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Alaska Air CIO flies off to build Dubai smart cities

Dubai is getting some high-flying help in developing smart cities by landing technology guru Alaska Air's CIO Veresh Sita.

Data protection disputes set to surge in the next five years

With incidents of data breaches on the rise, researchers are looking into what we can expect as data protection disputes to rise in the next five years.

Killing children in 'What Remains of Edith Finch'

"Each story is completely different. But they all end in death."

HTC launches its own VR app and game studio for Vive

HTC is launching its own studio for VR development and it already has a game to show off the Vive's features.

PewDiePie hits 50 million subscribers, promises again to delete his account

YouTube’s most popular channel, PewDiePie, hit a new milestone today, crossing 50 million subscribers. Earlier this week, in a rant about how changes to the service were costing him views,...

Google Daydream VR adds HBO, virtual Legos, and more games

Google’s Daydream virtual reality headset is getting a new slate of games and apps. Today, seven more titles are padding out the library, putting Google closer to the 50 Daydream apps it’s promised...

Your business is already IoT-ready and here’s how

The difference the IoT brings is that with the low-cost sensors, businesses can affordably collect data of their choosing from the physical world. (The difference the IoT Companies have is to be able to collect data of their choosing from the physical world affordably.)**

Dream on: Google’s VR headset conjures up new colors, games and apps

More ways to experience Daydream View are here

Twitch gamers will stream from the White House next week

The 'White House Competitive Gaming Event' is intended to raise awareness around health insurance.

Watching all Casey Neistat vlogs is the best way to spend your time today

Remember Casey Neistat? YouTube's favorite vlogger gave up on his craft on November 16, but that doesn't mean we have to stop watching him.

How John Glenn Became a Big-Screen Hero in ‘The Right Stuff’

For viewers who missed the space race, Ed Harris' performance cemented Glenn's greatness.

Jimmy Fallon geeks out over Nintendo’s Switch, new ‘Zelda’ on ‘Tonight Show’

Jimmy Fallon had the opportunity to try out the Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild live on The Tonight Show on Wednesday.

Apple confirms rumored interest in self-driving cars in letter to regulators

Apple has finally confirmed its interest in self-driving cars through a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Can Jiyo's new health platform keep Aspen healthy and happy?

Jiyo, a comprehensive digital platform focused on health and wellbeing, just launched its internet of well-being program.

Taking back control of autonomous car may be risky, warns new study

The transition between autonomous car control and manual driving may be difficult for drivers to compute, according to a new Stanford study.

Europe to see a $18 trillion connected cars boost by 2050

A new research report found that connected cars will contribute over $18 trillion to the European economy by 2050, with vulnerable people gaining most.

Magic Leap is actually way behind, like we always suspected it was

Magic Leap’s allegedly revolutionary augmented reality technology may in fact be years away from completion and, as it stands now, is noticeably inferior to Microsoft’s HoloLens headset, according...

Lots of smart city deal action with Libelium, Verizon as space heats up

Verizon boosted its Internet of Things (IoT) strategy through the LQD WiFi acquisition and Spain’s Libelium launched a new platform for smart city sensors.

Wait a sec...could the Internet of Things actually kill people?

Security expert Bruce Schneier warns that hacking infrastructure with deadly results are in our future if we don't take steps to secure and regulate IoT

Lenovo Moto has no plans for wearable market in 2017

Lenovo Moto has confirmed it will not launch a wearable device in time for the scheduled Android Wear 2 launch and has no current smartwatch plans.

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Former U.S. astronaut, Senator John Glenn dies in Ohio at 95

John Glenn, who became one of the 20th century's greatest explorers as the first American to orbit Earth and later as the world's oldest astronaut, in addition to a long career as a U.S. senator, died on Thursday at age of 95.

