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Apple releases third beta of iOS 10.3 with 'Find my AirPods,' tvOS 10.2, watchOS 3.2 for developers

Here’s a drone’s-eye view of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 landing

Rocket launches are always fun to watch, but witnessing SpaceX (or Blue Origin, for that matter) land a rocket is always an awe-inspiring event. This morning, Elon Musk’s company successfully...

‘Eyebrows on fleek’ originator Peaches Monroee is crowdfunding a cosmetics line

Kayla Newman, the Georgia teenager who brought the internet the phrase "eyebrows on fleek" in the summer of 2014, is now crowdfunding a cosmetics line on GoFundMe, The Fader reports. Newman...

We're hunting for young startups with massive growth potential

Where do startups go to secure much-needed facetime with investors, partners and early-adopters? For companies like Typeform, GitLab, Rapportive, Prezi and thousands more – they went to TNW Conference. Our Amsterdam event has long been recognized as a leading platform for helping startups to secure the capital, customers and coverage they need. Last year, for example, …

The world's first fully-manned hoverbike looks like a hell of a ride

Dubai might be getting its first batch of autonomous passenger drones, but Russian startup Hoversurf wants to let you fly with its fully-manned hoverbike.

Surprise: John Oliver is pretty suspicious about Trump and Putin's relationship

Russia has some pretty weird ways to get back at its enemies.

'Rick and Morty' trolls fans with an 'exclusive' look at Season 3

We have all been had.

Disney's aluminum room charges your phone, no wires required

Researchers have created a way for you to charge your phone wirelessly just by standing in a room. In a paper published to scientific journal PLOS ONE titled “Quasistatic Cavity Resonance for Ubiquitous Wireless Power Transfer,” three authors detail their process. Disney Research, who funded the project, also made a video showing the room and …

Lana Del Rey goes intergalactic in new video for 'Love'

If you go to a Lana Del Rey concert, you get to go on a date to space.

Apple reportedly snaps up Israel facial recognition company | Cult of Mac

Apple has reportedly acquired Realface, an Israeli startup that has developed facial recognition technology for user authentication.

The sequel to 'Alto's Adventure' arrives this summer

Last week, Snowman -- developer of beloved snowboarding game Alto's Adventure -- announced that its next game, Where Cards Fall, would be out this fall. However...

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You can now buy Snapchat Spectacles online

Until today, the glasses were only available from a popup store in New York City, or from bright yellow vending machines that popped up randomly in different cities for just 24 hours. Now anyone in the U.S. can get their hands on a pair through the new Spectacles store.

WhatsApp returns to its roots with its Snapchat-style Status feature

As we noted back then, it is an awful lot like Snapchat and Instagram Stories – you can add emoji, text and drawings to your images and video, and all your contacts will be able to view your multimedia Status – well, all the ones you allow, anyway.

Uber CEO reveals details on sexual harassment investigation

In addition to diversity numbers, Kalanick also talked about the ongoing investigation. Apparently, former US Attorney General Eric Holder and another partner at his law firm will conduct an independent review into "the specific issues relating to the work place environment" that Fowler raised. Uber board member Arianna Huffington and Liane Hornsey are also planning group and one-on-one sessions with employees. You can read the whole company-wide memo below:

Google and Microsoft agree to demote pirate search results

Jo Johnson, the UK minister for universities, science, research and innovation, will be monitoring the code and its usage alongside the IPO. The idea, of course, is to make illegal content so difficult to find that casual internet users seek out official alternatives instead. "We have a responsibility to make sure that consumers have easy access to legal content online," the UK's minister for digital and culture Matt Hancock said. "Pirate sites deprive artists and rights holders of hard-earned income and I'm delighted to see industry led solutions like this landmark agreement, which will be instrumental in driving change."

NASA hints at discovery of new planets outside the solar system

NASA today announced it is holding a press conference on Wednesday to present findings concerning “planets that orbit stars other than our sun, known as exoplanets.”

Of course Facebook is putting a Snapchat clone inside WhatsApp

Behind the scenes, media sent and viewed through Status are also optimized to not suck too much data and to load on slower connections. "Our hope is that it will be as reliable as media is in chats," Sarafa says, noting that WhatsApp users are already sending more than 3.3 billion photos a day.

Samsung's US reputation plummets after Note 7 mess

With Samsung's reputation in decline, consumers may eschew it for future smartphone, TV and other purchases. And even though the Reuters poll shows Samsung owners are willing to cut it a break, a lot is riding on its next Galaxy S8 flagship and how it handles the arrest of Lee. "Samsung has to overcome its tarnished reputation by rolling out a better gadget, and use Lee's arrest as a chance to ... cut off collusive links between business and politics," analyst Suh Yong-gu told the Korea Herald .

