10 Ways To Stay Calm In The Face Of Daily Stress Video Description

A lot of people make fun of positive affirmations, probably, in part, because of that series of skits that Al Franken used to do on Saturday Night Live in the early '90's --years before he became a U.S. Senator from Minnesota. (Google "stuart smalley daily affirmations".) Even though positive affirmations tend to be taken lightly by those who don't use them or use them incorrectly, I know they can be extremely helpful. For example,if you're going into a stressful meeting or about to make a stressful phone call, it can help to stop for a minute, take a couple long, deep breaths (as the article suggests) and make positive statements to yourself (silently), such as "I KNOW I can handle this" and "I intend to remain calm but assertive." Affirmations can be effective in focusing your energy, diffusing stress, and being more effective in challengine situations, but they do need to be infused with emotion and feeling. The words alone won't do it. https://howtobehappyandhealthy.wordpress.com/

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