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Apple Rumors: What's going on in Cupertino right now?

Apple rumors have dominated headlines this week. Mashable will address these rumors and their validity in a MashTalk Hangout on Air at 2 p.m. ET on Friday.

Jimmy Fallon and Martin Short talk about Bill Paxton's back hair

Jimmy Fallon and Martin Short play Word Sneak on the 'Tonight Show'.

SNL's most awkward cast member interviews fans

Mooney's cringeworthy interviewer character is back, interviewing oblivious fans of the show.

7 facts you didn't know about the Academy Awards

A collection of little-known facts about the prestigious Academy Awards.

Jim Cantore's thundersnow weather-gasm set to auto-tune

The Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore freaked out when thundersnow rumbled overhead during his reporting. And someone auto-tuned the moment.

Harris Wittels, Parks and Rec writer who coined 'humblebrag,' dies at 30

Multiple outlets are reporting that Harris Wittels, a comedian and writer for shows like Parks and Recreation and The Sarah Silverman Program, has been found dead in his home at the age of 30. TMZ...

Paula Hawkins talks 'The Girl on the Train' with MashableReads

Sometimes it's the most ordinary, familiar things in life that are the most terrifying.

German family performs an accordion-heavy LL Cool J cover [VIDEO]

Flula recorded a supremely strange cover featuring his mom on backing vocals and his dad on accordion.

Honey On Tap From Your Own Beehive - Flow™ Hive Home

So I put on the bee vale my grandma made me and pressed the gaffa tape back on the mesh that covered the holes. Then I put on my glove, (I couldn’t find the second one).  I fired up the smoker and blew plenty of smoke into the hive. When I opened the lid my suspicions were confirmed.  The bees weren’t happy about being disturbed.  I pulled the sleeve over my gloveless hand, blew some more smoke into the hive and pulled some nice frames of honey out.

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Plunging temperatures freeze New York fountain into 'ice volcano'

In western New York, a fountain in Letchworth State Park has been frozen into a mountain of solid ice. It now resembles an "ice volcano" standing over 5 stories tall, with a stream of water still spurting out. While the fountain often freezes in the winter months, the ice mountain rarely reaches such a height.

Unleashing the Power of Data to Serve the American People

The Obama administration has embraced the use of data to improve the operation of the U.S. government and the interactions that people have with it. On May 9, 2013, President Obama signed Executive Order 13642, which made open and machine-readable data the new default for government information. Over the past few years, the Administration has launched a number of Open Data Initiatives aimed at scaling up open data efforts across the government, helping make troves of valuable data — data that taxpayers have already paid for — easily accessible to anyone. In fact, I used data made available by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to improve numerical methods of weather forecasting as part of my doctoral work. So I know firsthand just how valuable this data can be — it helped get me through school!

Why Your Company Should Consider Banning Email

"This has boosted productivity and creativity in our company," she says. "When your email is always open it is easy to get sucked into writing email after email in a never-ending whirlwind. But having long breaks allows the mind to relax and refocus. It also allows our people to do a better job when answering email and interacting with customers."

Apple sued for poaching car battery experts

When you’re the world’s most valuable company, you can expect a few lawsuits to come your way. For Apple, the latest legal trouble comes via battery maker A123, which alleges that Apple “systematically” poached many of the Waltham, Massachusetts company’s most valuable researchers.

Bing Lets You Order Food and Book Hotels from Searches

As for hotel searches, Bing now displays a carousel of photos when you enter queries like ‘hotels in Aspen’. Clicking on a hotel brings up more details including a map, review snippets, average room rates and links to book your stay.

Viv, Built By Siri’s Creators, Scores $12.5 Million For An AI Technology That Can Teach Itself

Morgenthaler says there’s no question that the team can deliver – after all, they took Siri from the whiteboard to a “world-changing technology” in just 28 months, he notes. The questions instead for Viv Labs are around scalability and its ability to bring in developers. It needs to deliver on all these big promises to users, and generate sufficient interest from the wider developer community. It also needs to find a distribution path and partners who will help bring it to market — again, things that Iconiq can help with.

Banned From Carrying Passengers in Spain, Uber Now Delivers Food

Uber on Thursday said it opened a type of food delivery service in Barcelona, similar to one it offers in California. Drivers’ cars are stocked up with prepared meals, which are sold for about €10 plus a €2.50 delivery fee ($14).

