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Taylor Swift tracked down a fan at the Grammys, because that's what she does

Taylor Swift tracked down a lucky fan for a meet and greet at the Grammys.

Late Night star wars: Neil deGrasse Tyson tries to steal staff from Conan

Neil deGrasse Tyson stopped by 'Conan' on Tuesday to try and steal staff for his own late-night talk show.

Apple To Power New Headquarters With Solar Energy

Apple is going green in a big way. CEO Tim Cook said Tuesday that the company would power its new corporate headquarters with energy from a 2,900-acre solar farm being built by First Solar. Apple committed $848 million to the solar project, which ...

Hungry and homeless: In eastern Ukraine, Europe sees worsening humanitarian crisis

After 10 months of fighting, the United Nations reports that 5,358 people have been killed and 12,235 wounded in eastern Ukraine.

Snape's 'Harry Potter' story in chronological order will make you weep

YouTube user kcawesome13 recut 'Harry Potter' footage to create a continuos, chronological story for Severus Snape.

One-Bit To Rule Them All: Bypassing Windows’ 10 Protections using a Single Bit - Breaking Malware

Introduction Today, Microsoft released their latest Patch Tuesday. This Patch includes a fix for vulnerability CVE-2015-0057, an IMPORTANT-rated exploitable vulnerability which we responsibly disclosed to Microsoft a few months ago. As part of our research, we revealed this... Read More

How real is middle child syndrome?

Why do middle children get such a bad rap?

Miley Cyrus submitted a bondage video to NYC Porn Film Festival

Miley Cyrus submits a bondage-themed short film to The NYC Porn Film Festival.

Indian man paralyzed after Alabama cop body-slams him for walking in wealthy white suburb

11 gadgets commuters shouldn't leave home without

Commuters use gadgets to remain productive and entertained. Here are 11 that will come in handy.

Jon Stewart breaks the news: 'Daily Show' doesn’t deserve 'restless host'

Jon Stewart opened Tuesday's "The Daily Show" like nothing was up, upbeat and in good spirits, while giving the studio audience a peek into the future.

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Reserve Raises $15M To Help With Your Restaurant Reservations And Payments

I wondered, however, if the app’s $5 fee for diners, which may not seem like much when you’re paying $100 or more for the meal, starts to seem more costly when it’s added to the bill at a more affordable restaurant. (Reserve doesn’t charge restaurants anything.) Hong countered, “We feel like the value has proven itself,” with Reserve not just tackling reservations and payments, but also adding little touches that improve the overall experience — for example, the restaurant staff can greet you by name when you arrive, making you feel like a regular.

89% off Apple Watch App Builder Course

While smartwatches have been around for a little while now, none have been more highly anticipated than the upcoming Apple Watch, slated to launch this year. And while its design and build look promising, the interface and functionality are expected to set the benchmark for what wearables can achieve.

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Hyperloop Technologies talks about its plans to make supersonic transportation real:

Watch the ESA launch its reusable spaceplane (update: success!)

If all goes well, it'll descend gently on a parachute system, then stay afloat in the sea aided by balloons. The IXV is packed with sensors and will dump temperature, trajectory and other data prior to landing in case something goes wrong with the recovery. The ESA wants to gather more information about re-entry, particularly for lifting body systems traveling at hypersonic speeds. It will use the knowledge to plan its future PRIDE re-entry vehicle (Program for Reusable In-orbit Demonstrator for Europe, above) that will eventually land on a runway. If that sounds vaguely familiar, the US has a similar craft, the top-secret X-37B , also designed to re-enter from orbit and land. There's no word on what the ESA would do with such a craft, but as SpaceX will tell you, reusable rockets are a cheaper way to tackle space.

Apple Confirms Aperture to Be Removed From Mac App Store After Launch of Photos for OS X

Shortly after last week's deployment of OS X 10.10.3 to developers, Apple updated its official Aperture page on its website , adding a notice stating that Aperture will be removed from the Mac App Store when the Photos for OS X app launches. The same notice can also be found in the app's Mac App Store description, as noted by MacGeneration [ Google Translate ]. Once removed from the Mac App Store, it will no longer be possible for new users to obtain the Aperture software, but those who have previously purchased Aperture will continue to be able to download it from the "Purchases" tab. Apple first announced the shuttering of both Aperture and iPhoto back in June , but the company did not specify at that time that the software would be removed from the Mac App Store entirely. Instead, it said only that there would be "no new development of Aperture" as it focused its resources on Photos for OS X. Our first look at Photos for OS X came last week alongside the developer launch of 10.10.3, as several sites were given preview copies of the software ahead of its release.

