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Panasonic’s tech inside of the Chrysler Portal is simply amazing

Global electronics conglomerate Panasonic demonstrated a diverse showing of smart transport innovation at the recent Consumer Electronics Show 2017.

How many shades darker is Fifty Shades Darker really?

The sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey, a 2015 book-to-film adaptation about the romantic and sexual tribulations of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, is called Fifty Shades Darker. We aren’t...

What do smart cities of the future look like for Panasonic?

In a further expansion of its smart cities strategy, Panasonic showcased several new urban technologies at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Appeals court denies Trump's attempt to revive the travel ban

The executive order affected at least 60,000 people with visas and an estimated 64,000 refugees that had previously been admitted to the US.

Sorry, Breitbart: Kellogg’s beat earnings despite boycott

Kellogg Co. reported quarterly earnings this morning, beating analyst expectations. The cereal company saw revenue of&nb

Watch this 81-year-old retired educator rap for LGBTQ rights at his city council meeting

He's the leader of the "Be more kind" movement.

Normal suburban house becomes stage for intense moose battle

Grab life by the antlers.

Cortana scans your emails to remind you about commitments

"Don't forget you mentioned this."

Lovers in Canada get to give fried chicken for Valentine's Day

KFC ups its romance game

Disney’s Bob Iger is in “denial” about ESPN, analyst says

It's no secret that the cable TV industry is facing more pressure from shifts in viewing habits, but Disney chief Bob Ig

Jimmy Kimmel takes a hard stance on the $100,000 Harambe Cheeto

Wow, a powerful statement.

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All Three New 2017 iPhones to Feature Wireless Charging

Honestly, I would rather they dump wireless charging, and make the phone thick enough to accommodate a flush camera lens and bring back the headphone jack. If they did that, it would be a day one purchase, but it is wishful thinking. Wireless charging is inefficient, and causes the heat issues. I have never had any issues with any of my lightning cables, and don't have a problem just plugging it in. I usually charge it on my nightstand while I sleep and start my day with 100% battery every day. 99% of my days I make it back to the charger without issue.

Apple is giving away three months of Apple Music with wireless Beats products

BeatsX, Apple’s newest pair of $149 wireless earbuds, will finally hit store shelves tomorrow after a few months of delays . But it turns out there’s a slight silver lining, because buyers will find a card inside with a code that’s good for three free months of Apple Music — a $30 value. Better yet, Apple will also include the promo card in other Beats products, like the Powerbeats 3 Wireless, Solo 3 Wireless, Studio Wireless, and Beats Pill+ for a limited time.

Security Check Required

Grand Theft Auto 4 is now available on Xbox One as part of the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility program. Join Ryan and Alanah as they revisit Liberty City and reminisce about Niko Belic's crime filled adventure.

Apple patents wearable battery charger for Watch 2

Apple might be looking for a new way to improve the Watch 2 battery life, if a patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this month is to be believed.

The man who brought Google Street View to the world is now leading engineering at Lyft

While at Google, Vincent oversaw everything from how to strap cameras onto backpacks to putting the cameras on satellites in order to map the world. While Lyft doesn't have plans to introduce mapping cars (or satellites for that matter) anytime soon, Vincent said even things like knowing which way the car is facing on the map for effective routes are mapping and marketplace challenges.

Troubled startup Zenefits just laid off almost half its staff — here’s the full email sent to employees

"Today's actions have been planned for some time by the board, the prior CEO David Sacks, and the executive team, to put our new CEO Jay Fulcher and the organization as a whole in the best position for long-term success. This reduction in force is consistent with an overall turn-around program that began a year ago to correct regulatory compliance issues, reset our culture and values, increase operational efficiency, and introduce a new SaaS product and business model. All of these changes gave us the opportunity to attract a top-notch operator like Jay Fulcher, who will lead the company to the next stage of growth and profitability."

