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Google’s Project Loon update lets balloons cluster for better coverage

Google's Project Loon is ballooning internet to many remote regions using the power of clever navigation and air currents.

Formula E returns to Buenos Aires this weekend — here’s how to watch

All-electric racing series Formula E is back this weekend after a three-month break, its longest of the young third season. This weekend’s race is in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on a tight...

UK hospital uses VR to ease kids’ nerves before an MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging, most common known as an MRI for short, can be a frightening experience, especially for kids. The process involves lying down on a narrow bed, sliding into the middle of...

This batshit insane music video is a marriage proposal to Mark Zuckerberg's dog, Beast

My inbox is a magical place.

Stephen Colbert rips Donald Trump's first solo press conference

On Thursday, President Donald Trump held his first solo press conference.

Xbox One bundle offers 10 indie games for $20

'Thomas Was Alone' and nine other titles are heavily discounted for a limited time.

Iraqis are drifting cars through the streets of Mosul to spite ISIS

BuzzFeed News reporter Mike Giglio has been reporting on ISIS from the Middle East for two years now, but he recently stumbled onto something he’d never seen before: a group of young Iraqis...

Internet memes are the new Congressional soapbox

Culturally savvy members of Congress have finally figured out how to move their political messages beyond the quiet broadcasts of C-SPAN: if you meme them, they will spread. In accordance with...

'Alto's Adventure' studio will launch its new game this fall

'Where Cards Fall,' the next game from the studio behind 'Alto's Adventure,' will be out soon.

Router planing jig

I had bought a large piece of maple from my local wood supplier. this piece was warpped, craked, and cupped everywhere. I only have a planner that can handle wood up to 12 an a half inches. I was in need of a bigger planner. Instead of shelling out the 1500 to 2000 on an old 20 in planner i did a little bit of research and found out that i can plane my wood with my router. I searched the internet far and long for a simple yet practical jig to do this. Most of them were very well done and seemed really complex. i am on a limited bugget, i have more tools than i have money. So in my searching i gathered the ideas of others and the simple principles of the planning router jig and made one of my own. With simple parts and pieces that ...

After 10 years, this significant Team Fortress 2 bug has been fixed

One-line fix for character model syncing error went undetected for a decade. puts you inside your favorite music video

A green-screen effect, or chroma keying, is nothing new. But it's not really consumer technology -- mainly because of the need for an actual green screen, a..

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Google is mercifully killing YouTube’s unskippable 30-second ads

As Google continues to explore ways to monetize YouTube without frustrating users with overbearing ads, the search giant earlier today confirmed that YouTube videos, beginning in 2018, will no longer be saddled with 30-second pre-roll unskippable ads.

Comparing unlimited plans from T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T | ZDNet

It's disappointing AT&T has essentially removed the DirecTV requirement it used to have for its unlimited plan and left it more or less the same, rather than add hotspot and HD video-streaming to remain competitive.

Unreal Engine 4.15 supports Nintendo Switch, HDR, and AFR for Nvidia SLI

"Regarding our software development environment," Miyamoto said of the Switch, "third-party developers who are making software for PC can now easily adapt that software to work on our platform. In the current development environment, I'd say that it would take less than a year for them to port a PC game to Nintendo Switch... even though game software developers in the US and EU are often said to have superior skills to their Japanese counterparts when it comes to software development techniques, Nintendoʼs software developers have mastered state-of-the-art technologies such as Unreal Engine."

Zuckerberg Cut a Line About Monitoring 'Private Channels' From His Facebook Manifesto

On Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg published an updated founder’s letter for Facebook, his first since the company went public in 2012. Largely summarizing the CEO’s previous comments, the sweeping manifesto was newsworthy while containing little news . In at least one version of the text, however, Zuckerberg wrote about using artificial intelligence for online surveillance—a line stricken from the final draft.

AT&T jumps on the unlimited data bandwagon with an expensive new plan

The new AT&T unlimited plan is priced at $100 a month for a single line and an extra $40 per month for each additional line, up to a maximum of four. That's easily the most expensive unlimited data option for a single line, but AT&T’s plan is actually competitive—price-wise—with Verizon when you need two or four lines. At four lines, AT&T charges $180, but that includes a $40 credit which takes two months to kick in, meaning you’re paying $220 for the first two months. The plan price includes AT&T’s $60 plan charge, plus device access charges which vary from $10 to $40.