Twilio Positions Itself for an IPO After Logging $100M in 2014 Revenue

Along with the huge opportunity, of course, comes competition from other startups seeking to carve a niche in the emerging category. Founded in 2008, Twiliowas among the first such startup to offer an API for communications, with a handful of competing startups including Nexmo Inc., Tropo Inc. and Plivo Inc. emerging in recent years. While each company approaches the problem slightly differently, they all offer developers a way of baking communications into their apps with minimal hassle.

Apple eyeing electric car production by 2020, report says

5. Where do you charge your car? In the UK, at least, this is very limited. Forget charging at home. A large proportion of people live in apartments and leave their car on the street. To my mind, this is the biggest obstacle to electric cars--there is no infrastructure, nor any easy way to solve that problem. This is why charging times need to come down to five minutes or fewer.

Engadget on Twitter

Google may pay wireless carriers to revive Google Wallet

It's not all one-sided, though; the carriers have a vested interested in ensuring that there's a mobile payments solution that's competitive with Apple Pay. Apple doesn't share any of the transaction information (and in fact, it's set up so that Apple doesn't see it in the first place) nor any of the revenue with carriers — and both are potentially sources of a vast amount of money if mobile payments can truly supplant credit cards. Google may be more willing to collect and share both of those things.

European tech funding rose by 78% in 2014 to $5.7B, U.K. and Germany account for almost half

Venture capital (VC) funding in tech companies rose by 78 percent in Europe last year, leading to $5.7 billion invested across 855 individual deals, according to a new report by VC database company CB Insights .

Bill Gurley: FOMO in the ‘Private IPO’ Market Is Fueling Valuations

According to data collected by The Journal, of the 29 firms that have invested in five or more current billion-dollar startups, only about half are traditional venture-capital firms. The rest are a mix of institutional investors, such as the Dragoneer Investment Group and Tiger Global Management, and strategic investors, such as Intel and Google. Near the top of the list is Tiger with 12 investments in private billion-dollar companies, and T. Rowe Price Group with 11. In this group, Tiger also raised the most money last year, keying up $4 billion, or 12% of all venture capital raised in 2014.

Pandora: A Victim of Its Own Success

Pandora Media, which disrupted the radio business, now faces the threat of disruption from the government to its own business model. And even if it avoids that pitfall, the Internet radio operator faces a tough slog anyway. While Pandora’s stock has dropped 58% in the past year, the still highly valued stock—it trades at around 72 times estimated adjusted forward earnings—could fall further still. Pandora has been dogged by concerns over slowing user growth, rising costs and recent signs of weakness in its share of...

Bang With Friends cofounder's new project is something completely different

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 42 million unique visitors worldwide and 21 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Lenovo's Superfish security snafu blows up in its face - CNET

The preloaded Superfish adware does more than hijack website ads in a browser. It also exposes Lenovo owners to a simple but dangerous hack that could spell disaster.

Eataly Charms The World With Italian Fare And Flair

Nicola Farinetti sucks down the last of his coffee, whirls his hand in the air, and hits my shoulder for the third time in minutes. The excitable 30-year-old CEO of Eataly U.S.A. is showing off the buzzing "piazza" of Eataly New York, his family’s 50,000-square-foot Italian grocery market-cum-restaurant emporium-cum-enoteca slash bakery slash cheese shop. We’re at the heart of the light-drenched store, where customers can hang out at a dozen marble countertops while scarfing down prosciutto, homemade mozzarella, and chilled oysters—or, should they be longer-term thinkers, wander off and shop for groceries. According to Farinetti, the piazza didn’t exist in the weeks leading up to the market’s opening in 2010. "But all of a sudden we realize," he says, and then, in his thick Italian accent, begins to break apart syllables for emphasis: "People-ah want-ta drink-ah wine!" Farinetti gestures around the open space, which is crowded with drinkers even early on a Tuesday afternoon. "It’s unbelievable!"

Report Predicts 80 Million PS4s And 57 Million Xbox Ones Sold By 2019

Sony Sony ’s strong start in this era of the video game console wars is going to sustain them for a long, long time, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics. By their count, the PS4 is set to continue outselling the Xbox One by about 40% through 2019, and persist in demolishing the Wii U, despite a predicted modest comeback for Nintendo Nintendo ’s console.

