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The One Feature a Great Smartwatch Needs | WIRED

Apple could move from the edge of the white-hot messaging space to its very center, simply by selling the most accessible messaging device.

A Nanotech Skylight That Looks Just Like the Sun Shining Overhead | WIRED

Each CoeLux fixture attempts to model the sunlight of a specific place on earth.

The Big Bird, 'Birdman' parody that needed to happen

This is Big Birdman.

Woman demonstrates 100 years of Iranian beauty in one minute

The third installment of The Cut's "100 Years of Beauty' series centers around historical beauty trends in Iran.

Some Lenovo laptops shipped with preinstalled malware

Researchers have unearthed a security vulnerability in preinstalled software on Lenovo products that breaks secure HTTPS website connections.

Security journalist fears Barrett Brown case will prompt crackdown

The prosecution and conviction of Barrett Brown has already seen one prominent cyber security journalist step away out of fear

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Morgan Stanley leads 20 new bank and credit union additions for Apple Pay

Quote: Originally Posted by boredumb� I was skeptical - and still am - about the future of ApplePay, but it's certainly nice to see the list of adopters continue to swell. � The problem remains, to get the average person - not the AI reader, or techie, or 30-and-under - to understand why ApplePay is such a significant improvement in security and safety, and, to a lesser extent, ease-of-use. These are the folks whose spending, by dint of sheer numbers, will make or break this foray into a new business for Apple, and, at least so far, that group still seems pretty clueless, because their sources of information (e.g. the evening news, etc.) are also generally pretty clueless, about the finer points, the specific distinctions, between it and everything that's gone before. Just give it time. I recall vividly the disbelief in the UK that we'd ever be able to master decimalized currency. For ages I remember the stalls at the local produce market had items priced in both the old system (base 20 AND base 12) and the new (base 10). Newspapers were full of horror stories about the elderly or math(s) challenged being befuddled and / or cheated.

Lenovo will stop preloading Superfish adware on PCs

Lenovo found itself in a bit of hot water when some customers started noticing weird sponsored links in the search results on their brand-new PCs. The culprit it turns out was a little piece of adware called Superfish the company was shipping on laptops. The company listened to customer complaints and turned off the server-side portion of the app in January. It also stopped preinstalling Superfish on new machines around the same time. While Lenovo said originally that it had "temporarily removed" the software from new machines while its developers worked on an update to address concerns, it now says that it will not preload the software ever again.

It’s not about quizzes and listicles — it’s about experimentation

During his research, Foxman talked to a number of people at BuzzFeed, including Jack Shepherd, who was employee number eight and now runs the Buzz entertainment vertical, as well as members of the site’s gaming team. Shepherd points out that the site’s entire editorial approach is a kind of game-playing, saying the idea was not to “sit around [and] assign stories based on what we thought were the important stories of the day” but to see what people were actually sharing and build on that:

YouTube To Launch Ad-Free Subscription Model

(Reuters) - Google Inc is set to launch a subscription model for YouTube in a few months, CNBC quoted Robert Kyncl, the online video service's head of content and business operations as saying at the Code/Media conference.

Yahoo to devs: Use our new mobile developer suite, make money

Mayer also touted her success in getting Yahoo to focus on mobile, which she described as a "hobby" for the company prior to her arrival. Yahoo now has more than 500 people working full-time on mobile (outside of Flurry), according to Mayer. Yahoo's revenue from mobile ads grew to $254 million last quarter, accounting for 20% of the company's total revenues — a significant increase but still well behind competitors such as Facebook and Twitter.

Shaft Reboot in Development With Predator Producer - IGN

According to TheWrap , a Shaft reboot is in development at New Line Cinema with veteran producer John Davis (the Predator franchise, Chronicle, I, Robot).

Lenovo installed software making laptops vulnerable to hacking: experts

Graham and other experts said Lenovo was negligent, and that computers could still be vulnerable even after uninstalling Superfish. The software throws open encryptions by giving itself authority to take over connections and declare them as trusted and secure, even when they are not.

