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Microsoft wants to put data centers at the bottom of the sea

The first prototype, Leona Philpot, was trialled in the Pacific Ocean.

I created the world’s youngest boy band to set a Guinness World Record

In the world of boy bands, where the youngest shine brightest, who better to fill this role than Baby Boiz — the adorable child supergroup pursuing a Guinness Record for World’s...

Movies and TV Shows Coming to Netflix in February

This February, love is in and on the air thanks to Netflix. Here's what to watch.

Samsung to 'Unpack' Galaxy S7 on Feb. 21

Samsung's Unpacked event will take place on Feb. 21 during MWC. Look for the Galaxy S7 and some VR-related news.

I created the world’s youngest boy band to set a Guinness World Record

In the world of boy bands, where the youngest shine brightest, who better to fill this role than Baby Boiz — the adorable child supergroup pursuing a Guinness Record for World’s...

This bird could be a drone's worst enemy

When it comes to the problem of stopping errant drones, there's been a number of high-tech solutions. From radio jamming to laser beams to nets launched by other drones, but a group in The Netherlands is proposing a low-tech solution that's much more elegant.

This Is What It Looks Like When Cancer Cells Form Tumors

Terrifying new video reveals how tumors develop in real time.

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This punderful game will replace Cards Against Humanity at your next party

"One part game, one part conversation starter, you don't need to be a pun master to master Punderdome: the goal is to make bad jokes and have fun in the process," according to the Amazon description of the game .

Inflatable mattress turns your back seat into a nap pod fit for a startup

The inflatable mattress is contoured to fit the back seat of your car. While it's currently only available in one size, its perfectly weighted to make sure you don't fall off. And it comes in multiple colors because — let's not lie — mattresses are fashion statements, and you *need* to look good.

Lexical Distance Among the Languages of Europe

[…] Lexical Distance Among the Languages of Europe This chart shows the lexical distance — that is, the degree of overall vocabulary divergence — among the major languages of Europe. The size of each circle represents the number of speakers for that language. Circles of the same color belong to the same language group. All the groups except for Finno-Ugric (in yellow) are in turn members of the Indo-European language family. English is a member of the Germanic group (blue) within the Indo-European family. But thanks to 1066, William of Normandy, and all that, about 75% of the modern English vocabulary comes from French and Latin (ie the Romance languages, in orange) rather than Germanic sources. As a result, English (a Germanic language) and French (a Romance language) are actually closer to each other in lexical terms than Romanian (a Romance language) and French. So why is English still considered a Germanic language? Two reasons. First, the most frequently used 80% of English words come from Germanic sources, not Latinate sources. Those famous Anglo-Saxon monosyllables live on! Second, the syntax of English, although much simplified from its Old English origins, remains recognizably Germanic.

The little problem I had renting a house

Fifty-three years ago, James A. White Sr. joined the US Air Force. But as an African American man, he had to go to shocking lengths to find a place for his young family to live nearby. He tells this powerful story about the lived experience of "everyday racism" — and how it echoes today in the way he's had to teach his grandchildren to interact with police.

Dutch Police Training Eagles to Take Down Drones

The Dutch police have partnered with Guard From Above, a raptor training company based in The Hague, to determine whether eagles could be used as intelligent, adaptive anti-drone weapon systems. The eagles are specially trained to identify and capture drones, although from the way most birds of prey react to drones, my guess is that not a lot of training was necessary. After snatching the drone out of the sky, the eagles instinctively find a safe area away from people to land and try take a couple confused bites out of their mechanical prey before their handlers can reward them with something a little less plastic-y. The advantage here is that with the eagles, you don’t have to worry about the drone taking off out of control or falling on people, since the birds are very good at mid-air intercepts as well as bringing the drone to the ground without endangering anyone.

Google’s parent company has surpassed Apple as the most valuable company in the world

It’s not really new, though. In 2010, Google (without a parent company!) was worth more than Apple, though the valuation of both companies was less than half of what it is today.

