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UPS tucks delivery drone into delivery truck to make a delivery

The shipping giant outfits an electric truck with a drone launch pad to test drone-assisted delivery.

Intense battle between an octopus and crab ends with a surprise

Player three has entered the game.

Guy rescues his brother's dog that fell through a frozen lake

'I'm cold.'

Urban Outfitters hawks the AOL shirt no one asked for

Want to remind everyone that America Online was a thing in the 90s? Urban Outfitters thinks you do. UO is selling an (admittedly comfy-looking) t-shirt emblazoned with the familiar AOL triangle logo for $45. That’s almost $20 more than you’d pay for AOL’s most expensive subscription service, and the latter comes with a Verizon discount. …

Experienced dad prepares you for the painful realities of parenthood

It's the little things that make it suck.

This parrot is like, really good at singing Rihanna, you guys

And also creepy.

This tiny Japanese town has the cutest drone mascot ever

The little town of Oji in Japan might have the world's first mascot drone.

Who wins the three-way cloud battle? Google vs. Azure vs. AWS

When choosing a winner in the cloud battle, some only look at the cost, but many different needs should be taken care of before making the final call.

This robot butler follows you around and carries your stuff

Say goodbye to bags, luggage, and purses – and hello to your own cargo ‘bot. Piaggio – the company behind the Vespa scooter – created “Gita,” a ball-shaped blue robot whose name means “short journey.” Piaggio says that Gita rolls after its owner on two wheels at speeds up to 22 mph, and carries items up to 40 …

Snupps makes it less crappy to list your crappiest crap on eBay

Flogging your junk is about to get a little bit easier, thanks to a new partnership between eBay and Snupps.

Annoyed elephant makes tourists uncomfortable by chasing them for miles

Chasing out unwanted guests like...

Music in the shape of a unicorn actually sounds magical

MIDI never looked so cool.

Seth Meyers beautifully slams Donald Trump's attacks on the press

"A star is born."

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Google’s Tilt Brush lands on Oculus Rift

Do you dig getting creative in virtual reality? Well, your options for doing so got a little less limited today, as Google has made Tilt Brush available on Oculus Rift. The virtual painting application was previously an HTC Vive exclusive, but now that Rift has its Touch Controllers for more natural interaction, Google has decided to bring Tilt Brush to the Facebook-owned VR platform.

Uber Launches Self-Driving Cars in Arizona After California Ban

Uber Technologies Inc. has expanded its self-driving car program to Tempe, Arizona, the second city where customers can test the ride-hailing company’s automated technology.

Facebook hopes to stream an MLB game every week

Twitter and Yahoo aren't the only ones interested in streaming live baseball beyond dedicated sports sites. Reuters sources claim that Facebook is in "advanced" talks with Major League Baseball about the possibility of livestreaming one game every week during the 2017 season. It's not clear just which games would get the live treatment, but history would suggest that this would be regular season play -- sorry, playoff fans.

UPS Tests Drone-Based Package Deliveries

The test has "implications for future deliveries, especially in rural locations where our package cars often have to travel miles to make a single delivery," Wallace explained. "Imagine a triangular delivery route where the stops are miles apart by road. Sending a drone from a package car to make just one of those deliveries can reduce costly miles driven. This is a big step toward bolstering efficiency in our network and reducing our emissions at the same time."

Samsung reportedly plans to refurbish, resell Note 7 in emerging markets

Samsung is planning to sell refurbished units of the Galaxy Note 7 with smaller batteries in emerging markets, according to a South Korean report, in an attempt to mitigate some of the costs incurred as part of the electronic giant's battery-related smartphone recall. Sources of the Korea Economic Daily claim Samsung will be reusing the core components from the recalled Note 7 in the refurbished units, with the manufacturer replacing the external casing of the device. The battery, the source of faults that prompted a global recall of the smartphone, will be switched for a lower-capacity version, down from the 3,500mAh used in the original to one offering between 3,000mAh and 3,200mAh of charge. Divisions working on the refurbishment project aim to finish work by May, with the Note 7 going on sale again from June. While it is unlikely the Note 7 will reappear in the United States or Europe, the refurbished units will be mainly sold in emerging markets, including India and Vietnam. A company official told the report it is possible the Note 7 could be "aggressively" sold through carriers in South Korea, possibly at a reduced price before the expected launch of the Galaxy Note 8 later this year.

