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Boston Dynamics SpotMini robot dog can open doors now

There's nowhere to run anymore. The Boston Dynamics SpotMini robo-dog got an upgrade that lets it open doors.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki says Logan Paul ‘hasn’t done anything’ to warrant being removed from the platform

YouTube’s CEO has said Logan Paul has not done enough to be banned from the platform following the fallout from his Japanese “suicide forest” video.

We're all about this '80s-style instructional video for Apple's Siri

Hey Siri, what's Michael Jackson's latest album?

Dear Elon Musk, someone duplicated your flamethrower

Commentary: Perhaps it was bound to happen. But one intrepid gadgeteer has ventured into the Boring Company flames.

Meet the cast of 'Black Panther'

Don't I know you from...Wakanda?

Headless robot skiers tackle slopes beyond the Olympics

Eight bizarre-looking robots competed in South Korea with their own version of downhill skiing.

Netflix's 'Altered Carbon' cast on the power of representation

Representation is cool, kids!

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Gizmodo on Twitter

YouTube's CEO says Facebook should 'get back to baby pictures'

Great last minute Valentine's Day gifts for tech and gadget lovers

Teena Maddox is a Senior Writer at TechRepublic, covering hardware devices, IoT, smart cities and wearables. She ties together the style and substance of tech. Teena has spent 20-plus years writing business and features for publications including People, W and Women's Wear Daily.

Bitcoin Industry Grapples With Age-Old Problem of Inheritance

Facebook still not cool for most teenagers

The research firm released a forecast Monday saying that Facebook is losing younger users at an even faster pace than previously expected. And even though the social network has been able to retain the teenage audience through its Instagram platform, Snapchat appears to be siphoning them away.

Skype can't fix a nasty security bug without a massive code rewrite

Skype might be an unsuspecting app to target a user, because the app runs at the same level of privileges at the local, logged-in user, making it difficult for attackers to do much with that low level of access. To cause any kind of damage of worth, you need to be an administrator or above -- like the "system" user.

CNET on Twitter

UK Government tool detects ISIS videos before they go live

Facebook will roll out subscription service in iOS app next month | Cult of Mac

News of the resolution was shared by Facebook executive Campbell Brown in an appearance at the Code Media conference in Huntington Beach, California. No details were offered about the exact terms of agreement that Facebook and Apple have reached. The clash involved a disagreement over whether Apple should be able to claim its 30 percent revenue on subscriptions offered through iOS apps.

The Best Gaming Laptops of 2018

In terms of display size, a 15-inch screen is the sweet spot for a gaming laptop. You can buy larger 17-inch displays, but this can jack up the weight to way beyond 5 pounds. We've seen 12-pound "portables" in the gaming sector that will definitely weigh down your backpack. We recommend at least a full HD (1,920-by-1,080-resolution) screen. Larger displays are capable of giving you higher-than-1080p resolutions, but choose wisely, as QHD+ (3,200-by-1,800) resolution will boost the final cost twice: first for the panel, and second for the higher-quality graphics card needed to drive it. Because they usually require dual GPUs for the smoothest gameplay at native resolution, 4K (3,840-by-2,160-resolution) gaming laptops are becoming more common, but they're still expensive. And keep in mind that because only the most powerful graphics cards are able to render complex animation at playable frame rates across the full screen at 4K, so a 1080p screen may actually be a better use of your money if all you do is game.

3 tips to maximize Apple's free Numbers spreadsheet app

Don't let the simplified interface of Apple's Numbers or the fact that it's free fool you--the app can fulfill most organizations' spreadsheet needs. Here are tricks for using Apple's spreadsheet app.

Google Home Max tops Apple HomePod for audio, says Consumer Reports

In a short video , Consumer Reports mentions that, despite being “one of the best-sounding smart speakers they’ve tested”, the HomePod didn’t sound as clear as Google’s larger competitor or the more audio-centric Sonos One. The early review claims that the HomePod suffers from overemphasized bass and a muddier sound overall .

Cyber peacekeeping: A cyberwar issue businesses need to consider now

Enterprise C-level execs might ask soon: What is cyber peacekeeping, and how will it affect our business? Here's what you need to know, including adaptations to some UN peacekeeping doctrines.

Chloe Kim tweets about food while winning halfpipe gold

Commentary: The 17-year-old somehow manages to tweet while competing. And she's always hungry. The combination must work.

Facebook is getting 'closer to the limits of growth' (FB) | Markets Insider

Wieser says, "Facebook is overvalued," and that there are "limits on growth which the investor community doesn't fully appreciate." Those limits pertain directly to the advertising dollars that brands will want to spend on Facebook in the near future.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool trolls Josh Brolin's 50th birthday

Reynolds posted an Instagram photo of his character painting a portrait of Brolin, but the painting reflects Brolin as he looked circa 1985, when he made his film debut in "The Goonies." Deadpool's mimicking the famed Norman Rockwell triple-self-portrait from 1960.