NSA Hacker Chief Explains How to Keep Him Out of Your System

“Don’t assume a crack is too small to be noticed, or too small to be exploited,” he said. If you do a penetration test of your network and 97 things pass the test but three esoteric things fail, don’t think they don’t matter. Those are the ones the NSA, and other nation-state attackers will seize on, he explained. “We need that first crack, that first seam. And we’re going to look and look and look for that esoteric kind of edge case to break open and crack in.”

10 Wired on Periscope: "Democratic caucus"

Gmail now has more than 1 billion monthly active users, along with 6 other Google products

Pichai noted that the milestone was crossed last quarter and that six other Google consumer products also have more than 1 billion monthly active users: Search, Android, Maps, Chrome, Youtube, and Google Play.

Lego Iowa: The 2016 caucus results, brick by brick

After a year of campaigning, it's finally time for the first votes to be cast in the 2016 primary season. And that means it's finally time for the first results to be recorded ... in Lego bricks.

Social Media Usage: 2005-2015

Nearly two-thirds of American adults (65%) use social networking sites, up from 7% when Pew Research Center began systematically tracking social media usage in 2005. Pew Research reports have documented in great detail how the rise of social media has affected such things as work , politics and political deliberation , communications patterns around the globe , as well as the way people get and share information about health , civic life , news consumption , communities , teenage life , parenting , dating and even people’s level of stress .

People Cross Antarctica All the Time. It’s Still Crazy Hard

But food, it turns out, is the sticking point. Because it’s straight-up impossible to take enough calories with you to get across the continent of Antarctica. “You get into a vicious spiral of, ‘OK, I want to take more food, that means I’ve got to have more weight, that means I’ve got to drag more weight, that means my energy expenditure goes up,’” says Tibton. Polar explorers skiing or trudging across the ice, pulling sleds, and keeping their body temperatures up expend around 10,000 calories a day. Ten thousand! That’s 15 In-N-Out Double-Doubles. “I don’t think anybody has taken sufficient food with them to remain in energy balance,” says Tibton. “They’re drawing on the energy inside them that’s stored as fat.”

Engadget's guide to the 2016 presidential election

After eight years in office Barack Obama will move out of the White House and take a long overdue break from the stresses of running the country (or at least attempt to). But, before someone new sets up shop in the Oval Office, he or she will have to convince America that they deserve to be president. At Engadget we're firm believers in the power of an informed electorate, so to help you find the candidate right for you, here is a look at the contenders and where they stand on a swath of issues related to science and technology. We'll be updating this guide throughout the election season to reflect current polling numbers and new comments from the candidates regarding the issues.

Studios Back App, Hoping to Fill Cinema Seats

Three studios are leading a $50 million investment in a new company looking to solve one of Hollywood’s oldest problems: How to get more people into movie theaters.

Spotify, please don't turn into iTunes

Here again, we face the same problem. There's a bit of an identity crisis happening. Who turns to Spotify for this sort of thing? I'm going to open YouTube for 90 percent of it, and if I want to see sports highlights, I'll just load up ESPN's app. Or Twitter. But Spotify? It just doesn't occur to me, and I doubt that'll change. Spotify is where music lives. All of the music . It's where Discover Weekly continues to blow us away with playlists that somehow only get more precise and enjoyable each Monday. It's an app that, for all its weird quirks, we've grown incredibly addicted to. Just swiping through the activity feed can fill you in on what sort of mood your friends are in. And now, after welcoming The Beatles, Spotify's catalog has officially hit "good enough for nearly everyone" status. Videos and podcasts, though, aren't really a value add in my eyes. It's the total opposite. They risk cluttering up the app until it's a bloated, confusing mess. Like iTunes.

Adblocking just officially came to Android devices

Samsung’s new API works in a very similar way to Apple’s: developers are able to build adblocking extensions for the Samsung Internet browser, which take care of the ads for the user.