Amazon takes aim at Walmart with an even lower minimum for free shipping

Amazon's free shipping for orders not through Prime had long required an order of $35, until the tech giant hiked the minimum to $49 last year. Walmart, by contrast, had kept its free shipping minimum at $50 until the company lowered it to $35 in January.

CNNTech on Twitter

Turns out #Trump has 3,643 websites. Why did he grab ones like  and  ?

This Chrome extension blocks video autoplay from Facebook (and everywhere else)

What’s particularly nifty about the extension is that it works on Facebook as well as any other website that runs videos automatically. Anytime Disable HTML5 Autoplay prevents a video from playing, it indicates this in the upper right corner of your browser, where the rest of your extensions reside.

How to use the zip and bzip2 macOS file compression commands - TechRepublic

For the purpose of the following examples, assume you wish to compress a 10.1MB file titled Product Shot.jpeg. Also assume the file is located within a Documents subdirectory titled Marketing. For testing purposes, I included 27.2MB of additional files within the same Marketing subdirectory to test compression using a larger variety of file formats, including documents, spreadsheets, photos, and PDFs.

Hitachi releases new video analytics software for better facial and object recognition while protecting privacy - TechRepublic

"With HVA, [police] can detect a suspicious object that's been left somewhere. With that you can look back into the camera feeds and see the suspect that dropped that object off, and you have an image of that person. Next you can do live face matching from the video feed with [the] suspect identified. You're able to find where this person is much more rapidly than before and apprehend them and keep them from doing more potential harm," Bean said. "And you can find out where they came from. With this we can recognize that there was a car that dropped them off, and see which vehicle it was and then search the city traffic cameras to be able to apprehend the second suspect. It's a proactive approach to public safety and security."

Countdown Tracks How Long Until the Events You're Looking Forward To

Android/iOS: When you’re looking forward to an event, you can’t help but get excited watching the days tick by. Countdown helps you keep track of everything you’re looking forward to in one neat-looking app.

Finally! Spectacles are available online

The $129 glasses were previously only available at Snapbots, special vending machines that popped up across the US. They were also sold at a temporary shop in New York City that has now closed. The limited distribution created a buzz around Spectacles and some potential buyers lined up for hours to get a pair.

Microsoft is reportedly gearing up to launch HoloLens v3 in 2019

It’ll be interesting to see if this is indeed the path Microsoft chooses to follow, and if it’ll pay off in the next few years. Deferring the next hardware release to 2019 should give third-party developers and content creators more time to get comfortable with the quirks of mixed reality, so that by the time the company is ready to roll out its headsets en masse – at Computex last June, Microsoft said it hoped to see  80 million VR devices in consumers’ hands by 2020 – there might actually be some reason to buy it.

Self-driving car race finishes with a crash

Not that Roborace is likely to dispute the need for improvement -- that's what a test like this is for. The race series organizer won't fulfill its dream of full-scale driverless competition until it knows the cars can navigate on their own without making unforced errors, and that means subjecting them to race-like conditions. While it'll be difficult to completely avoid crashes, the vehicles have to be intelligent enough that most of the starting lineup in a given race will cross the finish line.

NASA Scientists Have a Plan to Make Pluto a Planet Again

Stern obviously has a bit of a bias in this argument considering that he led the New Horizons mission that has beamed back unbelievable images and new information about Pluto. That mission reminded people how amazing the dwarf planet is and he’s had a chip on his shoulder over its demotion for years. In 2015, he told Business Insider that astronomers shouldn’t be deciding what is or isn’t a planet. “You really should listen to planetary scientists that know something about this subject,” he said. “When we look at an object like Pluto, we don’t know what else to call it.”

Claim your Nintendo Switch online account name right now

Act fast or you won't be able to strike fear in noobs as 'MarioWeeb.'

8 Uses for Your Old Smartphone

Smartphones! Everybody loves 'em. In fact, they're an absolute necessity in today's information age. We don't do anything or go anywhere without our little magic pocket slabs. But here's the super weird thing about smartphones: They all seem to last around two years before they need to be retired. Two years just happens to the amount of time that most contracts or payment plans last. Strange how that seems to work out, right? I attribute no foul actions, nor endorse any conspiracies, BUT if you are ever in the mood to be inundated with a bout of raw unfiltered anger, try doing a Twitter search for "planned obsolescence." After a few years, all devices—particularly those that we carry with us at all times—are bound to show a little wear and tear. They might have a few bumps and scratches or perhaps they slow down to molasses speeds. Most physical trauma can be avoided if you have the very wise foresight to purchase a case and screen guard; and the slowness is usually a software issue that can be fixed with a nice clean factory restart. The takeaway is this: If you take basic precautions, your old phone can have a productive afterlife.