Ousted Hyperloop One founder Brogan BamBrogan just started a new company

BamBrogan said that Arrivo is currently in talks with unnamed partners in the US and around the world about building hyperloops, but stressed that first and foremost Arrivo would be an American company. This was apparently a reference to the fact that most people assume that the first operational hyperloop will be built outside the US. Hyperloop One and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, currently the only two startups in the hyperloop space, have made numerous deals with foreign governments, including Dubai , Finland , and Slovakia .

Mark Zuckerberg shows off prototype Oculus VR gloves

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is showing off a new way to interact with the Oculus Rift headset: an Oculus glove. Today, he posted photos from a visit to the Facebook-owned VR company’s research lab in Redmond, Washington, where a team led by chief scientist Michael Abrash works on next-generation hardware. Most of the photos showed off the facility’s capabilities, but in one, Zuckerberg bragged about performing superheroics with a pair of white motion control gloves.

Enhanced History Gives You Complete Search, Filters, and Tags for Your Browser History

Once installed, Enhanced History gives you complete control over searching, tagging, organizing, and filtering your browser history by page title, keyword, or URL so you can find that page you were on a while back, but don’t remember exactly where or when. Similarly, if you can remember when but not much else, you can filter by time to narrow your search. You can use the same controls to clear specific dates and times from your browser history as well.

Bee optimistic: this drone can still pollinate plants even if all the bees die

Researchers in Japan have created insect-size drones that pollinate plants to replace — or at least help — real honeybees. The robot pollinators have animal hair on their backs and a special sticky gel that allows them to pick up and release pollen grains. But for now, they’re a long way from pollinating anything outdoors: the tiny drones are not autonomous, and have never been tested outside the lab.

The First Plot Details for Stranger Things Season Two Have Everyone Damaged in Some Way

We now know what the state of Stranger Things will be when it comes back later this year. We know how long the time jump between seasons will be, what new characters are getting added, and the boys’ Halloween costumes. We know a lot, except for what’s going on with Eleven.

Elon Musk Responds to Claims of Low Pay, Injuries, and Anti-Union Policies at Tesla Plant

Musk even went on the offensive against Moran, attempting to discredit his assertions about Tesla. “Our understanding is that this guy was paid by the UAW to join Tesla and agitate for a union. He doesn’t really work for us, he works for the UAW,” Musk wrote. He added in a separate response, “Frankly, I find this attack to be morally outrageous. Tesla is the last car company left in California, because costs are so high. The UAW killed NUMMI and abandoned the workers at our Fremont plant in 2010. They have no leg to stand on.”

University releases prototype for monitoring hydration

A new wearable idea was recently introduced to the public by North Carolina State University.  The low-cost gadget is designed to measure skin hydration and inform users when they need to drink more water.

Google Assistant on the Pixel can now control your smart home devices

Google is rolling out a new voice-controlled hub in Pixel phones so you can manage your smart home devices straight from Google Assistant. The feature, called Home Control, lets you use voice commands to control products like Belkin’s WeMo, Nest, Philips Hue, and Samsung SmartThings.

Smart cities will soon buzz with drones prone to hacking, conflicts

The city of Los Angeles is opening up the data floodgates by giving researchers unprecedented high-speed access to its smart city data, a move that could spark a raft of new data-driven discoveries. City leaders announced it will link its databases and computers to a 100 Gbps system called California Research and Education Network (CalREN). … Read more »

Ben Affleck's Batman Movie May Be Starting Over From Scatch

When Ben Affleck gave up directing duties on the solo Batman film, it was obvious things were grim. And while the latest rumor seems to suggest they’re just getting worse, at least this time there may be a silver lining.

Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone could be its most expensive handset yet

Will the iPhone 8’s high asking price be worth it? You’ll probably be paying a premium for a curved screen that spills over the sides like Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge. Plus, OLED displays are more expensive to manufacture – but you also get better contrast, brightness and reduced power consumption in the bargain.