Samsung Galaxy S9 to Rip Off iPhone X's Animoji feature

The feature will be called 3D Emoji and will make use of the iris scanner and front facing camera on front of the device. Similar to Animoji, 3D Emoji on the Galaxy S9 will allow users to animate emojis using their facial expressions. Since the Galaxy S9 will lack Face ID like hardware on the front, I don’t expect the feature to work as reliably as Animoji on the iPhone X.

Linux Meltdown patch: 'Up to 800 percent CPU overhead', Netflix tests show | ZDNet

To test the impact of KPTI, Gregg created a microbenchmark and found that Netflix, one the largest users of AWS, is likely to see a performance overhead of between 0.1 percent and six percent due to KPTI. However, others may see much larger overheads.

Huawei's trading Mate 10 Pros for reviews that shouldn't even exist

Screenshots from Facebook , shared by the publication, show Huawei Mobile telling the page's 60,000 members to "Tell us how to why [sic] you WANT to own the Mate 10 Pro in the review section of our pre-sale Best Buy retail page" in exchange for an opportunity to get the device early. The phone currently has 108 customer reviews on Best Buy, with an average score of 4.9/5.

More details revealed about Star Wars-inspired Disney resort

The resort is planned to be "immersive," meaning visitors will be considered "active residents" of the Star Wars galaxy, and can dress accordingly. Windows at the resort will offer glimpses into "space," which likely will look somewhat like the space battles in the above video. (This is sounding a lot like HBO's " Westworld ," so let's hope things are a little more under control.)

Why ransomware attacks were so powerful in 2017

Ransomware attacks targeting businesses is up 90%, and the monthly rate of ransomware attacks has increased tenfold in the past two years. Malwarebytes CEO Marcin Kleczynski explains why.

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

1 in 25 American adults now has access to personal genetic data, which could spur a range of new genetic analysis services. 

Verizon is Changing its Unlocked Phone Policy This Spring

According to a report from CNET , beginning this spring, Verizon is going to start selling its smartphones in a locked state. This is a big change from how things work now, and how Verizon has sold phones since they started selling 4G LTE handsets. Verizon has sold its devices unlocked, which means that customers don’t have to take any extra steps to get the handsets unlocked after they sign up for service. No waiting period, and no requirement to pay off the handset.

Facebook Lists lets you make, well, lists

The Lists feature lets you, well, create lists. The idea is to spark conversation or get advice from friends. For example, you can post "places I'd like to travel" with a numbered or bulleted list of desired destinations, expecting reactions and suggestions from friends. Or you can toss up "every Star Wars film ranked," knowing that a heated debate will follow.

Apple's HomePod gets the iFixit teardown treatment: 2 key takeaways

But here's the gist: First, the device is "built like a tank. Durability shouldn't be an issue," iFixit said. And second, the team gave it a "repairability" score of 1 out of 10, with 10 the easiest to repair.

A German court just ruled that Facebook illegally uses personal data

A regional court in Berlin said Monday that Facebook isn’t doing a good enough job of telling its users how it uses their personal data, and ruled the collection of such data illegal, Reuters reported .

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help Save The Planet

Decision-making in the wake of natural disasters is limited by the information available to government agencies and aid groups. It’s hampered by a lack of coordination. “Losses of life and property are multiplied when first responders can’t prioritize and target resources. Herweijer sees a role for automated systems that can analyze real-time data, like social media. “We don’t have a data-smart way of responding in real time to natural disasters,” she says. “We need public-private partnerships that bring together humanitarian agencies and big satellite companies to pinpoint where to start,” she says.

Russian engineers arrested for mining cryptocurrency with office supercomputer

Engineers at a Russian nuclear facility were detained for allegedly using the facility's supercomputer to mine cryptocurrency. The incident occurred with employees in the experiment physics division of the Russian Federation Nuclear Center in Sarov, according to Russian news agency Interfax .

Amazon plans hundreds of lay-offs

Amazon, which lists thousands of job openings on its website, has expanded rapidly in recent years, both through skyrocketing sales and acquisitions of companies such as grocer Whole Foods.

BI Tech on Twitter

A key Samsung executive who worked on Bixby, Knox, and Samsung Pay is joining Google $SSNLF $GOOG

Sea of Thieves: 'everything is optional' when it comes to microtransactions

“We thought long and hard about what’s right for Sea of Thieves,” Neate told us when we asked about microtransactions, “Where we came to is that everything is optional; it doesn’t affect power or progression, and you’ll know what you’re getting – ie. not loot boxes.”