Samsung’s Reputation Tanks Among Americans After Note 7 Fiasco

​ Samsung Electronics Co. ’s reputation among U.S. consumers crumbled after the Galaxy Note 7’s recall and eventual abolition unearthed flaws in the Korean company’s product safeguards.

Manifestos and Monopolies

Anyone who has read Stratechery for any length of time knows I have great reservations about regulation; the benefits are easy to measure, but the opportunity costs are both invisible and often far greater. That, though, is why I am also concerned about Facebook’s dominance: there are significant opportunity costs to the social network’s dominance. Even then, my trepidation about any sort of intervention is vast, and that leads me back to Zuckerberg’s manifesto: it’s bad enough for Facebook to have so much power, but the very suggestion that Zuckerberg might utilize it for political ends raises the costs of inaction from not just opportunity costs to overt ones.

EU insists Microsoft must do better on Windows 10 privacy

But while the Article 29 Working Party (a group of 28 EU authorities which uphold data protection laws) acknowledged Microsoft’s willingness to cooperate in this respect, it still wasn’t satisfied with the overall privacy position regarding Windows 10.

Milo Yiannopoulos Proudly Declares Victory After Losing Everything

Part of the difference this time is that the attacks are coming from the right. It’s strange to think Yiannopoulos’s hate-filled remarks on other subjects were acceptable enough to be associated with Simon & Schuster, CPAC, and Breitbart, but flippant comments about pedophilia were over the line. In the end, those who raised Yiannopoulos’s profile were the same ones to bury it, showing that even those who benefit from Milo’s crusade of offense have limits on what they’re willing to cozy up to.

Blizzard will no longer support your old Windows Vista PC

The odds are that you won't be affected if you're reading this. However, this will certainly matter for people holding on to a borderline PC that can't upgrade to Windows 7 or later. It's a particular problem for gaming cafes in China and other countries, since they tend to hang on to older operating systems and don't always have the money to replace their PCs. There will be people who'll notice, in other words... the fallout just won't be as severe as it would have been a few years ago.

Leaked Sonos PlayBase Actually Has a Chance of Not Sucking

The speakers play a test tone while you sweep the room with your phone or tablet in areas you’ll be listening to to the speaker. After listening for about a minute, the software takes what your device’s microphone picked up and uses it to tune the speakers, so that music sounds just right. We can assume that the Sonos PlayBase will include this speaker-tuning software because all of the company’s products currently support it.

Pop-Tarts are being made into pizza, tacos and nachos. No, really.

This Pop-Tarts burrito (yes, burrito 🌯) is called the Nutty Caramel Banana. It's a chopped up Chocolatey Caramel Pop-Tarts wrapped inside a sweet crêpe "tortilla" with fresh banana, toasted pecans & salted caramel sauce. There's also "sour cream" frosting, kiwi salsa verde & strawberry salsa—& I'm now wondering why all burritos aren't sweet burritos. 🤔 Available this week only at #PopTartsCafe in Times Square! #eatstagramnyc #crispyeats

Facebook reportedly working on deal to live stream MLB games

Facebook is in discussions with Major League Baseball to retain live streaming rights to one game per week, according to a report this afternoon from Reuters . The deal, while far from finalized, would give Facebook a significant edge in the business of live events. These events, sports especially, are an area of increasing interest to the company as it invests heavily in video and tries to find new ways to get users to stick around and consume entertainment. Facebook declined to comment on any potential live streaming plans with the MLB.

Verizon agrees to buy core of Yahoo for reduced $4.48B price tag following hacks

Verizon on Tuesday announced a deal to buy the core business of Yahoo for $4.48 billion —managing to secure a $350 million discount it was pursuing because of two major security breaches, the last of which affected over 1 billion accounts.

Milo Yiannopoulos has resigned from Breitbart

Yiannopoulos’ current success, largely rooted in the Gamergate controversy of 2014, is based on inflammatory proclamations about women, immigrants, and transgender people — who he characterized as sexual predators during a recent appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher. But he seemingly crossed a line in a 2016 podcast, where he defended adult men and women having sex with 13-year-old boys. Yiannopoulos has expressed “regret” over the comments, which he denied indicated support for pedophilia or reflected his true views. But the partial apology hasn’t stopped many one-time supporters from denouncing them, including Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow, who called the statements “absolutely indefensible,” “appalling,” and “disappointing.”