BitTorrent Teams Up With Rapid Eye Studios To Make Young Adult Original Content

“This landmark deal with Marco (Marco Weber, CEO of Rapid Eye Studios) is a major milestone for us and an aggressive expansion into the media space for BitTorrent, Inc.,” said Eric Klinker, CEO for BitTorrent, in a statement . “In the last two years, we’ve become a trusted and valid channel for creators and publishers to reach a monthly global audience of 170 million fans directly. Expanding into the world of original content is a move that makes us a serious player in the media business, and takes us another step closer toward our goal: creating a sustainable digital future for creators of all kinds.”

10 comedians who jumpstarted their careers on 'The Daily Show'

Colbert was on The Daily Show from 1997-2005, making him the second longest-running correspondent, next to Samantha Bee. He started before Stewart, who replaced Craig Kilborn as host in 1999, but greatly benefited from the takeover — as that’s when the show took a political turn. Colbert developed his right-wing persona on the show, and even when he was hosting his own late-night parody news, still remained a regular member of The Daily Show family.

You Can Now Unlock Your Phone and Switch Carriers in the US

Tired of your mobile operator’s service or plans? The Cellular Telephone Industries Association’s (CTIA) new standards on unlocking phones go into effect among all mobile service providers in the US today, allowing users to switch carriers, provided they clear any binding terms on their contracts.

Facebook just fired another big shot at Cisco — and dissed it a little, too

The “6-pack” platform is the core of our new fabric, and it uses “Wedge” as its basic building block. It is a full mesh non-blocking two-stage switch that includes 12 independent switching elements. Each independent element can switch 1.28Tbps. We have two configurations: One configuration exposes 16x40GE ports to the front and 640G (16x40GE) to the back, and the other is used for aggregation and exposes all 1.28T to the back. Each element runs its own operating system on the local server and is completely independent, from the switching aspects to the low-level board control and cooling system. This means we can modify any part of the system with no system-level impact, software or hardware. We created a unique dual backplane solution that enabled us to create a non-blocking topology.

SpaceX's Falcon 9 lands 'nicely vertical' in ocean within 10 meters of target

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 came back to Earth after a successful launch today, landing in the ocean within 10 meters of its actual target. And though it didn’t make the platform as originally intended, the company thinks that absent rough weather, the rocket have worked as planned.

Critical vulnerability in Group Policy puts Windows computers at risk

Microsoft patched a critical vulnerability Tuesday that put Windows computers at risk of full compromise, especially those in corporate networks.

Perion Buys France’s MakeMeReach For Up To $13M To Expand In Social Ads And Europe

“Acquiring MakeMeReach extends our position as one of the leading providers of mobile marketing technology,” said Shai Gottesdiener, GM of Perion’s mobile marketing division, in a statement. “MakeMeReach’s success in making it easy to advertise on social media is well aligned with Perion’s goal of providing developers with the most effective mobile advertising tools.” Those tools include ad rotation, campaign duplication, targeting templates, automated rules-generating and campaign generation.

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Careful now - UK's first driverless pods are taking to the pavements …

Study says phones are just as good as wearables at tracking fitness

Think you have to wear a dedicated fitness tracker to get accurate data? Don't worry -- you may have a good excuse to skip the wristband. The University of Pennsylvania has published a study showing that smartphone apps' step counts are reasonably on the mark, at less than a 7 percent variance between their data and what observers saw first-hand. With wearables, it's all over the map. Some are very accurate, like Fitbit's One and Zip; others don't give you much of an advantage over a phone, and Nike's Fuelband was sometimes off by a wide margin. This isn't to say that you should ditch wearables for good. The test only focused on six trackers, and didn't include either the latest devices (including smartwatches) or a wide range of activities. There are also certain situations where a phone simply isn't practical. You may not want to go on a run with your Galaxy or iPhone, for one thing. All the same, there's enough evidence here to suggest that your handset is good enough when you're only concerned about the distance you've walked in a given day. Via: EurekAlert, ScienceDaily Source: Penn Medicine, JAMA Tags: activitytracker, exercise, fitbit, fitness, fitnesstracker, fuelband, health, mobilepostcross, nike, smartphone, UniversityOfPennsylvania, upenn, wearable

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