You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

These researchers want to test designs for reactors intended for off-grid purposes, such as generating electricity for remote villages or worksites. 

Reuters Tech News on Twitter

A group of cryptocurrency traders will file a lawsuit against Coincheck over last month’s theft of $530 million in digital money from the Tokyo-based exchange - claimants lawyer says  @tomwilson1983

New LG V30 version with AI-powered camera features coming at MWC 2018

AI is the next big thing in tech and LG is finally getting on the bandwagon too. Ahead of the Mobile World Congress 2018 at the end of this month, the company announced this week, it is coming to Barcelona to unveil a version of its LG V30 flagship with AI-powered camera features collectively called Vision AI.

For advertisers, Snapchat's got the kids

This Simple Trick Frees up Storage Space on iPhone without Deleting Photos or Apps

iOS will recognise that you don’t have space for it and will start clearing up junk. If you have iCloud Photo Library enabled, it will start uploading photos to iCloud and deleting the local counterparts. After a while, you can cancel the download or if the download was successful, delete the app. Voila, you might just have gained 1 GB or more of free space.

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

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This Valentine's Day, woo your crush like a Wookiee or Klingon

Who needs boring English? Once you discover how to flirt in sci-fi speak, you'll be making out to the Star Wars or Star Trek theme song in no time. Well, that's the idea.

Amazon awards gift cards to users who paid to remove Prime Exclusive Phones ads

The company has been selling these products ever since 2016 and until recently owners could only get rid of these ads by paying a one-time fee. But with the no-lockscreen ads policy in place, Amazon is now looking to refund customers who paid to have the ads removed.

Cybersecurity Course - Springboard

Why companies should worry about network vulnerabilities following employees home

Californians trust tech companies but want regulations to rein them in

Lifehacker on Twitter

You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

Sky-high salaries are the weapons in the AI talent war

Fast Company on Twitter

Official Twitter feed for the Fast Company business media brand; inspiring readers to think beyond traditional boundaries & create the future of business.

This iFixit teardown shows the HomePod is built like a tank

Though it’s not easily repairable, iFixit says HomePod is at least built like a tank and is extremely durable. The main point of entry at the top of the speaker, iFixit says, looks like it’s designed to be twisted off, but the they weren’t able to find a non-destructive way to get inside, so they had to resort to saws and knives. The HomePod’s abysmal repairability score means you should probably take good care of it — unless you want to pay the hefty fees Apple is asking for. (AppleCare+ is available for $39 if you prefer not having to deal with them.)

Gizmodo on Twitter

Moving into a haunted house after losing your mom is probably not a good idea

How to create a quick and easy online form with 365 Microsoft Forms

You don't need web design or developer skills to solicit a bit of information using online forms. The process is simple, but most people don't realize these options are available. If you have a subscription to Office 365, you can put Microsoft Forms to work without a specialized skillset. After creating the form, you simply share a link. Recipients can then use the link to access the form using a PC, laptop, or even a mobile device. In this article, I'll introduce you to 365 Microsoft Forms.

Panasonic Lumix GX9 review

The 4K Post Focus mode is even more impressive. The camera captures a short burst using every focus point, and in playback mode you can simply tap on the picture to choose the focus point you want. This enables you to do something which feels like it ought to be impossible: focus after you’ve taken the shot. And new in the Lumix GX9 is in-camera focus stacking, so you no longer need a computer to merge a series of images with different focus points into a single photo that’s sharp from front to back – something that's impossible to achieve in macro photography with a single exposure.

Telegram zero-day let hackers spread backdoor and cryptocurrency-mining malware | ZDNet

Attacks first took place in March 2017 and are being carried out by Russian cybercrime gangs, says Kaspersky Lab.

Apple Music expands college student subscription plan

The plan, first introduced in 2016, allows students enrolled at eligible colleges and universities to purchase monthly subscriptions at up to 50 percent off the normal price. The discount is available for up to 48 months, but those months don't have to be continuous, so students who take a semester off can sign back up when they return to school.

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60 Oracle prepares for war with Amazon, adds 12 new data centers for cloud business
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65 Crypto craze looks like a bubble, European authorities warn after it half deflates
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70 Cybersecurity researchers say Olympics hacker aimed to embarrass
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75 Despite controversy, Logan Paul hasn’t done anything to be kicked off of YouTube
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78 Google is testing its fast-loading AMP tech inside Gmail
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81 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Black Panther DLC Revealed - IGN
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90 'DOS,' the sequel to 'UNO,' is a new take on an old favorite
91 Lazarus hacking group rises again with new bitcoin-stealing cyberattacks against banks | ZDNet
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