The Story Behind Honest Company's First-Ever Brand Campaign Video Description

"We'd been doing this show, and while we were on set she showed me the spots, and I really loved them. She asked for some advice on the music, and I said I'd do it. She said, 'But I have more than one spot.' and I said, so what? I have more than one studio," says Will.iam. "I said she should try to make a family of music for it. The temp music she had in place was a bit random, so I said if you can create a body of work, so it felt like a capsule collection, I'd love to come at it from that perspective. It was easy to do because my calendar was blocked off to do the TV show, so when we'd finish shooting, I'd work on it with that rare free time. Then she said they didn't have a lot of money. And I said, I don't do things like this for money, I do it for feelings, for brushing up on my skills. We're family, we're working together, let's create."

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