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Intel just put a quantum computer on a silicon chip

A Dutch company called QuTech, working with Intel, just pulled off a silicon chip-based quantum computer. The future's looking good for spooky action.

Cloudflare is protecting the internet using groovy lava lamps

Cloudflare has a unique way of protecting a huge portion of the world's internet. They call it their Wall of Entropy; a wall lined with lava lamps that are..

Mexican Olympic skier finishes last but still gets a hero's celebration

And the oily Tonga athlete joins in on the action.

Here's what it's like to ride the brand new Uber Bike

It's as easy as riding a bike...

Drake gives away almost a million dollars in the new 'God's Plan' music video

$996,631.90 to be exact.

'Black Panther' is loaded with Easter eggs you probably missed. Here they are.

How many nods to the comics and the past/future of the MCU did you notice?

Marvel's next superhero made sure people got to see 'Black Panther' with inspiring idea

Marvel superheroes stick together.

'Everything Sucks!' brilliantly tackles topics that '90s shows never could

This show does not suck.

The DeanBeat: High Fidelity takes us dancing in a virtual reality club

I'm looking forward to Steven Spielberg's upcoming film based on Ernest Cline's virtual reality sci-fi novel Ready Player One. In one scene in that 2011 tome, a group of hackers gather to dance in a virtual night club. They float in the air and bump and grind to pulse-pounding music as a masked DJ looms over the crowd. It was one of many iconic moments about our VR future in the sci-fi novel.

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An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment. It’s not clear how many incidents there have been. A Silicon Valley-based spokeswoman for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration referred questions about Apple’s workplace safety record to the government agency’s website. A search on the site based on Apple’s name in California found no reports of injuries at the company’s new campus. 

32 lawsuits filed against Intel over Spectre and Meltdown flaws

Additionally, three further shareholder lawsuits were filed, claiming that Intel's board and corporate officers committed breach of duty in connection to the disclosure of the security flaws and failed to act in relation to alleged insider trading. In November last year, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich sold all the Intel stock he was allowed to sell . This stock sale has provoked speculation about insider trading, though Intel maintains that Krzanich's actions were unrelated to the security issues.

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Facebook must stop tracking Belgian web users, a court rules

Interior Apple Park glass is so clear, distracted employees are walking into it

The Apple Park's open, collaborative design is broken up into pods, separated by glass panes from floor to ceiling —and distracted employees are walking straight into them.

Embedding a Tweet Can Violate a Copyright, Judge Rules

"Having carefully considered the embedding issue, this Court concludes… that when defendants caused the embedded Tweets to appear on their websites, their actions violated plaintiff's exclusive display right," Judge Katherine Forrest wrote in a summary judgement opinion. "The fact that the image was hosted on a server owned and operated by an unrelated third party (Twitter) does not shield them from this result."

FCC investigates Chairman Ajit Pai over Sinclair-Tribune merger

The inquiry centers around Pai's dealings with Sinclair Broadcast Group before he pushed the FCC to loosen rules that allow television broadcasters to increase the number of stations they own. The FCC adopted rules last April. A few weeks later, Sinclair announced plans to buy Tribune media, which would make it the largest owner of broadcast stations in the country.

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The flu shot is 36 percent effective this year - not as bad as we feared.

Better Know a Blogger: SJVN on Linux, Microsoft, space roadsters, and more | ZDNet

In the latest installment of our ongoing Better Know a Blogger series, we talk to ZDNet’s Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols. We’ll take a deep dive into what makes this prolific tech journalist tick, and take a look at the future of tech through his eyes.

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You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

How cryptocurrency mining is hurting astronomers

At the time, in January 2014, Vanderlinde’s team was buying AMD 280x boards, and the prices for one went from $220 to $440 (CAD), he says. But it’s not exactly the extra money that creates problems. The budgets for radio telescopes like the ones Vanderlinde and Parsons work with runs in the millions of dollars, so there’s some slack for a few extra thousand bucks. The real crux is “the instability that makes it hard to predict,” Vanderlinde says. “Being unable to forecast what things are going to cost, it just makes for a logistical nightmare.”