The 101 Best IFTTT Recipes

Using an IFTTT account you activate any of the 105 available channels—that's up from 69 channels last year. Each has its own set of triggers (the "if this" part) or actions (the "then that" side). For example, if you make a status update on one service (a trigger), IFTTT will ensure an action takes place on another channel to, for example, repost that update. Combine them just right and you can create a daisy chain of triggers and actions across a number of services, where just one post could hit almost every corner of your Web presence.

U.S. government urges Lenovo customers to remove Superfish software

BOSTON (Reuters) - The U.S. government on Friday advised Lenovo Group Ltd customers to remove a "Superfish," a program pre-installed on some Lenovo laptops, saying it makes users vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Apple is reportedly opening future iOS betas to the public

Well, it looks like Apple has heard your complaints about iOS 8, because 8.3 is reportedly getting a public beta release next month. That means anyone who wants to can get early access to the latest version of iOS in the hopes that software will be thoroughly debugged before its official release.

World's first 15-minute Ebola test approved

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 42 million unique visitors worldwide and 21 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

In six months, the White House has replaced its top IT leaders

The appointment is part of a pattern by this White House to appoint people with credentials from Silicon Valley's iconic companies, and then some. The Patil appointment, paired with the arrival of a new CTO and CIO, represents a complete change of top federal IT leaders in just six months.

Settlers of Catan may be turned into a movie

Board games typically have little to no actual story, and when it comes to German-style boardgames, they rarely even have exciting themes. Which is why it's surprising, wonderful, and a little crazy that Gail Katz, the producer behind The Perfect Storm , has  picked up the movie and TV rights to The Settlers of Catan , a game about trading sheep for stones.

Get a Lifetime of Unlimited Mobile Backup from IDrive for $10

With IDrive, you can easily back up contacts, photos, videos, calendar events, SMS history, call logs, apps and more from up to five devices, all with a single tap. Access your files and data whenever you need them on your desktop or other devices, and restore it across platforms – yup, you can actually back up your iOS device and restore it to your Android device, and vice versa!

Jesus's Best Stunt, Newcastle's Failed Product Placement: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

What: A new awareness campaign for the UN's World Food Program had Paris Saint-Germain and global soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimović reveal the names of hungry children (temporarily) tattooed on his body during a real French Ligue 1 game, representing the more than 805 million people suffering from hunger in the world. Who: UN World Food Program, Forsman & Bodenfors Why We Care: A unique earned media idea that got Ibrahimović a yellow card, but also the attention of global soccer fans and media for the World Food Program. The campaign's site also features stories about the people behind the 50 names that were used. It's good to see a goal celebration used for a good cause, besides a soccer player's own sponsorship deals .

YouTube to launch kid-friendly app exclusively on Android, ahead of Apple's iOS

– A + YouTube to launch kid-friendly app exclusively on Android, ahead of Apple's iOS By Sam Oliver Friday, February 20, 2015, 07:04 am PT (10:04 am ET) The prospective launch of Google's new YouTube Kids app could be a boon for families with young children, but those invested in Apple's iOS ecosystem find themselves on the outside looking in as the video site reportedly will not support the iPhone or iPad at launch. A screenshot of the forthcoming YouTube Kids app, via The Verge. Update: While Google is readying an iOS version of YouTube Kids, it's not expected until a later date. The eventual launch timing, as well as the cause for the delay, remains unknown. Google is expected to launch YouTube Kids — designed as a child-friendly entertainment portal — early next week, according to the Wall Street Journal . The app is believed to showcase existing kid-focused YouTube channels alongside some original programming, including new episodes of old favorites like Thomas the Tank Engine and Sesame Street .

Watch Tropical Cyclone Marcia make landfall in Queensland

Severe Tropical Cyclone Marcia made landfall along the central Queensland coast on Friday, near the community of Rockhampton. The storm made landfall as a fearsome Category 5 cyclone, but has since weakened to a Category 1 storm over land.