Tesla Now Rivals America's Biggest Automakers

Tesla’s stock price may indeed be ephemeral. The following chart shows the gap between analyst price targets for the next 12 months and Tesla’s current share price. Normally this spread should be in positive territory, indicating that analysts expect an investment’s value to increase over time. Not so with Tesla. The median target of 14 analysts surveyed by Bloomberg was as much as $48 below Tesla’s stock price last week. That’s the most pessimistic view from Wall Street since Tesla became a publicly traded company seven years ago.

Rogue cow running through New York City gives cops a nail-biting chase

The spotted outlaw was first spotted on Archer Ave and Sutphin Blvd at around 10:30 a.m., possibly having escaped a nearby slaughterhouse along Archer Ave near York College. Queens cows are smartening up because this is the third cow in Queens to escape a slaughterhouse within the last 14 months, according to Gothamist .

Why This Evolutionary Biologist Is Planning to Run For Congress

Eisen is clear about being a rookie, and still in the early days of putting together a campaign. He has still yet to hire any staff or begin fundraising. He hopes to do both by summer. A long-time advocate for the politically fraught open-access movement in research, he hopes his involvement in academic politics will lend him an edge in politics outside the Ivory Tower.

Why major American corporations have struggled in China: eBay

In terms of what could have been done, obviously eBay could have better understood its target customers’ habits, created more effective advertising, and accommodated their preferred means of payment. However, doing all of these things likely would not have been enough. It could and should have allowed for person-to-person guanxi by adding direct communication between purchaser and seller. Finally, eBay should have tried to develop corporate guanxi and strike deals with well-known retailers in China to allow eBay to have free postings and sales on its site as a means to naturally increase viewership, usefulness, and brand recognition in China.

Homeland Security staff locked out of their own networks

Department of Homeland Security workers in Washington, DC ran into a massive headache when they came to work on Tuesday. Reuters sources say that staff were locked out of multiple networks starting around 5AM Eastern, possibly due to an issue with the personal identity verification cards needed to access certain systems. While it's not clear just how much this interfered with work, there were issues across four buildings, including some used by US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

John Cena is helping Nintendo advertise the Nintendo Switch

"To make the first stop even more exciting, John Cena will be the special guest at this location," Nintendo said in a press release. "As a WWE Superstar and actor who is as versatile as the Nintendo Switch console itself, the performer (and Nintendo fan) Cena is the perfect person to kick off this unique tour. Known for his charisma and family-friendly appeal, John Cena will showcase the face-to-face off-TV functionality of 1-2-Switch , a Nintendo Switch launch game that features hilarious activities like milking a cow and participating in a Wild West duel."

iCloud Social Network

We will shut down and its services at the end of February, 2017.

Africa's Elusive Forest Elephants Are Being Poached at a Staggering Rate

The population of forest elephants in Gabon’s Minkébé National Park—one of Central Africa’s largest and most important nature preserves—has declined by a whopping 81.5 percent since 2004 due to poaching. It’s considered a major setback for the preservation of this endangered species, of which less than 100,000 remain in the wild.

Relive The Most Defiant Speeches In Awards Show History

These stars couldn’t help using the stage to speak out.

Lifehacker on Twitter

SodaStream recalls bottles for explosion risk, new Chrome exploit disguised as font download, and more in the news:

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4 Ways to Create Social Media Ads That Stand Out : Social Media Examiner

If you need help figuring out where to start, look at your company’s blog and social stats. Which blog posts are the most popular? Which social content gets the most engagement? Build on that. And if you’re still stuck, look at your competitors. What kind of content are they offering? Do that, but do it better.

What Can We Do About Donald Trump's Unsecured Smartphone?

President Trump can keep using his vulnerable phone, which is reportedly an old Samsung Galaxy S3 , until President Trump decides to do something different. Congressman Lieu told Gizmodo that his investigation would force certain officials to testify before Congress about the president’s security practices, and the committee could then publish a report that would “hopefully put pressure on the White House to change its ways.” Congress, however, cannot force the president’s hand.

5 ways to watch movies online for free

Only the popcorn will cost you. Well, that and the internet connection for your phone, laptop or set-top box.

