, To Be Exact) On Stripe

Thrive Capital, which has been around since 2009, has to date raised $400 million to invest in portfolio companies. Its last fund was $200 million — which gives you some context of how significant the Stripe investment is for the company. But the big bet on payments makes sense.

This Is What America Is Saying About Eric Garner

Eric Garner's death set off protests across the country--and a national conversation about racism and injustice. Frustrated Americans took to the streets--and social media--to call for justice. This real-time Twitter map showing trending hashtags from across the U.S. was captured around 9:30 a.m. Thursday.

Amazon's New Cloud Prices Show That Google Is Now a Threat | WIRED

When Google first got into the cloud business back in 2008, the company bet that people would want to run cloud applications on its infrastructure in highly specialized ways and not mess around with operating systems and virtual machines. That proved to be a bad bet. Amazon gave developers a fast and cheap way to fire up a Linux or Window server on the cloud, and developers went for that product. But late last year that Google really delivered a competitive offering, called Compute Engine. And now the company is fast catching up.

Holiday - Spotify

* Spotify® Premium Introductory Trial Offer Terms and Conditions apply. Users who have subscribed to the Premium or Unlimited service or who have taken a trial are ineligible for this offer.

Old man Snake goes digital in Metal Gear Solid 4 re-release

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is the final chapter in the saga of Solid Snake, which sends him around the world in pursuit of his arch nemesis, Liquid Ocelot. Armed with new gadgets and abilities, Solid Snake must shift the tides of war into his favor, using the chaos of the battlefield to infiltrate deep into enemy territory. In his globetrotting final mission, Snake must sneak deep into enemy locations in the Middle East, South America, and other corners of the earth to foil Liquid Ocelot's plans for total world domination.

Protesters flood streets, stage 'die-ins' in wake of Eric Garner decision

The three words were the last Garner, who was black and killed by a white police officer, muttered before he died in July. On Wednesday night the phrase echoed through the halls of the train station and on the streets of New York, Missouri, Oakland, and elsewhere. The phrase reverberated on social media, too, as #ICantBreathe trended on Twitter throughout the evening. Garner's final words were a rallying cry for protesters after his death, as well.

Rumor: Web Content Management Firm Ektron Sold To Private Equity Company

A source told TechCrunch this week that Ektron , a web content management firm based in Nashua, NH has been sold to an unnamed private equity firm for around $48M plus taking on $50M in debt. The source said the actual cash exchanged in the deal would only be in the $30M range, which is pretty low for an established enterprise software company.

PCMag on Twitter

Some wind delaysr, but the Orion Spacecraft is still getting ready to launch. Watch live:

James Bond's New Ride Is a Hint of Aston Martins to Come | WIRED

But some kind of production version could be on the way. Aston Martin is in a transitional moment, with new leadership (Nissan’s Andy Palmer as CEO, Tesla’s Simon Sproule as CMO), and, more importantly, new vehicle architecture on the way. The brand hasn’t changed its underlying vehicle platform since 2001–an eternity, even in this slow-moving industry—and Bond’s DB10 probably has that same skeleton beneath its sexy skin.) Aston didn’t say anything about what’s beneath that sleek sheet metal.)

Uber Confirms New $1.2B Funding Round At $40B Valuation

“This kind of growth has also come with significant growing pains. The events of the recent weeks have shown us that we also need to invest in internal growth and change. Acknowledging mistakes and learning from them are the first steps. We are collaborating across the company and seeking counsel from those who have gone through similar challenges to allow us to refine and change where needed.”

Nexus 9 Keyboard Folio Review

While the keyboard layout feels a little cramped, Google (and whoever is building their keyboard for them) has done everything possible to give the actual QWERTY letter keys as much of the available real estate as possible, while leaving less room along the sides for things like shift, enter, ,arrows, apostrophes and assorted brackets. Typing isn’t exactly a joy on the keyboard built into the portfolio, especially when you don’t exactly have the daintiest digits, but the Nexus accessory makes the most of a situation that’s never going to be perfect, given the overall dimensions  of the Nexus 9, and by extension, the portfolio case itself.

Barnes & Noble, Microsoft End Nook Pact

Microsoft Corp.’s flirtation with Barnes & Noble Inc. has ended, clearing the way for the largest U.S. bookstore chain to get on with its plans to split itself into two separate public companies.