Stray Fairy Locations - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Wiki Guide - IGN

Location of Fairy Fountain:  After you collect all 15 Stray Fairies in the temple, you need to return them to the Fairy Fountain. The fountain in woodfall is located not far from the location where you played the Sonata of Awakening. It is against the wall in a large cave that you need to use the launchers to get to. The Great Fairy of Power rewards you with a stronger Spin Attack. In the 3DS version this great fairy doubles the size of your magic bar.

Home for a Rest

You can live the Mozilla mission, feel it in your bones, and still worry about the future; I’ve had those moments over the last 8 years. Maybe you have, too. But Mozilla today is stronger than I’ve seen it in a long time. Our new strategy in search gives us a solid foundation and room to breathe, to experiment, and to make things better for our users and the web. We’re executing better than we ever have, and we’re seeing the shift in our internal numbers, while we wait for the rest of the world to catch up. January’s desktop download numbers are the best they’ve been in years. Accounts are being counted in tens of millions. We’re approaching 100MM downloads on Android. Dev Edition is blowing away targets faster than we can set them; Firefox on iOS doesn’t even exist yet, and already you can debug it with our devtools. Firefox today has a fierce momentum.

White House Names DJ Patil as the First US Chief Data Scientist | WIRED

Patil is moving his family to Washington where he’ll play a role in helping the United States government maximize its investments in big data and advise on policy issues and technology practices. And like his tech peers, he’ll be recruiting others to the cause. Patil will also be devoting time to the Administration’s Precision Medicine Initiative, which focuses on giving clinicians new tools, knowledge, and therapies to select which treatments will work best for which patients, while protecting patient privacy.

Google Inbox comes to iPads, Safari, and Firefox

Google's new email client, Inbox,  launched last October on the iPhone, Android, and on Chrome. It was a reimagining of how email could work — albeit with a lot of influence from other apps like Mailbox — but it was limited to just those three platforms. Most egregious is that the web version of Inbox wasn't so much a web version as it was a Chrome version, as it failed on other browsers. That situation is slightly better today, with added support for Safari and Firefox. That doesn't quite make it a fully client-agnostic web app, but it's a step in the right direction. It's also now a  universal app on iOS , meaning that it should work equally well on iPads and iPhones.

Big Halo: Master Chief Collection Update is in 'Final Stages of Testing' - IGN

"We’re happy with the progress on the next CU, with significant progress being made on big and small issues, and we’re being diligent in gameplay and stress testing to ensure that it is a meaningful update. While we haven’t yet locked an exact release date of this CU, the work is in its final stages of testing and bug squashing is well underway. The next time we communicate regarding the status of the upcoming CU, we will provide a definitive timeframe for its availability."

Why Amazon's Latest Move Is Promising For People Who Like Sci-Fi

The Amazon pilot for "Mad Dogs" is no period piece: It's a very contemporary drama in which several guys encounter a series of unexpected events on a group vacation. The subtext of "Mad Dogs" is all about male friendship, and how hard it can be for the men in a particular social circle to maintain emotional intimacy when they can't escape their desire to compete with and dominate each other. The "Mad Dogs" pilot didn't fully convince me that there's a series in this premise; the pilot feels like the first half of a decent movie that might peter out if it lasted more than two hours. But I'll definitely watch "Mad Dogs" when it returns, in large part thanks to the show's unfussy humor and energy, and also because the cast (Ben Chaplin, Romany Malco, Billy Zane, Steve Zahn and Michael Imperioli) gels so well together.

Pebble's Homepage is Showing a Mysterious Countdown Timer

Pebble, maker of what was arguably the first popular smartwatch, appears to have something new up their sleeve. A mysterious countdown timer has shown up on its  homepage .

There's absolutely nothing wrong with still being on your parents' cellphone plan at age 26

Though it’s hard for me to objectively assess whether my parents’ continued support has stunted my growth, I don’t think I fit the description of Mooching Millennial. That’s partly because I’m financially independent (aside from the cellphone plan and HBO Go and Netflix accounts), and I live in a city that’s far from home. I don’t talk to my parents everyday, and I only occasionally ask for their advice on professional and personal decisions. And oftentimes, the help I receive is reciprocated. When my dad launched a vintage watch business, for example, I helped him create a website, email newsletter, Twitter account, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr. In my case, the cellphone plan isn’t hurting my parents financially, according to them (more on that later). They also don’t seem to harbor any feelings of resentment and/or anger toward me. If I’m OK with it, and my parents are OK with it, then Glamour and other digital-umbilical-cord scolds should butt out. And recent emerging adulthood data indicates that my experience may not be an anomaly. Of course, this research comes with an important caveat: It’s impossible to generalize over such a large age range (emerging adults are, generally speaking, 18–30).