You can now shop using your Google Home smart speaker

Google adds that from now until April 30, Google Home shoppers will be exempt from any additional service or membership fees that normally come with on-demand shopping. To begin, users just need to first set up payment and shipping info via the Google Home app.

Twitter will punish abusive tweeters with temporary ban

Twitter’s clampdown on social media abuse has begun with a new policy that restricts abusive tweeters.

TNW Answers • Albert Song

Albert Song, VP of Product Design at Yahoo, leads the company's design efforts across mobile and desktop. He spearheaded and implemented a new design language initiative for products that now delight, connect, and inform over 1B users everyday. Under his leadership, Yahoo received two consecutive Apple Design awards.

Trump's Press Conference Draws Fire—But Also Gets Rave Reviews

This approach of making the media the enemy was set in motion early on in Trump's campaign, when he would put reporters in a literal pen at his rallies and encourage his supporters to dismiss them as "dishonest scum." And that strategy has continued into his presidency, underpinning almost every interaction that he or his administration have with the press.

Tiny Trump Is a Good Meme the President Will Be Very Mature About

In his month as President, Donald J. Trump has been portrayed by his many detractors as either an authoritarian with no respect for the rule of law surrounding himself with yes-men, paid crowds , and a cabal of wealthy, amoral cronies intent on bringing down democracy as we understand it—or as a child-like incompetent, metaphorically and literally stumbling in the dark , sickeningly ignorant of the expectations of his station.

11 Samsung chief Lee arrested as South Korean corruption probe deepens

SEOUL Samsung Group chief Jay Y. Lee was arrested on Friday over his alleged role in a corruption scandal rocking the highest levels of power in South Korea, dealing a fresh blow to the technology giant and standard-bearer for Asia's fourth-largest economy.

Harvard-led woolly mammoth de-extinction project gets closer to reality

The woolly mammoth is long extinct, but it’s beginning to look like they might make a comeback — or a comeback of sorts — as a hybrid elephant genetically edited to display many mammoth traits. A team of Harvard researchers presented their progress in making this happen at the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s yearly meeting this week, and, according to team leader Professor George Church, they’re closer than you might’ve believed.

Snapchat just released a 35-min video explaining why they're worth $20B

It's time for Snapchat to convince Wall Street and the world why they should be worth more than $20 billion — and here's a look at their secret 35-minute video that's meant to do just that.

Giphy launches library of more than 2,000 GIFs to teach you sign language

"Many people misunderstand the facial expressions of sign language users and think of them as being 'animated' or 'emoting,'" Scarl said. "Facial expressions are an important part of grammatical information and the linguistic structure of ASL. Facial expressions distinguish between interrogative and declarative sentences, modify adverbs, convey emotional tone, define spatial relationships and much more."

YouTube has auto-captioned a billion videos (yes, billion)

The automatic subtitles make videos more accessible for people with hearing impairments and anyone trying to stealthily watch a clip during church.

Google Fiber gets a new head, trims employees

Google's parent company Alphabet tapped broadband veteran Gregory McCray to take over the Access unit -- Alphabet's team primarily focused on Fiber -- while at the same time shifting hundreds of employees to other divisions within Google.

A pre-Trump version of the EPA website exists — you know, just in case

When a federal agency receives three or more Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, it is legally required to release the requested document. In this case, the “document” is the EPA’s website on the day before President Trump entered office.

Sprint fires back at Verizon with cheaper unlimited HD plans

Head here to compare all of the unlimited plans. Sprint's deal does look pretty sweet. That said, there's a lot of fine print included with the announcement. You'll have to trade in a pretty new phone to get the iPhone 7 deal, so if you've been waiting through a two year lifecycle to upgrade, you're probably out of luck. After March 1, 2018, the price will go up to $60 a month for the first line, $40 a month for line 2, and $30 a month for lines 3 and 4. Those prices include a $5 a month discount assuming you sign up for AutoPay.