Secret Motor Found On Cyclist's Bike At World Championships

(Reuters) - Cycling was being forced to confront a new controversy on Sunday after the sport's head confirmed the first top-level case of "technological fraud" with a hidden motor being found on a Belgian cyclist's bike.

This. Is. Happening! Samsung Galaxy S7 coming February 21, hopefully with a favorite feature. Specs, pricing, release date and other rumors here

The Galaxy S6 didn't use a Qualcomm chip to power the phone, it used a homegrown Samsung Exynos processor. This made everyone gasp because here was Samsung snubbing long-term partner Qualcomm in a way that some thought could indicate the relationship was over (both sides insisted it wasn't). Seeing a return of some phone models with Qualcomm chips and some with Exynos chips gets the two tech giants back where they started. (Where you live determines the chip Samsung would use.)

Iowa caucuses: Live coverage of the important and the weird

It's important, it's weird and it's live. Here's the latest from Iowa, the center of it all.

Dish's 4K-ready Hopper 3 DVR is now available

Still, as long as your UHD TV has HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2, you can get 4K content directly on the Hopper 3 -- including the bizarre Sports Bar Mode that splits a screen into four 1080p signals. The one feature missing right now is universal search integration with Netflix , but Dish says that'll be coming in the near future.

Music streaming now counts towards gold and platinum certification

"Modernizing our Album Award to include music streaming is the next logical step in the continued evolution of Gold & Platinum Awards, and doing so enables RIAA to fully reward the success of artists' albums today," said RIAA chairman and CEO Cary Sherman.

WhatsApp passes 1 billion monthly active users

By hitting this milestone, WhatsApp joins what appears to be a growing number of apps that Facebook owns with such an enormous reach. The company’s core app is already being used by more than 1.5 billion people monthly and it’s likely that Facebook Messenger will soon be joining the two other services — will Instagram and maybe Oculus be that far behind?

25 Google-parent Alphabet's moonshots lost $3.6 billion in 2015

But Alphabet's investments in the moonshots are increasing, leading to growing losses. The Other Bets group posted an operating loss of roughly $3.6 billion in 2015, compared from $1.9 billion in 2014.

Megan Specia on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Microsoft put to the test in Iowa caucuses

"Under the new system, each Iowa political party will have their own app available on all mobile and PC platforms, which will support the party's unique caucus voting process," Dan'l Lewin, Microsoft's corporate vice president of technology and civic engagement, wrote in a company blog post. "The reporting apps may be used in every precinct in Iowa by both parties. The results will be securely stored and managed in Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform."

Alphabet Is Now the Most Valuable Company on Earth

Thanks in no small part to Apple’s mediocre earnings report last week, Alphabet is now the most valuable company in all the land being worth $553 billion compared to Apple’s $538 billion. The obvious breadwinner is Google, as emphasized when Alphabet separated Google from its more money-dependent Big Idea companies like Calico, X, and Fiber. Google is still the number one source of advertising in the world.

Airmail for iOS is here: the email app that can do everything

Like  Airmail for OS X , which has been one of the best Mac email clients for the past few years, Airmail for iOS has an overwhelming number of options. It'll let you do anything you can imagine wanting to do with email — it has snoozes, filters, and third-party app integrations — and probably some things that you'd never even thought of, from setting per inbox notification sounds to bouncing emails and altering Gmail folder mapping. There are more options inside Airmail than in any mobile app I've used in a long time.

30 Startups Are Building New Ways to Interact with Virtual Reality | MIT Technology Review

Oculus and HTC have some solutions. Oculus plans to ship its headset with a wireless Xbox One controller, and to release a more immersive set of button-bedecked, hand-held trackable controllers called Oculus Touch later in the year. HTC’s headset will come with a pair of wand-shaped controllers. But such controllers are not always ideal because they don’t match the ways you use your body when, say, exploring the dark depths of a cave (no buttons to press there, in my experience). They could make virtual-reality exploration feel less immersive. They could also tire you out, especially if you’re waving your arms wildly while holding them.