Why major American corporations have struggled in China: eBay

In terms of what could have been done, obviously eBay could have better understood its target customers’ habits, created more effective advertising, and accommodated their preferred means of payment. However, doing all of these things likely would not have been enough. It could and should have allowed for person-to-person guanxi by adding direct communication between purchaser and seller. Finally, eBay should have tried to develop corporate guanxi and strike deals with well-known retailers in China to allow eBay to have free postings and sales on its site as a means to naturally increase viewership, usefulness, and brand recognition in China.

5 keys to project success, according to a PMI survey - TechRepublic

The report found companies that restructured their project management offices (PMOs) as strategic enterprise-wide project management offices (EPMOs) to align all project, portfolio, and program management initiatives with company-wide goals have seen 38% more of their projects meeting with overall business intent. Further, their failure rates were 33% less. The big win for businesses came as a result of a large shift in companies seeing and utilizing project management as a "strategic competency for success."

Earn rewards every time you drive (no passengers required)

Free app MileUp awards you points for every mile you drive, and those points can be redeemed for gift cards. Plus: two bonus deals!

The Best Wireless Headphones of 2017

Wireless no longer means poor sound, either. These days, Bluetooth wireless stereo audio sounds much better than it ever did before. Even though the stereo Bluetooth data signal is compressed, various headphone and earphone vendors have discovered ways of enhancing the signal to compensate for deficiencies in fidelity. Having said that, audiophiles will still hear a difference and should probably stick with wired headphones. But for casual listening, many of the most recent wireless models we've tested sound just fine—even great. Check out our buying advice below before picking the perfect pair.

Apple-issued developer certificate expires, causing crashes in 1Password and other apps

The consequences of an Apple-issued security certificate expiration combined with a change made by Apple, is leading to some apps purchased outside the app store like 1Password, PDFpen, and Soulver for Mac to require reinstallation with a new version before coming back to life —but the issue may have lasting consequences for some software.

NYTimes Tech on Twitter

Facebook's WhatsApp is the latest app to emulate features pioneered by Snapchat.

Stop overdoing it when cleaning your big data - TechRepublic

Garbage data should be kept away from your production analytic store, but I wouldn't be quick to eradicate the data. Like most data professionals, I don't like the idea of deleting data. The fact that you're getting bad data from a particular source is useful, and you'd probably like to understand why the data came in so bad. The best practice is to clean it with a staged transformation, but keep the original bad data because it's useless for analysis and possibly for other reasons.

Hands on: I used the YO smartphone kit to analyze my sperm

Peculiar fact interlude: the device is called YO? I asked Marcia Deutsch, CEO of the company that produces YO, why. She replied that “‘YO’ is the Japanese version of ‘Yang,’ a term associated with the male essence.” And then added, “’YO’ is also a greeting commonly used by men; it’s cool, which is also appealing. For added bonus, “YO” is short and memorable.” Right.

Samsung's future Gear VR will come with a controller

Now that Google's Daydream View is giving Gear VR a run for its money, how is Samsung going to respond? By implementing one of Daydream's best features, of course. Both an FCC filing and an apparent scoop from Roland Quandt indicate that this year's Gear VR will include a one-handed controller -- no more reaching for a touchpad on the headset itself. That's a big deal for games and any other apps that involve more than rudimentary controls.

Scandinavian work culture is better than yours — here's why

“People are really focused here and put in time really effectively while they’re at work, because when they go home, they can focus on their personal life: family, hobbies, etc.” says Philip. This doesn’t mean that people don’t put in overtime, but it is kept within reason. “The push and pull is more fluid here in Denmark,” explains Philip, “we have a lot of business with America so we often start our day later since we are staying into the evening”. Keeping overtime within reason, and find an equilibrium together with the employees, helps to keep them more motivated.

Kim Dotcom can be extradited, New Zealand High Court rules - BBC News

The High Court agreed with the defence that the accused could not be extradited on the basis of alleged copyright infringement, since "online communication of copyright protected works to the public is not a criminal offence in New Zealand".