IGN on Twitter

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IFTTT Launches DO, a Suite of Customizable Shortcut Apps

Many of us in the tech community love IFTTT  (If This, Then That), an automation algorithm that connects two or more internet-connected tools like a falling domino chain. Since its launch in 2011, IFTTT has expanded widely in the consumer market, with integrations on many popular gadgets from Fitbit, HP printers to Hue lightbulbs and Smappee home energy monitor.

Inbox by Gmail heads to the iPad, bringing yet another Google app to Apple tablets

The impact on you: The iPad version is once again a Material Design copy of what you get on Android and the iPhone, only bigger. The main part of the screen is taken up by your messages and bundled categories such as “Updates” and “Social.” The slideout drawer on the iPad has all the same menu options you see on other apps, including the Inbox view, snoozed messages, and bundle categories like travel, purchases, and finance.

I visited the coffee shop that just raised $15 million from tech investors to see what all the fuss was about

So while there's no obvious tech angle, Philz investors probably see an opportunity in the premium-coffee market. It's possible that slower-moving sit-down coffee shops like this one will steal some customers from Starbucks, just like "fast-casual" food chains like Chipotle and Panera Bread have taken business away from McDonald's .

The US Treasury will now accept PayPal

Last year US government agencies collected a whopping $3.37 trillion in revenue. That's roughly $90 billion a day that the public pays into government coffers. In an attempt to bring this massive operation into the 21st century, the Treasury announced today that it will begin  accepting some of those fees through PayPal and Dwolla.

If You Love Computers, This Novel Should Be on Your Must-Read List

What's immediately fascinating about The Three Body Problem isn't the crazy alien conspiracy plot, nor the insane representations of what it would be like to live on a planet with three suns. It's actually the fact that Liu was able to write a raw, disturbing story about the Cultural Revolution — a period during the Cold War when thousands of scientists and professors were rounded up by the authorities and put into forced labor camps. The government of the People's Republic of China often censors people who criticize the Communist Party, so the mere existence of Liu's novel is evidence that even the government is willing to admit in retrospect that the Cultural Revolution was not a great idea.

Humans Can Influence the Weather, But We Can't Control It (Yet)

Today, he uses optical array probes, diodes, and lasers that show in real time the size, shape, and number of particles in a cloud while he flies. And before taking off, he can simulate the cloud seeding to select the right clouds. It's not only more efficient, but more accurate as well. Which, as Boe put it, helps him and his team understand weather patterns and cloud science first, before they can tackle the possibilities of complete weather modification.

Mashable on Twitter

You monsters. RT @mashable : 10 un-retouched photos of Tommy Lee Jones we are leaking right now

Sony to Offer ‘Premium Sound’ Memory Card

Now comes a memory card engineered for sound quality. Beginning next month, the 64 gigabyte SR-64HXA micro SDXC memory card will be sold for around $160 in Japan, roughly five times the cost of a standard card with the same amount of storage. The SR-64HXA produces less electrical noise when reading data, the company says.

Infoporn: College Faculties Have a Serious Diversity Problem | WIRED

To be a professor is to belong to a select few—an insider’s club of vanishing tenured faculty positions. It’s no secret that a fancy diploma can help grads vying for those coveted spots. But while working on his PhD and contemplating his career prospects, computer scientist Aaron Clauset wanted to know just how much weight a prestigious alma mater—an MIT, a Stanford, a Harvard—carried. So he decided to dive into the data himself.

