Chris Rock’s Netflix Special Is The Standup Comeback You’ve Been Waiting For Video Description

Anyone looking for signs of Rock not being woke enough will find it. His brag about keeping his daughter “off the pole” is stuck in outdated attitudes about sex workers. Describing the compromises of marriage as “your success is her success and her success is your success” reveals a heteronormative worldview. There are antiquated notions about money defining men’s status while looks define women’s. In fact, a feminist reading of the second half of this special will likely earn Rock some online pitchfork mobs–and those mobs will definitely have a point. However, Rock’s unenlightened opinions, which reflect the culture he came up in, are balanced out by the refreshingly self-deprecating and vulnerable moments in the material about his divorce, which takes up the entire second half of Tamborine  (and lends it its title.)

Videos for 2/22/2018