Why Twitter Can't Make Money Off Donald Trump's Insane Tweets

Moreover, that so called “ Trump Bump ” that many analysts had hoped would drive engagement and users back to Twitter, hasn’t really panned out. Although Noto said that “the president’s use of Twitter had broadened the awareness of how the platform can be used,” he also admitted that it hadn’t had any material impact on user growth or engagement. So many users engage with tweets on the platform on any given day, that all the retweets and favorites that Trump gets are really just a drop in the bucket.

Don't Waste Money on Intel's Top Processor

The key to the i7's speed is not in its higher clock speed (the gigahertz number), but its ability to employ hyper-threading more efficiently. In the early days of personal computing, if you wanted to speed up your computer you’d add an additional CPU. Modern Intel processors have multiple cores—which your computer sees as additional CPUs. Hyper-threading takes advantage of those cores, allowing them to doing big fancy computations in parallel instead of systemically. The i7 processor is designed to be so good at hyper-threading that it can do twice as many processes in parallel as the i5.

The Guy Who Makes Sure Trump Doesn't Get Hacked No Longer Works at the White House

Louie’s departure—not to mention the mystery surrounding it—is particularly worrisome, since he was in charge of making sure the White House remained safe against cyber attacks. Several other top security officials, including the first (and now former) Federal Chief Information Security Officer of the United States Gregory Touhill, resigned at the end of Obama’s presidency. This spells bad news now that we know now more than ever that the United States government is vulnerable to cyberattacks, if only because the intelligence community claims that Russia hacked into the Democratic National Committee to help Trump win.

Scientists Are Building Bee-Like Drones to Fight the Coming Bee-Pocalypse

I would argue that it is exceedingly unlikely that we could ever produce something as cheap or as effective as bees themselves. Bees have been around and pollinating flowers for more than 120 million years; they have evolved to become very good at it. It is remarkable hubris to think that we can improve on that. Consider just the numbers; there are roughly 80 million honeybee hives in the world, each containing perhaps 40,000 bees through the spring and summer. That adds up to 3.2 trillion bees. They feed themselves for free, breed for free, and even give us honey as a bonus. What would the cost be of replacing them with robots?

Government Ethics Site Keeps Crashing Due to 'Extraordinary' Traffic for Some Reason

The OGE website has crashed repeatedly since the 2016 election. At the time this article was published, it was not working. According to one reporter, the website administrator said it’s because traffic has surged from 300,000 views in all of 2016 to 5 million page requests in the last 40 days alone.

Apple delays shipments of UltraFine 5K monitor while LG fixes router issue

The issue was first pointed out by Apple-dedicated news sites and early owners of the display late last month. At the time, 9to5Mac received confirmation from LG that the nearly $1,000 peripheral becomes unusable when located within two feet of a router. This was a problem specific to the UltraFine 5K model and not any other LG monitor, including the 4K version in the same product family.

Tesla answers claims of poor factory working conditions and unionization efforts

As California’s largest manufacturing employer and a company that has created thousands of quality jobs here in the Bay Area, this is not the first time we have been the target of a professional union organizing effort such as this. The safety and job satisfaction of our employees here at Tesla has always been extremely important to us. We have a long history of engaging directly with our employees on the issues that matter to them, and we will continue to do so because it’s the right thing to do.

Secrecy surrounds White House cybersecurity staff shakeup

Cory Louie was appointed to the position by former President Obama in 2015, charged with keeping safe the staff closest to the president -- including the president himself -- from cyber-threats posed by hackers and nation-state attackers.

Microsoft’s lawsuit against government gag orders will move forward

Microsoft’s lawsuit against the Department of Justice will continue, according to a ruling today from Western Washington District Court. The ruling is a crucial early hurdle for Microsoft’s case, which argues that the government’s gag-ordered searches of Microsoft accounts violates the constitutional right to free speech.