"Disturbing" Waste In Afghanistan: How The U.S. Trashed Troops' Health And Squandered Millions

Last month, Fast Company ’s E.B. Boyd reported on the pullout from Afghanistan and documented how the burn pits were used during the war to dispose of massive amounts of military materiel and technical equipment. Despite concerns about burn pits dating back to Vietnam, they continued to be used in Afghanistan and Iraq because they "provided an easy answer." Contractors used them to burn as much as 410 tons of solid waste a day during the war, from vehicle parts to Styrofoam to computers to unexploded ordnance and medical waste, at times leaving plumes of black smoke lingering above barracks areas. After soldiers returned home with health concerns, new guidelines were passed in 2009, which sought to phase out the burn pits and replace them with incinerators beginning in 2011.

Europe’s 2015 Tech Startup Landscape

Europe lacks its very own Facebook, Google or Twitter, but if the volume of new venture capital backing technology startups on the continent is any guide, there could be one in the making.

Lenovo Says Pre-Loaded Adware Is No Longer Active And Pre-Installation Stopped In January

Update: Lenovo has updated its response to say that pre-installation of Superfish on new PCs began in September, not October as they originally claimed. We’ve updated their statement below and noted the change.

Heroku Enterprise launches, bringing Salesforce's app platform to the business

Today, Salesforce goes all-in on its vision of shiny, responsive, fast apps for every business with the launch of Heroku Enterprise, which takes the core platform-as-a-service and adds more features to make it accessible to the enterprise.

Sony wants to sell you an overpriced memory card 'for premium sound'

Never let it be said that Sony lacks the courage of its convictions. The company that introduced  the $1,200 Walkman at CES last month is now preparing to release its perfect companion: a 64GB microSD card engineered for better sound quality. It's difficult to fathom how the transfer of digital information could ever be made more silent, but Sony's internal measurements have shown its audiophile-friendly memory card producing less electrical noise when reading data.

May the music be with you on a Millennium Falcon guitar - CNET

Looking for the Rebel Bass? Rock out on the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy thanks to these light-up "Star Wars" Millennium Falcon guitars by Doni Custom Guitars on Etsy.

Why You Bought Those Reese's Pieces: A History of Product Placement In Movies

Great Video. I have to say I can't stand product placement. I studied film production and now I find it quite difficult to forget how its being made as I'm watching something. Nothing quite takes me out of the experience more than a company advertising itself at the expense of my enjoyment. Check out this frankly quite ridiculous act of product placement in Hawaii 5-0

Using Google Cloud Platform for Security Scanning

Posted by Rob Mann, Security Engineering Manager [Cross-posted from the Google Cloud Platform Blog] Deploying a new build is a thrill, but every release should be scanned for security vulnerabilities. And while web application security scanners have existed for years, they’re not always well-suited for Google App Engine developers. They’re often difficult to set up, prone to over-reporting issues (false positives)—which can be time-consuming to filter and triage—and built for security professionals, not developers. Today, we’re releasing Google Cloud Security Scanner in beta. If you’re using App Engine, you can easily scan your application for two very common vulnerabilities: cross-site scripting (XSS) and mixed content. While designing Cloud Security Scanner we had three goals: Make the tool easy to set up and use Detect the most common issues App Engine developers face with minimal false positives Support scanning rich, JavaScript-heavy web applications To try it for yourself, select Compute > App Engine > Security scans in the Google Developers Console to run your first scan, or learn more here .

Burger King brings its online delivery service to the U.K.

With the abundance of takeaway delivery services and aggregators now available online, including through smartphones and tablets, it’s perhaps surprising McDonald’s and Burger King have been so slow to leverage the potential for home deliveries in the Internet age. Last year, London-based GrubHub-style food delivery aggregator JustEat began trading on the London Stock Exchange , opening at a value of $2.45 billion. And just today, Uber revealed it was getting into food delivery in Europe too.

Enlist in the Android Army: A beginner’s guide to Android

No other operating system offers the same level of diversity as Android. The Android OS has expanded beyond smartphones into the realm of tablets and wearable devices, including a swath of smartwatches and Google Glass. What’s more, you can download files on your Android device, open them when you’re offline, and share them with other Android users at a moment’s notice. Google even takes it one step further, allowing seamless integration between recent Android devices and Google’s Web-based OS for computers, Chrome OS. You can also use your Google log-in to share bookmarks and browsing history across devices through the Chrome browser.