Here's how much gold you get in 18-karat Apple Watch Edition

The iPhone was copied by Android phone mfg. That was an Apple innovation that was copied by other phone mfg. because up until the iPhone, everyone else was using keypads and some used stylus pens, Apple was the one that brought out the first full touchscreen smartphone. Same thing with the iPad, PC tablets were much bigger, bulkier and heavier and Apple changed the game by making it ultra thin, without having to use a stylus. They may take another idea, but using innovative ways to make it better. That’s one way Apple innovates. Look at the Newton, that was before Palm Pilot and Pocket PCs. Go look up the Knowledge Navigator project that Apple was working on back in the 80’s. There is a video that shows what the future of computing, according to Apple, was going to look like. When you watch that video, think of how much of what they conceptualized is now is modern day computing devices. Apple was showing that video to the public back in the 80’s. Some of the ideas in that video were brought out by other companies, but Apple was legitimately working on the initial seeds being planted.

Darkroom for iOS review - CNET

Once you decide on an image, you'll have tools across the bottom for editing. You can crop to several standard aspect ratios, pick from 12 included filters, adjust sliders to fine-tune your image and -- once you pay -- swipe to adjust curves. A particularly great feature in Darkroom is the infinite history that lets you go back through your changes one by one to the beginning.

Lenovo admits to Superfish screw-up, will release clean-up tool

Lenovo is also investigating ways to deliver the tool as an automatic patch, possibly through partners such as Microsoft and McAfee, instead of relying on users to download it from its website. It’s also looking at how it might be able to remove the software from the “preload” of the affected laptops—the Windows deployment preloaded with drivers and software that’s stored on the hidden recovery partition and used for factory resets.

YouTube to Release New App for Kids

The app from Google Inc. ’s online video service will run on smartphones and tablets and is expected to feature original episodes of popular television shows for preschoolers, including “Thomas the Tank Engine” and “Sesame Street,” as well as content from the kid-safe channels already featured on YouTube, according to a person familiar with the matter.

33 MIT Technology Review

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Why 30 is not the new 20

Clinical psychologist Meg Jay has a bold message for twentysomethings: Contrary to popular belief, your 20s are not a throwaway decade. In this provocative talk, Jay says that just because marriage, work and kids are happening later in life, doesn’t mean you can’t start planning now. She gives 3 pieces of advice for how twentysomethings can re-claim adulthood in the defining decade of their lives.

30 Different Ways To Tie A Tie That Every Man Should Know

Here is a list of many different ways to tie a tie, for every and any occasion, many of which you probably never knew existed. We’ve gathered 30 of the best tie knots ever created by mankind to give you just the edge you need to look your best at all times.

District 9 director Neill Blomkamp is making a new Alien movie

District 9 and Elysium director Neill Blomkamp drew attention last month when he posted a series of concept art images from a new Alien movie he was working on without authorization from any studio. Although at the time he wistfully suggested the movie "woulda rocked," it now looks like the project might actually come to fruition — a new Instagram post from the director reads, "Um... so I think it's officially my next film."


A card game about exploding kittens has officially become one of the most successful crowdsourced projects in Internet history with over 200,000 fans and just over $8 million pledged.

Bill O'Reilly Goes Nuts

Bill getting upset during a filming of Inside Edition.

Seven Habits Of Organized People

Don't hate me, but I'm that kind of people, who is punctual and finishes projects with time to spare - last 3 years, at least)) I fully agree with author, just want to accent on 2 tips, that helped me. First is prioritizing your goals - it's truly make your mind clear. Second is choosing right project management tool. My best of are (helps to plan your tasks like visual maps or workflows) and Microsoft Project (for super complex projects). That's all! Do it, enjoy it and welcome to my club!))

The origins of pleasure

Why do we like an original painting better than a forgery? Psychologist Paul Bloom argues that human beings are essentialists — that our beliefs about the history of an object change how we experience it, not simply as an illusion, but as a deep feature of what pleasure (and pain) is.

The Best Way to Cook a Steak - Bon Appetit

We love a juicy, well-cooked (though not well-done!) steak. When you’ve got a quality piece of meat, you don’t have to gussy it up with complicated cooking techniques and extravagant sauces—and that’s precisely why we love it. It’s simplicity at its best: just good, old fashioned, unfussy eatin’. So why is cooking a steak so darn difficult? From a tragically gray exterior to an overly-cooked inside, there are so many ways to go wrong.