Lovable prankster helps cats get adopted by giving them relatable name tags

Lovable prankster helps cats get adopted by giving them relatable name tags

Rihanna now has more top 10 Billboard singles than Michael Jackson

Rihanna now has more top 10 Billboard singles than Michael Jackson

Keep the best, discard the rest: curating the perfect modern horror anthology

XX suffers from the same affliction as other contemporary compilations: some of the segments are good, and others are decidedly weaker. Inconsistency is pretty much unavoidable for producers corralling as many as two dozen filmmakers for a single project. But every horror-shorts collection has standouts among the duds. We decided to play Dr. Frankenstein and ransack this new wave of horror anthologies for parts, stitching together an abominable creation from the best of the best. Below, we’ve culled enough diamonds in the rough to fill out a standard feature-film runtime. Consider it your viewer’s digest from hell.

4-year-old's anti-Trump dinosaur protest gives us the fuel we need to stay woke

"He taped the signs onto emery boards and we stuck them in the ground among the dinosaurs," Rebeck explained. "He also had me write a very long discourse on everything he knew about dinosaurs, and he wanted that to go into the garden as well. I told him the large piece of cardboard didn't fit. I think he's forgotten about that now."

Lindsey Lohan claims she was profiled in an airport while wearing a headscarf

While visiting Good Morning Britain , hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid asked the actress a series of questions about Islam, Trump's presidency and Lohan's experience reading the Quran. But what was particularly interesting was Lohan's claims of being singled out at an airport because she was wearing a headscarf.

Why Daredevil Wanted His Secret Identity Back

He had a successful relationship. He saved lives, both as a costumed hero and in the courtroom. And then when he could no longer practice law, his fame had brought him wealth and adoration that he could never have had swinging his way over the dank rooftops of Hell’s Kitchen. Matt Murdock was living the life he’d seemingly always wanted. But that happiness couldn’t last for too long. When the legal complications of being a masked vigilante forced him to become Daredevil full time, Matt realized that part of his life was missing. He might have found new stability in his life with Kirsten, but without the duality of Matt Murdock the Lawyer and Matt Murdock the Superhero, the Man Without Fear was without something else deep inside, too.

Get a 4-pack of Samsung earbuds for $14.99

Not everyone wants to go wireless. These super-comfy 'buds are a steal at this price. Plus: an exclusive discount on an Echo Dot battery base!

Short film celebrates the powerful connection between generations of activists

Though the short film is a beautiful reminder of the lineage of activism, it also acknowledges the discouraging fact that marginalized communities have been fighting for the same rights for generations. Many of the items the grandmother reminisces over reflect similar battles today, from a "Keep Abortion Legal" pin to a flyer for an Indigenous rights rally.

Best games of 2017: Horizon Zero Dawn, Hidden Folks, Resident Evil 7, and more

A game like Hidden Folks justifies this diary experiment. The app doesn’t have hundreds of side-quests, a fully explorable open world, or expensive 3D models. It doesn’t even have color. A black-and-white riff on the hidden objects genre, Hidden Folks is modest and charming. It’s also steeped in a potent nostalgia, albeit in a manner unlike its contemporaries. You won’t find beloved characters or pixel graphics. The nostalgia on offer is akin to that of coloring books, which have had their own resurgence in popularity. Opening the app is transportive, returning you to the time you sifted through a copy of Where’s Waldo , waiting for your Mom at the salon. Or when you combed every page of Highlights at the doctor’s office. Creator Adriaan de Jongh previously designed Bounden , a game that used a smartphone to turn strangers into dance partners. It was a game that asked you to look outward, to connect. Hidden Folks is Bounden ’s inverse. A game that has you quietly searching through a tiny collective image from our childhoods. It points you inwards. Yes, it’s cute and silly and simple, but Hidden Folks is something else, too: meditative.

German Grocery Store Ad Imagines A Town Where Everyone Is Absurdly Fat

The boy, miserable at endlessly shoveling gray gloop into his mouth, fantasizes about flying away. He makes various attempts at taking flight but is hampered by his weight, and, you know, the lack of a jet engine or similar, but never mind that. He spots a bird eating berries and is inspired to change what he eats in order to reach his goal. He’d probably have been better off with a carrot but, again, never mind that. He emerges after a long winter of berry eating, slim, sleek and ready for flight and off he soars. The tagline, "Iss wie der, der du sein willst" translates as "Eat like the person you want to be." Like Edeka’s previous spots, it has been met with a mixture of delight and dismay.