Uber hires Eric Holder to investigate sexism allegations

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Adam Savage on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Snap arrives in London to woo skeptical investors ahead of IPO

LONDON Snap Inc, owner of popular messaging app Snapchat, kicked off its first investor roadshow on Monday, looking to persuade London money managers to back its initial public offering in the face of concerns about its growth prospects, valuation and corporate governance.

'Horizon Zero Dawn' made me fall in love with open-world RPGs

Allow me to set the scene: Aloy is on a grassy ridge in the dead of night, staring down a gaggle of Watchers. By this point in the game, my hunter skills are so honed that I simply mosey up to one of the machines lurking in the tall grass, override it and sit back as it destroys all of its former comrades. In real life, I even set down the PS4 controller and answer a text message. When I hear the last Watcher die and I look up again, it's to see the game's dynamic day-night cycle in full effect: The evening sky, previously dark blue and green, has transformed into a sunrise of gorgeous early-morning pastels. Pink and gold light shines down on a tree-lined field littered with a half dozen sparking robot-velociraptor corpses. I take a moment to soak it all in (and grab some screenshots).

The Best Gaming Monitors of 2017

Screen size, panel technology, and features will determine how much you'll pay for a gaming monitor. You can snag a 24-inch model that uses TN technology with a fast gray-to-gray pixel response for around $200, but you won't get much in the way of features. Expect to pay more if you want perks, like an adjustable stand, a USB hub, multiple digital video inputs, and either G-Sync or FreeSync technology. A full-blown 27-inch model with all the bells and whistles, including 3D and either G-Sync or FreeSync support, can cost north of $500, and a 34-inch UHD monitor will run you more than $1,000. If you're looking for a big-screen, ultra-wide monitor with a curved panel, plan on spending even more.

Apple's biggest problem is one it can never solve

Commentary: With Apple again being named the world's most admired company, does this mean Apple has it all worked out? Not exactly.

Horizon Zero Dawn review: a greatest hits collection of open-world games

Thankfully Horizon ’s plentiful missions rarely feel so restricting or straightforward. There aren’t many boring fetch quests to be found here — they’re dubbed “errands,” they’re optional, and they’re tucked into their own corner of the menu, should you prefer skipping them altogether. Even the side missions, filed under “side quests,” typically a chore in open-world games, are interesting and varied, both in terms of what you’re doing and why. They cover everything from hunting robots, to infiltrating enemy cities, to exploring long-forgotten ancient facilities. Over the course of an hour I used Aloy’s myriad abilities to both track a fruit thief and help a father deal with his troublesome teen daughter. Both proved to be much more interesting than they sound. It took me 37 hours to complete Horizon , and I only saw around 80 percent of what the world has to offer. (After the credits roll, you are able to go back to finish anything you missed along the way.)

Student grades ex-lover's apology letter, Twitter gives him an A

Commentary: A student in Florida posts a letter -- with his comments and grade attached -- sent to him by a former lover who wants him back.

Here's how Hyperloop One's massive, high-speed transport system will work

Here's a conceptual rendering of some of the different station options Hyperloop One is considering for the transport system. The blue line indicates a route taken by the Hyperloop, while the pink line shows the route the pods will take once the Hyperloop arrives at its final stop.

Cast of The Predator Is Looking 'Beautiful' and Deadly in First Official Photo

The Predator director Shane Black celebrated the first day of filming by giving us a glimpse at our plucky young killers, plus the adorable kid who might be the key to saving us all.

Parents beware – your kid could be a hacker

It’s commendable to encourage parents to be aware of their kids’ online activities. But the list is so broad, and encompasses such innocuous behavior, that almost anyone could qualify as a hacker.

Disney Develops a Method for Wirelessly Powering an Entire Room

Free-roaming wireless power has been a dream of engineers since the days of Tesla and Edison waging their war of innovation but a number of technical hurdles have prevented it from becoming a reality. The folks at Disney Research have revealed that they’ve successfully built a method to provide full coverage of an average room and power all the devices one might need.

Robotic finger monkeys are cute and not weird at all

With every touch, tap or stroke, the Fingerling monkey responds. It also responds to a blown kiss (really just blowing in its face) and will "fall asleep" if you lie the plastic money down in your palm and slowly pet it. To wake it up, you grab it by the tail and swing it back and forth.

10 error messages that prove my computer knows too much about my personal life

But lately, I've noticed that whenever my computer sends me an error message, it almost seems to know a lot about my personal life.

SpaceX launch heaps new history on top of old in major first

The successful launch is the first from the pad to be controlled by an entity other than NASA. Kennedy Space Center's Launch Complex 39A has been converted into a new home for SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket and a future launch facility for the company's Falcon Heavy, the return of astronauts to space from American soil and eventually a gateway to Mars .