The Billion Dollar Startup Club

Note: This chart only includes companies that are privately held, have raised money in the past four years and have at least one venture-capital firm as an investor. Excluded from this list are companies that were majority-controlled by an institutional investment firm at one point. Only valuations confirmed by VentureSource or The Journal are included, based on direct investments, not secondary deals. The chart will be updated as new information is reported.

Don’t Be Google

Say what you like about Apple, and I can complain about them at length, you always know what to expect from them. (A gorgeous velvet glove enclosing an exquisitely sleek titanium fist.) But Google seems increasingly to have fragmented into a hydra with a hundred tone-deaf heads, each with its own distinct morality and personality. That wouldn’t matter so much if trust and awesomeness — “don’t be evil!” “moonshots!” — weren’t so intrinsic to the Google brand … which, to my mind, gets a little more tarnished every year.

Human DNA enlarges mouse brains

Wray is particularly interested in DNA segments called enhancers, which control the activity of genes nearby. He and Duke graduate student Lomax Boyd scanned the genomic databases and combed the scientific literature for enhancers that were different between humans and chimps and that were near genes that play a role in the brain. Out of more than 100 candidates, they and Duke developmental neurobiologist Debra Silver tested a half-dozen. They first inserted each enhancer into embryonic mice to learn whether it really did turn genes on. Then for HARE5, the most active enhancer in an area of the brain called the cortex, they made minigenes containing either the chimp or human version of the enhancer linked to a “reporter” gene that caused the developing mouse embryo to turn blue wherever the enhancer turned the gene on. Embryos’ developing brains turned blue sooner and over a broader expanse if they carried the human version of the enhancer, Silver, Wray, and their colleagues report online today in Current Biology .

Saving for tomorrow, tomorrow

It's easy to imagine saving money next week, but how about right now? Generally, we want to spend it. Economist Shlomo Benartzi says this is one of the biggest obstacles to saving enough for retirement, and asks: How do we turn this behavioral challenge into a behavioral solution?

The Man Who Quit Money: An Interview with Daniel Suelo

Something defenitely went terribly wrong somewhere down history with the way we perceive life. Even religion doesn’t make sense. You go anywhere in the world and ask any religion who created nature, and the answer will be “God.” Nature works the same all around the planet and everyone can associate with it, thus is everyone looking at the same God, but with many different books and names for God, causing the human race to live in discord with one another. If we would to throw away all religious books, give God one name “He Is” and live in peace with one another, wouldn’t any god of love be more happy with us, than clinging to books and live as we do now. It looks like all religious books have been designed at the same time to saw discord by creating “enemies” in the human race. Even the Bible states that the greatest commandment, “love,” contains the whole law and all the prophesies, so if every human take on just this commandment, why do we need the books? And no name was given God in this commandment. It only states “the Lord your God.

Surreal Photos Of Abandoned, Snow-Filled Malls Show The Death Of An Era In America

"I was drawn to abandoned buildings, malls, and structures because the goal of my photo projects is to show a more vulnerable and honest depiction of America," he says. "I don't think the problems we face as a country will change unless we face these problems, and I thought we could start by simply looking at them."

The beauty and diversity of Muslim life

Bassam Tariq is a blogger, a filmmaker, and a halal butcher — but one thread unites his work: His joy in the diversity, the humanness of our individual experiences. In this charming talk, he shares clips from his film "These Birds Walk" and images from his tour of 30 mosques in 30 days — and reminds us to consider the beautiful complexity within us all.

Meet The 32-Year-Old, Yoga-Loving, Punk Rock, Tree Hugger CEO Of A $100 Million Trucking Company

I am very excited for Ms. Welby!. She speaks of a vision and she has in place some tools to actually realize her vision, not just for her own company but to make positive change for the environment, where it is desperately needed. This is a true entrepreneur and this is the American dream. Sure, she "inherited" this, but not completely. She has been participatin and has been recognized by the CEO as someone who can take over. I"m pretty sure he wouldn't just hand over his post to just anyone. She isn't selling out either. She found a way to be who she is and still take on her family's legacy. If you had a family with a legacy, don't tell me you wouldn't! She is young enough to connect an older industry with modern technology, and old enough (and well traveled too) to have enough education and life experience and wow guess what? well traveled too! Bravo! Now in the words of Gwen Stephani "what you waiting for?"

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