What happens when the Windows 10 free upgrade timer runs out? | ExtremeTech

Data from the Register suggests that home users are upgrading more quickly, which makes sense — businesses and government offices deploy new operating systems more slowly. The graph below shows each operating system’s relative market share for three months, ending on January 10. This data was gathered by measuring OS market share on systems used to access US government websites.

Got phone envy? You can buy Xiaomi phones now

The most popular phone brand in China now comes to the US through one of T-Mobile's network resellers for really, really cheap. And yes, there's a catch.

iPad Air 3 drawing hints at a smaller iPad Pro

Alas, as with all things in life, there is a slight trade-off with these extra goodies. If the dimensions listed here are to be trusted, then it appears that the iPad Air 3 will be 0.05 mm thicker and 0.1 mm wider than its predecessor. If you recall, there were similar marginal differences between the iPhone 6s models and their iPhone 6 counterparts. Existing soft cases for the iPad Air 2 will probably fit the new tablet just fine, but hard cases may scratch the body over time -- as is the result of forcing some iPhone 6 cases onto the iPhone 6s. Besides, it's not like you'll want to cover up the LED flash nor the two extra speakers, anyway (nor the Smart Connector, if you're picking up a smaller Smart Keyboard for this new iPad).

Zika virus declared an international health emergency

If it wasn't already patently clear that the Zika virus poses a serious threat , it is now. The World Health Organization has declared that Zika is a health emergency "of international concern," and that there needs to be "coordinated" response to both track and limit outbreaks. Effectively, it's a call to action -- countries and organizations are under pressure to devote research and funding toward fighting the mosquito-borne disease.

80% of Donald Trump's political donors are...Donald Trump

Early in his campaign, Trump said he was willing to spend $100 million of his own money to win the Republican nomination. But propelled by his ability to generate controversy and free media, the businessman turned presidential candidate has not needed to. His first advertisements ran in early January, and he's spent relatively little on campaign staff and consultants.

Ant Simulator canceled after crowdfunding money spent on liquor and strippers

“This is going to be the worst video I’ve ever had to make,” Tereshinski said. “Ant Simulator is going to be canceled. I can’t work on Ant Simulator anymore. I recently found out my ex business partners were secretly stealing company money. They had secretly spent the overwhelming majority of both our Kickstarter money and the Ant Simulator investment money on liquor, restaurants, bars, and even strippers. This is the reason it has become exceedingly clear to me that I cannot have my career associated with these guys.”

37 The Best Cheap Headphones (Under $50)

Less than ten years ago, a headline like the one above would've been hard to imagine—inexpensive headphones simply hadn't cracked the code. But times have changed, and headphone manufacturers have achieved something that was previously inconceivable: inexpensive headphones can now pump out booming, palpable bass without distorting, and deliver very solid sound quality in general.  You're still going to need to spend a decent amount of money if it's studio-level clarity and balance you're looking for. But if you want to improve on the so-so audio performance inherent in the standard-issue earbuds bundled with mobile devices, and you want to do it without breaking the bank, it's possible. Read on for what to look for in a pair of budget headphones, along with our 10 top-rated picks under $50.

New in our buyer's guide: Lenovo's Yoga 900 and Samsung's Gear VR

It's been about two months since Engadget's updated its buyer's guide -- we were busy eating holiday cookies, preparing for CES , going to CES and then recovering from CES (phew). Fortunately, though, even in those nine weeks, we haven't actually reviewed much that we think is worth of our shortlist. The only two exceptions would be Lenovo's thin-but-well-performing Yoga 900 and Samsung's latest Gear VR headset, which we think is a great deal at $99. That's all we've got today, but keep checking back in soon --after all, we'll soon be pretty busy reviewing the products that just debuted in Vegas.

Alphabet earnings reveal strong $21.33B in revenue, 99% from core Google business

Today marks Google’s first earnings report as Alphabet ( GOOG ), revealing $21.33 billion in revenue and $8.67 earnings per share for the fourth 2015 quarter. Google, now a subsidiary of Alphabet, drove about 99% percent of the company’s total revenue, or $21.178 billion.

