How Netflix completely revamped recommendations for its new global audience Video Description

The dystopian Sci-Fi movie "Equilibrium" might be available on Netflix in the US but not in France. And "The Matrix" might be available in France but not in the US. Our recommendation models rely heavily on learning patterns from play data, particularly involving co-occurrence or sequences of plays between videos. In particular, many algorithms assume that when something was not played it is a (weak) signal that someone may not like a video, because they chose not to play it. However, in this particular scenario we will never observe any members who played both "Equilibrium" and "The Matrix". A basic recommendation model would then learn that these two movies do not appeal to the same kinds of people just because the audiences were constrained to be different. However, if these two movies were available to the same set of members, we would likely observe a similarity between the videos and between the members who watch them. From this example, it is clear that uneven video availability potentially interferes with the quality of our recommendations.

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