2017 Guide: The Best Windows Micro-Desktops -

RELATIVE CPU POWER. You'll see a variety of mobile-grade CPUs in the micro-PCs out there, ranging from Intel Atom chips (very basic, and good at best for simple productivity work, e-mailing, and Web browsing) up to Core i5 and i7 processors that can do some modest media-crunching and rendering work. (That said, none of the mobile-grade chips in these small PCs is a real substitute for a desktop chip for media pros who need real muscle.) The CPU is generally the single biggest factor in the cost of a micro-PC, so keep an eye on the performance numbers in our reviews for a relative idea of what you are getting. (Rule of thumb? Light office work can easily get by with a Core i3 or Atom-based mini-PC, but you'll want to err on the side of a Core chip if you'll need extra pep now and then.)

Ageism in tech? This chart says it all

On Monday evening, when it was reported that President Trump was incensed by Melissa McCarthy's portrayal of White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live,  a new casting idea for the show started to go viral on Twitter . What about getting Trump's longtime nemesis Rosie O'Donnell to play White House adviser Steve Bannon? If a woman playing one of his male aides got under the president's skin, imagine how incensed he would be if O'Donnell played Bannon, bullying Alec Baldwin's Trump on the show. Later that night, the actress expressed her interest in the idea, tweeting: "available – if called i will serve!"

Last Night's Expanse Was More Proof That It's the Best Scifi Show on TV

Strait: Wes has done such a beautiful job with that because it’s such a difficult balance to strike. I think the trap for any other actor to fall into, that Wes did not fall into and is very protective of is that Amos isn’t macho. He’s a very broken man. And he doesn’t do anything for the sake of his own ego. That’s not what he does. That’s not how he functions. It’s all about the churn, it’s all about survival. And he has this way of delivering lines that if it were anyone else, it would be such a zinger. But with him, he’s just asking it. And I give so much credit to Wes because it’s a very fine line to walk.

Dozens of Patients Are Suing a Clinic That Gave Them Fake Alzheimer's Diagnoses

Imagine that a doctor told you that your brain was slowly starting to self-destruct, that soon your once-healthy neurons would stop functioning, that you would lose all connection with reality, with the things and people that you loved. Then imagine that you found out that not only did that doctor make it all up, but he wasn’t even actually a doctor. You would be pretty pissed, right?

Miranda Kerr, who's engaged to Snapchat's CEO, asks why Facebook has to 'steal' his ideas

"'Can they not be innovative? Do they have to steal all of my partner's ideas? I'm so appalled by that. ... When you directly copy someone, that's not innovation.' And then a sudden look of panic crosses her face. 'Do I get to approve this interview? Crystal!' She admonishes her publicist who long ago drifted out of the conversation. 'Oh I don't even care. It's a disgrace. How do they sleep at night?'"

U.S. senators denounce Trump plan to focus counter-extremism program on Islam

WASHINGTON A dozen Democratic U.S. senators on Thursday denounced a Trump administration plan to revamp a government program on countering violent extremism, saying narrowing its focus solely to Islamic threats could jeopardize security and may be illegal.

Super Bowl 51 makes digital history with record-breaking data usage - TechRepublic

The peak number of concurrent users reached 27,191 during the game, a 41% increase from last year. There were 49% of fans, or 35,430 unique users, on Wi-Fi at various points during the Super Bowl. The network sustained a throughput of 3.5 Gbps for over five hours and saw spikes up to 5.2 Gbps and 4.8 Gbps during the pregame and halftime show respectively—the fastest recorded for any Super Bowl game.

How Norway is embracing the sharing economy instead of fighting it

However, the recommendations made by the commission have also been met with some resistance. Labor federations, such LO, have voiced their concerns that companies in the sharing economy would not be held to the same standards as other companies when it comes to  employment rights. The unions fear the increase of social dumping — when employers opt for using cheap labor, i.e. migrant workers — with further deregulation and that taxi services might deteriorate in outlying areas.

New children's book tells the story of iconic artist and activist Keith Haring

Keith Haring: The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing celebrates the lasting impact of the artist's life, art and activism. The 40-page book, created for readers ages 5 to 8, focuses on Haring's public art, charitable acts, and projects with and for children — core parts of Haring's short life that are often overlooked.