We are NOT trying protectionism, that is what the rest of the world has been doing for literally forever... We are moving to fair trade around the world. Let me educate you my fellow slashdot citizens: The US during the cold war set up trade deals to foster freedom and democracy around the world. We essentially used our economy to subsidize other free countries to help them grow and stabilize many regions. The cold war ended over 25 years ago, but the lopsided trade deals remained and many of our trading partners have further pushed their unfair trade advantages with the US to further extremes. The American people have been hurting ever since the dot com bubble burst and the 9-11 terrorist attacks drained ~$3 trillion from the US economy, with the war on terror draining another ~$3 trillion, with the rest of the world offering only token support while they grow fat on their socialistic benefits, made possible in large part by the US subsidizing their national defense with our military and subsidizing their economy with lopsided trade deals. The US citizens have looked around the world and collectively said WTF, no more of this bullshit and elected Trump to do what every other leader of every other country around the world does and is expected to do: put his own country's interests first.

Samsung chief Jay Y. Lee arrested for part in South Korean corruption scandal

The acting head of the Samsung Group, Jay Y. Lee, was arrested on Friday by police in South Korea, taken into custody hours after a warrant for his arrest was approved by the country's Central District Court. Lee is now in the custody of the Seoul Detention Center , reports Reuters , after waiting overnight at the center for the court's decision . Despite belonging to the wealthiest family in the country, the 48-year-old Lee is apparently not getting special treatment while under arrest, with a jail official noting he is being held in a single cell with a TV and a desk. It is unclear if Lee's arrest will be contested or if he will be bailed, as a spokeswoman for Samsung Group advised no decision had been made on the matter. "We will do our best to ensure that the truth is revealed in future court proceedings," according to a statement from the group. Prosecutors now have up to ten days to indict Lee, though this time can be extended via a request to the court, with an initial ruling on the matter required from the court within three months of the indictment. Prosecutors are said to be planning to continue questioning Lee on Saturday.

Why Open Whisper Systems Is One Of The Most Innovative Companies Of 2017

Facebook announced in April that messages sent on the latest versions of WhatsApp would automatically be encrypted with the protocol, and the social networking giant is using it to add a secret messaging mode to its Messenger app as well. Google included the technology in its Allo messaging product, released in September. In addition to security, Signal has recently added features that wouldn’t be out of place in commercial services: It now includes a search tool for GIFs, can sync conversations between mobile and desktop versions, and—naturally—offers messages that automatically disappear after a few seconds.

What's the fastest web browser for the Mac? | ZDNet

While I didn't carry out specific battery tests this time around, I have noticed in day-to-day use that while Google Chrome is fast, it's also a massive power hog, while Safari is by far the most well behaved browser in terms of battery longevity. When I'm out and about and notice my battery is getting low I usually switch to Safari and find I get significantly better (by that I mean a noticeable) increase in battery life.

Trump’s Pick to Lead the EPA Is Suing the EPA Over Climate Change

On Wednesday, Trump announced his pick of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head up the EPA. A longtime foe of the Obama administration’s climate change agenda, Pruitt’s credentials include repeatedly suing the agency he is soon going to head, attempting to block pollution regulations aimed at safeguarding public health, and questioning the overwhelming scientific consensus that global warming is real and man-made.

Snapchat Spectacles: The smart person's guide - TechRepublic

Are Snap Inc.'s Spectacles more than just a gimmick? Here's a look at how the wearables can be a practical benefit to an organization's social media strategy.

This Moto Mod turns your phone into a walkie-talkie

Although it’s designed to work with the Moto Z, Linc says the walkie-talkie can connect and work with any Bluetooth-enabled device. Given that this is a crowdfunded device and Linc has never shipped a product, there’s always the chance that the product may never ship or work like you expect it to. But if you’re inclined, you can order a Linc for as low as $99 on Indiegogo.

The Best Alternative OSes You Need to Install Already

There’s a world out there beyond Windows , macOS, Android and iOS —and it’s a world worth exploring. The big 4 operating systems are built to be useful to as many people as possible. Yet many of us have very particular needs and might do better with something more streamlined. Thankfully there are a lot of programmers with needs as particular as our own. Sometimes they build operating systems dedicated to certain computers and smartwatches, or ones intended just for gaming. Other times they’re out tweaking and refining what’s already available.

How to get more information on Window 10's Startup tab by enabling additional columns - TechRepublic

In addition to letting you disable programs, the new Startup tab offers some enhanced functionality. For example, you can track down the location of a file on your hard disk as well as instantly search the Web for more detailed information about a program. You can also get detailed information by enabling additional columns in its default view. Let's take a closer look.

