The story behind John Wick: Chapter 2’s best action scenes Video Description

Stahelski: The worst thing you do is come up with what I call “fragment ideas.” "I want to do a fight with a mirror room. Okay, now you guys go figure it out." I know when I want to do a crane shot. I know this piece of choreography is a top shot. Well, if the ceiling's only 10 feet high, and it's four feet to get the camera and the head of the crane in there, you have to be subterranean to shoot a six-foot-tall actor doing a fight scene. So we devise the choreography and the shots [together]. Everyone was on the same page. We started prepping all of our action sequences three months before anybody even unpacked a camera. And unlike a lot of other crews, my cameramen were in rehearsals. My cinematographer went to stunt rehearsals. My production designer came to the stunt rehearsals. Everybody knew we were making an action movie: "What can we do to make it better?"

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