The best virtual reality from the 2016 Sundance Film Festival

Sisters started as the stationary haunted house ride linked above, but a new chapter of it showed up on the HTC Vive at Sundance. The project is an undeniably by-the-numbers series of VR jump scares about creepy children, but it gestures towards an experience that’s all about exploring a single, densely detailed space — the creators at VR studio Otherworld imagine it advancing into something like an escape-the-room puzzle. This is an idea that feels like it should be in a hundred VR games already, but I somehow haven’t come across one yet. It’s time to fix that.

Swift Continuous Integration is now available for testing pull requests

Swift Continuous Integration is now available for testing pull requests

The 2016 Iowa Caucuses Liveblog: Bernie’s Got Some Buzz

The 2016 Iowa Caucuses Liveblog: Bernie's Got Some Buzz

Nokia will make over $1B from its old patents in the next 3 years

The company is in the process of a makeover since its takeover of Alcatel-Lucent and is now focusing on networking and telecoms equipment. Nokia is now expected to receive $1.4 billion between 2016-2018, which should keep any worried shareholders on-side for now.

Google wants to make its Nexus phones more like iPhones

The likelihood that Google's CEO uttered the words "Apple-like" in an internal memo is a bit on the unbelievable side, but nevertheless, the approach could have a positive impact on the Nexus program. With each new Nexus device, the design gets totally changed up by the company responsible for that year's device. While it allowed Google and the others involved to iterate on different smartphone designs, the fast cycle limited the ability of any one of them to stick in the public's mind.

How do blind Twin Citians use smartphones? Constantly

The iPhone and other smartphones are as indispensable to blind people as they are to many sighted people. Here’s how a few Twin Cities people use theirs.

Uber now lets tourists in Rio find English-speaking drivers just in time for Carnival

UberEnglish first launched in Colombia last September  (and is displayed in the app via cars with an American flag), and is intended to target Latin American markets where a small percentage of the population speaks English. Duolingo says more than 1,000 drivers have signed up for a certification to qualify as an UberEnglish driver in the Colombia, with each exam costing $20 .

Twitter's new trending tweets feature is Moments in disguise

The fact this feature is a test gets Twitter off the hook for relevance but if this was to be rolled out globally, the tweets should really be tailored to the specific interests of each user, which the company can clearly gather from all of our user data, or at the very least, a scrape of who each person follows.

Irate Comcast subscriber turns Raspberry Pi into a watchdog for slow Internet speeds

Comcast tends to respond to most direct consumer complaints on Twitter and in this respect the company hasn’t failed AlekseyP. But the Reddit user declines Comcast’s request for help every time it’s offered. “I have chosen not to provide them my account or address because I do not want to singled out as a customer; all their customers deserve the speeds they advertise,” he said on Reddit.

Alphabet Reports Rising Profits at Core Google Businesses

Google parent Alphabet Inc. reported strong growth and rising profitability at its main Internet business, sparking an after-hours rally that propelled it past Apple Inc. as the world’s most-valuable company.

Microsoft app used to tally votes at Iowa caucus fails in some areas

Microsoft app used to tally votes at Iowa caucus fails in some areas Some users noted the system might simply be temporarily overwhelmed and suggested users wait a moment and then try again. Check out this story on

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55 Watch eagles learn to capture drones in the Netherlands
56 Facebook to prohibit private firearm transactions on its service
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64 VideoLAN celebrates 15 years of VLC, the media player that plays everything
65 YouTube’s Fine Bros. face legal challenge after enraging Internet with ‘React’ trademark
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67 Double-Dipping at Superbowl Parties Literally Kills People
68 AND!XOR DEFCON 24 Badge
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84 PHOTOS: Hundreds of Uber drivers protested outside of the company's NYC offices today
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86 WhatsApp passes 1 billion monthly active users
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89 Exclusive: US Mobile Is the First Legit Xiaomi, Meizu Carrier in U.S.