GIPHY's new Black History Month series celebrates hair, love and activism

"We talk a lot about black hair in terms of style and the way we wear our hair, but we don't necessarily talk about the nuanced experiences we have dealing with hair," Lawson said. "It's a big part of our culture."

These golden headphones were crafted by a mad genius

And this is the thing that makes me unwilling to dismiss these earphones as silly excess: they’re beautifully musical. That’s the only word I can offer you in defining their unique sound. It’s completely out of sync with any other modern headphone, in-ear or over-ear, to the point of making almost everything else sound screamy at the high end and far too boomy at the low end. Even Final Audio’s own Sonorous X flagship over-ear cans (also gold-plated, priced at a truly eye-watering $4,999) sound unrefined and excessive in their bass in direct comparison to the Piano Forte X. The Piano Fortes are unfailingly pleasant, but don’t misread that as being soft and overly sweet like your grandfather’s toffee candy — they still have bite and impact where it counts.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Suddenly Has a Religious Reason for Lying to Luke About Darth Vader

You know how Luke confronted Obi-Wan Kenobi for saying that Darth Vader killed his father when the truth was that Darth Vader was his father? And Obi-Wan says that everything he said was true “from a certain point of view”? Well, thanks to the newest Star Wars novel, that’s not just a pile of bantha poodoo—it’s part of a Force-worshipping religion.

iPhone 8 might pack 'revolutionary' front camera that snaps 3D selfies

As the iPhone 8 rumor mill continues to swing in full speed, the latest report suggests Apple might be gearing up to introduce a ‘revolutionary’ front camera that has the capacity to register 3D space and enable facial recognition.

All the Incredible Toys We Saw at New York Toy Fair This Weekend

Every February, toy makers descended on New York for the annual Toy Fair event, giving us a taste of all the goodies that will inevitably have us emptying our wallets over the next year or so. As usual, io9 and Gizmodo descended right there with them. Here’s all our coverage, just in case you missed it.

Snap Roadshow Questions Focus on Growth Amid Facebook Rivalry

When asked about a slowdown in new users on its Snapchat photo-sharing mobile app in the fourth quarter, the company blamed a product issue with its Android version, according to investors who attended the company’s initial public offering roadshow presentation Tuesday in New York. Investors were skeptical of that answer, especially in light of rising competition from Facebook Inc., whose Instagram app recently launched a clone of Snapchat’s popular stories disappearing-video feature. Instagram’s stories has quickly amassed 150 million daily active users, just below Snapchat’s 158 million.

Cops help 10-year-old girl with homework after she messaged them on Facebook

Molly Draper shared a few screenshots of her Facebook Messenger app on Friday which showed an adorable interaction between her 10-year-old daughter Lena and the Marion, Ohio, Police Department. According to the post, Lena was a bit stuck on a math problem, so she messaged the cops for a bit of help.

California Will Secede From the United States in the New Comic Calexit

Anytime a Republican president elected, there’s discussion about the idea of California seceding from the Union , an idea that has currently been dubbed as “Calexit,” in a similar manner to the equally-terribly-named “Brexit.” Thanks to a near-future, alternate reality comic from Black Mask Studios, California will finally make the break.

Cern: 'We generate 1PB each second. Here's what that's taught us about big data' - TechRepublic

Manuel Martin Marquez, lead data scientist at Cern, talked to TechRepublic about how, over the past five years, Europe's largest particle physics lab has begun employing machine learning to discover new ways to filter noise in its experiments and to keep its accelerators running smoothly.

"Lemonade" Director Kahlil Joseph Tapped To Direct Kenzo's Mysterious New Short Film

WHY WE CARE: Once again Humberto Leon and Carol Lim deliver. The Kenzo creative directors have set an insanely high standard for themselves, both in the quality of the directors and artists they partner with, and the results of those collaborations. That commitment to creative marketing landed the brand on Fast Company's 2017 list of Most Innovative Companies . Last fall it was Spike Jonze and Carrie Brownstein, and here it's acclaimed music video director Kahlil Joseph ( Lemonade , anyone?), with a trippy, mysterious story that revolves around Jesse Williams character seeking what appears to be Tracee Ellis Ross as someone of African royalty. The short kicks off with a MPAA rating screen for R due to "strong language and overt blackness throughout."

Sit back and let the #NoBallChallenge take over your timeline

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66 Colorado town caters to the lazy with its first drive-thru pot shop
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