Spotify drops efforts to buy SoundCloud in prep for IPO plans - report

Apple's chief rival in on-demand music, Spotify, has backed away from trying to buy another important player in the space, SoundCloud, according to a report. Although the two companies were in negotiations for months , any chance of a deal is said to have died in the past week , a source told TechCrunch on Thursday. Spotify was allegedly worried that buying SoundCloud would hurt its preparations for a stock IPO, which has been rumored for 2017. Specifically, Spotify was said to be concerned about the cost and complexity of licensing. SoundCloud has an even larger assortment of tracks than Spotify, since in addition to major and indie labels, many individual artists and producers can upload their music, much like YouTube. The AppleInsider podcast can be found on both iTunes and SoundCloud . Earlier reports suggested that Spotify had declined a SoundCloud takeover twice in the past two years, in those cases because of price. Like Spotify, SoundCloud has yet to turn a profit, although its launch of SoundCloud Go earlier this year led to an estimated 43 percent surge in annual revenue.

Here’s a list of horrible behavior that will get you banned from Uber

In his two years driving for Uber, Scott Winbolt has seen some fairly ridiculous behavior from riders: open containers of alcohol, dirty feet on the dashboard, people trying to sneak four people in a backseat designed for three. You name it.

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S8 Won't Have Home Button

Citing people with direct knowledge of the matter, Bloomberg reported that the Galaxy S8 will have a virtual home button embedded in glass at the bottom of the phone, and its bezel-less display will offer more viewing real estate.


The Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Is Here, Guest-Starring Iron Man

Well, guest-starring Tony Stark more than Iron Man, I guess, but Marvel Studios really doesn’t want people to suddenly forget Spidey’s part of their Cinematic Universe. Hmm. I love Tom Holland’s Peter Parker and Spidey wisecracks, but this whole thing feels young. Like, really young. Maybe too young?

I just played Nintendo's first 'Super Mario' game for the iPhone — it's really good!

I am, to put it lightly, very excited for the debut of "Super Mario Run" on Apple's iPhone and iPad — the first Mario game for Apple's hardware. But the game doesn't arrive until December 15.


Sean Rad steps away from CEO role (again) to run Tinder’s new Swipe Ventures

A growth company like Tinder often requires operational and structural changes as it evolves through its multiple stages of development. This new configuration will allow Tinder to capture its full potential. I look forward to continuing to work with Sean and Tinder’s talented team and am eager to see the opportunities that we develop through Swipe Ventures. I’m confident that the incredible leadership we have throughout the rest of Match Group gives me the ability to devote more time to Tinder without our other businesses missing a beat. Overall, we’re rolling into 2017 with lots of opportunity ahead.

Microsoft and LinkedIn Put a Ring On It

"Today is an exciting day, one I've been looking forward to since June. It marks the close of the agreement for Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn and the beginning of our journey to bring together the world's leading professional cloud and the world's leading professional network," wrote Nadella. "As we articulated six months ago, our top priority is to accelerate LinkedIn's growth, by adding value for every LinkedIn member."

A queer vision of love and marriage

Love is a tool for revolutionary change and a path toward inclusivity and understanding for the LGBTQ+ community. Married activists Tiq and Kim Katrin Milan have imagined their marriage — as a transgender man and cis woman — a model of possibility for people of every kind. With infectious joy, Tiq and Kim question our misconceptions about who they might be and offer a vision of an inclusive, challenging love that grows day by day.

Google Makes So Much Money, It Never Had to Worry About Financial Discipline—Until Now

The architect of this reorganization—known as “Alphabetization” at the ever-sunny Google—was Ruth Porat, the new chief financial officer. Porat, who was born in England but grew up in Palo Alto, led Morgan Stanley’s technology banking division during the first dot-com boom, served as an adviser to the Treasury Department during the bailouts of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and became Morgan Stanley’s CFO in 2010. She joined Google in May 2015 with a mandate to bring discipline and focus to a company so awash in cash that it never needed much of either. She instituted rigorous budgeting and, according to people familiar with Alphabet’s operations, forced the Other Bets to begin paying for the shared Google services they used. Projects hatched with ambiguous timelines of 10 or more years in some cases had to show a path to profit in half the time.

AT&T Vice Chairman Ralph De La Vega to retire on Dec 31

Thaddeus Arroyo, CEO of AT&T Mexico, will take on de la Vega's responsibilities as the head of the international and business operations, according to a person familiar with the situation. AT&T confirmed the move.

Apple adds ChargePoint EV stations & app links to Maps coverage

ChargePoint —claiming to run the world's biggest network of EV charging stations —on Thursday announced its addition to Apple Maps, letting Mac and iOS device owners quickly find a station if their electric car is beginning to run low.