11 US vs. Internet Research Agency LLC | Hacker News

US vs. Internet Research Agency LLC

Trolls Are Posting Fake Claims Of Being Assaulted At Showings Of "Black Panther"

Trolls Are Posting Fake Claims Of Being Assaulted At Showings Of "Black Panther"

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The FDA has approved the first blood test for concussions

Apple Launches 'Close Your Rings' Site to Promote the Apple Watch and Health

One of the key elements of that initiative is “closing the rings”. This is a built-in feature for the Apple Watch, with three separate colored rings that focus on individual tasks: Standing, exercising, and movement. Each individual Apple Watch owner can set a different goal in each task, and, on a daily basis, aims to close those rings to meet the goals.

This Dutch farmer is the Elon Musk of potatoes

Robert Mueller charges Russian ‘troll farm’ with election interference

Special counsel Robert Mueller has filed conspiracy and fraud charges against thirteen Russian nationals and three organizations. The group is charged with defrauding the United States as part of a campaign to influence the US election.

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"The unifying intelligence [that ties everything together] and is what enables the home to be smart could come from [Roomba]." 

Wakanda Forever on Flipboard

By Mashable | Black Panther may just be the best Marvel Cinematic Universe movie ever made, and we’ve got the inside track on everything you need to know.

Marvel Studios Head Wants Black Panther Director to Make a Sequel - IGN

In an interview with Variety , Feige discussed the possibility of getting more Black Panther movies, teasing there are still plenty of stories to tell about Wakanda and its ruler. Though Feige made sure to emphasize Marvel Studios only works on one project at a time, he believes fans haven't seen the last of T'Challa in his own standalone film.

Twitter users troll journalist covering Parkland shooting

As the shooter began a rampage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that would claim at least 17 lives , many students at the school began posting to social media about their experience during the ordeal. The Miami Herald's Alex Harris reached out to some students at the school in Parkland, Florida, for more information and soon discovered Twitter users sending fake screenshots of her tweets.

Yes, the band O.A.R. knows about the Russian Olympics team and they think it's hilarious

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Save big on Apple Watch bands this President's Day weekend [Watch Store] | Cult of Mac


Because companies have a duty to comply with equal employment laws and an interest in promoting diversity, “employers must be permitted to ‘nip in the bud’ the kinds of employee conduct that could lead to a ‘hostile workplace,’ rather than waiting until an actionable hostile workplace has been created before taking action," Sophir wrote.

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How to build a secure mobile app: 10 tips

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Demand action on gun control now. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Google Maps for iOS update could make it easier to get to work on time

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30 Intel hit with 32 lawsuits over security flaws

Apple puts Belkin screen protector for iPhone X back on sale after earlier recall

Belkin's InvisiGlass Ultra protector for the iPhone X is once again available through Apple, following a December recall due to quality problems. The new version of the accessory is 0.29 millimeters thick versus the original's 0.21 millimters. Buyers of the latter were sometimes complaining that the Ultra was cracking during everyday usage, as opposed to the incidents it was meant to safeguard against. Belkin was hit with a wave of negative online reviews, likely leaving it little choice but to issue the recall. Both Apple and Belkin have been offering refunds to people who bought the first-generation protector, according to MacRumors . The product costs $39.95. Some form of screen protection can be critical for the iPhone X, since it uses an edge-to-edge display and lacks any kind of physical home button. A broken screen can potentially make the device even less usable than when the same damage hits other Apple devices, and the company is charging $279 for out-of-warranty screen replacements.

Intel’s new graphics drivers automatically optimize game settings

Intel is introducing a new feature for its processors with integrated graphics, allowing games to be automatically optimized on systems. The feature is similar to Nvidia’s GeForce Experience, an application that’s designed to tweak game settings so they work best on a laptop or PC. Intel’s new graphics control software is particularly useful on laptops that aren’t really designed to run games, and it works on all Skylake or newer processors.

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Snapchat CEO is totally chill about how you hate the redesign

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US Justice Department has filed charges against 13 Russian nationals and three Russian groups for interfering with the 2016 presidential election. 