Samsung's QLED 4K TVs will start at $2,500

If you've been waiting to buy one of Samsung's QLED 4K TVs , which were unveiled at CES 2017, today is your lucky day. The company is now taking pre-orders for its Q7 and Q8 sets , starting at $2,500 for a 55-inch, non-curved model. In case that's not big enough, you could shell out $6,000 for a 75-inch Q7 or $4,500 for the curved Q8. What's missing from this list is the flagship Q9 panels, which Samsung still hasn't revealed pricing for.

Viacom says it’s keeping its newest shows away from streaming services

The message comes from new Viacom CEO Bob Bakish, who is trying to overhaul/save the cable TV conglomerate. It’s meant to assure pay TV providers that they can keep doing business with Viacom — without having to worry about Viacom cutting into their business by offering their newest shows to people who don’t have pay TV subscriptions.

Android Wear 2.0 clocks in with smarter smartwatches

The Sport watch comes in titanium or dark blue, but in my view won’t win any beauty contests. It’s easy enough to alter the aesthetic though at least on the display. As part of Android Wear 2.0, you can change watch faces on the fly, and personalize them with potentially useful snippets of information, perhaps notifications for when your next appointment is or a shortcut you can tap to call a favorite contact. Moreover, Google, unlike Apple, lets you choose watch faces from outside developers, who can add their own informational nuggets or "complications" in watch industry jargon.

Someone stole $100,000 worth of blueberries and we need answers

The Hamilton Police Service is currently investigating a burglary in which $100,000 worth of blueberries (and some other fruits) were stolen out of a commercial refrigeration truck in Hamilton, Ontario, on Feb. 5 and driven to Toronto.

'Pot Sasquatch' is real and it's here to get stoned and interrupt the local news

'Pot Sasquatch' is real and it's here to get stoned and interrupt the local news

'Stranger Things'-themed Valentine's Day gives love the scary edge it deserves

'Stranger Things'-themed Valentine's Day gives love the scary edge it deserves

What Part of a Character's Origin Story Really Matters?

Batman is a little trickier, because so many aspects of him have become iconic over the years, so they seem essential. But really, you could take away Bruce Wayne’s wealth and gadgets, and he would still be Batman. The death of his parents is essential, because it’s what puts him on his quest, and something bat-oriented needs to happen to him because that’s the integral part of his identity. The specific bat event doesn’t matter—it could fly in through his window one night, he could fall into a cave full of ‘em as a kid, or something else entirely.

Why Did an Internet Censorship App Send My Phone to,,,, and yes, are all sites that the Tor Project’s new app pointed my iPhone towards this morning. Don’t worry, it’s all for a good cause.

Beware: Don't be scammed by bad links in Google search results - TechRepublic

A recent ad for retail giant Amazon in Google's search results directed users to a Windows support scam. And it might not be the first time this has happened.

Trump's new FCC boss has already set the stage for a less-open internet

"A more logical usage [of zero-rating] would be if I was a cloud system backup program, if I back up your phone on the cloud, I don't need a fast internet connection to make that a feasible product. It'd just be a persistent connection to move your files to a cloud backup. I could then, as an edge provider, say, 'Go ahead and throttle my speed, go ahead and make me as slow as you need, to X percentage, in exchange for making me an off-the-data-cap service.'

Photos of nightstands empower people with chronic illnesses

"I spent my time wondering what other people had on their nightstands, what their coping methods were, what they were reading and what were they reaching for to provide some connection to a wider world," Jones says. "Just thinking about that made me feel a sense of community throughout a very isolating experience."

Trump's FCC head is doing exactly what we expected

Speaking of which, another issue where Pai is taking a different tack than his predecessor is with the Lifeline program, which helps get America's poorest online. Shortly before leaving office, former Chairman Wheeler approved nine companies to join the 900 or so that offer broadband to poor homes. Pai, however , revoked the licenses , including that of a company offering educational broadband to children in 41 states.