We tried McDonald's super-engineered shake straw

Between the mechanical challenges that I encountered and the STRAW's sheer lack of availability, it strikes me as far more marketing tool than eating utensil. Granted, we weren't able to find a location that didn't blend their shakes -- even when specifically and explicitly ordered as layered -- so there may well be some consumptive value that this thing provides. But there's no need for you to go out of your way to find one of them (unless collecting McDonald's memorabilia is your thing) because you're going to spend far longer looking for it than you will waiting for the shake to melt slightly, then stirring vigorously and slurping.

Monopoly just got rid of one of their most iconic pieces, nothing will ever be the same

It has been a cruel 2017 thus far and now the humble thimble, the universal symbol of the blessed sewers who toil and sweat over clothes, blankets, and so much more, has unceremoniously been booted from the choice of Monopoly figurines.

Congressman calls for House investigation of Donald Trump’s terrible Android phone

In the month since he took office, Donald Trump has refused to drop his Samsung S3 in favor of the standard secured phone. That’s a huge security problem, since conventional phones are vulnerable to any number of outside attacks, and the US president is one of the most valuable intelligence targets in the world. But despite the real risk of compromise — which could give hackers access to the phone’s microphone and camera — Trump has continued to use the phone, sending tweets from an Android device as recently as this morning .

Is Snapchat More Like Facebook or Twitter? Neither.

Snap's roadshow is about to begin. Bloomberg Technology's Sarah Frier and Bloomberg News reporter Alex Barinka report on which companies you should be comparing Snap to. (Source: Bloomberg)

Dawn probe spots organic materials on dwarf planet Ceres

NASA still isn't sure what the organics are exactly, but they gave off the same fingerprints as carbon-hydrogen bonds under near-infrared light and could include components like methyl and methylene. The scientists also believe that they're native to Ceres, made on the dwarf planet itself and not transplanted there by meteorites or small asteroids. Carbonates and clays previously identified on Ceres apparently exhibit chemical activity in the presence of water and heat. That means the organics could have formed in a water-rich environment -- and Dawn already proved that the giant asteroid is oozing with water .

Ask Ed Boon Anything About Injustice 2 – IGN First - IGN

We've been covering Injustice 2 all month long as part of IGN First, and to close things out at the end of the month we'd like to offer you a chance to ask NetherRealm founder and Injustice 2 boss Ed Boon your burning questions about the superhero fighting game sequel. Remember that Boon is unlikely to share any more character reveals, but if you've got questions about gameplay mechanics, his character preferences, etc., there's a good chance he might reply!

Dramatic Satellite Images Show the Oroville Dam From Drought to Overflow

During the drought, vast tracts of exposed shoreline were visible, including a batch of islands just north of the 770-foot (235 meter) dam. But in late January, after heavy rains, the shorelines shrunk, and the islands became submerged. Looking at the animation, the color of the water appears lighter during the drought, but much darker in January owing to sediment washed into the dam. The city of Oroville, home to 16,000 residents, can be seen at bottom left.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is Totally Plural (If You're Bilingual)

Following on the heels of revealing Rey’s new hair on an empty box , another Star Wars: Episode VIII mystery has been answered—namely, whether The Last Jedi refers to a single Jedi or a group of Jedi, since both the singular and the plural form are “Jedi.” The solution comes to us via the release of several foreign-language titles for the film.

These Poor Planets Are Why the Internet Shouldn't Be Allowed to Name Things

As a reward, the winners of this contest, which seem to be disproportionately represented by universities and observatories, were given the opportunity to name 17 minor planets in our solar system (a minor planet being a celestial body in orbit around the Sun that’s too small to be considered a planet, but too big to be considered an asteroid or comet). The IAU, with the assistance of its Division F Working Group Small Bodies Nomenclature (a shitty name for a group that’s supposed to be in the business of recognizing, you know, actually pleasant-sounding or profound names) approved the names of these minor planets after the winners made their proposals.

Why AI and machine learning are so hard, Facebook and Google weigh in - TechRepublic

However, we still struggle to uncover patterns in this chaotic haystack of data. This is where machine learning becomes so important. As Naveen Rao, co-founder and CEO of Nervana, said at the event: "The part that seems to me 'intelligent' is the ability to find structure in data." It's not that machines are interpreting the world in any remotely human way today. No, what they're doing is uncovering structure in a seemingly structure-free mountain of data, picking out patterns that no human brain could hope to find in any comparable amount of time.

