Router planing jig Video Description

I had bought a large piece of maple from my local wood supplier. this piece was warpped, craked, and cupped everywhere. I only have a planner that can handle wood up to 12 an a half inches. I was in need of a bigger planner. Instead of shelling out the 1500 to 2000 on an old 20 in planner i did a little bit of research and found out that i can plane my wood with my router. I searched the internet far and long for a simple yet practical jig to do this. Most of them were very well done and seemed really complex. i am on a limited bugget, i have more tools than i have money. So in my searching i gathered the ideas of others and the simple principles of the planning router jig and made one of my own. With simple parts and pieces that most people have laying arpund the shop. Thought this instuctable i will show you the steps to build your own. Thanks for reading and i hope that this will help someone with the same issues i found with this project.

Videos for 2/16/2017