Gene Munster Leaving Piper Jaffray To Launch VC Firm

In addition to word that technology and internet analyst Bob Peck will be leaving SunTrust for Credit Suisse, Benzinga has learned another top sell-side analyst is making a transition.

NBC shutting down Breaking News app, service

NBC shutting down Breaking News app, service NBC is shutting down Breaking News, the online service and its popular mobile apps, at the end of the year.  Check out this story on

These robotic utensils are changing the lives of people with disabilities

For people with disabilities, who often lack access to employment, that luxury price could potentially be a deal-breaker due to income constraints. But, the creators say, the cost averages to 17 cents per meal over the first year, arguing the utensils — and the independence they grant users — are worth the price tag.

'Pokémon Go' is turning Starbucks stores into stops

'Pokémon Go' is turning Starbucks stores into stops Promotion will transform 7,800 stores into Pokéstops or Gyms. Check out this story on

Secret founder returns to anonymous publishing with launch of IO

Secret co-founder David Byttow said his shuttered startup would make a return of sorts, tweeting as much in November. Byttow launched the revived anonymous publishing app as IO on Thursday morning, with a different approach that has more in common with Medium than mobile social apps like Twitter (and with  Bold , the startup he launched as a long-form content publishing platform for enterprise in June, and which actually provides the trunk URL for IO).

U.S. life expectancy declines for the first time since 1993

Rising fatalities from heart disease and stroke, diabetes, drug overdoses, accidents and other conditions caused the lower life expectancy revealed in a report released Thursday by the National Center for Health Statistics. In all, death rates rose for eight of the top 10 leading causes of death.

14 Gifts for the Best-Dressed Man at the Office

are crafted out of Douglas fir and hand-brushed to a glossy black finish. They’re about a foot and a half tall, so they’ll provide plenty of bump at the cocktail hour in his corner office. If your man is still in cubeland, he can use these to smarten up his den and enjoy them come quitting time. $700

Required reading: The books that students read in 28 countries around the world

We posed this question to our TED-Ed Innovative Educators and members of the TED-Ed community. People all over the globe responded, and we curated our list to focus on local authors. Many respondents made it clear in their countries, as in the US, few books are absolutely mandatory. Take a look at what students in countries from Ireland to Iran, Ghana to Germany, are asked to read and why:

Feds Think Passengers Should Decide If They Want Phone Calls on Planes

Federal Communication Commission ban certain radio frequencies on airplanes, meaning traditional voice calls are prohibited, but Thursday, the Department of Transportation proposed the consumer should decide whether it’s OK to make wi-fi calls on planes.

Apple CEO Tim Cook delivering MIT commencement speech in June

Apple CEO Tim Cook has agreed to deliver the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's 2017 commencement address to graduates of the class of 2017 on Friday, June 9.

Robot Writes Bad Christmas Song Because We Get the AI We Deserve

Music is about feeling and robots cannot feel. Nevertheless, scientists at the University of Toronto programmed an AI to write a Christmas song, and while Boing Boing deems this “not bad” and “a triumph,” it comes off as hauntingly stoic and vaguely threatening.


The huge interior of Apple’s new headquarters is shown in these leaked photos

Apple management sent an email to all employees to show the progress being made on the construction of the company's new campus. The email said 5,200 people are now working on the project. The photos show the sheer size of the interior of the building, and clearly show how a large ring of skylight will affect the look and feel of the space. Spacious and sunlight-filled. That sounds like Apple. 

Dinosaur tail found preserved in amber 'Jurassic Park'-style

The tiny tail of a 99 million-year-old dinosaur has been found preserved in an amber fossil, according to a Thursday report in the journal Current Biology . It's the first time researchers have been able to study dino feathers while they're still attached to a body.

Bluetooth 5's faster, longer-ranged wireless is here

Again, the new spec is all about raw performance. You can expect up to four times the range, twice the speed and eight times the amount of data in broadcast messages. Those will be particularly helpful for smart appliances and the Internet of Things , where the existing Bluetooth 4.2 standard might not be powerful enough to connect an entire home. However, it should also make a difference anywhere that you notice Bluetooth's existing limitations. Smartwatches could see a serious upgrade, for example -- one of the biggest bottlenecks on wristwear is the slow connection to your phone. And regardless of the device you use, there are techniques to reduce interference with other wireless devices.