Buzzfeed Editor-in-Chief | Videos | Today | 9Jumpin

December 4, 2014: The Editor in chief of the web’s viral video king, Buzzfeed, joins the TODAY show for a special edition of The Buzz.

Krysten Ritter Cast as Marvel's Jessica Jones - IGN

Deadline is also stating that The Following‘s Mike Colter (currently starring in Halo: Nightfall) is almost a lock for Luke Cage, who will have his own Marvel/Netflix show after he's introduced as a supporting character on the Jessica Jones series.

North Korea says it wasn't involved in the Sony Pictures hack

Many had surmised that the attack was retaliation by the country for Sony’s upcoming comedy film The Interview, in which the plot depicts an assassination attempt on North Korean leader Kim Jung Un.  Portions of the hack’s methodology matched previous attacks allegedly incited by North Korea, adding fuel to the theory’s fire.

So-called “dark social” traffic turns out to be mostly Facebook

As Madrigal explains it , when people read Facebook through a browser and click a link in their newsfeed, the browser sends data to the site whose link was clicked on — known as a “referrer” — which identifies where the user came from and when, among other things. But when someone is going through their newsfeed on a mobile device and clicks a link, they just go straight to the site, without any referrer being sent. So without a little extra effort and some detective work on the part of the site, it’s difficult to tell whether that’s Facebook or some other form of “dark social.”

Starbucks Schools Silicon Valley (Again) With Launch of iPhone Ordering | WIRED

The order-ahead feature sounds like a great way to streamline recovery from caffeine withdrawal. But it signifies something bigger than just skipping the line. By fusing mobile and physical commerce on a massive scale, a company better known for Frappuccinos is once again outpacing Silicon Valley.

App Annie Now Tracks App User Demographics, Sentiment And More

Obviously, if you’re an app developer, getting a handle on user demographics data is of value as you make changes and add features to your app, or, even more importantly, market that app on places like Facebook where you can more narrowly target particular segments of users. Of course, App Annie is not the first to offer this sort of service – companies like Flurry, Mixpanel, Localytics, and many more have been helping developers better understand their user demographics for some time.

Why enterprises should make analytics invisible

Working within apps is something most everyone is not only familiar with, but comfortable doing. This is one approach gaining popularity in the enterprise, and, quietly, making BI and analytics more pervasive. It allows organizations to build scalable, interactive, custom applications for making decisions that can be accessed on devices by hundreds of thousands of employees in any location, with no specialized training needed. The app approach truly opens up BI possibilities and helps share key content with numerous additional stakeholders. Apps also provide the ability to help front line employees at the point of making decisions.

Meet the new Bond car

Aston Martin's press release notes that there will only be 10 DB10s produced, all of them manufactured to a bespoke specification. The company goes on to say that "the DB10 gives a glimpse to the future design direction for the next generation of Aston Martins." You'll find more detailed closeups of Bond's new Aston Martin below, along with a history of all the other wild rides that 007 has been seen in over the years.

Arrow: "The Brave and the Bold" Review - IGN

The main appeal of "Flash vs. Arrow" was seeing the two franchises collide in various fun ways, and that certainly carried over into "The Brave and the Bold." Now it was Ollie and the crew operating on their home turf and Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco as the fish out of water. The pretext for the trio making the trip was a little flimsy (couldn't the DNA sample just be mailed when it was ready?), but whatever. The interplay between Teams Arrow and Flash continued to entertain. Cisco geeking out at the prospect of being able to enter "The Arrow Cave" was especially amusing. I liked how the writers used him to poke fun at Green Arrow's early, Batman-mimicking past and things like the Arrow Cave and Arrow-mobile. And seeing Ollie arrive at a crime scene only for Barry to have already beaten and tied up every last criminal never got old.

Microsoft takes a bath on failed Nook partnership

As the Wall Street Journal reports , the two companies have terminated a partnership that began in 2012. At the time, the idea was to create a new subsidiary that included Barnes & Noble’s Nook and college businesses, in which Microsoft would take 17.6 percent ownership. The bookseller is buying back Microsoft’s stake for $62 million and 2.7 million Barnes & Noble shares.