The 5 best Star Wars Lego sets coming this spring

One of the best things about Lego's Star Wars series is all the inventive ways the toy company figures out how to recreate the special effects wizardry from the movies. The usually outdo themselves on the spacecraft, The Y-Wing Starfighter from Rogue One is no exception. At 691 pieces, it's impressively detailed and even includes the "evil" R2, the C2 B5. The set ships in March for $59.99

Internet Company Snap Is Now Selling Its Spectacles on the Internet

With the release Spectacles, its first piece of hardware, Snapchat also announced that it was renaming its corporation Snap Inc.—a move that would position them as a broader tech enterprise. After months of restricting supply to IRL pop-ups, Snap will now sell the video-recording sunglasses online.

10 famous quotes that you probably misattributed

Famed Green Bay Packers coach is often credited with using this phrase to motivate players and describe a passion for football. If you were a young boy who had a poster of this in your room to motivate yourself to play better, I'm sorry to tell you that Lombardi isn't the man you should be thanking. Lombardi did say this, but Red Sanders, UCLA Bruins football coach said it first .

Teddy Ruxpin's LCD makeover is occasionally charming

However, when Teddy reads a story, the eyes display little images. You'll see hearts when he's talking about love and friendship, or even a small image of the earth when he sings about the world. The only time they're not showing anything is when Teddy's asleep -- and the doll has a pair of mechanical eyelids to cover up the dark void within. Wicked Cool is also planning on including a small facemask so he can have a proper beauty rest.

Rumor: Apple to launch 'iPad Pro 2,' red iPhone 7, 128GB iPhone SE at March event

In addition to new iPads, Apple is also expected to unveil a high-capacity 128-gigabyte iPhone SE —as well as a potential (Product)Red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus —at a media event in March, a new report claims.

51 Wearing socks to bed is fine, you monsters
52 Uber CEO Travis Kalanick says the company has hired former Attorney General Eric Holder to probe allegations of sexism
53 The Best Password Managers of 2017
54 Ex-Uber engineer alleges sexual harassment, CEO reacts by promising investigation
55 Uber is not the only tech company that mishandles sexual harassment claims
56 Wikileaks is 'very happy' about fake news: Julian Assange
57 Modding a Porsche 911 to Play Doom Is Absurdly Dangerous
58 Review: Horizon Zero Dawn is a post-apocalyptic masterpiece you won't want to put down
59 How Typeform became the world’s most popular online form creator
60 Frances Bean Cobain shares note to commemorate Kurt Cobain's 50th birthday
61 Making friendship bracelets will suck way less with this new gadget
62 The Women Startup Challenge comes to Europe to smash the tech investment glass ceiling
63 Apple files 14-point appeal against European Commission's $14 billion tax edict
64 Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti explain why ‘Billions’ Season 2 is more relevant than ever
65 Josh Gad brings some serious star power for his latest grilling of Daisy Ridley
66 AI turns Game Boy Camera photos into decent shots
67 Megaupload's Kim Dotcom wins some, loses some in latest court ruling
68 Samsung's US reputation plummets after Note 7 mess
69 Learn the skills to market your brand globally — and take an extra 50% off the price
70 Talking Trump mask appears at New York Toy Fair even without winning the popular vote
71 Malicious Pornhub apps for Android are spreading on the internet like an STD
72 Trump site hacked by attacker purportedly from Iraq
73 The new 'Justice League' Batmobile is totally badass
74 Echo Labs debuts a wearable medical lab on your wrist
75 Report: Apple launching four new iPads in March
76 'The Walking Dead' recap: Reunited and it feels so good
77 Your Guardians of the Galaxy 2 dancing Groot toy has grown some legs, sort of
78 The Simon Optix headset gave me a headache
79 Five of the top global smart cities really are the brightest
80 This egg inside another egg is a perfect YouTube specimen
81 AI can predict autism through babies' brain scans
82 How to stop over-promising and under-delivering
83 ZTE is shutting down its failed Hawkeye phone Kickstarter campaign
84 Please enjoy the many faces of Beyoncé, Jay Z and Blue Ivy at the NBA All-Star Game
85 HBO will stream its Sunday lineup early to make room for Oscars
86 Is Horizon Zero Dawn the PS4's latest must-have exclusive?
87 'Hot Wheels Track Builder' is an AR den for your creations
88 Endless nuclear power can be found in the seas
89 iPhone 8 using wireless charging can't be confirmed, even by the tech's creators