Let's clean up the space junk orbiting Earth

Our lives depend on a world we can't see: the satellite infrastructure we use every day for information, entertainment, communication and so much more. But Earth orbit isn't a limitless resource, and the problem of space debris will get worse without a significant change to our behavior. Natalie Panek challenges us to consider the environmental impact of the satellites we rely on. Our orbital environment is breathtakingly beautiful and our gateway to exploration, she says. It's up to us to keep it that way.

Zoo Opens Investigation After Seven Penguins Drown

Jamie Dorgan, the Director of Animal Care, said Thursday the Calgary Zoo is launching an investigation after seven Humboldt penguins drowned in a holding area, calling the deaths “devastating news.”

How Clever Design Makes A 350-Square-Foot Apartment Feel Luxurious

Graham Hill, cofounder of, believes tiny apartments are better for the environment, your bank account, and your well-being.

AT&T will finally refund $88 million in unauthorized charges

According to the FTC's statement , AT&T was tacking on unauthorized $9.99 monthly charges for things like horoscopes, ringtones, "love tips," and other "fun facts" from third-party companies and then keeping 35 percent of the charges. After the FTC crackdown, AT&T changed its billing practices and had to pay into the FTC fund that is now issuing refunds amounting to, "the most money ever returned to consumers in a mobile cramming case."

Malware infects computers by hiding in browser ad GIFs

The attack starts with javascript-infected ads for a "Broxu" screenshot app and, ironically, "Browser Defense," pushing them into large ad networks, where they appear on major news sites seen by millions of users. "We can say that even some of the other major exploit kits, like Angler and Neutrino, are outclassed by the Stegano kit in terms of [the quality of] websites onto which they managed to get the malicious banners installed," the team said.

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SpaceX is holding off until next year before launching any more rockets

Pebble’s story, from Kickstarter sensation to Fitbit acquisition

Pebble has had a long, one might say rocky road. As one of the earliest and biggest crowdfunding successes, it showed the potential and perils of hardware startups that were increasingly having to scale from back-of-napkin idea to a global operation almost overnight. Its acquisition by Fitbit now official and word coming down that the company is done making products make for a bittersweet end to an unusually successful hardware startup story.

Mercedes, Audi, and BMW have a new cash cow that's turning around the luxury market

For example, Mercedes, BMW, and Audi all have at the core of their portfolios passengers cars. They also sell crossover SUVs, but they can't conceivably bail out on cars — even if the market becomes increasingly unfriendly to them — because that type of vehicle in enmeshed with their brands.

Why carmakers should get a break on fuel-economy standards

The automakers want to build and sell the vehicles that people want to buy. This doesn't mean that they don't want to improve fuel-economy. The opposite, actually: they want SUVs and pickups to get better MPGs because that's a selling point.

12 Things Product Managers Should Do in Their First 30 Days

Congratulations, a product has found its product manager. Perhaps you’re joining a small startup, or maybe you have a new project in a big company. How you approach your first 30 days will make a tremendous difference, setting you up for success or struggle.

Report: ‘Dark Souls III’ could come to the Nintendo Switch

If you’re a glutton for punishment, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve played Dark Souls III . But why limit your self-esteem-killing play sessions to just your house? A new report suggests that you won’t have to anymore, as the game could be making its way to the Nintendo Switch.

The new, easy way to shut down a Windows 10 PC? Get Cortana to do it

This preview is now available on the Fast Ring, although some folks appear to be having problems downloading it, and here at Techradar Towers, we experienced a bug which meant we couldn’t get the build to work. Hopefully any of these early issues will be ironed out pronto.

Why More Gadgets Powered By Amazon's Alexa Could Invade Your Home Soon

All this could change now that Amazon is partnering with Conexant, a maker of voice processor chips and software, on a development kit for Alexa devices. By hooking up a Raspberry Pi mini-computer with one of Conexant's dual-microphone kits, hardware makers can start prototyping Alexa-ready gadgets in a matter of days, rather than months, and they won't have to figure out the tricky technology of far-field voice recognition on their own.