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All new iPhone apps must embrace the iPhone X notch, Apple decrees

"Starting April 2018, all new iOS apps submitted to the App Store must be built with the iOS 11 SDK. All new apps for iPhone, including universal apps, must support the Super Retina display of iPhone X," reads an update to the company's developer website today.

US election tampering charge for Russians

The White House may breathe a sigh of relief with that particular revelation. But the heat is increasing, and the investigation isn't over yet. At the very least, if Mr Mueller's allegations hold up in court, it will become increasingly difficult for the president to argue that Russian meddling on his behalf is an unsubstantiated hoax.

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These new Harry Potter wands let you play a magic version of laser tag

McDonald's to Remove Cheeseburgers from Happy Meals - IGN

In news that shook this writer to the core more than he expected, McDonald's is aiming to reduce the number of calories in its Happy Meals, and the humble cheeseburger is taking the hit.

40 The secret to great opportunities? The person you haven't met yet


What May Be U.S.’s First Drone-Linked Aircraft Crash Is Being Investigated

Walmart is looking to buy a huge stake in India’s Flipkart

The U.S. retail giant is in talks to buy more than 40% of Indian e-commerce firm Flipkart, reports Reuters . Flipkart is currently valued around $12 billion, so the proposed take could cost Walmart north of $5 billion. If the deal finalizes, it would give both Flipkart and Walmart some much-needed muscle against Amazon and would also allow Walmart to more easily access the growing consumer base in India. MG

New test will show developers how skilled they are in a coding language

Developers and other technologists can spend as little as five minutes answering 20 questions to measure their knowledge level in popular programming languages, including Angular, C#, JavaScript, and Python. Their results will produce a verified Pluralsight IQ number, which can be shared on their Developer Story with a timestamp to demonstrate relevance.

After allegedly draining bank accounts, Coinbase promises refunds

"I am now broke, cannot afford rent, food, gas, bills," one user complained.

How to answer 10 common net neutrality questions from users and executives

The end of net neutrality is bound to produce some questions from users and executives. Here are some typical ones you should expect, along with suggested answers you can customize.

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Apple is rushing to fix the Telugu bug as assholes use it to 'bomb' people's iPhones and Macs

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Sources: Uber is preparing to sell its Southeast Asia business to Grab in exchange for a sizable stake in the Singaporean company ( @sherman4949 / CNBC) … …

NBA Players Union Unveils New Marketing Rights Group Think450

Houston Rockets star and NBA players’ union president Chris Paul says it’s a significant move that he hopes will benefit all members. “It’s a big deal,” he says. “As the union has become stronger, players have become more educated and better understand their value. There are a fortunate few players who have a business team or agency working on their behalf on a daily basis, but with the union it’s about everybody. This gives the union a chance to see what business opportunities are there for the collective group.”

Google Image Search No Longer Offers 'View Image' Button

As the tweet above confirms, the removal of the view image button came about because of this deal and settlement with Getty Images. What it means for users is a new look to Google Images search results and a "Visit" button to press. The only problem with that is, instead of just loading the image it loads the website hosting it. If you simply want to look through the image search results, that's a lot of extra time and data to download for every click.

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56 Zelle users are finding out the hard way there’s no fraud protection
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59 Malicious cyber activity cost U.S. economy $57 billion - $109...
60 Lab-Grown Meat Is Coming, Whether You Like It or Not
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62 SpaceX's first internet satellites are set to launch Sunday
63 Essential’s Amazon-exclusive phone comes with Alexa onboard
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70 Verizon Prepaid rolls out new options, including a $30 plan
71 OxygenOS 5.0.2 OTA for the OnePlus 5T - OnePlus Forums • r/Android
72 'Altered Carbon' star Dichen Lachman defends her naked sword fight
73 ProBeat: Google can be proud of poor Pixel shipments, Essential should give up
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75 Which smart speaker should you buy?
76 Venezuela cryptocurrency to draw investment from Turkey, Qatar:...
77 LG targets Judy, its next flagship smartphone, for June unveil
78 US special counsel indicts 13 members of Russia's election meddling troll farm | ZDNet
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83 Netflix’s 40% stock run has it challenging Disney’s valuation
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