Amazon Unveils Its Own Line of Diapers, Confirming Partners’ Biggest Fears

The launch comes a year after I reported that Amazon was recruiting people to help create its own brand of products in the larger category known as consumables. Private-label brands such as Elements can allow retailers to keep prices low since there is no intermediary between itself and the manufacturer. For Amazon, it can help it boost margins on a product that is ordered with high frequency, or simply add a quality product at a price point others will be hard pressed to match. Grocer Trader Joe’s has built an entire business on private labeling; Target and Costco also own successful private-label brands — including their own lines of baby diapers.

Dark social traffic in the mobile app era

So, earlier this year, when I was still at The Atlantic , I began to run some tests. I created a post deep in the sands of time, so that no one not in the experiment would find it. Then I posted a link to that story on my Facebook page and told my friends only to click on it if they were using the mobile app. Then I looked at the referrers for that page, a page where I knew 100 percent of the traffic was coming from Facebook. A few people did show up as coming from, but the rest showed up as “Typed/Bookmarked,” which is the analytics package Omniture’s misnamed category for dark social.

The stunning locations of the new Bond film 'Spectre'

The James Bond films have long been known for their exotic locations, with action scenes taking place in all corners of the globe from Jamaica ( Dr No ) to Shanghai ( Skyfall ). So when director Sam Mendes announced the title and cast of the forthcoming Bond film Spectre this week, it was no surprise that filming would be happening around the world.

See Psy's 'Gangnam Style' break YouTube at 2.15 billion views [GIF]

More than two years after the Korean dance hit's video debuted, it reached the maximum possible view count on YouTube. Keep your eyes on the view counter, which spins out of control (see GIF).

Ultrasound creates a haptic shape that can be seen and felt - CNET

What this means is that an array of ultrasound generators creates a variety of shapes -- such as cubes and spheres -- which the user can feel when they place their hand above the array. By itself, of course, it can't be seen -- but the team has used a container of oil to show how the shapes work. In the video below, you can see the array directed at the oil, creating a variety of shapes. This is what the team means when they say the haptics can be "seen".

Amazon starts selling its own ethically sourced diapers to hook parents on Prime

The impact on you at home: If you’re already a Prime subscriber and a parent of a baby or toddler, Amazon is offering yet another reason to shop online. Amazon Elements could also push more Prime members to try out the $20 per year Amazon Mom add-on since Mom members get the cheapest price possible for Elements diapers. At this writing a box of 160 size 4 diapers will cost Amazon Mom members $36 ($0.22 per diaper), where as regular Prime members can get a subscription price of $42.74 ($0.27 per diaper), or a one-time purchase at $45 ($0.28 per unit).

New Bluetooth devices will connect directly to the internet

For all the talk of an Internet of Things , many Bluetooth devices aren't very internet-savvy; they usually have to rely on WiFi (or another gadget entirely) to hop online. That's going to change very shortly with the advent of Bluetooth's new 4.2 spec . If a sensor, smart light bulb or other low-power device supports the new technology, it can connect directly to the internet (through a router or other access point, at least) without needing a go-between. That's potentially huge for home automation -- you could control all your appliances and light fixture from anywhere in the world without requiring special hubs.

'Strange' days ahead for Benedict Cumberbatch, who lands Marvel role

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 40 million unique visitors worldwide and 20 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Game Your Face Off Like It's 1985 With This High Quality, Reprogrammable Bluetooth Game Pad

“When you consider the relatively low cost of the NES30 pad and take into account its superb construction and excellent physical interface, it’s easy to recommend this controller to seasoned emulation experts or people looking for an alternative way of controlling their smartphone titles.” –

BEZOS: I Have Spent Billions Of Dollars On Failed Bets — But I'll Never Do This

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos explains the importance of "bold bets" with Henry Blodget at Business Insider's Ignition 2014 . He says they've actually helped cover billions of dollars in failures.

Expected Defense chief, Ashton Carter, is a physicist who wants technological superiority

Defense spending helps to fund basic research in the private sector, but U.S. R&D capability has been increasingly moving overseas . A defense department task force formed by Carter that looked specifically at basic research concluded, in a 2012 report, that "in order to avoid technological surprise, it is important for DOD to be involved in the cutting edge of basic research on topics of specific interest to the Department -- whether the cutting edge is in the U.S. or overseas."

Intel to Invest $1.6 Billion in China Plant

Intel said it would invest up to $1.6 billion over the next 15 years in its chip plant in Chengdu, China, as the company continues to expand its operations in the country.

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