Facebook tests letting anyone upload Snapchat-like photo frames

Facebook is taking another page out of Snapchat’s book. As noted by TechCrunch , the company has started testing a feature that would let anyone make photo frames for profile pictures, although the test is currently limited to a few countries.

The Genetic Factors That Determine How Much Muscle You Can Build

Genetics explain a lot of the differences in strength and muscularity between person to person. Specifically, the size of your frame, how many muscle fibers you’re born with, and how well you respond to training essentially separate you from your gym buddy or someone who can squat 1,000 pounds .

Poll: Can tech solve "fake" news? - TechRepublic

Social media represents the democratization of the dissemination of information. Yet algorithms and search optimization have atomized web consumers. Did tech create the "fake" news problem? Vote now.

Facebook released its annual year in review videos and they're driving people crazy

Facebook released its annual year in review videos and they're driving people crazy

Play Super Mario Run in Apple Stores starting today | ZDNet

Super Mario Run is free and, for the time being, an exclusive to Apple's iOS line of devices. The free version comes with four out of 24 total levels unlocked. However, there is a single in-app purchase for $9.99 that unlocks the entire game. Players won't constantly deal with pushy notifications to purchase more coins with yet another in-app purchase. Pay once, play until you grow tired of the game.

President-elect Trump is still an executive producer for Celebrity Apprentice

It’s not likely that Trump will have any hands-on involvement in the show when it premieres in January. (That would be inappropriate.) However, the optics alone will certainly stoke criticism. Trump has already been roundly attacked for a whole host of conflicts , including his children’s presence on his transition team while running his companies, his meetings with foreign business people, and his refusal to disclose his tax returns. Meanwhile, NBC, which cut ties with Trump after he called Mexicans rapists, will almost certainly take a drubbing for this considering Trump’s appearances on Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon .

Amazon wants your company's data by the truckload… literally

In the race to win clients in the highly competitive cloud computing market, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has taken to transporting client data in high-tech tractor trailers.

The Best Gaming Desktops of 2016

Most gaming systems will come preinstalled with a single midrange or high-end graphics card; higher-priced systems will naturally have better cards, since purchase price typically correlates with animation performance and visual quality. Our gaming desktop reviews will let you know if there is room in the system's case for adding more graphics cards, in case you want to improve your gaming performance in the future. Most boutique manufacturers, however, will sell systems equipped with multiple-card arrays if you want to run the best-looking and best-performing games right away. (Nvidia has deemphasized, if not discouraged, using more than two of its current-generation cards at the same time, though it's still possible to have three or four AMD cards in your computer at once provided you have the proper power and heat management. AMD calls its multicard system CrossFireX and Nvidia calls its solution Scalable Link Interface, or SLI, but in practice both work the same.)

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55 Amazon debutes first AWS Region in Canada
56 Here's What PewDiePie's Temper Tantrum Tells Us About YouTube
57 I Would Happily Live in This Gigantic AT-ACT Playhouse
58 Molotov activates the cloud DVR feature and raises $23.3 million
59 Japan Is Tagging and Tracking the Elderly With Stickers
60 Explore This Eerie Soviet Base at the Edge of the World
61 BlackBerry unveils BlackBerry Secure for enterprise IoT mobile security
62 Porn site xHamster is very worried about the Investigatory Powers bill
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64 YouTube Is (Still!) Screwing Musicians
65 Can Obama’s Tech Legacy Survive President Trump?
66 Hillary Clinton says ‘lives are at risk’ because of fake news
67 Credit Suisse just hired the analyst Bob Peck to head its internet banking team
68 Facebook tests turning comment reels into message threads
69 Americans are racking up more credit card debt again
70 Facebook was dominated by the presidential election in 2016
71 Three Career Lessons My Micromanaging Boss Didn't Mean To Teach Me
72 CIOs expect to increase hiring in 2017, here are the tech jobs that top their list - TechRepublic
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75 Adorable BB-8 Alarm Clock Goes Nuts When It's Time For You to Wake Up
76 Two Clouds Colliding Is the Most Relaxing Crash You'll Ever See
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