The Verge on Twitter

Watch a teaser for HBO's Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief

The Verge on Twitter

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McDonald's Social Media Team Will Answer Literally Any Question Except One

As the Fight for $15 video points out, it’s not that McDonald’s was simply too swamped. Its social media accounts took the time to address probing queries ranging from the mundane—"What’s 9+10?"—to the macabre, like whether the company would ever serve "human meat." But when people posed questions like: "When will you start paying your workers a livable wage?" they got only crickets in reply.

How to remove the dangerous Superfish adware preinstalled on Lenovo PCs

Lenovo’s been caught going a bit too far in its quest for bloatware money, and the results have put its users at risk. The company has been preloading Superfish, a "visual search" tool that includes adware that fakes the encryption certificates for every HTTPS-protected site you visit, on its PCs since at least the middle of 2014. Essentially, the software conducts a man-in-the-middle attack to fill the websites you visit with ads, and leaves you vulnerable to hackers in its wake.

Don’t let AT&T mislead you about its $29 “privacy fee”

So in this case, the media may be lauding AT&T for putting a $29 monthly price on the value of consumer privacy. But when I look at the practice, I see a company that has little competition, manipulating consumers into choosing to give up their privacy. Consumers do this, not because they get a $29 discount, but because after going through a fairly complicated sign up process and managing to click on the right button to even see the option to protect their privacy, they suddenly realize that keeping their privacy doesn’t cost $29 but rather $44 or even $66 per month.

Facebook Now Lets You Put Stickers On Pictures From Your Phone

Starting Thursday, you'll be able to add stickers to your photos from Facebook's mobile app on iOS and Android. You'll see a new sticker icon when you upload a photo to Facebook on mobile; when you add a sticker, you can drag it to wherever you want, change the size and rotate it. You can keep or remove the stickers before you decide to upload the photo to Facebook.

NSA and UK spies hacked world's largest SIM card manufacturer, report says

American and British spies hacked into the world's largest SIM card manufacturer, compromising the privacy of mobile devices across the world, according to a report that cites newly revealed documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden . The documents are dated from 2010.

Uber launches its first international meal delivery service with UberEATS in Barcelona

While the choice of Barcelona may seem random, it’s worth noting that the city will host the Mobile World Congress in two weeks. One of the globe’s largest mobile conferences, it will draw more than 30,000 attendees to the city who will now be able to try Uber’s nascent food delivery service.

Neill Blomkamp's 'Alien' movie gets the greenlight, as seen on Instagram - CNET

Blomkamp titled his concept "Alien: Xeno". The artwork portrays characters from earlier films including Ellen Ripley, played in all four "Alien" movies by Sigourney Weaver, and space marine Dwayne Hicks, played by Michael Biehn in "Aliens". The poorly-received David Fincher sequel "Alien 3" killed off both characters, so where that would place this movie in the continuity of the films remains to be seen. But seeing as Ripley was already reborn as a clone in "Alien Resurrection" and Blomkamp's concepts show Ripley as some form of alien hybrid, who knows what direction the story could take?

Google Wants to Stop the US from Spying On PCs Worldwide

Google is concerned about a proposed change to a criminal procedure rule that could allow the US government to hack into and spy on computer networks and devices across the globe. The search giant has filed a comment ( PDF ) opposing the change, as it believes the change would undermine Web users’ rights to privacy and security.

The Verge on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Google Releases Cloud Security Scanner Beta for Web Apps

Although several security scanners already exist for Web applications, Google says these are typically not very well suited to those that run on the Google App Engine – there’s a tendency to report false positives and setup can be more complicated than necessary.

Salesforce Wave Analytics Tool Makes The Move To Mobile

When launched Wave , its nascent analytics product last fall at Dreamforce, it did what it always does with new products. It put out a basic product to get things going and then it kept working. Today it announced several new tools that bring all the analytics goodness of Wave to a mobile device.

After Jony Ive snub, Motorola slams Apple for 'outrageous prices'

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 42 million unique visitors worldwide and 21 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

NSA chief says Sony attack traced to North Korea after software analysis

OTTAWA (Reuters) - The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) identified North Korea as the source of the recent cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment after analyzing the software used in the intrusion, NSA Director Admiral Michael Rogers said on Thursday.

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