What It Was Really Like To Work At Labor Nominee Puzder's Fast Food Empire

One former department director at the company’s Carpinteria, California offices, who signed an agreement not to speak publicly about CKE when she left her job, and who asked not to be named, confirms that Puzder is highly image-conscious and sometimes puts his own fiercely partisan political interests ahead of the company’s. She said her willingness to speak up didn’t sit well with Puzder. She describes staff members painstakingly polishing her boss’s op-eds and watching him spend tens of thousands of dollars to spruce up a Southern California Carl’s Jr. ahead of a campaign stop by then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who Puzder backed in 2012.

Here's why Amazon might buy a big retailer

Most stock quote data provided by BATS. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. All times are ET. Disclaimer . Morningstar: © 2016 Morningstar, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Factset: FactSet Research Systems Inc. 2016. All rights reserved. Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. and its licensors. All rights reserved. Dow Jones: The Dow Jones branded indices are proprietary to and are calculated, distributed and marketed by DJI Opco, a subsidiary of S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC and have been licensed for use to S&P Opco, LLC and CNN. Standard & Poor's and S&P are registered trademarks of Standard & Poor’s Financial Services LLC and Dow Jones is a registered trademark of Dow Jones Trademark Holdings LLC. All content of the Dow Jones branded indices © S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC 2016 and/or its affiliates.

Sofia Coppola Turns To The Dark Side With "The Beguiled"

Coppola is breaking from her trademark style in favor of something more sinister, and it's about damn time.

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53 Twitch launches Communities to help gamers organize around their shared interests
54 Ex-Hyperloop One co-founder Brogan BamBrogan just launched a rival startup
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57 God help us all, Martha Stewart's truck is stuck in the snow
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59 New MacOS virus uses old Windows tricks to get into your laptop
60 World War II Shipwrecks Are Vanishing at a Disturbing Rate
61 Lin-Manuel Miranda invites the internet to have a Photoshop battle with his dog
62 East Coast blizzard got you down? Cute animals in the snow are here to help.
63 People in Hong Kong are moving into 20-square-foot 'coffin homes' to save money
64 'South Park: The Fractured But Whole' delayed for a second time
65 How to enable two-factor authentication on your LinkedIn account - TechRepublic
66 Chrome for Android adds WebVR support for the Daydream headset
67 Watch the For Honor Open Beta and Support Your Faction - IGN Video
68 This girl's bizarre bucket list can help everyone live their best life
69 Lin-Manuel Miranda blows our minds with this human Venn diagram
70 Bryan Cranston almost smacked Tony Parker's butt to get $100 from M. Night Shyamalan
71 An astronaut has recorded a 'first of its kind' video of mysterious blue jets of electricity
72 Miranda Kerr, who's engaged to Snapchat's CEO, asks why Facebook has to 'steal' his ideas
73 Snap to spend $1 billion on Amazon cloud services
74 Elizabeth Warren explained why #ShePersisted on 'The Daily Show'
75 Freakishly Resilient Plants Managed to Survive a 450-Day Ordeal in Outer Space
76 Amazon Tap’s new hands-free Alexa update means it’s actually useful
77 Lowest Prices Ever: Apple's 2016 13-inch MacBook Pro for $1,299 or Apple refurb 27-inch iMac 5K for $1,299
78 Jeff Bezos Talks to Alexa on the Can
79 Republicans are reportedly using a self-destructing message app to avoid leaks
80 State of Salaries - Hired
81 Google wants to use Chrome to suck you into virtual reality
82 Twitch 'Communities' help you find specific streams
83 Flush from its Trump-bump, ProPublica is staffing up to cover the president
84 New Close-Up Image of Jupiter's South Pole is Mind-Blowingly Beautiful
85 Facebook has hired an MTV executive to create original content
86 Unicorn startup Zenefits nearly halves its staff with layoffs
87 Pew Research Center on Twitter
88 Here's the trailer for Tom Hanks and Emma Watson's new dystopian movie about Silicon Valley
89 Facebook gets serious about the big bucks in TV shows