Keep Your Budget Simple By Sticking to Three Categories

Categorizing even further than this tends to over complicate things. Your budget doesn’t care much if that $20 you spent was on a movie or a book. It doesn’t care if the $3 you spent on soda at the gas station counts as “Gas & Fuel” or “Groceries.” It cares if you have enough money to cover your expenses. So don’t stress yourself trying to fit everything carefully into a box unless you really need to. If you see that one category is too high, you can analyze it to see where you can cut, but if you’re just trying to put together a basic monthly budget, stick to simple and put your money where it needs to go first.

Car startup Beepi sold for parts after potential exits to Fair, and then DGDG, broke down

For the Blind, an Actual-Reality Headset

Yvonne Felix’s eyes don’t work well enough on their own for her to read, recognize faces or cross the street without help. But when the Toronto-based artist and mother puts on a new kind of camera-equipped headgear, she looks at me like no one has before. The visor that allows legally blind people to see is no longer Star Trek fiction. Leaps in augmented-reality technology are being used to help people with severely low vision gain...

How to Pick the Right Router to Save Your Internet

Your wi-fi is bad. Not the internet itself. Your internet is fine. It’s your wi-fi that leaves you weeping as it cuts off the minute you try to browse from the toilet, or walk down the stairs, or lean just one particular way on your bed. Some part of you has known, for a while, that you need to upgrade your router so that you can watch Netflix and porn in peace. But a lot has changed since the last time anyone in your home considered forking over cash for a wireless router.

Makeup brand wants to stop Trump supporters from buying its products

He admits the brand cannot feasibly prevent anyone buying its products, but added: "We also know that no matter how hard some people work to make themselves beautiful on the outside, make-up can never hide the ugliness inside."

The Most Bullshit Missions to Mars, Ranked

But recent history is rife with overly ambitious, half-baked plans to colonize Earth’s little brother. Here are some of the more noteworthy past (and present) plans to send humans to Mars, ranked by descending levels of absurdity.

Google Assistant now helps with your shopping on Google Home

Unless you have a $95 annual membership, there's usually a minimum order amount and a delivery fee associated with Express. However, when you have Google Home lend a hand between now and April 30th, you won't have to worry about paying any membership or service fees. All you have to do to get started is input your payment info and shipping address in the Settings menu of the Google Home app.

Fig's new fund helps indie games get to Steam

Steam Direct allows any developer to get a game up on the site, with the caveat that they pay a fee ranging from $100 to $5,000. The new program will soon replace Steam Greenlight, in which games are voted onto the platform by users. The fund will thus guarantee distribution for games, and what's left over can be used for marketing to give them some exposure, too. That way, "developers are free to dedicate more fan-raised money to making their games," writes Fig co-founder Justin Bailey.

By sparring with AlphaGo, researchers are learning how an algorithm thinks

Even the smartest humans miss patterns that computers see instantly. Problems like file-compression, translation, and custom drug fabrication have millions of variables and data points whose limits exceed human understanding dozens of times over. By offloading the world’s complexities onto mechanical brains better suited for them, we might see what patterns humans have been missing for thousands of years. For researchers, that means a new age of human progress is already upon us, but not necessarily driven by human ingenuity. Machines have already begun to outstrip human intellect and teach their creators about manmade constructs like games and language.

Forbes Welcome

It is not easy to break into or be successful... Success stories all revolve around extreme passion.

This handy name generator will tell you how Sean Spicer will mispronounce your name

Thanks to the Sydney Morning Herald , you could be. Inspired by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's constant mispronunciation of words — including, yes, Justin Trudeau's name — the publication has created a "Spicer-ize my name" generator .

Your personal Facebook Live videos can legally end up on TV

Man streams son's birth on Facebook Live - sees footage on Good Morning America.

Tokyo Institute of Technology taps Nvidia for Japan’s fastest AI supercomputer

Nvidia Tesla P100 GPUs, which use Pascal processing architecture, will be used in the creation of the cluster, which will be known as TSUBAME3.0, and which will replace TSUBAME2.5 with twice the performance capabilities. Don’t feel too badly for TSUBAME2.5, however – it’s still going to be in active use, adding its power to TSUBAME3.0’s projected 47 petaflops for a combined total of 64.3 petaflops in total – you’d need a heck of a lot of iPhones to match that (like very, very insanely many).

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