VAIO's first post-Sony laptops transform into tablets Video Description

The full-blooded VAIO Z  comes in two variants , each with a 13.3-inch display, either an Intel i7 or i5 processor, an aluminium carbon shell body, and an SSD that the company says can boot the computer from standby in 0.3 seconds. A hinge on the back of the Z's chassis allows the laptop's display to be turned, either so it can face outwards with the laptop closed to form a tablet, or so it can be flipped to show others what you're working on. VAIO calls the flagship Z a "monster PC," but says it won't chew through power too fast. For the hefty pricetag, the company boasts you'll get a machine with more than 15.5 hours of battery life — the longest ever for a VAIO laptop.

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